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Both are hero animes and while One Punch Man is already strong, the character around him are similar to those in Boku no Hero Academia. They both feature a lot of different heroes and their daily struggle. One Punch Man is a little darker in tone and if you want a strong protagonist from the get-go, try saiki kusuo no Ψ-nan or psycho mob 100 !
report Recommended by Souru
Exactly like One Punch Man, story is built around numerous of heroes defeating evil that shows up in the city, and the protagonist of the story is trying to become known by the world as a hero.
report Recommended by Aleron
Imagine One Punch Man fusion with Ansatsu got Boku no Hero Academia.
report Recommended by WantedZai
- Both animes feature a "Hero system" where professional heroes get supported by the higher ups for doing work. - The main characters genuinely want to save people.
report Recommended by Takkozz
These are both "hero" anime where much of the world building is the same. They both have super powered heroes and villains at odds with each other. Both shows have great art styles, character designs and humour. They both document the strongest hero, although in My Hero (unless you wanna shift focus to All Might, the strongest hero of his day) it's a origin story of how Midoriya became the number 1 hero.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
SUPERHEROES: the main characters dream of becoming a superhero that saves mankind for the good of all--both leads have their own charisma. Having "superheroes" or "quirks" is the norm, with villains appearing in streets of the city daily for these heroes to defeat. There is a superhero system where the government pays for their service. Very funny and good all round story lines.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
Both titles involve very unique heroes and individuals using their power to save the innocent with the sense of justice and self gratification. The two are also very similar in terms of action scenes and to a certain extent characters appearances.
report Recommended by LeaderTGW
Both focus on super heroes; the contrast is how one focuses on an insanely strong hero while the other focuses on someone without powers with the goal of becoming a hero.
report Recommended by droidperson
If superheroes are your thing, you'll enjoy both of these anime~ Both categorize under Shonen, and have aspects of comedy. Differing in places, such as the main of OPM being completely overpowered, the main of BNHA has to build himself up from the bottom, at the being of the series. (although later in OPM you find out that Saitama also had to build himself up) Both deal with getting into the biggest leagues, with OPM it's the Hero's Association, and with BNHA it's the U.A. School.
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
Both anime exhibit many aspects those shared common includes 1.) Heroic and fantastic action scenes 2.) Overcoming the challenges to be No.1 Hero. 3.) Friendship and romantic scene of each character 4.) Many characters 's past those looked similar
report Recommended by santicres
Both are about superherous who's going to save everyone, and being a superhero is a proffesion. Both have humour, although One punch man is more of a parody.
report Recommended by Snajsmaster
Both feature interesting heroes with quirky powers. They have a really similar action style. If you found one enjoyable, you will likely enjoy the other one too!
report Recommended by tearbender
Much like everyone has made the same recommendation, both shows are about super heroes and how a majority of the world possesses some form of super power. Both shows protagonists aim to become an ultimate hero.
report Recommended by OmegaOtaku
Both anime have a world where humans and monsters live in same society. Both have heroes fighting monsters Bot anime are light, but have lots of action and sometimes are funny.
report Recommended by Hutai
The worlds are similar where heroes are common and something one trains to become, and paid if they do well and get public recognition. Both have a every hero vs every villain thing going on but also rivalry, jealousy, pettiness between heroes. The protagonists share similar starting stories: training a lot to get their abilities, being extremely underappreciated yet still loving hero work due to good intentions, and can punch the hell out of stuff
report Recommended by Plantsm
The two shows follow a main character who have a power augmentation type ability and are trying to become a hero in their respective shows. In the two shows there is a hero ranking system and it functions side by side with the government. Boku no Hero Academia is geared more towards a school setting, while One Punch Man is more about the job of being a hero itself. Both are still great watches and are highly recommended.
report Recommended by Hamaneko
- World of super heroes . Which they have a great relationship with society. - Protagonist with a great impact force in their fists. And his dream of being self-realized hero. - The classic master and apprentice .
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The world in OPM and BHA are both populated with a ton of heroes. However in OPM, only a hand full of heroes have super powers while it is basically rare for a person to not have a Quirk (powers) in BHA. The animation in both series are great. It is definitely more detailed in OPM while BHA takes a more 'comic book' like animation style. If you like watching an anime filled with people using superpowers to fight each other, both OPM and BHA are perfect for you. OPM takes a comedic/gag route while BHA has a more serious take on the 'superhero' genre (don't   read more
report Recommended by seenyou
In both shows, superheroes and having supernatural abilities are normal, being a hero is an occupation and chaos is almost everywhere. Similarly, the main MCs of the series experienced unfair treatment and share the desire to help people. Both shows also have well-animated action scenes since they are produced by popular studios Madhouse and Bones respectively.
report Recommended by ALLONA
Boku no Hero Academia are parallels of each. Just imaigine OPM from Genos's perspective and the show for Kids and you Basically have the same show Seinen and Shounen Bones and Madhouse Tons of heroes we basically get to learn nothing except one or two because of the single cour length. Superheroes are the norm Protagonist wants to be a hero.
report Recommended by Tshepilepci
Both of these anime have the super-hero vibe in it, and the main character has to go through many obstacles to gain recognition.
report Recommended by IceWolf342
Both are about superhero societies! Very action packed!
report Recommended by SoundwaveAU
Both anime about OP superheroes. Boku no Hero Academia is much more like how you become a superhero from OPM, but it also has a plot and storyline.
report Recommended by Mihaill
Both shows have the same premise, but deal with different themes. Hero Academia is a action/drama show, and One Punch Man is a comedy. Both of these shows bring their respective genres to their full potential. As they are both incredibly high quality, they are similar enough that if you liked one, you'll probably feel the same about the other.
report Recommended by JakklL
Both animes series are based on the ''hero'' subject. Both are showing a comedy side , and an action or ''fighting'' side (but BNHA is a bit more serious). OPM has the Hero Association when BNHA has the ''Hero academia''. A difference is that in OPM heroes are not as rare as in Boku no Hero Academia They have animation similarities too. If you liked OPM you're probably gonna have fun watching Boku no Hero Academia too.
report Recommended by Wrass
There's a lot of heroes, each one with your own quirk. Great animation, graphics and sound track, it's very funny too.
report Recommended by Cleiton_Ryota
A world where a new profession is present all-over, being a hero that is. Both titles are similar in this aspect. The main characters too share the same determination to work harder, to become stronger.
report Recommended by Eureka
- Both animes have is set in a world full of heroes - Both animes the protagonist fights and trains hard to become the most powerful hero - Both animes heroes fight for justice against villains/monsters The one thing that they have exactly opposite is that in One Punch man, Saitama is powerful and in Boku No Hero Academia, zeku has no quirk (special ability) and is weak but with a strong determination.
report Recommended by Blazin_Water
both shows are about professional heroes, a lot of comedy with ridiculous super powers, Boku no Hero Academia is basically the shounen version of One punch man, the difference is that the Saitama in OPD is super strong from the start, while Midorya has to sart from the scratch to build his legacy
report Recommended by AhmedJafar1
Similar vibe. Loveable hero, kinda "bad" companions. Overall similar same flow of heroism (with difficulties). Great watch.
report Recommended by WalrusPug
After just one episode you will have the same feeling as in One Punch Man. Boku no Hero Academia also has dramatic music in the background, awesome fight scenes, and comedy stuff in a world with tons of heroes and monsters. Just like One Punch Man. The main character is the only difference i can find. The main character is the opposite of Saitama. Weak and smart.
report Recommended by menheru
-Both have some sort of hero organization where people train to become heroes -Both have a very similar art style -Both have lots of comedy -Both protagonists want to be heroes with a passion
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Both anime involve eccentric superheroes and a competitive hero ranking system. - They are both really funny.
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Both these animes have superheroes categorised into different groups based on their abilities. Also the MC in both of these have similar powers, both physically don't look that strong but possess enormous power in their punches.
report Recommended by axehit
HEROS ARE REAL. also, MC that punches. other MC that has explosions. As well as a whole part about the realistic part of how Heroism would be part of society and making sure that the heros can make a living
report Recommended by Silver-King
Strong...Stronger...Strongest... Every heroes want to be the strongest, and of course the villains too. Both series will give you many awesome battles between the heroes and the villains. The heroes will always maintain the justice and people's safety. In other side, the villains will always harm the people and destroy every heroes who opposed them. Who will dominate the world, the heroes or the villains? Just watch and you will know
report Recommended by Ranseurs
There is a large emphasis on the concept of heroes and organizations dedicated to them. What makes this interesting is that while both series at the core share many similarities, Saitama and Midoriya will offer differing perspectives on this idea. While Saitama is looking for a challenge, Midoriya wants to become a great hero, so while both are filled with moments of action and comedy, blending the two together, both offer fresh takes on the same concept
report Recommended by Prezent
They are really similar Both have A Hero Association and professional heroes. A lot of comedy The plot is similar: normal person wants to have the power to fight monsters and protect people.
report Recommended by xiliqs
I can say with full responsibility that creation of Boku no Hero Academia has been inspired by the wave of popularity of One Puncher, so it can be roughly considered as a second part, just with a little super kid as a main character. Prepare to be knocked into the stratophere:)
report Recommended by susan00
Both are SuperHero Anime Both have a hero system where are Professional Heroes and newbies In both anime, the main character had to work a lot to become super strong Both have a lot of comedy (One Punch Man has more) Boku no Hero Academia is much more serious and emotional than One Punch Man In One Punch Man world is rare to have a superpower, in Boku no Hero Academia 80% of the population have Quirks Both have great OST and Opening
report Recommended by yousandro
Both shows feature "ordinary looking" main characters who, although they once were completely ordinary, have gained supernatural powers. However, I'd say Boku no Hero Academia is a "school life" anime as well as a superhero one, and is a little bit less violent than One Punch Man. For this reason, I think Boku no Hero Academia is a bit more suited for kids. Both are really funny though!
report Recommended by insomniaspirit
-Both anime series are about heroes : Hero Association & Heroes Academy and the path of the main characters to become a true hero -Through the series, we can learn the true meaning of becoming a hero: not with powers but with a good heart and willingness to help
report Recommended by WowBreaker
The main character has the same unique strength that makes them unbeatable to all, though being unbeknownst to the other heroes around them. Also based in a world where super heroes are common and idolised.
report Recommended by FriskyPanda
In a world full of superpowered heroes and villains, a normal guy becomes powerful through hard work and training. Academia features a school for young heroes, while OPM features an association of adult heroes - similar settings that both allow for a lot of fun side characters and cool fights. One Punch Man is a little more over-the-top and comedic in nature, but if you enjoy one I'm sure you will enjoy the other similarly.
report Recommended by mrzeng
If you're looking for an anime similar to One Punch Man then I'd say that Boku No Hero Academia is the anime for you, with Saitama and Izuku being similar characters and the shows sharing similar themes however with different age groups.
report Recommended by Laahm
Both about becoming heroes and they both have similair powers. Boku no hero is alot more serious tho and is worth a watch if you enjoyed One Punch man.
report Recommended by TeQ
Alright weirdly enough these two are pretty similar and if you`ve seen Boku no Hero Academia then One Punch Man will seem even better. They both deal with superheros and superpowers. Just with Boku no Hero Academia it is mostly serious throughout the whole series and with One Punch Man it is almost never serious. But that makes them quite fun to watch back to back, it`s like watching a really good movie then watching a really good and funny parody of that movie.
report Recommended by Velek
Just like OPM, Boku no Hero Academia involves various funny powerful characters. Both animes are almost the same; it's like you're watching the same anime, but with different characters. I enjoyed both, though.
report Recommended by TheDoggoneGirl
These animes have a superhero protagonist, and have villains they must face and fight. While One Punch Man is more comical, Boku no Hero Academia can be comical at some points.
report Recommended by Denaos
In both of them main characters posses omnipotent strength and their main attack is punch. Both animes contain funny moments.Also in One Punch Man there is Hero Association.Similarly, Boku no hero academia have their Hero Academia.
report Recommended by Mehdi_Aga
Both are shounen series and are really great. They have the same type of mc that's too op for enemies yet the only difference is that in OPM, the mc can fully control his powers to its extent while it is the opposite to the mc of Boku no Hero Academia. Both also have great action scenes and have great development of characters. The story is also great especially for people who like shounen anime.
report Recommended by Penholder
A lot of action involved. The protagonists are very much well both aspiring to be well-known heroes and as well possess supernatural strength power. Very entertaining to watch.
report Recommended by HikariAtsuha
Boku no hero academia is similar to one punch man because they both have superheroes in them and the main character has to work really hard to become a super hero. It also shows similarity in its comedy but one punch man makes fun of super strong heroes much more. In these shows they both have to pass a exam to get a certain role or achievement but that's where the similarties end. Don't be too harsh this is my first review!
report Recommended by Hugvuggucihv
Basically both anime are about superheroes. Specifically about, 'what if being a super hero was a profession' and how the society adapted with that.
report Recommended by DeltaNemesis
The both series include heros . Unlike One Punch Man , the protagonist isn't that powerful , and he is struggling to become more and more powerful like a true hero . If you like anime that's about heros you should check these two out!
report Recommended by -issa
- They both portray societies in which super heroes are commonplace. - In both there are heroes who care enough about their rank / popularity and others who only care about doing what is right - The difference would be the protagonists, being that Midoriya started being the weakest and after receiving the One For All from All Might is evolving, and Saitama who after so much training became bald and defeats anyone with just one punch. - Although the protagonists are different, on several occasions they will thrill you, surprise you.
report Recommended by DCardoso_MAL
Both Boku no Hero Academia and One Punch-Man are similar to each other as both storyline's focuses on superheroes, supervillains, and amazing shounen battle If you have watched One Punch-Man Season 1, I highly recommend you to pick the first season of Boku no Hero Academia and enjoy as much as I did. Now, with 2nd season of Boku no Hero Academia to air on April 1, 2017, it is a great time to start watching Boku no Hero Academia
report Recommended by KaiSkyus7
Two of my fav anime, both are very similar, and easy to get into -Both are set in a world of superheroes, and villains. -Both are really funny, but still have interesting storylines. -Both have a likeable, powerful protagonist, who want nothing more than to be a hero. -Both feature a few interesting hero side characters. -Both give similar, but different looks into a society created by the introduction of powered heroes/villains Recommend trying if you like superhero related movies/shows, looking for beginner anime, want an anime that is funny but not completely a comedy
report Recommended by SolidWoIf
They both have a lot of powers and action. They both also have an association or 'order' for the powers (One Punch has the hero association while MHA has the school they use the abilities in and train them.)
report Recommended by ForsakenIcarus
Both are about superpowers and are action anime
report Recommended by Miiuco
The two animes are based in a world where there are villains and heroes exist to defeat them and protect the society. In Boku no Hero Academia, Midoriya has the dream to become a hero and starting from scratch, he attends the hero academy to become a stronger and the best hero. Meanwhile, in One Punch Man, Saitama is already strong enough to be a hero so he does a hero exam, but he isn’t recognised as one of the strongest heroes. With some differences, the two animes are both funny and exciting at the same time, with a slight of sadness in some parts   read more
report Recommended by melfluere
Both are Hero anime, both have been given godlike powers but in boku hero academia he still needs to develop it while the protagonist in one punch man is already hella strong.
report Recommended by OrbitChewy
These series both have many characters with powers and also an association for regulation of the supers. They both have a main character that was weak before the training, then became the best. They both have similar ideas, but they are also very unique and will keep you hooked. One punch man might be darker than my hero.
report Recommended by CharliKamisama
Both series are about superheroes fighting against super villains. One Punch Man is a seinen and Boku no Hero is a shounen but they both have a surprisingly similar plot. On the other hand, one is a parody and the other is not.
report Recommended by Marco_a_Phoenix
Super-powers, the difference is that it takes place in a school. I would recommend Boku no hero for those who like X-Men.
report Recommended by YesIamXD
There is a world with heroes and villains, in one punch man, the story is around one charachter that wants to be a hero, in boku no hero academia on the other hand, there are a few main characters that are all heroes, but the main protagonists all gain their power in an odd way. Opm is more seinen, and bnha is shounen, but if you enjoyed the hero aspect in one, you will probably enjoy the other.
report Recommended by FinNote
Superhero theme. The MC has a very similar characteristics and powers. Action packed and has funny moments. Entertaining to watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are animated by heroes with elements of comedy and many fights; both animes also have a relaxed atmosphere and epic soundtracks!
report Recommended by VitorZ7
Being set in a world whereby heroes and villains exists, one definitely would say if you like the conflict of 'Heroes vs Villains', you have a great chance of finding both series entertaining. A system of heroes are present in which heroes climb up the ranks. Out on the streets, they strive to fight villainy to protect society and justice. Not to mention, the actions in these series are brilliant, intense, and dynamic. Watch them heroically!
report Recommended by OVERPOWERED99
It has similar world to One Punch Mans, meaning there are also heroes with different ranks and stuff, and main hero can punch really hard aswell, but he is still learning to control his power.
report Recommended by dakenzi97
Great Music.Quality Fights.Much Action scene
report Recommended by sc0lter
The two works focus on a universe of superheroes.
report Recommended by Pepedro0
Both series are superhero anime. Both main characters (Saitama and Izuku) want to become the strongest hero and made a name to the entire hero association and the whole wide world. Both series have awesome fight scenes and funny moments.
report Recommended by The_Anonymous28
One Punch Man and Boku no Hero are both similar anime both of them focus on a character that defeats villain by punching them. Boku no hero revolves around a student name Midoriya Izuku who aims to be a hero and one punch man revolves around a story of a man named Saitama who grew too strong and could defeat anything in one punch like the name suggests. Both of them are classic shounen anime and are best for people who are starting off their anime career.
report Recommended by XxHonoka02xX
Both are superhero centric action anime that do social commentary.
report Recommended by SaltyMusicGuy
Both series redefined the Shounen/jump genre and include a fun cast that can excite both viewers new and old to the genre.
report Recommended by XXXroxaspew
Wacky superhero series, except without the high school setting.
report Recommended by Burnsyde
Both anime have an anime twist on the Superhero Genre. Both anime have large casts of quirky characters with cool powers. Both anime have an overpowered protagonist who has to keep their power a secret. Both anime have stunning animation and over the top action scenes. Both anime have unique and intriguing societal worldbuilding.
report Recommended by Nachos978
These anime have a similar concept. Both of them carry a superhero theme. Also these main characters have similar power. The most interesting in these anime are the unique powers and each characters have that.
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
both protagonists have a powerful punch and they revolve around superheroes and villians
report Recommended by Macho_mango
Heroes. My Hero Academia and One Punch Man features heroes operating in society. MHA has learning heroes, Midoriya and his classmates, training to become professional heroes. OPM has Saitama who becomes a hero for fun, and his journey with other professional heroes. Both are great action-filled anime, with OPM being a golden parody, and MHA being coming of age story.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both are Superhero fighting villians except the fact Saitama is overpowered and Deku had to train They have different themes but Initial setting seems similar And are very enjoyable
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
Do you like superheroes? Well if so, keep reading. There are many types of superheroes: - Some who got their powers because of an accident - Some become heroes of their own right - Some become superheroes after they were originally a bad guy - Some become superheroes after a tragic past And so on, and so forth. In my opinion, it's actually weird for me to recommend both of these in the same light. But see, here's the thing. Both of these, despite their differences, have one thing in common: Exploring what it REALLY MEANS to be a superhero. First off.. One Punch Man, is a story about someone who became a hero..   read more
report Recommended by KiroTheAssassin
you will find a hero vs monster situation in them cause whole surroundings are full of various monsters and a hero society used to fight against them to save humanity.
report Recommended by Ratul4444
both have a super hero theme, both verse in the anime have unique powers, both have a super hero organization.
report Recommended by hdxyt
Both are super hero related and have some pretty awesome fights too.
report Recommended by _Ace_108
They are both about superhero's, they are Shonen with lots of action and are both long running manga that have great animation except for OPM Season 2.
report Recommended by Sonnyman45
both have superhero system and superhero fights
report Recommended by Ravenax
They are both shonen anime focused around heroes battling villains. Both have hero organizations, a wide cast of characters and a fair amount of humour. The notable differences are that Boku no Hero Academia isn't parody and that Deku isn't as broken as Saitama
report Recommended by ThanosCh5
- hero - that's pretty much it... - one punch has more humor tho and is less plot orientated, but if you enjoy one of these you’ll probably enjoy the other - one punch is not high schoolers but I think you'll still like it, ik some people legit will only watch an anime if the main characters are teenagers - honestly, the shows are very different but like I kinda get similar vibes, maybe bc they both show how heroes have affected society in interesting ways
report Recommended by shmol_kat
One Punch Man and My Hero Academia both have one of the best fight scenes in the history of anime. In both animes, a lot of people have supernatural power so there's a similar power ranking system. The only 2 main differences are that there's high school in mha and Saitama (protagonist) is overpowered in opm.
report Recommended by PR0TAKU
both are superhero shows that take inspiration from American comic books and they both have similar hero systems
report Recommended by RaZaSlackZ
Both take place in a superhero setting. One Punch Man is a satire of the superhero subgenre. My Hero Academia is a shounen underdog story (akin to Naruto) that takes place in a superhero environment.
report Recommended by AniArtist
Superhero theme to both anime. The mc for both anime start with same line which are from powerless to op mc that become dark house/underdog throughout the series.
report Recommended by arifahnatasya
Both protagonists are underdogs at the beginning of each series but then later on their true powers are recognized by other people.
report Recommended by ThisAaugh
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