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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
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One Piece
Sep 17, 1:58 AM
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Sep 17, 11:58 AM
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Sep 14, 4:07 PM
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DigiCat Sep 21, 2:38 PM
But I'm pretty sure the final exam drops the lowest exam score so I suppose that's a good thing

LMAO that reminds me of when i was in highschool, we'd get pop quizzes which scores would count for the final grade along with exams, and by the end of the year we were all doing so bad in grammar and literature that when our teacher gave us pop quizes she'd ask questions saying the answer in the question like "what did Ulysses do to the cyclops who went blind to escape from his cave?" or she'd let us say every wrong answer untill we'd eventually get the right one "what is the past perfect tense of xxxxxx? No, no, no, no ... (there's only one option left) yes!! well done!!"
DigiCat Sep 21, 9:02 AM
Aww damn, wait did you already get the results or you just basing on how quick the hall emptied??

xD I'm the one who's gonna be in hectic mode these next 2 weeks 🤞
meeko_xo Sep 17, 5:49 PM
hiya, how have you been recently? 

It mostly involved s̶l̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ passing out on my bed by like 10 or 9.
ngl, that rarely happens to me; the only time it does is if i'm watching in bed and i just accidently fall asleep, but that usually happens between 11:30-12:30 depending on the day xd
i try to avoid watching in bed tho, just so that doesn't keep happening xd 

I'm pretty much at where the anime ended. Are you a football fan or did you just go into Ao Ashi without much of an understanding of tactics and stuff?
oh nicee, hope you enjoy the new content. idk why, but fukudas backstory made me shed a tear. it's closer to where the manga is currently, so not sure when you'll get to it xd 
don't really keep up to date with anything, but out of all the sports i've seen in anime/manga, i know the most about this one xd 
but yea, it's defo more on the realistic side of things, i was gonna continue reading blue lock since i left it at around 20 chp, and see which i liked more between them. ig it just comes down to if you're mostly there for the hype or for the realism in a sense. 

Yh would definitely recommend getting to Water 7 and Enies Lobby because it's pretty much One Piece at its absolute best
i reached itttt, kinda just stopped once i finished the post-war arc, gonna take a break for like a day or two and then get back to it. would have taken a longer break, but my original goal was to get through this by the end of sep :o
out of all the arcs i've read so far, i've gotta say that my fav would defo be marineford; it actually made me ball 😭
top 3 arcs atm, i would say are marineford, impel down and then water 7
i went into OP knowing basically nothing; i was told that ace's death was a thing pretty much most people know, but i actually knew nothing about it, so i was nottttttttttt expecting it at all :'')
in terms of fav characters, at first i liked shanks and then a while later i liked zoro and nami, then i liked robin. as of rn i'm thinking i might like some of the new characters that have been shown a bit more, so waiting to read more to find out if i do or not. i didn't really start liking luffy until some of the later arcs, not sure why tho xd 
there are a lot of pretty cool characters, but idk if i'd class them as my favs if that makes sense. 

I don't like how they tampered with or cut out some significant moments.
yeaa fair enough, i assume you've prob watched it all by now tho. how did you find it overall, if you did?

btww, do you know of any good one-shots? was planning on reading some while i take a bit of a break from one piece xd
DigiCat Sep 16, 9:46 AM
Well mega-good luck with that 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Guess we'll be watching Zatch bell next wednsday? Cuz friday i'll be jetlagged ✈
ryzxgum Sep 15, 9:33 PM
yo my bad i was off comments for a while but we back. true about the 2 part movie though, i don't know if they're planning to adapt the whole manga in 2 movies or what, cause it'll be weird to start off with a movie and then transition to being a show lol.

Btw have you started watching the One Piece Live Action yet?
i did finish it and i liked it way more than i thought, i was expecting it to be a 6 on a good day but i can safely say that it's an 8 for me. i liked the cast a lot, i mean oda picked these guys himself. mihawk was tops for me, i'm generally a shanks guy but damn this show got me calling mihawk THE GOAT! kuro and buggy were also great. i didn't mind any of the changes at all, thought it was quite a clever way to fit it all into 8 episodes, you know like cutting out don crieg and bringing arlong to baratie instead. i liked the cgi for the most part, except for one luffy deflected garp's canon. ngl that shit looked ass, even the explosion when the canon hits the sail on the marines' ship, that was such cheap effects lol.
but yeah most criticisms for me are just nitpicks, like i wasn't a big fan of the fishmen makeup, it was literally coming off. i thought arlong should've been a bit bigger, this guy had a dad bod. also the dialogue was cringe at times.
but nothing major that i disliked, i've been watching non-one piece fan's reactions on youtube to the live action, and literally everyone has been getting converted. massive W if i've ever seen one ngl. what about you tho?
DigiCat Sep 15, 1:22 PM
How did the tests go?
DigiCat Sep 13, 6:13 AM
No problem

Good luck with your tests 🍀🍀
SmolChibi Sep 12, 10:17 PM
Ty for accepting friend request I like your favs :D
DigiCat Sep 11, 12:08 PM
2 out of 3 arcs I've watched have mostly been in the dark...Why?

Dark... you mean the tone?

Syrup village was two whole episodes and it still felt rushed

I mean, the OG is like 10 eps long so that was kinda expected

I guess how fast the pace is or not can be quite subjective, like for me, although of course the anime adds a lot more character developement, some parts of the arc, imo, felt a little too dragged out

But i do agree on what you say about LA Usopp

Never in One Piece has Luffy ever referred to himself as a good person nor does he think of himself as a good pirate. He doesn't care about morality because it gets in the way of his freedom. He's a simple guy, if you hurt his friend, then you're an enemy. Basically there a lot of things that he does in the entire series that you wouldn't consider as good.

True, but to me the fact alone that he cares about his friends is proof enough that he's a good person, though i get how the LA trying to push focus on that rather than just letting the audience see and decide for themselves can be annoying

I forgot another bit i wish they kept in Buggy arc, when it flashback to young Buggy and Shanks and how Buggy blames Shanks for making him eat the devil fruit
Onaniu Sep 11, 4:28 AM
I think 2nd pic is the best too!

couldn't find a good one

same for ace
couldn't find any but this

DigiCat Sep 10, 8:47 PM
Going deeper on why I think this is a plothole would probably reveal a huge spoiler so I'll just stop there.

Guess we'll be revisiting this once i reach that point in One Piece

Most of my other complaints are about specific scenes(mostly in Syrup Village) that were just too out of place for the themes that the pre-time skip arcs embody

I've watched Syrup village arc so you can go into specifics

If i had to say the things i was a bit disappointed that were not included

- Cutting the dog scenes in Buggy arc
that bit in the anime was super emotional for me (like crying my eyes out emotional)

- Moving the Syrup village arc into the mantion
Though i did really like the alternative take on it, it's basically a "what if Kuro said yes to Kaya inviting Usopp and Straw Hats over?"
But i would've been curious to see what the rest of the Kuro cruw and Usopp's little friends would be like in live action

I'm sure as a watch the anime there'll be more details i notice
Onaniu Sep 10, 7:43 PM
DigiCat Sep 10, 6:59 AM
Yeah live action One Piece was surprisingly very good, and i did enjoy it a lot, but i don't think that has much to do with me just having started watching the anime from the beginning

I sorta understand what you might meen by it's "lacking", it's of course not 100% anime accurate, i mean they're trying to fit 40+ eps into 8, so i can also understand the changes that were made in the adaptation, pace is a lot faster, i'm noticing now some anime eps ended up on the cuttingroom floor, events that happend in seperate anime eps are fused for live action, and there's changes to some of the settings (like Kuro arc for example)

But i think despite the changes it still did a great job in keeping the core of the story true to the original
The casting and costume desings were near perfect, and i love how they incorporated the original OP into the OST

The biggest difference i'm seeing (and which i assume is hardcore fans biggest annoyence) is the inclusion of the marines in these early arcs, which if i'm not mistaken don't play that large a role in the beginning (i've only reached the Kuina ep in anime so not sure how things will evolve), but i still personally think that even though their inclusion is not anime/manga accurate, it was very well incorporated in the retelling of the story, unlike the inclusion of the Mannequin Soldiers in the first live action Fullmetal movie

Yes italian dubs are for the most part exellent, both in VA quality, and there's a lot less censorship (though of course the further back you go, 80s, 70s, the more censorship there was), but in recent years the quality of these has also had a slight decline
DigiCat Sep 10, 2:17 AM
I'd love to take yuo up on that offer, but i've actually been watching One Piece in italian 😅

Btw, did you try watching One Piece... live action?
DigiCat Sep 9, 4:06 PM
samsince04 said:
I guess there was no Digimon watch party after all.... Rain check?

Oh... i think those might've come to an end xD
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