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Lovely_Hollow Mar 3, 11:03 AM
I just read your review for Black Butler book of Atlantic and just wanted you to know that the movie was canon to the story. Book of Atlantic was the next arc after Book of circus
almightybismarck Feb 24, 8:14 PM
You are cute.
YourFearexe Jan 27, 2021 11:29 PM
I feel The same about Black butler Book of Atlantic though it was a five for me it was nowhere near as good as the other black butler book or seasons but I had to watch it so to not miss what will happen in the next book/season really good review of it though.
smug_cat Nov 21, 2019 5:09 AM
omg i just noticed your profile picture XD
smug_cat Nov 21, 2019 5:08 AM
makes sense, though I'd say that reviews are meant to try to judge it's quality rather than just what you think of it and if you did or didn't like it.
smug_cat Nov 20, 2019 4:30 AM
black butler is good, I personally like book of murder and book of circus a lot, I didn't like the first 2 seasons though so I just skipped those. but I have to say, that review was seriously filled with nothing but personal opinion. and anime movies for series are always meant as a kind of filler so that complaint doesn't even make any sense. so me that review looked like you were trying to enjoy the movie as just another part of the series when it very obviously never even tried to give the impression that that's what it was going for, it was going for entertainment and nothing really more, as it's own seperate thing with the same characters and for me that plot twist with the elizabeth was fucking awesome
smug_cat Nov 16, 2019 5:54 AM
lol, it's kind of funny how I could tell you were a girl just from your black butler review. I was so conviced that I went here to check and I turned out to be right XD
Mattinator95 Jun 6, 2019 7:02 AM
Your black Butler movie review is very misleading
jtpetino Sep 24, 2017 7:27 PM
It makes sense if you think about it. Out of her entire family she was the only one acting diferent (even when she has a mother like that). She seems like the type of person which wants to serve rather than serve, so it would make sense for her to do that.
Although I agree that she is too simple minded, that is how the author made her; and for good reason. The main purpose of the manga is Ciel and Sebastian solving crimes, not progressing a romance story between Ciel and Elizabeth. So the simpler the romantic interest is, the easier will be to make breather chapters
jtpetino Sep 24, 2017 12:47 PM
This is the arc that comes right after the last adaptation of Black Butler. So I don't get why you don't like it seeing as this is basically faithful with the manga. You are just looking for a reason to deem anything made by A1-Pictures (regardless of the source material) bad.
JoseiQueen Sep 24, 2017 11:57 AM
There were things they left out in the manga, but overall, I was pleased. I would've liked it better as a series because the campania arc packs so much information that is relevant in future manga arcs that it feels like it's all over the place at points. It's no one's fault for it, but even though I was pleased, that bugged me throughout the movie. I really liked it as a movie, but I think it would've worked better as a series. The Green Witch arc, however, would work as a movie.
JoseiQueen Sep 24, 2017 11:13 AM
It's not Legend of Arslan CGI terrible, but for the most part, pretty terrible.
JoseiQueen Sep 24, 2017 3:55 AM
HakLee Jun 22, 2017 11:07 PM
So I read your review on Akatsuki no Yona, the manga. And although I recognize and accept and respect that your reviews are your opinions and I am not saying anything against you, but I would like to defend this manga because it is a magnificent piece of writing.
You said a lot about the "not knowing." For instance, the not knowing about Su-Won's reason to kill King Il or holes in the plot. And although, I think that the questions you asked are important and I do want to know them too, I feel like we first have to understand the author's point of view. I think that what the author is trying to do is to tell a story with just the right amount of information to convey her feelings of family, friendship, and sacrifice. The thing is just because we want to know more doesn't mean that is also the author's goal. I don't think that Kusanagi's goal is to create a world, which is why she leaves out some details and honestly I think that is one of the main reasons people continue to read this manga. I think that in the words and drawings, Kusanagi shows her readers what is happening and reveals a bunch, only if you pay attention. Like how, Yona probably stopped romantically loving Su-Won when she saw him kill her father. And yet she still feels sad at the thought of him because he was one of the most important people in her life, her childhood friend, along with Hak of course. If the reader really pays attention or at least doesn't skim through the manga, he/she will find a lot more in the words and pictures. We also see Yona grow throughout the series. Of course she isn't perfect and her development is quite slow, she still grows. Also, you said that she doesn't learn from her mistakes. What mistakes has she made so far? Let's see... she lived for about 16 years in a castle, ignorant to the poverty, corruption, and evil outside of the castle walls and yet, she was willing to gather strength and fight for the civilians in the shadows, because she realized that the way she was previously living was wrong and unfair. And it is because, to everyone (soldiers included), she was an ignorant, innocent, selfish, spoiled brat of a princess, no one took her seriously. Therefore, when they saw her eyes filled with rage and hurt and pain and seriousness, of course the people would be hesitant and reluctant because their once spoiled and childish princess (who was known to be dead) is now alive and a totally different person than what they knew. I, for one, love the comedy, but that's all up to preference I guess, so there really isn't anything I can say about that. Next you wondered why Yona kept meeting Su-Won in the streets. I think it's because they both had the same goal. Go to the roots of the problems, investigate, and try to offer aid. However, Yona and her ragtag group of dragons usually get there first. And yes, it may be a bit unrealistic that they choose the same places to go to, to investigate, but what kind of plot would there be if they didn't meet up? How would you write the story? Also, did Yona explicitly say that she would forgive him for what Su-Won did? Or did she say she would put aside her personal feelings in order to get the job done. Also, I don't think Yona truly forgave Su-Won, but instead recognized the deep bond that she had with him because he was her childhood friend, which is something that can't easily be washed away. Next you said that characters were bad because they allowed Yona to get kidnapped. I know you were exaggerating, but honestly, I think she was kidnapped like twice. In the other situations, she let herself be kidnapped. But moving on, if she didn't get kidnapped what would you want to happen? If her bodyguards were perfect and never let her get kidnapped, wouldn't you have a problem with that too? Also, yes they made mistakes, but no one's perfectly. And I certainly do not judge their character just because they made a few mistakes. And sometimes, the kidnapping called for a flashy entrance. If they just walked in through a door and there was a whole bunch of soldiers and said that they were going to save the princess, how would you feel about that? It's a manga for crying out loud. It is fantasy and adventure, so I'm pretty sure that should be expected. You also said that everyone was in love with her and that may just be the dragon blood, but seriously like she is the only girl in a group of men, so I would expect something like that to happen. I don't necessarily like it, but that really isn't a big problem since the manga is downright amazing. Also, the arcs explaining the dragons' backgrounds were pretty deep, at least to me of course. But I think that the background stories really revealed why each character is the way they are and if you were looking for something amazing, I think that takes away from the whole story. I think that also goes for their character development. These are side characters for a reason. We got a little background and we got their characters, and that's all they're supposed to do. They add to the plot, but they don't drastically change it and they aren't the most important. If all the characters were all equally important and amazing then the story would take a turn for the bad. We are supposed to be focused on Yona and Hak. So I like it just how it is because the side characters are doing their job perfectly. And we are lucky to even get their background stories, if you ask me. Once again, all those questions you have aren't revealed, I think, for a reason. I don't think Kusanagi is trying to create a world. I think she is just trying to get her thoughts across through a narrative. Yes, of course we would like to know these things, but they aren't the message that Kusanagi is trying to send. And that applies to almost all authors. There will always be questions and plot holes. Then you mention, Yun. And also, I think that he was meant to solve the food, money, and clothes issues. Because if he weren't there then the story wouldn't be as realistic. And I think you would have a problem (based on everything you've stated so far) if he weren't there too. But I also think he was important, in seeing Yona grow, and representing those who have despised royalty, and is a symbol of forgiveness, and also he is the connection to the priest, who I feel may become important.
I don't think you'll get this far, but if you read up until now, sorry for the whole rant and analysis. I am just really passionate about this manga. I'm not saying it's perfect or it doesn't have flaws, but I feel it is awesome!! And just because I am disagreeing with you doesn't mean I hate you or your opinions don't matter, they do! Anyways thanks for reading up til now, and message me because I swear I'm not a hateful person and I bet we could have a bunch of debates. If not, it's all good. Anyways try to give AnY another chance
Littoface Mar 26, 2017 5:10 PM
Hahaha I'm the opposite, I WISH I had more time to accumulate achievements. (If only there were a life achievement for taking three months to respond to a comment...)