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Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Alternative Titles

English: World Conquest Zvezda Plot
Japanese: 世界征服~謀略のズヴィズダー~


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 12, 2014 to Mar 30, 2014
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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What does it take to conquer the world?! Every leader of the past has thought of it... but all they have done was to merely dream of its greatness. World domination... nobody has been able to achieve it. Until one little girl by the name of Kate Hoshimiya came along. Kate Hoshimiya will shock the world! How was she able to carry out such a magnificent stunt? So frightful! So glorious! Could this be... the Zvezda Plot?! Let the light of our great Zvezda shine upon this land far and wide!

(Source: Aniplex USA)

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Adaptation: Sekai Seifuku: Junketsu no White Light, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda, Sekai Seifuku: 4-koma no Zvezda
Sequel: Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda - Shin Zvezda Daisakusen

Characters & Voice Actors

Hoshimiya, Kate
Hoshimiya, Kate
Kuno, Misaki
Kuno, Misaki
Jimon, Asuta
Jimon, Asuta
Hanae, Natsuki
Hanae, Natsuki
Morozumi, Yasubee
Morozumi, Yasubee
Toriumi, Kousuke
Toriumi, Kousuke
Shikabane, Gorou
Shikabane, Gorou
Hirota, Minoru
Hirota, Minoru


Okamura, Tensai
Director, Episode Director, Storyboard, Series Composition
Suga, Shoutarou
Hoshizora, Meteor
Script, Series Composition

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Mar 30, 2014
A-1 and Aniplex really scored a hit with this one! In this extremely original, unique series, you get a combination of comedy, action, drama, romance, and even a little fanservice all wrapped into a great little package! The characters are developed very well, as are the relationships and backgrounds of each of the said characters. The plot and how the series develops is extremely unique and entertaining. But also conveys that you can achieve your dreams no matter how small or what gender you are, or what the odds are against you. Every episode has it's own significant story to it and theme to be read more
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Feb 2, 2015
"My Loli-instinct tells me that."

STORY 7/10 (Roughly based on tension, coherence, enjoyment and universe)

The story of Sekai Seifuku is in my opinion not the main point of the show. It is very episodic, yet it doesn't lose its thread throughout the show. Therefore, you are going to get some progress in each episode, still it doesn't seem rushed. You will have a good laugh here and a little tear in the eye there with not too much seriousness going on. Which is a good thing, because anything else wouldn't have fit into this show. That said, both ,fans of comedic and fans of dramatic anime, read more
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Mar 29, 2014
Many kids have big dreams these days. Some wants to win an Olympic Gold Medal for their country. Some wants to date a supermodel. Some wants to become an astronaut when they grow up. But how many kids out there wants to conquer the world? Perhaps not many in the real world but there’s one little girl who really wants to make that dream into a reality. Her name is Kate Hoshimiya. She may be small but has a big dream as leader of the Zvezda, a secret society. Their goal? World conquest.

A trip into this show is one that will first strike you out read more
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Mar 29, 2014
I'm recollecting at all the smokers who dropped it on episode 3 lol.

But seriously, while it may not match the top anime, it has a very creative way of being cute. I was personally attracted to all the characters.

If you're looking for criticism... I thought the main character was incredibly pointless as in... you could essentially write him out of the entire story, focus around another character, and it wouldn't affect much at all. Main characters in stories are supposed to have an effect on other characters and perhaps the world... Asuta didn't do any of that. The story moved incredibly fast... perhaps too fast read more
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If Lelouch were a loli, and you change mecha in magic... Well, there are quite a few differences.

But the main characters do have some similarities, they both seem to fight for a similar cause, take over the world to change it for the better, use a similar organisation and get some magical help.
Similar series yet different. Jimon Asuta and Kanou Shinichi are voiced by the same seiyuu: Hanae Natsuki. Both dealing with magic and hilarious shenanigans. The main characters from both series are thrust into a situation that decides the fate of the world. In Outbreak Company, he must teach the people of Eldant the otaku way of life. Also many parodies from different anime can be seen/heard here. The other series he must serve a loli overlord who wants world conquest. The heroine from both series are very similar. They are small, white/blue/sliver hair, cute voice, leader of a group/kingdom and have taken interest in out main character.

Both feature an eccentric loli with a just as eccentric anti-hero team trying to fight a bigger government.

Sekai Seifuku is tons better, but both have their good points.
Both of these shows embody a trend prevalent (but not universal) in recent releases, highlighting a gulf between sexualisation and objectification. Despite being portrayed with sexual motifs, both female leads in these shows (Ryuuko in Kill la Kill, Kate in Sekai Seifuku) are wilful, determined characters who are never reduced to helpless plot devices. They can hold their own in a fight and are emotionally vulnerable without being subjected to typical feminine stereotypes (such as a hopeless infatuation with the male lead or an inability to cope with stressful situations).
From a genre perspective, Kill la Kill is action-heavy and intense, being permeated with huge battles and engaging character development. In contrast, Sekai Seifuku feels more like a slice-of-life comedy with action and character development weaved in, making it less consistently energetic and more chilled. However, both are similarly over-the-top and funny.
Both involve a main hero who inadvertently becomes a part of a coalition of goofy, yet amoral characters with extraordinary powers. Akame ga Kill! is much more heavy on the violence however.
Taking over the world or rather just protecting it, both series adapts a super power theme involving characters with extraordinary powers.

The main female protagonist serves as an antithesis to the typical frail girl. They often take charge and possesses an ebullient personality. At the same time, they do get into trouble with others but always tries to get the job done right.

Both series also has a decent amount of comedy with humorous dialogues and gags.

Opening Theme

"Be mine!" by Maaya Sakamoto

Ending Theme

#1: "Be mine!" by Maaya Sakamoto (ep 1)
#2: "Visumania (ビジュメニア)" by Aoi Yuki (eps 2-12)

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