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Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

Alternative Titles

English: Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire
Synonyms: Daimidaler the Sound Robot, Midara
Japanese: 健全ロボ ダイミダラー


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2014 to Jun 21, 2014
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity
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The comedy centers around a high school boy named Madanbashi Kouichi who has Hi-ERo particles, the power source to operate the robotic weapon Daimidaler.

With the help of Sonan Kyouko from the mysterious Prince Beauty Parlor organization, he stands up against the Penguin Empire that troubles humanity.

(Source: ANN)

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Characters & Voice Actors

Ameku, Shouma
Ameku, Shouma
Hanae, Natsuki
Hanae, Natsuki
Kiyuna, Kiriko
Kiyuna, Kiriko
Ishigami, Shizuka
Ishigami, Shizuka
Madanbashi, Kouichi
Madanbashi, Kouichi
Shimazaki, Nobunaga
Shimazaki, Nobunaga
Sonan, Kyouko
Sonan, Kyouko
Hikasa, Yoko
Hikasa, Yoko


Yanagisawa, Tetsuya
Aketagawa, Jin
Sound Director
Tadokoro, Azusa
Theme Song Performance
Endoh, Masaaki
Theme Song Performance

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May 31, 2014
I see nothing but negative reviews for this anime, so how about a positive one for a change? First off yes, this show is really stupid and filled with fanservice. However, with this being said, the show seems to be aware of this fact and uses this to its advantage by being so over the top ridiculous that it becomes hilarious. This is the type of show where if you watch expecting a great story, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you go into it and realize it is trying to be as ridiculous as it possibly can, you will laugh continuously throughout every read more
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Jan 10, 2015
Kenzen Robo Daimidaler... At first glance I skipped this show back in Spring of 2014 because to me it looked like a perverted waste of time. What I didn't realize though was that I was skipping the only good parody of Mecha that I've heard of. Granted, the series didn't exactly get received with a lot of love and it's easy to tell why. It's filled to the brim with juvenile humor, silly action, stupid looking mecha and a perverted MC. While those things might not be for everyone, to me, that's all just part of the joke. It's all done for parody purposes and read more
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Jan 12, 2015

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler is a parody/satire of the mecha genre. Not only that it makes fun of a lot of other(mostly older) anime/shows.
The story is about a species invading earth and a hero who is suddenly made to pilot a giant robot ( now, where have I heard this before?) to defeat them. The invaders are not your usual ones, they are humanoid penguins. The usual driving force to defeat your enemies should be willpower, willpower that makes your robot stronger (makes sense I know). Instead of willpower Daimidaler powers up by "ero energy /ero power" that is produced by the perverted pilot.If read more
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Dec 31, 2014
There's only one way to put this : This show is stupid and proud of it!

To get this anime you have to understand the self-parody going on. If you don't watch a lot of anime or get anime culture then you won't really appreciate this show.

The show revolves around a giant robot called daimidaler a robot that's uses erotic particles to move and perform attacks vs the evil erotic machines of the penguin empire. This show is a homage to all the anime tropes: Harem, ecchi, giant robots combined into one. The entire show is an excuse for the director and read more
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Both have fetish as their main theme, and both have the same bad guys whom were much enjoyable than the protagonist. But KRD was more of ecchi while OTN was more about gender bender.
Imagine Highschool DXD turned into a Mecha series. Same character designs and action!! Main character gets his powers from oppai and other perverted things. Kouchi=Issei and Kyouko=Rias. Coincidentally Rias and Kyouko have the same voice actress too.
Blue pill can be expensive sometimes, just grab a blue comedy anime as a stimulant. Will only cost you some brain cells, effects aren't 100% assured.

Both have the same mecha, harem and ecchi genre.

Both have the same guy character who is a delinquent.


One the main guy in one anime is still a virgin, while the main guy from another anime is..................I don't know, maybe he has gotten laid.

The main girl character in one anime has to serve as the guy's play increase his "Hi ERO" powers, while in the other anime the girl co pilot serves as the guy's.............I guess we'll find out.

The antagonist in one anime where.....let's just say on the horny side, while the antagonist from the other anime where basically on heat.
Daimidaler has all the makings of a typical Go Nagai anime adaptation. It shares the same hot blooded main character, Endoh opening and an enthusiastic narrator, and of course, giant robots. To further illustrate my point, even the 3 professors in Daimidaler are a direct reference to the 3 professors in Shin Mazinger, namely Sewashi (Sewashiko in Daimidaler, ko to denote that they're female), Mori Mori (Moriko) and Nossori (Soriko). The action is also very fun to watch. Daimidaler gives a great sense of weight like Mazinger Z. And should I note that the character design for Kouichi resembles Mazinger's Kouji with thick sideburns?

While Shin Mazinger doesn't have as many perverted scenes as Daimidaler, the show is exactly like another Go Nagai giant robot adaptation, known as Koutetsushin Jeeg with its overly lecherous MC.

If you enjoy Daimidaler for all the reasons I listed above (hot blooded MC, giant robots, great action, music), then you will surely enjoy Shin Mazinger and other Go Nagai anime adaptations.
Both shows are the "screw all logic" kind of show, both belong to the "so bad it's good" tier

Turn of your brain and it will be a damn fun ride

Opening Theme

"Kenzen Robo Daimidaler (健全ロボ ダイミダラー)" by Endohkai (遠藤会) [Masaaki Endoh, bamboo, Yamaken, Takeshi Washizaki (遠藤正明・bamboo・やまけん・鷲崎 健)]

Ending Theme

"Suki Suki//LINKS" by Moriko Tomoyose (CV: Ayaka Ohashi), Soriko Majikina (CV: Kido Ibuki), and Sewashiko Goya (CV: Azusa Tadokoro)

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