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It's rare enough for an anime NOT to pander to otaku with sexual fetishes disguised as female characters. Death Note and Terror in Tokyo have roughly FOUR noteworthy female characters between them, much less fanservice! I could recommend the two based solely on that aspect... even though Terror is undermined by its two plot device female characters. But there are NUMEROUS far more concrete similarities, ranging from the tone / direction (subdued real-world grit) to the characters and plot that made me automatically link them in my head. DN and Terror are mind-game series where geniuses go head-to-head with one another. A police investigation is started   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
The genius, mass-murdering protagonists aren't necessarily the "good guys," and the unorthodox, detective antagonists aren't necessarily the "bad guys." Sometimes you're not really sure who you want to root for.
report Recommended by BreezeElric
Plot in Zankyou no Terror/Terror in Resonance has a cat & mouse plot, riddles, and plot intrigue that'll delight fans of Death Note. Here's a tag line: What happened if you get the director of Cowboy Bebop anime TV series to direct Death Note? You got Terror in Resonance.
report Recommended by mdo7
These two anime have a very similar plot. The protagonist makes enemy with the world by doing major crimes. The protagonist play riddle games with the police for them to figure out how the crime had happened.
report Recommended by Aleron
Psychological warfare/Mental Chess
report Recommended by tiffron
Taking place in a modern setting, Death Note and Zankyou no Terror explores human nature to a psychological degree. The main characters play mind games with their opponents and are highly intelligent with a strange sense of humor. The main male characters play both the role of a protagonist and anti-hero as their opponent is also highly skillful at analysis with high intellect. Throughout both series, the mind games play around with fear, anxiety, and other emotions. It becomes a sort of cat-and-mouse game as the series progresses with more clues given about their characters. Both series have noticeable soundtrack with suspense and thrilling energy. Death   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
It reminded me Death note in a way, both are crime and psychological thriller.Death note maybe includes fantasy but Zankyou no Terror is just real life.Zankyou no Terror has own style like using some things as mind games and i liked it. Not strongly suggesting but if you really wanted to find something as Death note and never found so u must try that. it's not similar completely.. Death note is way better than Zankyou no terror. it just reminded me that and make me feel like i finally found an anime similar to Death note (in a way). Have a good time!
report Recommended by Shiyou
In both shows, the protagonist is the "bad guy" and while the viewers know who the criminals are, the investigators in the show do not.
report Recommended by Gabii-Tachibana
Both have two genius level intellect characters clashing and playing 3D chess. I notice some similarity with the designs of Light and Nine (particularly in the eyes).
report Recommended by JVskunkape
"Catch me if you can" Antagonists has the power/resources to treat the world and force their believes, whether super smart detectives are able to stop them?
report Recommended by Krunchy
They give off slightly similar vibes. A detective mouse chase in search for the fiends that are inflicting terror upon the public.
report Recommended by Uber_Dewber
At first glance, these two shows are ultimately similar by content. Upon closer inspection, you'll realize how extreme and unique each show is to itself. There is one huge, huge difference here: while Death Note is obviously fictional and can never occur in the real world (because the show is almost entirely supernatural), something like the setting in Zankyou no Terror truly can occur in our real world, and that could be rather terrifying (no pun intended). Differences aside, if you're into superior-plot level mystery/detective shows, and enjoy the feeling of being "on the edge of your seat," then you will undoubtedly enjoy both series~
report Recommended by kittylily_
DN and Terror are mind-game series where geniuses go head-to-head with one another. A police investigation is started in the wake of vigilante acts of terrorism / murder, with a task force formed, and an extremely intelligent detective appears to duel with with his new nemesis / nemeses in the public domain. From there it becomes a game of cat & mouse, with the respective leads leaving clues for the police whilst also covering their tracks perfectly. ( by AironicallyHuman )
report Recommended by RedExorcist
Both feature "criminals" that have their own personal reasons to commit their crimes. They are chased by Police Detectives who don't know their real personalities but suspect them. Makes for a thrilling story. They both play in modern japanese society.
report Recommended by GToast
- Shibasaki is the "L" of Zankyou no Terror. - The two kids Twelve and Nine can be compared to Light Yagami - The confrontations between Shibasaki and Twelve/Nine are similar to the ones seen in death note between Light and L. - Similar atmosphere
report Recommended by OtakuuMan
The characters are very similar, and there is a similar vibe. The main characters of both are very intellectual, always seeming to be one step ahead of the police, until another character gets involved. The biggest difference is that Death Note is very heavily supernatural, while Zankyou no Terror doesn't have supernatural elements.
report Recommended by michellelam
Similar to Death Note, except there are terrorist and the to two main characters have not killed anyone unlike Death Note. XD Enjoy. ^.^
report Recommended by AbbieT3D2Y
Both are psychological thrillers about people who still goes to school but are secretly a criminals, acting for their own reasons. Both take place in modern Japan.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both series follow a plot where a lot of detective work and mind games from both "protagonist" and "antagonist" sides come into fruition. There is no really a "good" or "evil", or black and white, both sides seem to be in the grey areas, which goes for all of the characters in both shows. Atmosphere is centred around the Japanese police in both shows, as well as genius young men. The main characters have certain senses of "justice", which influence their behaviours. And finally the main threat occurring in the shows is somewhere down the line of mass terrorism or genocide.
report Recommended by HandsomeMan
Both include.. - characters vs society/government theme. - shocking secrets - leaving the watcher on the edge of their seat after every episode - u cryin
report Recommended by cornyleo
Both involve protagonists with questionable morals. Both also have a kind of binary system with detectives on the side of the law trying to find criminals who believe they're doing right. Both also involve lots of psycho-analysis on the parts of both the criminals and the detectives, usually on each other. [Chess analogy starts here] It's like watching a chess game, except you can't see the whole board. As soon as you think Black is about to gain a rook, White's knight forks the king and queen. Then you realize that Black planned on this, and moves his bishop to pin White's queen. [End of chess   read more
report Recommended by drafo789
crimes, ivenstigations, mystery, police, terriorism
report Recommended by SirEvangelFrost
Both shows deal with a game of cat & mouse played between detectives (being led by one very good detective) and criminals who have a secret identity. The major difference between the shows is that Death Note has plenty of supernatural elements at it's core, while Zankyou no Terror is very much grounded in reality. ZnT also tends to split it's focus between action and mystery, while Death Note focuses strictly on mystery.
report Recommended by vigorousjammer
They both have anti-hero main characters -same action and thrilling -they both live in same city
report Recommended by WickedAngel
If you have been awaiting for the revival of "Death Note", then "Zankyou no Terror" will sure satisfy you. The icy Arata Kokone (a.k.a Nine) and the fun-loving Touji Hisami (a.k.a. Twelve) leave (almost) the infamous duo Light Yagami and Ryuk in the shadows, with their unbreakable intelligence and witty humor that increases more and more as the series progresses. And let's don't forget the crossword-enthusiast Kenjirou Shibazaki and the mysterious and intellectual Five whom even the late L himself would recommend as his successors. Once hooked in a puzzle, there's no way of going back for those two geniuses. Plus, Lisa Mishima clearly does step on the   read more
report Recommended by Black_Note
Both animes focus on the mind-battle between a great detective and a smart criminal, who happens to be the main character. Death Note is a must-watch anime which sort of feels like a game of chess or a cat-and-mouse between the detective (L) and the main character (Light). Both L and Light are of exceptional intelligence and their plans are always exciting to watch. Zankyou no Terror's character's plans, in my opinion, aren't quite as clever and infallible as those of L and Light, but they're satisfying nevertheless. Rather than a cat-and-mouse game, Zankyou no Terror follows a pattern where the 'terrorists', Nine and Twelve,   read more
report Recommended by clarissassin
Zankyou has very intellectual characters. They are brilliant just like Light & L from Death Note. 12 & 9 are very smart & are many steps ahead of the police just like Light was with his death note.
report Recommended by AnimeZ0id
Both are psychological thrillers about people who still goes to school but are secretly criminals, acting for their own reasons. Both take place in modern Japan. Death Note and Zankyou no Terror are mind-game series where geniuses go head-to-head with one another. A police investigation is started in the wake of vigilante acts of terrorism / murder, with a task force formed, and an extremely intelligent detective appears to duel with with his new nemesis / nemeses in the public domain. From there it becomes a game of cat & mouse, with the respective leads leaving clues for the police whilst also covering their tracks perfectly.   read more
report Recommended by Bransburk
Very similar tone and pacing, as well as involving young people against the government through terrorist schemes.
report Recommended by Jerkhov
-Psychological games -Intelligent main characters VS Intelligent Cop -Characters action have a world changing purpose -A lot of mystery
report Recommended by Kenkkei
Both anime have MC masterminds and the police are always one step behind them. Both have this mentality of being a god of the world or just doing it for a knack of fun.
report Recommended by gummyghost
If the aspect of Death Note that hooked you was the protagonist committing crimes while hiding his identity from law enforcement, and said law enforcement actively attempting to uncover the identity and location of the protagonist, then I can assure you that you will enjoy Terror in Resonance. Although there are no death gods or supernatural abilities (as of yet), this show already manages to capture the 'battle of wits' that is constantly present between Light and L in Death Note, while essentially keeping the plot as realistic as possible. Also, Shibazaki will be new L, I can feel it.
report Recommended by Cinicage
Similar vibe and feel. Both deeply controversial and psychological shows. Perfect for those who love battles using strategies and thinking as opposed to physical strength, etc.
report Recommended by anobaka
-The protagonists in both anime want justice. -There's the whole cat and mouse chase between the detectives and main characters. -Both stories have psychological elements to them.
report Recommended by skaterperson777
Similar story,great animation,It has something to do with the police and terror.
report Recommended by Yamero_oniichan
Both shows are about the main characters who are the "bad guys" commiting crimes while the detectives and police force try to stop the crimes. The main characters are VERY similar to each other. Nine and Twelve being Light Yagami because they both commit crimes and are the bad guys. Shibasaki is similar to L because hey are both genius detectives that really know the criminal. Mishima, Lisa would be Amane, Misa because they both want to help the main characters although they are both useless at times.
report Recommended by Denisecvo
complexity and captivating
report Recommended by ioananfx
-They are both psychological thrillers -The MCs are young geniuses who want to change the world with morally questionable methods (Light killing criminals and 9 and 12 doing terrorism) -The antagonists for both series are as smart as the people they are trying to catch -They both have epic mental battles and cat and mouse plots -They were both directed by some of the best anime directors (Shinshiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope) for Zankyou no Terror and Tetsurō Araki (Guilty Crown, Attack on titan))
report Recommended by You_Go_Now
-Both are thrillers in which crime is involved. In the case of Death Note, you have the protagonist writing other person's future deaths, and Terror in Resonance has a terrorism-themed plot. -The police, investigations and mind games also play a major part of these animes.
report Recommended by parallelle_slip
-Both have MCs who are some sort of anti-heroes who are highly smarter than common people -In both the shows, the clash between police and MCs is structured like a chess-game all based on predicting the adversary's move. -Both the shows are characterized by a dark-athmosphere -Both the shows present many important themes like justice, the flaws of modern society, corruption and so on. Personally i found Death Note more interesting from the point of view of the "chess-game", because it has been developed way wider than ZnT (30+ episodes vs 11) but ZnT is completely (almost completely, with one single exception in my opinion) realistic and it involves   read more
report Recommended by Donisonleague
Smart, criminal teenagers terrorize Japan. They compete with someone who has the same background. The police plays a large part in both. Terror in Tokyo doesn't have supernatural elements or humor.
report Recommended by NikuMuchi
Spoiler free Both series stand upon a social threat where both can be categorized as some sort of terrorism. All the good parts and the drama that is in Death Note, is basically what Zankyou no Terror delivers from start to end. It is a bit shorter and therefore it doesn't have any unnecessary details towards the series. I find both similiar because of the threat the police is up against, though the characters is somewhat difference, it is still very familiar. If you've seen one of them I recommend to watch the other as well. Go write to me if you disagree, and share your opinion.
report Recommended by Kukker
-Mind Games -Great Characters -Awesome Music -Great Storyline -Detective trying to catch terrorists who give them puzzles to solve Overall this anime is very similar to death note and the ending is way better than Death Note.
report Recommended by Johan_Liebert_
A "genius protagonist" type of anime that also follows the plot line of being against the police, with the police having a genius of their own to aid them. In both animes, the protagonist(s) are criminals who are using their intellect to serve a higher purpose, even if they are going against the law. While Light uses his abilities to kill murderers, the main characters of Zankyou no Terror are considered terrorists, yet have not taken a single life in the destruction they cause. They leave complex riddles for the police, to give them a chance at stopping their destruction of the city, much how   read more
report Recommended by Kekat
Both god tier cat and mouse series. Hyper-cerebral. Extremely compelling.
report Recommended by -j--
Zankyou no Terror is in a few ways a cleaner DeathNote that does not derail. Both are centered around a terrorist group that commits crimes and sends the police cryptic messages via media. In Death Note, the crime is murder, and the goal is creating a utopia. In Zankyou no Terror, the crime are minor acts of terrorism - bombs going off in public spaces, but always without casualties and the goal is less clear.
report Recommended by QueenoftheFlies
If you are looking for a mentally gripping show but with a longer story line
report Recommended by thee_prologue
We can notice several similarities between Death Note and Zankyou no Terror, the dense and investigative atmosphere of both is captivating beyond well-constructed stories.
report Recommended by Nownownownow
they both have a mysterious detective they both make you empathise with both sides they both have a super smart creminal and a super smart detective they both have someone who fakes being the real criminal they both have hard puzzles and clues to solve
report Recommended by doudi
Both have a strategic battle between the clever criminal(s) and genius detective. I liked Zankyou no Terror even more than I liked Death Note!!!! Awesome. Must Watch!!!!!!!!
report Recommended by Lady_Curt
It's really similar cuz it's has the protagonist making puzzles and the police solving it
report Recommended by DizzyH_
It's intense, with a clever plot, genius characters and leaves you thinking at the end of the series
report Recommended by Kitty-Kate
I couldn't stop remembering Death Note while I was watching Zankyou no Terror. These two animes have such a similar basis: a detective trying to discover who is behind the crimes. In addition, both have protagonists that aren't really "good guys" and, of course, geniuses everywhere.
report Recommended by shidest
Both anime deal with a darker concept, focusing on characters who are less than innocent, while portraying how the characters use their intelligence to overcome their foes. unlike Death Note, Zankyou no Terror shows the story in a less glorified and more realistic manner making the characters more believable and easy to identify with.
report Recommended by lukill33
Both involve a battle of wits between a detective and a criminal with a rather unusual sense of justice
report Recommended by Darvallas
police investigation and mind games.
report Recommended by FinNote
Both shows have protagonists who aren't necessarily good, both shows focus on mystery/thriller and both shows have a detective that tries to stop the protagonists. Both shows have a cat-and-mouse like game in which one tries to outsmart the other.
report Recommended by aliquae
Police vs smart ass villains. Smart and ceative. Great cop-criminal chase. Intense mind games. Both MCs are villains.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both Animes are mystery, thriller type. Mc in both are super minded and best of all in making strategy to execute their plans. Choosing wrong path to do the right thing and their enemies in both Animes are almost same. If you love death note then don't think twice just go and give a try to Zankyou no terror.
report Recommended by Jimmy_71
The premise of both is a genius teenager takes on the police, resulting in a battle of intellect. In both, the detective(s) set traps for the main character(s), the main character(s) falls for those traps but manages to recover, and the plot advances. In general, they very similar, almost identical in fact.
report Recommended by cam609lee
They both feature similar stories: the characters that are trying to make a change to the world using crime, with a detective trying to stop them. Both of them have puzzles that the detective is trying to solve, and both of them are mystery/ thriller shows. Even the characters are kind of similar.
report Recommended by Cassindra
i find Zchankyou no terror kind of similar to death note, it is very rare to find a good anime su as these two with a good mysterious , Psychological plot. like death note light started his actions by killing criminals, until a police investigation started, the same goes for Zankyou no terror because the main character made an explosion that terrified people, with it also a police investigation started. at the start it wasnt a big deal, people didnt care about the main characters until they started committing crimes, and episode by episode the investigation will start to get bigger they also they broadcast messages   read more
report Recommended by LightZack
A great psychological battle between the police and the culprit(s), involving a truly thrilling plotline with multiple twists and turns.
report Recommended by Butterflight
Zankyou no terror has a brilliant battel of minds just like death note. In this story 2 teenager are bombing various places and they are leaving clues behind. It has a great suspense.
report Recommended by BBMTHEKING
Both of these animes feature strong psychological themes with MCs who try to save the world through unconventional means. All the Mcs change their mindset as they experience more, and it changes both for better and for worse. This direction depends on the viewer's own personality. Death Note involves supernatural themes and focuses on the change of one's mindset when one gains power which far exceeds the scope of humanity. The MC coincidentally picks up the power to determine one's death in physical form and is driven to use it to erase all "bad" humans. Throughout his journey, his sense of justice starts to get warped   read more
report Recommended by Ichir_
If you looking for something like Death Note then try Zankyou no terror.
report Recommended by DHD534
Teror in Resonance is very much like death note. There is a clear protagonist vs Antagonist. Ex. Light vs L . Both shows have the protagonist causing havoc in Japan and the detectives/ police force trying to find who it is. Very Similar. If you liked death note you will like this.
report Recommended by pomps1629x
Japan in crisis. Death Note and Terror in Resonance both follow teenagers becoming large anonymous figures causing disorder to Japan. DN has Light become a serial killer with a magical death note. Terror in Resonance has terrorists Sphinx place bombs around Japan. Along with these entities, a counterforce containing an intelligent detective, L and Shibazaki, exist to unmask who are the people bringing so much danger. Both are good anime about young people causing havoc in Japan, featuring the same amount of mind games and deductions in both.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Terror in Resonance shares a lot in common with Death Note. Both anime revolve around genius protagonists doing questionable acts in the name of a self-identified greater good.
report Recommended by IAmGrace
they are both mystery,police,psychological anime and this is basicly a cat and mouse chase with are two main characters and the smart detective
report Recommended by Gorudo0
it is almost the same thing, the police are looking for the culprit and it is developing into a "cat and mouse" game.
report Recommended by cayenn
They both have main character as villian , they are also both very good mystery animes i like , but i reccomend more Zankyou no Terror :)
report Recommended by NikiBG45
The style is very similar, but in Zankyou no Terror, in such a way that even though I know ZnT isn't as good as Death Note, it was very entertaining to watch.
report Recommended by hiwafu
They are both mystery and psychological thrillers animes that involve both MCs that are anti-heroes and are known to be criminals; or "villains" in the story. It is rare to have MCs that arent necessarily heros as the main characters and that is what makes them both unique and similar I guess. Also involves 3 main characters that include 2 guys and a girl. Recommend both if you enjoyed one of them.
report Recommended by Marufunk
Similar setup, a detective trying to uncover the truth and there are recurring questions of gray morality. Both involve the protagonist trying to send a message. Both also incorporate psychological aspects and there is no Villain or Good Guy
report Recommended by swivel
DEATH!EXPLOSIONS!DESTRUCTION! Genius minds face off each other to establish their world of justice in a mysterious and psychological thriller.
report Recommended by Codex_1051
I think Zankyou no Terror is similar to Death Note because both protagonists are criminals. Light Yagami does what he believes is true, and on the other hand, Twelve and Nine (Zankyou no Terror's protagonists) want to show the world their pain. If you liked Death Note, you must definitely check out Zankyou no Terror.
report Recommended by ofyourbeauty_
Both the anime revolve around highschool student who spread terror across the Japan , one for revenge and other for their strong believe in his own ideology and in both the anime a no : 1 detective try to bring them down , The sound track and the voice acting ( sub/dub)is really impressive and this two anime is full of suspense and thrilling moment which will always keep you in edge of your seat .
report Recommended by ZXEAN
In both, we accompany the protagonists who aim to make a change in Japanese society, anonymously. With that, the police and a detective are needed, in the course of these works we follow both sides, the protagonists and the detective Both anime have a darker palette and are more serious.
report Recommended by Biarogs
In the first few episodes itself it will give you a Death Note vibe.....a chase between the police and the criminal interfered by a third party problem solver plus with a better ending than Death Note
report Recommended by eSBee_Weeb
Both feature a cat and mouse chase between the police and the protagonists. As with Death Note, Terror In Resonance has main characters that aren't morally perfect.
report Recommended by InfamousCrown
If you like death note you probably gonna like zankyo no terror because they focus on mystery and have similar aspects in the story, they also have the dark tone
report Recommended by Kornooo
Terrorist attack, the police are trying to identify the culprit It´s only 11 episodes and some people dislike the ending but overall it´s really enjoyable It´s a psychological and i think it holds really well besides Mappa animated it and thats always a plus don´t watch it expecting it to be EXACTLY the same as death note because you WILL be dissapointed but if you like the genre i think you could enjoy this show
report Recommended by Ayus69420
The perpetrators broadcast themselves anonymously, introducing their presence and abilities. Detectives must act brilliantly and resort to unconventional ways of thinking in order to solve the case. both will provide a sense of mystery and unpredictability as the story unfolds.
report Recommended by KevinRin
The psychological battle between the protagonist and antagonist is magnificent.
report Recommended by SonBaunty
Both thriller anime heavily involve terrorism and the police. If you love mind games then this is the anime for you.
report Recommended by Mo168
Very similar vibe, two bigbrains are mind-gaming each others.
report Recommended by ketamine_mage
In both there is an interesting police plot with the well-known cat and mouse hunt, Zankyou no Terror tries to be more realistic without using supernatural devices or anything like that.
report Recommended by JVSilva_
Great Mystery, Keeps you on the edge of your seat, Lovable characters, emotional moments blurred line between good and bad.
report Recommended by Master_Peng
Zankyou no Terror (terror of resonance) is soo good!! IM TELLING YOU. two teens who are similar to light, very smart and kill a bunch of people, accept, the 2 teens in this one are a bit more harsh. though they do have a reason i guess. if you're into psychology and mind games this is a MUST WATCH. PUT THIS ON YOUR WATCH LIST NOWWWWWWWWWWW. i dont know anyone whos watched this irl. such a shame bc this anime deserves so much more recognition.
report Recommended by mzwt
MCs with above average intelligence, war of mind and MCs can't be considered good people. Good Anime
report Recommended by Maaxnov
In both, the main characters are sacrificing themselves to create a new world.
report Recommended by weraaa
Both involve the police force searching for criminals who are causing chaos.
report Recommended by Zaner_
I almost found this show better then Death note because it has a better ending in my opinion. It's an ending I can respect and for me is a top tier ending.
report Recommended by Duippo
same kind of psychology duel between protag and antagonist + another anime where u question whats wrong or right you dont know for what side you should root for since theres a morality dilemma that can taint your judgement on the "bad" guys. it also succeed where death note fails a few times. have fun watching <3
report Recommended by 7038634357
Similar kinda mystery, thriller genres. Both are really worth watching.
report Recommended by roeyo
Both are mind game animes, and both are very fun to watch, they are short animes so there's no reason not to give them a chance
report Recommended by Gonn900
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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