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YumiElric Jun 3, 5:38 PM
tinha um canal do youtube que estava animando o restante do mangá.
YumiElric Jun 3, 5:33 PM
Ginga é isso aqui

era daora demais fazer capoeira, me dá raiva de mim mesma que na época eu ficava mais conversando do que prestando atenção
estou no ep 3 ainda hehe

to querendo adaptar o cabelo mesmo, pois haja dinheiro pra ficar comprando peruca haha
quero fazer da Juvia assim <3

minhas coisas estão uma bagunça haha depois tiro uma foto mostrando as capas.

mas basicamente tenho uns 109 por ai
Fullmetal (incompleto)
Death Note (completo)
Fairy Tail (incompleto)
Naruto (incompleto)
Sailor Moon (incompleto)
K-on (completo)
Noragami (incompleto)
Kimi no na wa (completo)
another, kuroko no basket, toradora, platinum end, rock lee, bleach, pandora hearts (volumes aleatórios)
tbm tenho alguns volumes únicos, quero muito terminar minhas coleções.
housaku1772 May 28, 5:32 AM
I LOVED THEM BOTH! Also thanks for the well wishes. But back to the movies... You need to see them! I was so happy and sad in both and Pokemon has a weird twist that no one expects. (that wasnt a spoiler haha)

Ajin is really cool. I like animes that have deeper meaning. This one plays with singling out demi-humans and how people mistreat them plus its got a lot of action. By far not my favorite but still good. Over the weekend I watched the new SOA movie and it was pretty awesome. Its about augmented reality so a little different than what we are used to from them. For some reason, even though the main characters annoy me sometimes, its one of my favorite animes. Also started watching Ingress which is alright too. Im not really liking the animation though, its almost like there is a lag in movements if you understand what I mean. Like the people move awkwardly and slowly. I played the game for a bit before Pokemon Go came out but its not very popular in my area because we are so small.

Sorry to hear about the gasoline shortages, but happy to hear you are doing okay! <3

Thanks, I love this picture too. I guess I tend to go for Animes with a little bit of romance in them.. So no real surprise I like the cute looking pictures haha! Have a great week :) Chat soon!
YumiElric May 14, 6:17 PM
tomara mesmo, quero muito ver a guerra dos mil anos, o live action ficou top demais
detesto ele, li não e vc?
é pq Brasil é um país louco hehe
YumiElric May 14, 6:17 PM
é arte marcial, mas tem a ginga, eu pareço uma maluca quando gingo kkkkkkkkkk
os cavaleiros do zodiaco, Hunter x Hunter e Gosick
já comprei a bota, falta o vestido hehe
siiim, quero muito fazer da Juvia, mas depois da academia hehe

eu coleciono alguns mangás e algumas coisinhas hehe depois tiro uma foto de tudo ^^
housaku1772 May 14, 8:27 AM
Thank you! Yeah work is crazy and I actually get a break tonight until Thursday night! I am going to a near by town and I am going to get to see Detective Pikachu and Avengers <3 So I havent seen it yet myself.

Definitely going to check out that recommendation. I am currently watching a lot of different ones. Ajin, Guilty Crown and Fate (started watching them in order because of the different series). I have a problem just binge watching one series. Its probably because I have attention deficit. Lol fun new fact about me. I am not hyper, just have some problems focusing.

I am glad it seems you are okay at least. I am so sorry you are all going through that!

Hopefully your week is going fantastic <3 Chat soon!
housaku1772 May 7, 6:17 AM
I am good, things are busy here at my store because its grad month. (sort of like a prom, but only graduating students do it) I am so tired lol.

Watch any good animes lately? Or see End Game, Avengers yet? How is everything over there? Thinking about you when I watch the news that gets reported from there. Hope you are all okay and safe :)
housaku1772 Apr 25, 12:51 PM
I am so sorry for the late response. Life got so busy over here. Getting around now to finally messaging you back. How have you been? I am sorry this will be a short response today but I will get back to you as soon as I can with more responses.
Nami200000 Apr 11, 5:07 PM
No problem, I am fine . what about you?
Onkamiyamukai Apr 5, 2:40 PM
Sorry about the really late response, I have been on myanimelist in over a month, been playing visual novels and practicing drawing here and there.

I am sorry to hear that, I hope you are doing well right now.

Yeah I do plan on doing manga art and stuff of that sort, But I have a long ways to go before I can manage to that as I am still a beginner. My drawings are still a bit lacking due to only just starting ( the lessons a bit pricey but nothing to big of a deal). I show you some of my drawing in a about a month. i want to have some significant improvements before I can show them lol. I'll show you some soon once I get a little past the basic stages of drawing , some of it was difficult to due the amount of focus I have to do especially when it comes to sight drawing which is measuring proportions of a drawing with a pencil as a measuring stick ( I am nearsighted when it comes to vision so it hurt my head a lot).

I have not watch any anime recently. I do plan on watching tatami galaxy next.

Emerald pokemon juice , I have never heard of that , what is it about ? Also how is anime watching going for you ?
Kojiroo-sama Apr 2, 1:21 PM
Hi! I finally found some time to reply back lmao. :D Have have you been? Have you watched any interesting anime lately?

Ah well, it's not like I lost my faith, it's just that it's never really been there. :D I mean, my family isn't really religious, we just are a part of the church because it's normal to be so but that's that pretty much. I do think it's awesome that there are people who are really religious, and I've heard that religion helps them too. I just can't really take it too seriously myself.
Haha yeah! Yep, that's true. It's the same for men who work in fields that have more females. But yeah, there is no other female in my class, not even in my year. :P There is one other female in 1st years class, but I haven't seen her because our classrooms are so much apart lol. So, yeah looking at the numbers only, there if you count all the years, there are 180 students. 178 males and 2 females lmao. xD So, I kinda have my own harem hahaha. We also have no female teacher so I feel kinda alone most of the time :'D
Well, I don't really have any goal, I just want to have some kind of job really haha. Maybe at later age I feel more ambitious but as of right now, I just want to start earning money. :D

That's a good dream to have. :) I'm cheering you on to achieving that!
Hahah I see! I'm interested in checking out the US versions of the REC, just to see myself how I feel about them. Ohh I haven't heard of that film. I'll check out the trailer of it then. :)

Oh, well, now that there is a remake of it coming soon, you could check out that one instead. The original movie is quite old so it might be a bit off putting to some.

I see. Hmmm, okay, I'll let you know once I watch that movie. Would be cool to share our thoughts :)
Oh that song is pretty cool. I still haven't watched Black Hawk Dawn but don't worry I'll watch it at some point!

There is no such thing as a bad otaku! While I do highly recommend watching Spirited Away, it's not guaranteed that you'll like it even! Well, first of all, the animation is really good. I remember being amazed of it when I first watched it as a child. About the main character, Chihiro, she starts off as a bit of an annoying chara. But, once the movie progresses she becomes more independent and we can see her doing her best despite the situation she is in. There is another chara in the movie which I really like, but talking about him is a bit too much spoiler so... Anyways, all in all, It's no wonder that it holding the title of the highest-grossing film in Japan to this date!
Ah, regarding Hunger games, I haven't seen the last movie yet lol. I was supposed to watch it with my sister but we never did. :D I quite like Pirates of the Caribbean too! Johnny Depp is a great actor imo!

Ah that makes sense. Yep, it's really close to Russia. The Russians around here have a bit of a bad reputation tbh but the Russians I've met have been really nice! The person in my class back then, was really talkative and I was her pair often during class (when we had some pair assignments and stuff.) I actually don't really know Russians lol. I've been meaning to learn it at some point, but I still haven't found the motivation to do so sadly.

Haha I hope you are right! :) I'll be sure to do so in the future! Hahahah well, you never know if dangos are good until you taste them, so maybe you'll find the really delicious! :P No I didn't eat that, even if I had had a chance to eat that I would have probably refused to do so xD I don't really like seafood you see lol.

Ah I can't really answer that question since I have no idea how much you would need money you would need to live here. I only know my own finances lol. Sorry!
I would rather not reveal where I live, it's a bit too personal imo. :P Hope you understand.

My Kimono was Red while my Yukata was light orange with floral pattern! They were so cute! I did feel really feminine when wearing them. :) Ahhh I actually found the pics! Here you go:
Let me know if you can't view the pics!
And yes, it was a wonderful experience. Btw, I'm sorry if my pics are bad, I have shaky hands lol. Also I wanted to focus on looking around using my own eyes rather on the camera so that's why I didn't take that many pics :P
Yeah I would like to visit your country someday! :)

Well, My trip to Luxembourg also needs to cover Paris, South France and Milano (forgot to mention Milano previously lol)
So, I studied french in middle school. We wanted to go to a trip so we started to collect money for it. Once we had the money, our class and our teacher took the plane and flew to Germany, where we continued straight to Luxembourg via buss. To be honest, I don't really remember Luxembourg that much since it was such a short trip, but there was a festival of some sort going on at the time and we spend the night at it. There was live music, food stalls and some stalls that sold souvenirs.
As we got to Paris, we spend a lot of time shopping! Walking down the famous Champs elysee, going to the Eiffel tower and Notre dame. We walked a lot and our feet hurt lol. Also, for breakfast we ate the most delicious Croissants and hot cocoa, ah I still remember how good it was. :P
After that, we took the train to South France, where our host families were. I don't remember the name of the city anymore tho. I've written it somewhere but I couldn't find it for now haha. It was really scary. Being alone in a host family, who could barely speak English. I had no confidence in my French so D: Going to the school was a fun experience, the classes were so different compared to here in Finland. We hang out in the warm weather and went to beach often too. My host family also organized activities for me too, such as going to the movies, going out to eat etc. They were nice people. :)
After that we took the train to go to Cannes! Were the famous film festival was held. We watched a korean animated movie there. After that we went to beach and swam and sunbathed. I burned myself badly there tho lol xD
And finally after that we took the train again and went to Milano! We only stayed there one day tho. I remember eating in a Pizzeria (the pizza was so good) and after that eating gelato. And so, shortly after that we took the plane back to Finland.
It was a long and exhausting trip. I missed my family so much lol. But all in all, it was fun!

Yeah, swans are really beautiful. Oh, Turpial looks quite beautiful too! Our national tree is silver birch and our national flower is lilly of the valley! Omg Orchid is such an beautiful flower, I never knew it's the national flower of your country. That's really cool. It's kinda funny how different our national stuff are btw haha.

My cat's name is Konsta. It's a Finnish name. :P Yep, here is a pic of him!
The pic is a bit blurry sorry xD
Of your dog has a nice name! :) what does he look like btw! Oh that's really sad. :(
Hahaha that's really funny 22 degrees being cold xD Here is finally spring, we have around +4 degrees now. How about there? How hot is it now? :P

Well, my fav song by Poets of the Fall is also Carnival of Dust. I also quite like War! Haha yep, I'm a huge fan of idol anime, especially Deresute, where that song was from (well it's a mobile game) I have a lot of fav songs, if you want to know more! :)
Oh nice, I really like that Black Clover song as well. What other favs do you have?
Here are some of my own favs:
11 eyes OP
Higurashi OP
Ao no exorcist ED

Those are the ones I like the most. :P I have a lot more favs but maybe I'll link them some other reply!

Ah, for some reason many think that Vocaloid is anime! I wonder why? I've been listening to Vocaloid songs since I started watching anime so, about 12 years now lol. Anyways, here are some of my favs:

Hatsune Miku - Ievan Polkka Okay, for this song, I had to mention it since it's actually Finnish :'D For some reason Japanese people really like this old song of ours and decided to make a Hatsune miku version of it lol.
Hatsune Miku - Hop! Step! Instant Death! A Happiness Dance Death-Trap This is my fav Hatsune Miku song. :P
Utata-P ft. Yuzuki Yukari - There's Supposed to be a Cheat Code for Happiness I like how this song approaches a serious issue, stress.[/url]
Kagamine Rin - The Lost One's Weeping Another song with a meaning I like.
IA - A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night IA is my personal fav Vocaloid, I really like her voice. This is my fav song by her! The beat in this song is really nice too. :P
Gumi - My Crush Was A Monster Boy I like the story in this song. :P

Btw, what song by Miku have you heard?

I can pretty much listen to any genre. But other favs of mine would be Dubstep and Pop Rock. :P The only "genre" I'm not too into is slow songs, stuff like ballads.

I couldn't listen to Asleep - The Smiths or HiM - The Sacrament because it's blocked in my country. :( I wonder why? I'll try to find some other way to listen them at some point!
Hugo Blanco y Su Conjunto - Moliendo Cafe ©1960; I can imagine you guys dancing to this song xD What does the title of this song mean btw?
Alma Llanera; I think I've heard this song somewhere before! Anyways, I like the beat in this song. :P
Faltan cinco pa las doce - Nestor Zavarce; It fits well with fireworks for sure!
Cuando voy pa maracaibo; Does feel a bit weird that you listen to this type of song during Christmas xD It's very different from Finnish Christmas songs!
Un solo pueblo - Woman del Callao; This was a fun song, I liked this one. :P

I see, so potatoes are quite popular then. Not really, I mean it's just meat like pig or cow so yeah.
Ah, well, Karelia is salty food so I wouldn't say it's similar to cake. Rye bread is so good! I wonder if you can buy it in your country? If so give it a go at some point. :) Okay! Be warned that Salmiakki has a strong flavor so many don't like it.
Traditional Christmas food huh? Well, different kinds of casseroles such as carrot casserole, rutabaga casserole, potato casserole, liver casserole etc. They are pretty much the core of Finnish Christmas food imo. Also Christmas Ham is pretty important too. Then we usually just have different kinds of salads and stuff. We also eat rice porridge in the morning!
What is your traditional food at Christmas?

Well, you could someday come here for a vacation! Maybe during summer, when it's not that cold. :P Oh, well the tax culture is indeed good here imo. Yep, the education here is pretty good. Everyone can literally learn any occupation, since every school here is free. So, money won't be a problem when studying. :) Yeah literally everyone uses internet here, there is no problems with that here. Hmm. Well, we start elementary school at the age of 7. At the start of Elementary school, we have very short days and we have a lot of fun subjects like, arts and music. Obviously once you progress further you'll have longer days and the subjects become harder little by little.
Middle school starts at the age of 13. Days are generally quite long; from 8 am - 2pm each day. While we study more, we barely have any homework. (same went to Elementary school). In my middle school we held a lot of discos xD And at 9th grade we organize a party for our whole school, where we do everything ourselves, things like the program (skits, music, acting) and decorations. Generally, middle school is pretty fun here, nothing too serious.
At the age of 16 you need to choose whether you'll progress to High school (better choice if you want to broaden your knowledge and aim for University next) or Vocational school of your choice. (better if you want to start working soon, or want to hurry up and get a occupation)
I chose High school myself, mainly because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life lol. In High school, things get more serious. More classes and less "fun stuff". Also, on the senior year, we have matriculation examination, which determinates our final grades. In these tests, they cover everything you've learned in high school, so studying for them takes a lot of time. We actually a month off from school before the tests, to have more time to study.

Our public transport is really good in cities. Buses go pretty much all the time and you can buy a buss card which makes paying the fees easier. Trains also go pretty smoothly as well. In countryside on the other hand, we have less buses and only a few trains going. I'm from countryside so I know it too well xD

Oh my, that does sound awful. Hopefully the economics become better in the future then!

Ah, that makes sense. Have you ever seen the snow then? Hahahah exactly xD Oh that sounds yummy! I hope I'll get the chance to try it out someday!
I see, so you have bread similar to our rye bread too. :D
Lmao, we are similar in that sense then xD Well, waltz is better than nothing!

Finland also has a pretty high consumption of alcohol too. Normally people start around the same age as well. Yep, Vodka is most popular here, especially a vodka called Koskenkorva, it's really popular. I personally don't know much about alcohol since I'm an absolutist you see, so I don't drink. :P

Oh nice to know all of those average things.
Here, most common hair color is either blonde or brown. I'm not sure which one the majority has, seems to be 50/50. Blue eyes are quite common here. Average height for men, 179 cm for female 165. Famous Finnish people would be Tove Jansson (the creator of Moomins), Jean Sibelous (composer) and Kimi Räikkönen like you mentioned.

I watch tv rarely, but when I do, I watch reality shows, song contests or cooking contests. :P

Usually at Christmas we eat well, go to sauna, wait for santa to come and open our presents. :P Anyways, since my reply is super super late, how was your Christmas?
Yeah I had a fun Christmas :)

Oh which name do you prefer? Alan is easier for me to remember so I'll call you that!

Sorry for such a long message, take your time replying back!
shyhana94 Mar 27, 11:14 PM
you're welcome no problem take you're time I'm doing good thanks for asking I just noticed you're reading one of my favorite manga Pandora heart what do think about it so far?
haplomonka Mar 27, 7:16 AM
I'm doing fine, just busy with school. Sorry for replying so late, I wasn't home last week, but I have returned too ^^. Sorry to hear that. Well on my side EU's new directive was accepted, containing article 13. Which kinda sucks.

Not sure but in Tennis, Canoeing, Rowing, Cycling, Athletics, Javelin throw maybe in Judo too.

Well, I would love to go to Japan, but there are a lot of Europian countries I didn't visit like Russia, Finland, Norway, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Slovenia. What about you?

Haha, that would be cool. I can try xd. I haven't tried them all, but from the ones, I tasted Kofola with Guarana has to be in the last place, it had a really different taste. To be honest, I hate licorice when it is by itself, but I don't mind it in Kofola (weird :D). Actually no, caffeine doesn't hurt them at all, true they aren't that vibrant, but they don't taste bad at all.

I like History too, but it mostly depends on the stuff we learn, like the First and Second World War, but on the other side, I hate learning about Prehistory. P.E is always a nightmare for me. Feel you. I will try my best!

If I had to talk in Spanish it would sound like this:

Now it's my turn to apologize for the delay.

No problema (Close enough xd)
See you soon! ^^
Sanszhin Mar 23, 1:28 PM
I'm doing good enjoying reading the solo leveling novel this weekend, the manhua is absolutely awesome !

How are you ?
Yukinoniii Mar 18, 4:06 PM
I think Tate no Yuusha it's pretty good. I like Filo <3