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Konohana Kitan
Konohana Kitan
Sep 18, 1:04 PM
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
Aug 10, 12:33 AM
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Hataraku Maou-sama!
Apr 1, 2018 9:03 AM
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One Piece
One Piece
Apr 1, 2018 9:00 AM
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Mugiwara_boshi Sep 24, 1:04 PM
The first time I saw Azusa I thought that it seems as if she was Mio's little sister because there are some similarities in their personalities, they're both shy, they're both strict when it comes to practice for the band, they're both modest, and smart, and they resemble each other even in their appearance a little. Her weakness for sweets is similar to Yui's one instead. I liked a lot listening her playing the guitar too, she's so talented. About Tonikaku Kawaii, the opening and ending are amazing, I'm liking a lot even the animation. I'm very curious about Tsukasa's past. As a first impression, Tsukasa was so chivalrous with Nasa in the first episode, when she saved him from being directly hit by that truck, or when she gave him her coat, to avoid that he caught cold. It was too cute when Nasa wanted to buy a ring to Tsukasa at all costs, because he thought that she may feel alone while he isn't at home, and I liked a lot the words he said to her, when he proposed to her. Nasa's so thoughtful, reliable and sweet, I like him as a character. I watched until that part where they're going to Nara, to met Nasa's parents. Chitose, Tsukasa's adoptive sister instead, is meddling too much with them, that behaviour of hers is annoying, I understand that she's attached to her sister, because Tsukasa saved her life, but she shouldn't hinder Tsukasa's life. What do you think about Tonikaku kawaii instead?
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 24, 10:04 AM
Sorry for the late reply, I just finished K-on, the live they did in the school festival was the best one! I liked a lot the song where their teacher played the guitar in the place of Yui, and I liked also the lyrics, and I liked a lot also the song where was Yui the one to play the guitar, she's very good at introducing the band on the stage, she doesn't fear at all to talk in front of all that people, and she had a character development, because she found something that she likes to do. There was also an episode where her little sister Ui, took her place in the rehearsing, because Yui had a fever, I was surprised that she learnt to play the guitar too, I hope that Yui's little sister will become a new member of the band. It was cute also that extra, where Azusa took care of a little cat, it made me laugh that Ritsu believed she found a love letter in her letter box, but those where the lyrics of the new song Mio wrote. Moreover Ritsu is a good big sister too. All of them improved at playing. ^^
lover_of_Itachi Sep 23, 6:15 PM
Pretty good, thanks. And yourself?

And yes!!!! The trailer looks so good 😆😭 I’m really excited about TYBW 😁
IchigoSama Sep 22, 5:41 PM
I have no doubt it will. Its on of the big 3 thats coming back after a 10 years break after all.
IchigoSama Sep 22, 7:25 AM
Of course. Can't wait for the first episode to drop. Counting the days :)
IchigoSama Sep 22, 6:50 AM
Thanks bro 🍓
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 21, 1:23 PM
The main female character in Kakuriyo Yadomeshi is human, and not a fox girl, but she works in an inn in a world of spirits too, and even in Kakuriyo Yadomeshi the customers and fellow workers warm up to the main female character as the story goes on too. So I thought these two animes are similar. Dorohedoro seems pretty interesting to watch too. By the way I almost finished K-on, today I watched an episode where Yui discovered that she needs to change the guitar strings, it was too funny when the other girls asked her if she took care of the guitar, and Yui said yes, because she slept with the guitar and she even dressed it. It was cute even that Ritsu was jealous of the friendship between Mio and Nodoka, and it was sad that they argued, but then when Ritsu didn't go to the club, Mio was worried, she thought that Ritsu wanted to quit the club, and when Mio went to her home she discovered that she caught a cold and took care of her. After this I liked Mio even more. Moreover Nodoka is so reliable too, she always helps the K-On club whenever they need a stage to perform in the School festival, being a member of the student council. I really appreciated the friendship vibes in this anime, and the music too.
MlKKA Sep 21, 12:59 AM
It took a while but I'm back to MAL, been through a lot in the past two years, hope you've been doing well! ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค
Zettaiken Sep 20, 1:48 PM
Yeah it is quite rare for something new to take that sweet place, I know that partially I might be more affected to it as a patriot cause of CDPR which is a Polish company and the fact that finally I can add at least one polish singer into my favs and enjoy the polish artist in anime ending/ost as Dawid Podsiadło did the ending + 2 his older songs were put into the anime as ost. He's very talented and I love the decision behind it. Here's 2 of his songs one is for Ending which is a new one and the second is his song from 2014 which plays into a romantic scene in anime and well even the lyrics are put specially into the conversation, as the mc is telling something and the background lyrics of the 2nd song says "I was a liar I was not worth of being trusted"

He's ultra talented and he deserves to be noticed and recognised worldwide as so far he's mainly known in Poland obviously mainly because alot of his top popular songs are in Polish x)
Zettaiken Sep 20, 1:21 PM
Cyberpunk Edgerunners is a 10 episode short story inside a game of Cyberpunk 2077 and the plot happens a year or more before the game plot it is created by CD Project Red and Trigger.

Without spoilering it is about a 17 year old spoiled kid who's living in a low class in a society soaked in extreme capitalism where everything is for money. He's living only with his mother and trying to attend to academy which allows to become a member of corporation [which is the only way to be "happy" in Night City] but some stuff happens and he ends up in a group of Cyberpunks. Cyberpunk is some sort of a criminal/crime type of mercenaries squad/individuals who do the job for fixer [a guy who finds a contract] which can be different but for money and the risk of failing is the fact that you're getting yourself killed. The 2nd problem is Cyberpsychosis which in game was soft topic here it is very dangerous, it is a state where your mind or brain can't handle too much of artificial cybernetic limbs, additions, eyes, programs, organs etc. So you end up as a psychotic who can't say a difference between reality/past/imagination and ends up most likely going berserk killing everything in your path. The moral of the plot is "How much can you sacrifice to achieve Someone's dream". All of that is packed into 10 episodes, for me it is excelent show or even a perfect one. As you might notice it is already at my top 10 favs. It is available on Netflix.
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 20, 11:23 AM
What's the plot of Dorohedoro? This is an anime I didn't know, what do you think about it? Konohana Kitan is an anime I plan to watch too, when I read its plot it made me think of Kakuriyo Yadomeshi one.
Zettaiken Sep 20, 7:06 AM
Hi there, well I have taken emotional damage after watching Cyberpunk Edgerunners twice in a row.

Yes I've seen it and it was incredible, I was busy at the first 4-5 hours when it came out but as fast as I arrived to home I've seen it, I am less or more following the topic through reddit/twitter/bleach official site or by youtube channels like Jaymes.

And how r ya? [I am about to go out for a long walk so I won't read/answer for incoming 2-3 hours]
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 20, 1:10 AM
I'm just watching Classroom of the elite s2, Made in abyss season 2, Summertime render and Kakkou no linasuke among the seasonals, are you watching some new anime?
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 19, 2:51 AM
Chaisaw man is an anime I want to start watching too, then of course I'm going to watch Bleach, and then I think I will watch the sixth season of Bnha, the second season of Spy x family, then the second season of Fumetsu no anata e, I didn't check the others' plot, maybe I'll find some other new interesting anime too.
Mugiwara_boshi Sep 19, 2:16 AM
True, I liked those aspects of Mio's personality too, when she's trying to be serious she's so reliable, I loved how she helped Yui to pass her exam, and how she explained every lesson to Yui, it seemed that she was already a teacher, maybe there'll be some scenes of the girls after high school, when we'll see what they're going to do after school, and if they're going to continue playing. Everyone should have a person like Mio in their lives. I'm curious also to see how Mugi's family is, because they seem to be pretty particular, because Mugi mentioned that her family likes to organise parties at their home. It was cute also that Yui's parents like to travel as a couple too, and that they have that lovey-dovey aura. I would love to see them too. I liked also the concert the K-on club organised for the freshmen, it was funny most of all that part where they dressed up as animals to promote their club, but everyone was scared of them. The same goes for that part where Mio didn't want to sing again, because she feared to fall on the stage, but then she had to do it because Yui forgot the lyrics of their song. She sang beautifully as always. In october many new anime will start airing, did you choose which ones are you going to watch besides Bleach? Okay, then I'll watch the movie after season two, thanks ^^