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The world of man is coming to an end and the struggles are imminent. In the middle of such disarray, it takes a stronger demon to defeat the ones already present today. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' and 'God Eater' resembles a ying and yang where one dwells in the past while the other resides in the future. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' showcases a masterclass storytelling and unforgettable character interactions where one must work together in order to survive. The action and music stands out as much which is a credit to all the hardwork that has been established into the series. It is hard to fault something   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
The setting for both stories are essentially dystopian, where people are recruited into the military and trained to defend humanity with whatever weapons they developed to fight against the supernatural creatures. The male lead is impulsive in both storyline and there's a squad that's the star, or strongest, squad in the military who always manage to top their mission, and the male lead gets involved with them.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both take place in an apocalyptic setting. Both have a mostly stereotypical main character who's reckless and wants to eradicate the race threatening humans (Aragami for this, titans for SnK). Both have a "last" civilization in walls, though God Eater is much more modern than Attack on Titan in technology and structure of civilization (God Eater was created before SnK). Both have a special force (Survey Corps/ Military and God Eaters respectively) trying to get rid of threatening race. Both have done research on said threat. Both have a particular squad that is said to be better than the others and the strongest in charge of   read more
report Recommended by vanella96
I feel like a lot of Shingeki no kyojin fans missing out on God Eater, let me tell you why: - Both have the same settings - After apocalypse. - The drive of the main character is the same, killing all the creatures that made the apocalypse. - Both have amazing OST with great and noticeable insert songs. - Both are focused on soldiers of the military. I really believe that peoples who love Shingeki no kyojin will enjoy God Eater, Of course, the other way around works as well.
report Recommended by MrMushin
Both stories takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humankind have been wiped out by strong monsters and a resistance situated in a refuge fight against them to save the mankind of their extinction. To fight them, the humans uses to power of the monsters (Titan shifting in the case of SnK and God Arcs in the case of GE) to fight against them.
report Recommended by Illyricus
these 2 are so painfully similar i don't even want to say why... but alas it wouldn't be much of a recommendation without that. let's see, MC have the same mindset, setting is exactly the same (1 has monsters, 1 has titans), both MCs meet awesome 1st squad, God eater has a bit more industrial look for the city while SnK goes with a bit more medieval look. in any case, in terms of story they're pretty much the same. MCs seem pretty alike. because of those 2 point these animes give pretty much the same feeling while watching them thus also a similar enjoyment.
report Recommended by wen294
Apocalyptic setting where they're the one relied onto saving the world. Both MC have the goal of saving the world and when something happens, they don't care about permission and instead rush into to save the people to rescue them. Monsters threatens humans by killing them and death is not something rare here, very mature series with alot of hype!
report Recommended by -Alians-
God Eater has a very familiar 'ambiance' to it. This is most likely caused by the post-apocalyptic setting where a chosen army of humans has to fight against physically superior beings to defend human territory. While Shingeki no Kyojin has a much stronger story, God Eater is definitely worth a try. Especially since we'll have to wait for the second season of Shingeki no Kyojin!
report Recommended by Roani52
Similar in main character goal ... both main character have one goal, 'Wiping out that creatures and kill them one by one'. Similar to Eren, Lenka is "the special kid that learn how to kill the creatures in they world and want to vanish them out". Other character in both series are similar too .. Also in both series have a special organization that was formed with the intent to destroy the monsters that threaten human existence (humans living behind the wall that protect them from the monsters) and some special weapon (in God Eater it called God Arcs, in SnK / AoT it called 3D Manuver)   read more
report Recommended by ExTz_Thomazz
Both anime have a big wall with monsters outside. Both MC are stubborn. Great animation and great fights. The worlds are set in a post-apocalyptic situation.
report Recommended by Xenocrisi
Both the anime are set in post apocalyptic world. In both the stories monster nearly annihilated all of human race but they are still surviving inside the giant wall. Really good plot. Lots of mysteries yet to unravel. Will definitely get a good hold of its viewers.
report Recommended by Alexom
- The earth is overtaken by strange creatures and humans are forced to live behind walls - Both main characters are reckless and always throws themselves in danger - Would sacrifice themselves for their close ones - Dystopian World
report Recommended by Frenezija
Both are set in a dystopian world, where humanity is nearing extinction, where a select few are chosen to protect everyone. Both main protagonists are slightly cocky in the way the kill the enemy, though God Eaters protagonist is more analytical and smarter about his methods. God Eater has a very unique art style, but with a very good soundtrack, similar to Shingeki no Kyojin.
report Recommended by KurisuFanboy
The fact that the main character has an obsession with killing monsters and some scenes are like shingeki no Kyojin also some of the soundtracks are quite alike.
report Recommended by -Shion-
Both focus on a militia-type group that are destined to save and protect humanity. They share the aspect that there is a type of creature attacking humanity and the humans remain trapped inside an enclosed (walled) metropolis.
report Recommended by Breadcrums
Both are about giant monsters that have nearly pushed humanity to extinction and mankind's battle to take back what was stolen from them. Both of the main characters (Eren from Attack on Titan and Lenka from God Eater) are passionate to a fault and may be humanities greatest hope.
report Recommended by NameWithheld
Humans caging themselves within walls as a means of survival; beastly, terrifying monsters as mankind's enemy; a determined soul striving to kill them all...even a new kind of warrior? Similarly to Shingeki no Kyojin, God Eater focuses on a protagonist, known as Renka Utsugi, who begins his journey as a small fry with one goal set in mind: to destroy the enemies of mankind, Aragami. However just like Eren, many challenges await Renka on this life-risking journey. Will he be able to overcome them; or will Renak die trying? Watch and find out!
report Recommended by wasabi-chan
God Eater and Attack on Titan have similar things. In God eater a Monsters are eating and killing humans, in Attack on Titan a Titan is eating and killing humans. They both even have WALLS! And the Monsters/Titans BREAK THEM!!! You even need to use WEAPONS to kill them.
report Recommended by Potato_Teresa
Though shorter, they are both about protecting the earth from dangerous beasts as they use a giant wall for protection ^^ Some characters from both anime's act similar, i enjoyed both experiences highly and hope the same comes for you!
report Recommended by CavanDuck
Both of these animes are very similar. The main characters of each of these animes (Eren and Lenka) both have a drive to kill off the creatures taking over their world. Within Attack on Titan, Eren fights the giant man like titans, while in God Eater, Lenka must fight the Aragami. They both have similar character types, and both animes have unique art styles that are captivating.
report Recommended by Boise
Very similar premise. Similar setting.
report Recommended by ThaBrink
+ Characters that have the same powers/abilities as the enemy + MC becomes more powerful after being in the verge of death + Horrifying and Awesome !!! + Characters struggling to save humanity from a Titan/Shinigami +Both have enemies that eat humans
report Recommended by Dudera
-Both have an arrogant protagonist -Both are about humanity being overrun by some sort of monster and forcing humans to take shelter -Both are very gory and have well animated fight sequences
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Both are apocalyptic anime in which the people live inside large walls and fighters go outside the walls to protect the population. - In both the leads family dies while being under something which could not be moved so they got eaten. - In both the lead has special powers that are unlike most others and becomes the hope for the citizens
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
The humankind is going to be extermineted. Trained people will need to fight against super monsters using awesome weapons to protect their planet. Which of them will survive?
report Recommended by ViniciusDeniz
A city surrounded by wall is living in a constant fear of man eating creatures, however a organization has been established to protect humans from these creatures and kill them for good [The male main character is reckless and wields deep desire to obliterate these creatures and female main character is strong and mysterious and has a dark past] work for the organization Although attack on titan was better, god eater is also good in its on way
report Recommended by Enseiii
'Destroy all evil and make the world a better place', that is what the main characters want to accomplish. The medieval setting from Shingeki no Kyojin changed to a more futuristic/apocalyptic setting in God Eater, but the sword is still (one of) the mightiest weapons to defeat the enemy. Awesome weapons/gear, epic fight scenes, mystery and betrayel are the most prominent aspects of both series.
report Recommended by Y_TZ
On the surface it may seem that these two shows are very different from each, but if you look closely, you will find many uncanny similarities between the two. For example, we have a black haired and green eyed MC, who is a hot head that constantly shouts at the top of his lungs, disrespects authority and has made it his life's mission to kill the non-human entities that have brought humanity to the bring of extinction. Oh, and him witnessing his parent's death is what triggers this blood lust in him. Much like in SNK, humanity lives inside a wall in the God Eater   read more
report Recommended by Sonal1988
They are both post-apocalyptic (basically a world that is on the brink of extinction) and they both give of the sense of loss and horror in the sense that a character could die at any time. They both have Bad-ass characters which make the viewing experience that much better.
report Recommended by CiananMc98
They share similar story plots, only different era settings.
report Recommended by red1110m