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Days: 136.9
Mean Score: 6.84
  • Total Entries651
  • Rewatched54
  • Episodes8,216
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Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe
Jul 10, 7:47 PM
Watching 15/79 · Scored -
Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA)
Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction (ONA)
Jul 9, 9:17 PM
Watching 6/18 · Scored -
Jul 8, 2:42 PM
Re-watching 124/201 · Scored 9
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Days: 63.3
Mean Score: 7.16
  • Total Entries200
  • Reread5
  • Chapters9,222
  • Volumes898
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
Jul 10, 3:04 PM
Reading 53/96 · Scored -
Diamond no Ace
Diamond no Ace
Jul 9, 8:36 PM
Re-reading 192/418 · Scored 9
Blue Lock
Blue Lock
Jul 9, 7:33 PM
Reading 268/? · Scored 9

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SakuraCheri 10 hours ago
yeah... i don't think you should be that hopeful 😀

no idea what you're talking about, pretty sure that's not it though :/
i use it for french toast and bread pudding, i've never heard of it used for pie stuffing?
SakuraCheri Jul 10, 7:24 AM

who knows?
i honestly don't remember anything, i've been offline for too long 🤷‍♂️

i am shocked :-0
i have nothing to say.... except that stale bread is a very versatile ingredient
SakuraCheri Jul 8, 4:13 AM
nooo i was kidding

i remember your username and both avatars lol

bad jokes?? what TToTT
i happen really like that song B)
ria Jul 4, 6:05 PM
sometimes impulsive decisions are the best decisions 🤧 glad you had fun tho! was it the same as last time where it was the two movies in one or just one of em this time?

yep please remain on break for the next 20 business days, thank you U_U
ria Jul 3, 6:27 PM
did you watch it again? xD

yeaaa a break!! bcz like you forgot to catch up on your work and if you don't you'll have even more to catch up on next week!!!!!!!!!!

you made it sound like a lot and then crushed my dreams and made it sound like you can do it in less than 5 days 😭😭

ohh ok, so not tooo far away, but still far away 😪
ria Jul 3, 4:38 PM
don't you feel like taking a nice break for anime now?? :)
it'll do you jutice yknow, just like sit back, relax, touch some grass and you'll feel better than ever!!!!

i was meant to watch yday and then i didn't 😭😭😭 i can't remember how many more eps i need for a point tho @_@
ria Jul 3, 4:33 AM
Haikyuu!! Second Season · Completed 25/25 ・ Scored 9
whats the current score :o
Rabnawaz2 Jun 28, 9:58 PM
ofc !
ria Jun 21, 7:12 PM
oh sorry sorry feel free to start your binging sesh now xD

yea thats fair. i was thinking that bcz i was like with episodic shows, are fillers even that different from normal eps 😭
ok i'll watch em then, thank youuu
ria Jun 21, 6:59 PM
should i watch or skip gintama fillers?
ria Jun 21, 5:44 AM
heyyy i am thanks, hope you're good tooo

okayy, i'll be there in a sec
ria Jun 20, 6:05 AM
tbh even i didn't think i'd be this consistent with it but ig it's just too good 😭

22 now :D yea i for sure am icel, the last ep i watched gave me the "i think i love this" feeling, so i might accidentally fly through the eps (maybe not fly but compared to the last few things i've watched, we'll consider this flying xD)

oh wow, sounds like it might get a bit rough :'') you can do it thoooo no doubt 😤

did you actually? xD i have askeladd in my favs but its just bcz i think hes cool and i like him (yes thats all it takes for me to add a character to my favs :D) i reckon my actual fav from that would've been thorkell tho bcz he was funny as and he was also cool :D but he kinda just disappeared in the second szn so his character kinda became irrelevant, which was sad. but yea i can see how that kinda post would het taken down 😭😭

honestly you've also flew through the watch, hey i think we just got like 10x beter at watching somehow :o yeaaa haikyuu is really funny but i think i found daiya funnier icl. it's defo good vibes tho so glad you're enjoying it, wonder if te score will change after this rewatch 👀 oh is that the reason you don't love kuroko??? bcz theres like a lot of dialogue during matches xDD icl i still enjoy em when there is dialogue, but sometimes it can feel like a drag but just depends really.
ria Jun 19, 4:10 AM
so the rest or the courses isn't gonna be a breeze then? 😰 how many more exmas do you have to do for these courses?

you can't afford to be doing side quests rn 😭😭 i'm 11 eps in rn :D

yea thats fair, you got the urge to consume ginatam again xD yea its going pretty good so far, defo was being a hater back then bcz i cant figure out what i even disliked about it 😭

that would actually rile so many ppl up, you HAVE to do it, it'll be hilarious xD ooo ok, im expecting to see like 20 eps completed by the end of this week then 👀 oh wait that's not slow, by next week :D

ria Jun 18, 4:55 AM
hope your exams went wellllll!!!

yesss i've actually already started watching 😤 saw that you watched 2 eps of gintama xD thought you weren't watching that rn anymore :o

yea thats fair, lowkey could do that in a month or so if you wanted to :O yea honestly same, i sometimes speed through manga and then just dont read for like a month or two, idek what happens but just decide im not a reader for the time being no more 😪

oooo yea theyre pretty deec. what we could do is keep those as the options and the winner chooses which one the loser has to do? i ain't slacking this time round, best believe 😤
ria Jun 15, 5:11 PM
awwwwwwwwwww you weren't meant to wacth anymore 😪 but good jobbbb, the W is all yours xD

are you gonna start reading the manga now? if you do read it, you gonna start from the beginning or where the anime leaves off? we could add a forfeit and prize to keep us on our toes xD idk what it would be tho, got anything in mind? :o

yea thats fair, you reckon you'll be watching it for the rest of the yr 😭
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