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Updates & Announcements
Updates, changes, and additions to MAL.

[Update Jan 27] [img] ... »»
17 minutes ago
by Undim
MAL Guidelines & FAQs
Site rules, forum rules, database guidelines, review/recommendation guidelines, and other helpful information.

Site & Forum Guide... »»
05-01-14, 1:19 PM
by Kineta
DB Modification Requests
Ask questions or submit changes (that you are unable to edit on the entry page) in the applicable board.

Sub-Boards: Anime DB, Character & People DB, Manga DB
Anime DB - Post Modifi... »»
28 minutes ago
by lanblade
Have a problem or question with your list? Think you found a bug? Post here.

How to delete my accou... »»
20 minutes ago
by lmaizumi
Have an idea or suggestion for the Animelist or forum? Share it here.

http://www.thehealth... »»
2 hours ago
by Protaku94
Anime & Manga
News Discussion
Current news in anime and manga.

Yuu Watase Continues '... »»
6 minutes ago
by rein13th
Anime & Manga Recommendations
Ask the community for series recommendations or help other users looking for suggestions.

Anime which makes you ... »»
21 seconds ago
by KagaxBanri
Series Discussion
Post in episode and chapter discussion threads or talk about specific anime and manga in their series' boards.

Sub-Boards: Anime Series, Manga Series
How likely is this ser... »»
33 seconds ago
by Fuchsia_
Anime Discussion
General anime discussion that is not specific to any particular series.

Will anime make an ota... »»
34 seconds ago
by Dakuen
Manga Discussion
General manga discussion that is not specific to any particular series.

Dark Air Chapter 2 Dis... »»
4 minutes ago
by Stark700
New to MyAnimeList? Introduce yourself here.

HELLO GUYS! (new member) »»
23 minutes ago
by afluffyneko
Games, Computers & Tech Support
Discuss visual novels and other video games, or ask our community a computer related question.

Which gaming franchise... »»
2 minutes ago
by Snakes
Music & Entertainment
Asian music and live-action series, Western media and artists, best-selling novels, etc.

Who is your least favo... »»
1 hour ago
by PureBlueSF
Current Events
World headlines, the latest in science, sports competitions, and other debate topics.

Poor (standing) pee ai... »»
2 hours ago
by Lugoj
Casual Discussion
General interest topics that don't fall into one of the sub-categories above, such as community polls.

Concerning the Militar... »»
8 hours ago
by dustinator1991
Creative Corner
Show your creations to get help or feedback from our community. Graphics, list designs, stories; anything goes.

Show us your latest sk... »»
4 minutes ago
by Snakes
MAL Contests
Our season-long anime game and other user competitions can be found here.

FAL Spring 07: Week 4 ... »»
04-23-07, 6:02 PM
by itainteazy
Forum Games
Fun forum games are contained here.

DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye... »»
23 seconds ago
by Xiaraith
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