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Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2
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Clannad: After Story
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Steins;Gate add
K-On! Movie
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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Girl Friends
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Ookami to Koushinryou
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Shaman King
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Lamperouge, Lelouch
Matsumae, Ohana
Okabe, Rintarou
Okazaki, Tomoya
Furukawa, Nagisa
Nakano, Azusa
Naegino, Sora
Oohashi, Akiko

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Bosch, Johnny Yong
Bosch, Johnny Yong
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Taketatsu, Ayana
Taketatsu, Ayana
Maeda, Jun
Maeda, Jun
Miyano, Mamoru
Miyano, Mamoru
Itou, Kanae
Itou, Kanae
Nakamura, Yuuichi
Nakamura, Yuuichi

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"Zero" is the past, "One" is the future, "the present" is nowhere to be found.

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link9us | 03-09-15, 8:29 PM
Btw i noticed your watching Mawaru Penguindrum. I heard that is a really awesome series. You knowing that i love shows like Steins;gate. Do you think i'll like that show? With out giving anything away, whats its bout precisely, is it like steins;gate in where its a show maticiously planned out, and full of lots of mystery.

link9us | 03-09-15, 8:17 PM
Ohh I see now. Damn this series is great. If you just understand it. Funny how i never caught that the paper was actually a scripture on the development of the time machine and yeah i saw the part where Nakabachi was talking bout it on TV. How did she even get across such information? I mean this was the Beta world line, that being the "Original world line" before Kurisu ever time traveled right or met any of the lab members right? I guess because its a moment in the show that is so subtle, its hard to remember, and considering its part of the CORE element of the whole story. Damn the 1st episode is really important to watch then, if your trying to understand everything.

So the way i am understanding this is Okabe went back in time to the first Beta world line and made sure that Mayuri did not get the Metal Uppa, so all of the events leading up to the Plane. The Plastic Uppa was replaced with the metal which in tern did not set of the metal detectors and there for it was taken to the area on the plane that caught fire? So he used this as exploit to change history from his knowledge of his previous time line. Is that right? In other words the fire broke out in the previous time line but because of the Metal Uppoa, the thesis did not catch fire and there for was spread to the public and WWIII broke out.

Wow!! Man. Genius! This is truly how to write a show, i can't think of a more sophisticated and intelligent way of writing a series that is in such proper order. It is carefully, maticiliously crafted to near perfection. ( I seldmon use the word perfection when im rating series cause i believe nothing is perfect) but this show makes me think other wise.

Ok so moving on to the next thing. So D mails are regular messages send back in time. They can ONLY be sent by Okabe initially using the phone Microwave. How can other people send it with out any control over time it self. From what i understand here is Okabe or anyone that is hooked up to the phone microwave can send the D mails. The reverse flow of the D mails can be reversed if the "Contact" on the other end sends back the D mail that the "sender" sent them.

I am going to use a base scenario here. Lets say Moeka is down on her luck, she looses her home, she looses everything, shes flat broke walking the streets. Okabe sends a D mail to Moeka using the phone microwave and says "The Lottery Number is 3458556, your going to be a winner" So Moeka gets that D mail and uses the lottery numbers, and becomes a winner and wins a 100,000,000 dollars altering time at that point in time, which in tern causes a dimensional shift on her time line and now she becomes a multi millionare, owning all of the estate and has complete control over the town. (I am just using this as an example)

So for Okabe to undo this, he has to go back in time using the Phone Microwave before he sent her the D mail and locate her and use "her phone" to send back some message that indicates that she is not a winner, or that the message is null and void. (Couldn't he just delete the message all together before she saw it) In any case, i am just trying to understand this, its still kind of a bit confusing. Also if Okabe was the one that sent the message from the present time line and then returns to the past, won't the message have not existed yet? Because if he goes back in time, he didn't sent the message yet, so does that work exactly?

Oh no, thats alright. Your free to bombard my walls, i don't care. I get some messages that are 3 times the size of what you sent. But i understand you being considerate for those that don't like large messages, but that doesn't bother me in the least. In fact i rather not use PM's as much cause they always end up full and its a real pain having to delete them all the time.

link9us | 03-08-15, 4:18 PM
Hi i noticed your a big fan of Steins;gate. Seriously who wouldn't be, this show was just so amazing on so many levels. This is my third time watching it and i still don't understand it completely. Shows that make me thing on a intellectual level and have to break down every little thing analytically in order to surmise what is actually happening, i just LOVE!!. I may at some point decide to play the game im sure it will do even a better job of explaining things more so then the anime did.

So the question i have is relation to episode 23. When the future Okabe finally sends Present Okabe an email explaining how to alter the world lines and keep the past sustained with out change. Meaning Kurisu does not die. Now here is where i am completely and utterly confused.

Suzuha explains that this one paper was the start of it all, in other words this one object and the Metal Uppa is what catalyzed a series of events in a downward spiral resulting the enviable outbreak of WWIII

Now how is the paper and the Metal UPPA fit into all this. I just don't understand, how can that cause a world war III. Can you try and detail this a little bit. I feel stupid for not knowing this part of the story since its pretty much a core event that ties everything to gather.

I have already seen the show many times so don't worry bout spoilers. I would like an analytical breakdown of how all these events tie together. I just still don't understand it all, its such an amazing series though.

Also the other thing i don't understand and i can't believe after rewatching this nearly three times i still can't get it. But the D-mail. A core concept of the show, i still don't quite get the inter workings of D-mail and how it affects the world lines. For example i understand that Okabe wants to erase the D-mails from the past, to like some how reverse the flow of the world so those events never took place. What i don't get is, how does he do that exactly? I have seen him go back in time with the Phone Microwave and then he seeks out Feris, Moeka, and Ruka to go about accomplishing this.

So basically what happens is when some one sends a D-mail. It alters the world line in some way and in order to reverse that, Okabe has to go back in time and find the contact that sent that D-mail and tell them to send it again? I just don't understand the whole concept behind this.

I think i may buy the game just so i can better understand the plot and the scientific theories used in the show.

EvenJellyOn | 01-25-15, 5:33 AM
You will spot some styles from Utena in Penguindrum.

EvenJellyOn | 01-23-15, 5:16 PM
Check out Utena and Penguindrum first.

EvenJellyOn | 01-23-15, 4:26 PM
No problem. Your forum one is pretty good as well

EvenJellyOn | 01-23-15, 12:04 PM
Cute pics

hsuzumiya | 12-26-14, 3:42 PM
Seems you love Naegino Sora and Fujibayashi Kyou. Nice.

LusciousLobsters | 09-30-14, 1:30 PM
its from Toaru majutsu no index. the one with white hair is Accelerator, and the little girl is Last Order.

rikshi30 | 08-10-14, 6:26 AM
I'm not sure if your aware but i posted a reply to you on the thread 6 days ago get back to me when you can thanks.

hanonsan | 08-03-14, 4:07 AM
Meglepő, mivel a recommendationöknél CG-hez hasonlítják, és ha jól látom az neked egyik kedvenced.

FunnyGames | 08-03-14, 3:44 AM
I see, so it's no. You simply stay on the same date but with a change.

Now another interesting question, is the movie is based on real theories as the TV series? Is Deja Vû is really showing us another worlds? Because I have not a few deja vu's... it keeps me wonder how many times has the world already reconstructed without knowing about it.

hanonsan | 08-02-14, 1:54 PM
Töröltem őket, igen, mert előtört a socially awkward penguin énem, és valamiért úgy éreztem, hogy belerondítok ebbe a nagyon international profilba. :D Egyébként azok közül amiket te nézel egyedül a Nozaki-kunt nézem, de már bánom is, hogy belekezdtem. Nem jönnek már be nekem ezek a középsulis szerelmi vígjátékok, inkább a seinen műfaj az, ami a legközelebb áll hozzám. Úgyhogy bele is vágtam ebbe a 'must see classic', top 10-es Legend of the Galactic Herosbe.

FunnyGames | 08-02-14, 7:40 AM
Here's a question which I didn't understood from the anime.
If I'm at year 2015, changing my time through the microwave to year 2010, where would I appear after the change? At year 2010 or 2015?

As far as I understand, the change was at 2015 even though the time I was changing is 2010, so I will contine my life from 2015 even after the change, right? I won't come back to year 2010? The life would rebuilt itself to make the change, but I will continue from the day I made a change... though, it's not very logical... why the same date...?

rikshi30 | 07-08-14, 2:59 PM
Lol i thought i was done asking you stuff guess not. I asked a new question in my steins gate thread get back to me when you can thanks

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