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These series are basically twins, just one deals with demons and stuff while the other is a mecha parody. Produced by the same studio, Daimidaler and DxD share the same artstyle, the same kind and amount of ecchi, even the main female MC is voiced by the same actress in both series. Both are fun to watch and provide lots of fanservice. Although Daimidaler isn't very popular, it's really worth checking out if you like the genres.
report Recommended by Lyree
Imagine Highschool DXD turned into a Mecha series. Same character designs and action!! Main character gets his powers from oppai and other perverted things. Kouchi=Issei and Kyouko=Rias. Coincidentally Rias and Kyouko have the same voice actress too.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
Both are perverted main character who activates his power by doing perverted stuff. One is mecha genre and the other one is magic genre.
report Recommended by abystoma2
kenzen robo daimidaler is like DxD but with robots, I prefer kenzen robo daimilander, but they are similar in many things besides being from the studio TNK. ah and daimilander is parody.
report Recommended by Alfresa
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