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Kanon (2006)
also done by Kyoto Animation, and produced by Visual Art\'s/Key. Looking for sad stories like in Air? Kanon is your answer, but twice as long and just as good.
report Recommended by kei-clone
Do I need to say anythign at all? Kawaii girls that you can choose from! imo kanon is better cuz it has more kawaii girls.
report Recommended by SY_IS_DEAD_IRL
KyoAni does sad girls with sad stories yet again, but this time with an easier to understand plot.
report Recommended by neo_horizon
One guy and a lot of different girls with there own beautiful arcs. Both have supernatural elements and are animated by the same studio, Kyoto Animation.
report Recommended by Itachi-san
Besides being made by the same creator, both these series are sweet and sentimental. Best suited if you're looking to shed a tear or two.
report Recommended by PandaPuff
Well first off, they're both originated from Key games and animated by Kyoani. They're both incredibly sad story's which will tug at your heart, mind you with fabulous animation (kyoani ftw!)
report Recommended by Siing
Both series are based off games from the company Key for starters. The first plot of Kanon (with Makoto) is extremely similar to Air's story, except of course not exactly the same.
report Recommended by atlantiza
Both are based on Visual Novels done by KEY. The story contains that Air feel about it, but it's still got it's own vibe throughout the series.
report Recommended by WonderingZero
Both have the same atmosphere. They both basicly tell the story about a guy whho comes to a town and helps the sad girls in it...
report Recommended by Dubi
The same creators are responsible for Air and Kanon and it shows: from the character design to the pacing and plot, these are indeed akin titles that should appeal to a similar fanbase. Both are heartfelt anime that compel the viewer to empathize with he characters. However, Air takes drama to a whole different level and becomes downward tragic while Kanon manages to retain a bitter sweet feeling.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both are made by Key, and adapted by KyoAni. Both have a tragic feel to them, and they follow the "girl arc" formula with a boy coming to a town, meeting girls and their individual tragedies and troubles, each story arc focusing on one girl.
report Recommended by TheLlama
Both are made by the same group - Key and Kyoto Animation. Both have similar (yet different) and [i]sad[/i] plots involving a main character and several girls.
report Recommended by WinterNightsFall
Boths series have lot in common. They are both KyoAni products and both have wonderfukl stories that will move your heart. They are Both harem shows with character arcs, and some of the character arcs in Kanon and Air resemble each other. IN other words, if you liked AIR you're definetly going to like Kanon.
report Recommended by Telnari
It's similar to air in case of the drama intensity. However, Air lacks the longevity of the story, but it's a pretty good one too. Kanon is great because of the unpredictable flow of the story. These two will surely bring tears to your eyes.
report Recommended by rainbow_heart
its made by the same people, and has the same sort of effect-like you could go back and watch it hundreds of times.
report Recommended by dotti44
Both titles being games produced by Key and both Animated by the wonderful KyoAni, both shows are beautiful to look at, and they both feature very sad stories. Keep your eyes open during ep 2 you might get a pleasant surprise lol
report Recommended by game8910
I really enjoyed Air but I enjoyed Kanon (2006) even more! Kyoto Animation works its magic in both of these romance / drama anime. Air and Kanon were both written by Key, and were video games before anime. They both have really intriguing plots and the animation is amazing and close to flawless! I was brought to tears by both of these shows. There are really moving scenes, and also scenes where you find yourself smiling from ear to ear! I strongly recommend Kanon (2006) if you liked Air!
report Recommended by kwikslik4
Both Drama series from Kyoto Animation. If you watched Air (/Kanon (2006) then you should check the other one. They both include good Character developing, an emotional story through the Animé and great graphics and soundtracks fitting the whole atmosphere. Mixed with some Humor makes Kanon (2006) an overall great Animé which is definatly worth watching!
report Recommended by Sagi
Besides the obvious reason of both of them being made by the same company, Air and Kanon both seem to be domant in a season and center in a season. Air capture the soul of Summer as Kanon gets the essence of winter. Both have a still , silent vibe. Both are awesome!
report Recommended by Simpleandclean93
I'll try to keep this short. A lot of people have been suggesting things like kanon, or sola, or whatever for air, because they're both "sad". let me tell you that I don't get why that is. Kanon is nowhere NEAR Air's level. Air is spectacular. Why? Well, because, it doesn't just deal with the usual "tragedy" - the whole doomed love thing. Air goes so much deeper than that - not only does it explore one (make that two >.<'') of the purest couples I've ever seen before, it also goes into the love of sisters, and a mother and her daughter, and more.   read more
report Recommended by ASHGARY
A one guy and a lot of girls, each one with its own drama and a beautiful background story. A serie that will make you cry and smile with the characters.
report Recommended by sakurita_chan92
Kanon and Air are both adapted from visual novels by Key. Both anime have the same type of supernatural elements and the moods of both stories are bittersweet. Anybody who enjoys one of these will definitely like the other.
report Recommended by Kuroda_
Air and Kanon are very similair. they are both made by kyoani the first arc in kanon 2006 is very similar to air tv. the following arcs also carry a resemlance and even take it that tiny bit further both are very sad but beatiful if you like air you will def like kanon and vice versa
report Recommended by TheBlueAlchemist
Sad girls that seem happy, a sad town that seems happy and a sad, sad, sad story that seems happy. Also, Kanon is based around winter while Air is based around summer.
report Recommended by Keirik
Air and Kanon 2006 are both based off of visual novels by Key, and each have very moving stories that will probably make you cry. Also, the Makoto and Misuzu arcs are incredibly similar.
report Recommended by bprrie
Both feature a male protagonist meeting different females who have weird quirks In Kanon Ayu says "uguu" a lot In Air Misuzu says "gao" a lot In Clannad Nagisa is obsessed with the dango song They have similar art and music and will both make you CRY! Same genres
report Recommended by Inugirlz
Both series pictures the lives of a main person (Yuuichi/Yukito). They both meet a girl (Ayu/Misuzu) who is a little childish, and becomes very close to the main character. Both will make you cry after a few episodes, as they both turn and twist the story all around.
report Recommended by Gipphe
They both have sort of the same music, characters and both are harems plus in Air a couple of characters from Kanon show up.
report Recommended by gizmo99
both have the same feel to them they are both a little on the dark side but the story really shines.
report Recommended by animehawk8504
They are made by the same company, Air is like the first attempt but they hit the jackpot on Kanon. They both deal with a fairly strange story line but still understandable with a GREAT twist.
report Recommended by u8sand
If you're done watching one of them and loved it, strongly consider picking the other back-to-back! Reasons is simple: You're already on the mood of Key/Visual Art's drama so the story gets a boost on the emotional side, plus, some more forced moments won't feel so awkward as it would if you're coming from a more serious, less fanciful franchise. They also complement each other in a lovely, almost melodic, way. Air is set during summer, deals with new beginnings, meeting new people, facing new challenges where you have the chance of a fresh start, just like the Summer season, breaking out of winter bringing "life" again.   read more
report Recommended by xbobx
The two anime's are both slice of life, with main characters suffering from memory loss. They are beautifully put together. I found Kanon to be more comic in the start but they both sink into a darker plot. Both have a character who is suffering or trying to find memories. Both have the power to make you cry and laugh.
report Recommended by Elfsire
They're about boys who meet girls that they met when they were kids but don't remember. As the series, progresses, they slowly recover their memories. They have tragic pasts and tsunderes in them.
report Recommended by Angry_Anime_Nerd
Both of these animes are really heart breaking, but i loved them both. The art styles are incredibly similar. AND Ayu, Nayuki and Makoto all make a small appearence in the show.
report Recommended by idolhell
Very alike in drawings, personality, and others Main characters both very similar, Both amazing anime's They both start slow also -.- Air is however better IMO
report Recommended by Enslavement
I suppose it's pretty obvious, but a lot of newer people don't realise that Air and Kanon are by the same original author; Key. Art style and some of the themes are similar, but what I find the most striking is their presentation of seasonal opposites. Air does the melancholy in summer so amazingly well, and Kanon does the melancholy in winter almost as amazingly well. So I suppose if you liked the summer feel of Air and want the winter version, Kanon (2006) would be it.
report Recommended by Kamio-chan
It has the same animation style of air. It also has the same supernatural tone, but kanon focuses on miracles, while air just seems to get more depressing lol
report Recommended by Bawoo
I am hard-pressed to write out an actual recommendation here; probably doing this more so to present a suggestion to Key fans. There isn't much to say other than both of the series are the same anime in my opinion, just in different clothing. My reason for mentioning Key fans (though this suggestion can be for visual novel fans as well) is that the original stories of both of series started out as visual novels, whether you knew this already or not. It's difficult for these anime series to compare to original content (obviously) and while the visual novels are less convenient to obtain as   read more
report Recommended by lilyy
Mysterious, tragic harem series. In both, a young male comes to a town, confronted with the many problems of the female characters. Both Air and Kanon have a similar drawing style, as they're made by KyoAni.
report Recommended by Heavy-Maetel
Although I dislike harem animes, but I can see why viewers of Air and Kanon would enjoy both. In true Key style, there is a great deal of tragedy and a great deal of the plot is (intentionally) left to interpretation. The story telling style reveals more of the plot and past as the series progresses. A slight touch of fantasy and the supernatural also sets a similar mood. Obviously, these share similarities in producer and animation style as well.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
Sometimes crying is not an option. Two stories that share the same creation, the same feeling about the "magic" that happens in a city. All this comes in relation of a boy whose memories are his day to day, like many people around him, also the dreams make presence. This young man, who does not know where he stands, is about to achieve what he has always been looking for, even unconsciously, when he is right in front of him. He will engage with many people, especially girls, knowing their stories, and helping each other heal their wounds, and achieve happiness that is not impossible.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Compared Air is more mysterious and focuses on one main story witch protagonist follows. Kanon is more like main protagonist faces multiple small stories which are familiar with mystery-fantasy like in air.
report Recommended by vol4ok
The series are both dramas created by Key Studios and animated by Kyoto Animation. In both of them, the main character comes to a town where he meets several girls and ends up helping them with their problems. Both stories are also very sad and can get you quite emotional.
report Recommended by Sande
Both are made by a collaboration between Key and Kyoto Animation. The structure of the show, story arcs, and feels are nearly identical.
report Recommended by pikachiu24
Both series are created by Key games and produced by Kyoto Animation. They also have similar sad story, almost identical animation and both have very similar characters and plot. So if you like one of them, you probably will like the other.
report Recommended by brilliant_tom