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Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]
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Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
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Ryan_Gaunt Mar 14, 2:13 PM
Yes.. recently I got spottily premium because my new phone did not have any memory to hold all my songs :(. But spotify only really has western music.. it has a little bit of Japanese music. But rarely any anime music. YouTube is good to listen to music on! But when I am outside of the house, If I use YouTube on my phone, you cannot use other apps at the same time lol :P. Plus, I like having a biiiiiiiiig playlist of all my music, because then I randomly get songs that I listened to lots years ago! Because normally I listen to the same 10-20 songs for a couple of weeks before liking something else haha

Hmmm yes, but actually I normally have to fly to Amsterdam or Paris first and then Japan. I could get a direct flight from London to Tokyo, but London is around 5-6 hours by train away from my hometown lol. So a closer aeroport is better. :D
Yeah that must suck :(.. but hopefully you can go sometime soon!

Thanks:D, I know I will. Though Nagasaki is in the south of Japan.. so it's hot in summer... I'll die.. xD
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 13, 11:43 AM
Wow haha, I don't have enough money to buy many osts, but I would definitely buy some when I go to Japan :D
YouTube is very useful right? lol. I often listen to the entirety of anime osts when I am studying:)

Haha yeah, it would take way too long! I normally watch the currently airing anime on the day they air and then a couple of episodes per day of series that I am watching. Though I haven't watched as much recently because I had two exams this week ;(.. and I need to prepare for an interview and presentation for next week :O

Haha I am very far from Japan also! The Uk is slightly farther away then Poland lol
I'll be studying abroad in Japan for 1 year starting this September :), I am really excited lol. I'll bring you some anime merchandise then lol
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 12, 10:29 AM
My ipod, phone and computer are full of all the OST from Clannad and Kanon lol. Even the different instrument versions of some songs lol. :)
Yes.. it cannot be helped. But at least we have had a great story so far! I hope it can be finished someday:)

Oh wow! 1 year is a long time to continuously watch something lol. I feel the same way for some anime. For example, I am currently watching 'Marmalade Boy' and although I really loved the first 25 episodes or so, it's starting to drag a little. Because they keep just introducing a new girl that tries to get between the main couple lol.

Hmm well yes, Ayu was not my favourite girl either haha. I much prefer Mai :D, she was a lot more interesting. Ayu was too childlike in my opinion. But I really love the music! Also, it was my second anime, so it is special to me. Oh and when I was in Japan, I actually went to the train station which the one in Kanon is based on! It's called Moriguchi-shi Station. There is the same bench, stairs and bell-tower :D
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 11, 3:16 PM
The music in both series is really amazing too :). Especially in Clannad, a lot of the OST can make me tear up just from hearing the first note lol. Too many memories...
But yeah, it's a real shame that the manga has been on hiatus for so long :(, I feel the same way for Berserk. Though that is slowly being released.

Oh haha, well that is true. I often push anime with lots of episode aside too lol. It is a huge undertaking to watch something with so many episodes. Though in my case, for Legend of the Galactic Heroes it was totally worth it :D.
Exactly! Most of the time when they adapt a visual novel they just go with the one route with the main heroine, so it can be frustrating. I liked how in Clannad they even animated some side paths as Ovas :). Fujibayashi Kyou was my favourite lol. You could say she was my first Waifu lol :P

Kanon has a really good Ost and characters too! If you haven't watched it, I would recommend it highly! It is made by the same game company and animated by the same studio :)D
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 11, 11:16 AM
Everybody is allowed their own opinions and rating schemes lol. Sometimes I do finish an anime just to see how bad it can get xD.

That's a good way to look at it :). I do find that I watch so much romance+drama anime that I just forget the characters and plot after like 2 weeks haha. But there are some really good series that have stuck with me for years, like Kanon, Clannad and Nana :).

Speaking of memorable characters, my favourite anime 'Legend of the Galactic Heroes' (110 episodes, 3 movies and 2 prequel series)(oh and a new adaptation lol) has like over 150-200 characters lol. Yet the majority of them are really memorable. It's rare that you remember more than 5 characters from a series. But I seem to be able to remember a good 40-50. Clannad too, I remember pretty much every character from that too.
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 10, 10:21 AM
Hmm but if it is a guilty pleasure, I thought you would rate it higher than what the majority of people do? lol
Haha fair enough, I understand. Sometimes I continue with a show just because I have already watched lots of it and want to see it to the end, even if it is getting bad.. *cough* jojo *cough*.

What type of anime do you consider to be like 9 or 10s then? :P
Ryan_Gaunt Mar 9, 7:04 PM
Hello :). Tis nice to meet you, I was scrolling through friends of friends etc and decided to leave a comment.

Okay, you like Miyano Mamoru and Nakamura Yuuichi. That qualifies for friendship :P
Although your average rating is very low lol. I tend not to be able to stomach watching anything under what I consider a 5. Most of the time a 6 either.
Futagokoro Mar 8, 2:13 PM
omg i didn’t even think about that possibility
Futagokoro Mar 7, 9:02 PM
i see, so it’s just a fantasy thing
hmm what’s your idea type of guy in real life? haha
RONTHRONE Mar 7, 12:13 PM
Futagokoro Mar 6, 2:44 PM
i think those type of people are really hard to be with in real life XD
there’s so much to watch
i’ve basically just started watching a bit of everything, even hentai haha
Futagokoro Mar 6, 12:14 PM
thanks for the welcome!
why is he your favorite?
steinsgate is popular in the west as well as jap i should really watch it
Futagokoro Mar 5, 1:30 PM
hello, i’m new to mal
you have a really cute profile! who’s your favorite character?
Piterman May 26, 2018 4:48 PM
Oczywiście z tym otaku żartuję nie bierz tego do siebie :P
W ogóle co tam słychać?
Piterman May 7, 2018 5:06 AM
O kurde niezła lista real otaku :D xD btw miło poznać :P