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Edens Zero 2nd Season
Edens Zero 2nd Season
Yesterday, 2:22 PM
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Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu
Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu
Yesterday, 2:22 PM
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Koharu no Hibi
Koharu no Hibi
May 24, 8:43 AM
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Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki
Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki
May 23, 8:38 PM
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Kanojo mo Kanojo
Kanojo mo Kanojo
May 23, 12:46 AM
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PoutyWeeb Yesterday, 1:40 PM
Dubbed as in English dub or your native language dub?

Well, with all the advancements that’s happening in society, I can only hope that I can live a long enough life not under some sort of corrupted government system lol.

What’s your personal favorite cards in your binder?

I’ll disagree on that but at this point there’s nothing to add on with the convo regarding Otae so I think this is a good stopping point.

Haven’t read any of the novels, is Railgun still ongoing right now?
PoutyWeeb Jun 1, 6:22 PM
One of the earlier ones?

Nah, if the concept of time traveling did exist, it won’t be within this century with how technology is advancing. Sure it’s advancing but I don’t think we’re advancing that fast.

Oh yeah I remember now. Do you have separate folders for each of the collective cards you’re collecting?

Ehh I can’t really see her that way. I’ll easily take a seasonal waifu over Otae anytime of the day.

Too bad that accelerator anime was really weak
PoutyWeeb May 30, 4:47 AM
I don’t remember that ep too well. Is that the ep where Nobita ate the memory bread to help him pass the test?

I don’t know about that, time travel is still a long way off before it actually becomes a thing (which I hope never becomes a thing)

Oh cool. So do you just display them in your room as is, or do you use like a card folder?

Yea I know I’m likely one of the minority but I really feel like Otae is like that one character everyone doesn’t like but never say out loud. As one of the characters who was in the original lineup when Gintama first started, she feels very lackluster compared to the other characters.

There’s so many clones of her if I remembered correctly. But yea I find it funny when she interacts with her clones.

Yea same here
PoutyWeeb May 29, 8:05 AM
Oh, there’s another one where I laughed my ass off when I was a kid, it was the episode where there was a tool where it’s like a ring and if you insert a certain animal card (e.g. dinosaur) you become said dinosaur depending on how high the ring was lifted on the body itself.

Lol, true. I mean, even by today’s standards, an iPhone 8 is considered small now. Just shows you how fast technology can evolve and how fast certain “new models” becomes old.

Cute. Kinda makes me want to get into yugioh but at the same time, I don’t know if I have the time and money to start doing so again.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I hate Otae. The way she treats Kondo is way too harsh. I know having a stalker is not a good thing to have but even in the comedic light, instead of laughing at her antics with Kondo, I just begin to feel pity for Kondo and how he still manages to try getting together with Otae. He deserves better. Yes Otae had her moments during some of the serious arcs but in the end, she’s still one of my least liked characters.

I see, it’s pretty well drawn in my opinion. I always thought it was for some reason.

Yea that’s me.

PoutyWeeb May 28, 7:49 AM
Lol yea, I also remember there was like an episode where Nobita’s father was smoking a cigarette but the cigarette kept on getting longer and I thought that was funny.

Oh ok, thanks for clarifying

I see, when do you plan on getting those upgrades?

I see, looks cool. Do you have any favorite cards that are waifu specific?

I can tolerate the casa in Gintama since most of them are actually funny in some way or another (except for characters like Sadasada, who is meant to be hated, and Enshou, who I also believe was created to be hated as his reasoning, although somewhat realistic, was pretty pathetic). But for the general cast, I always found Otae and Otsu ruining all the funny moments in my opinion.

I see, you’ve kind of convinced me to watch the show, I might consider watching it to see how this scene was executed. Also by the way, I can safely assume your pfp is a padoru version of Chika Takami?

Alright, I’ll send you a message there (and in the meantime, is it possible to move this entire convo to discord?)

Yea, it’s much better that way.

Same, that way there’ll be no such memories to remember and it’ll make falling asleep much easier lol
PoutyWeeb May 26, 4:48 AM
Sounds about right for a series aimed towards kids. Y’know, despite Doraemon being a show for children, there’s definitely stuff in there that you wouldn’t usually expect lol.

Emulators are those things where you can connect a controller of some sort and play it with the PC screen I assume? And man, I hoped whoever went home that day didn’t miss out on anything important, or the very least, had some fun taking the entire day off X)

Is the phone specifically for games going to be the same one you use for regular use or are you planning to use something that’s more advanced? And that sounds cool, having stuff in high quality is a good thing, but I guess for the Lenovo tablet, that’s the trade off for watching something on very high quality.

Yea compared to some of the older VAs from the late 2000s to the 2010s, they don’t really match up with some of our favorite VAs, but nonetheless, they’re all doing a good job of playing their respective roles. It’s just for me in my opinion, it’s really hard to find a VA that has a certain charm, but that applies for other staff roles like the creator and director as well. I mean, even with music, I can only really think of three people who has a distinctive style (Hiroyuki Sawano, Kensuke Ushio, Yuki Kajiura). But yea I’d definitely play a gacha if my favorite VA is in it (too bad Kayano lost her roles in Azur Lane after a certain event).

When his death was announced and you changed your pfp, who did you change it to? (And I have no doubt there were several Dark Magician Girl pfps out there). And yea, I’m not too aware with what Konami did with yugioh, but I’m sure everyone paid their respects for a man who has essentially created many people’s childhood. It kinda reminded me of how many people paid their respects for Miura when he unfortunately died.
Haha, sometimes bragging rights is more than enough.

Although I’m a bit bummed out that Sugita’s not playing Gintoki again in the Ginpachi sensei anime, I’m just excited to see the wacky cast back again, this time in school (except for Otae and Otsu, those two are just very annoying bitches).

B-Bocchi?! Haha I had to make that comment. So Takami’s that one character you relate to a lot personally?
And I see, I’m not that into idol animes, but if I do watch it, I’ll tell you my thoughts. By the way, have you ever watched any of those idolm@ster animes?

Do you have discord or anything like that?

And same, let the old days just be old days. I don’t ever want to experience those type of situations again.

Sometimes I wish there was a reverse memory bread of some sort that can make you forget those cringey moments but alas, that doesn’t exist (and it would be a very dangerous tool too if it lands on the hands of the wrong person).
PoutyWeeb May 23, 5:47 PM
Oh alright, so I can safely assume the second movie wraps everything up.

Oh alright, if the battery life is as long as the charging time, it’s not that bad (although compared to other consoles, it’s weak). I assume you play on other consoles like the switch or on PC?
Haha, imagine if that actually did happen. I mean if it’s on a day where instructions are very light, the loser wouldn’t be missing out too much and essentially have the day off.

And I thought my iPad from the early 2010s had the smallest storage space (16GB total). And yea, with today’s standard, I feel like you’ll need at least 128GB minimum if you’re gonna use the phone to store a lot of stuff. I’m thinking about switching my SE to a 12 this summer as it’s inconvenient for me to play F/GO on due to the lack of storage. And I see, do you plan on using that brand for the rest of your life? And yea I checked, that Lenovo tablet does look huge screen wise, but 16GB storage space does sound under the minimum, but since you’re using it for watching anime, I don’t think you’ll need much storage space. And yea, I dislike how Apple doesn’t update their older devices but I’m a part of the small minority so the only thing I can do is to upgrade when it’s convenient.

Hm, seems like all the ones you’ve listed all has at least one notable role. Don’t know if any of the ones listed are favorites worthy (I’m kinda picky when it comes to favoriting VAs, hence why I only have 3 favorite VAs in total).

Yea, what a man. I can’t imagine how hard his death hit to the YuGiOh fan base, and even to those who don’t have too many memories of YuGiOh (like me).
I see, so those cards are more so like “haha, I win and get this rare card to brag” type of prizes?

Yea, love those three VAs, they really stand out in my opinion compared to the other VAs. Like with Kayano, she can easily go from the small cute girl to a big tiddy MILF with her voice alone. I don’t know any other VA that can do that (also her voicing Darkness was a surprise for me, she’s got range for sure). Minase, well I have a thing for cute voices, and she’s like the stable VA for that. And Sugita, that man is Gintoki in real life, that’s enough reasons for me to favorite him. Too bad he’s not coming back to voice Gintoki again for the new Ginpachi anime spin-off but he’s human, too, and he deserves a break.

Haha, you must love Takami. Speaking of LL, I can watch Nijigasaki without needing to watch Sunshine since each of those LL animes focus on different idol groups, right?

Alright, I’ll send it through discord or something since I’m not that confident to share my drawings to some sort of community like pixiv, yet.

Ah, I remember trying to sound menacing by raising my voice in order to tell those idiots to stop, but they want that kind of reaction, so I learned that you have to make them listen through other means. But as a first resort, I always try to avoid attracting the plague so that I don’t have to deal with it in the first place.

Same, I wish my brain didn’t have a memory storage for that. It’s too embarrassing to remember those kind of memories.
PoutyWeeb May 19, 8:19 AM
Did the manga stopped circulating because one of the creators died? (Since I know one of them died earlier and the other guy died recently). And by movie, I assume you’re referring to this one?
Although it’s fanmade from what I heard, my ending for Doraemon would be the one where Nobita becomes a scientist in order to help bring back Doraemon back to life

I hope the battery for the game console is long lasting if it takes that long to charge. And that punishment sounds rather tame but hey at least it’s a tame one, y’know what I mean?

That must suck. I used to have a flip phone until I convinced my mom to get me a smartphone with the help of my dad. For that hand me down you got, how much storage space did you have on that phone?
And TECNO, never heard of that brand, but it sounds like a huge phone space storage wise if you’re able to run all of those games considering how much space even one of them takes. And how big is the Lenovo tablet compared to let’s say, a tablet device from Apple? And that sucks, considering how it’s likely possible for my old iPad I had since around 2013-2014 is still stuck in the past (it can’t update because well Apple only allows the newer models to receive updates so that iPad of mine is eventually gonna stop working) so I only use that iPad to watch anime and read manga now.

I see, any recognizable ones I might notice?

Yea RIP, that man died while trying to save someone from drowning from what I’ve heard. And I see, I remember you told me that you’ve won some card packs before from those tournaments but you don’t usually get too many rare cards (while the other guy had one pack with some super rare card lol). And can you elaborate on the original one of a kind card thing? Is it like some rare card that’s not even in print anymore or is it something else?

Oh cool, Sugita’s also one of my favs (he’s literally Gintoki). For me, asides from Sugita, I only have two other favorite seiyuus, Ai Kayano and Minase Inori.

Yea I can agree with you on that. To me, Fujiwara feels more like a mascot character, and although it’s not like it’s a bad thing, compared to the other girls in Kaguya-sama, she kind of bland in a way, but it’s still fun watching her interact with the other student council members.

“If she wasn't a human character and just a dog or something, I'd like her more.” I assume you’re referring to Fujiwara here?

Alright, I’ll send it to you through PMs, and send me some of yours in the meantime if you can. By the way, is that padoru on your profile picture drawn by you?

Yea that sucks, and I can relate to you because for most of the time, words can’t seem to get through those idiot’s heads. But I learned that I shouldn’t resort of psychical actions as that’s exactly what those trolls want from you, so nowadays I would avoid any contact with them as much as possible, and if they keep on bothering me, I’d find some alternative ways to deal with them.

Haha, embarrassing memories are the worst. I hate it when I’m trying to sleep and my brain’s like “wanna remember some cringy shit you did back then?” and it’s like “fuuuuck I don’t want to remember it” XD
PoutyWeeb May 13, 9:51 PM
If that’s the case, I don’t mind if you can just send it over here again to my comment box. My inbox is getting full and I’m afraid I might delete your message in the middle of clearing out some older messages I don’t need anymore.
PoutyWeeb May 13, 10:39 AM
I don’t see any replies in my inbox, are you talking about the message where you talked about Chika Takami?
Segaco Oct 23, 2022 6:16 PM
u dont know me and it's been 10 days but welcome to 21 gang
-AlexL- Oct 13, 2022 1:28 PM
Happy Birthday!
YumaKuga1907 Oct 13, 2022 8:59 AM
Happy Birthday!!
KIOSHI_17 Oct 13, 2022 4:17 AM
Happy Birthday! xD
Too_Pac Oct 12, 2022 11:46 PM
Happy Birthday !
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