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Shinsekai yori
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.
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DarkStarHarry Yesterday, 5:02 AM

Even though we met a few months ago this year. I could tell very quickly that you were an awesome individual and I have enjoyed talking to you via pm on discord and wish there was something I could of done/talked to you a bit more too. I still cannot believe it and this world will never be the same since you have departed from it.

Thank you so much for talking with me and make sure to Rest in Peace. ;-;

From Marquis (Mark)
lilyy Oct 11, 3:39 PM

I cannot begin to imagine what you have been feeling deep
down, and I am terribly sorry that this has to be the reality.
I am truly grateful for the time you helped me out of a dark
place, and I only wish I could have done the same for you...
Despite the short year that allowed us to become close, I want
you to know you are and will always be a part of my happiness.
My dearest, I promise that I will remain strong, not just for you
and myself, but also for all of the things that matter most.


MAYOII Oct 10, 7:45 AM
畢竟她是妳的母語之一 同時也是我的 所以更加親切一些
妳是一個十分活潑 主動 樂於助人的朋友
一開始遇見妳的時候 我很吃驚的說 因為我很少遇到過比我更會撇開話題 隨便亂聊而且完全不在意的人
從生活瑣瑣碎碎的雜事 到興趣愛好 到人文哲學天文地理 到政治哲學 到宅話題 到變態的性事等等
我服了 但是我不後悔一一照實招來
跟妳聊天很開心 酸甜苦辣鹹無一不缺 各方味俱全

但將那些不好的事情埋在自己心中 如同啞巴吃黃連一般
妳真的應該更加注中自己所擁有的, 不僅僅是妳的人格特質,身體健康,財富
妳完全是可以依靠在妳服務器上的人的說 我也相信這些至今都沒離開妳服務器的人都是妳的真朋友

但是傷心不能很全面 精準地表達我對妳的思念
因為我很憐憫妳的決定 對家庭的,對朋友的,對事業的,對將來的,更是對妳自己的
隨風飄走 在汪汪天空中逝去

她僅僅只有一次 而且失去後是有去無回的
既然妳做出了這個決定 我們當網友/朋友的只能表示遺憾 同時祝福妳能夠在另一個凡人不知道的世界中幸福美滿




從妳的逝去 我也學習到了,感悟到了很多

生命的意義往往在於個人 而沒有活在當下 感悟關心身邊人物事物的人是活的沒有意義的
然而我們人類並不贊同 因為我們是自私的 是追求成長性以及利息的
生命本體並沒有任何意義 在其過程中我們則需艱苦的尋找他們,最後我們將利用我們所擁有的給予他們意義和價值


Cosmos Oct 9, 8:06 PM
Say hello to A and hug her real tight up there. 💗 We're all going to miss you!
Reverberate Oct 9, 4:43 AM
You know, I was hoping I would wake up to a nightmare and that all of it was just a bad dream. Even now, I still cannot believe and fathom. Reality is cruel. You have been like a sister to me. Things will not feel the same anymore without you around, and I feel like a part got lost. I have always greatly valued your presence, especially during the bad times. They have always been meaningful, or otherwise nonsensical. Both ways, I loved every single moment with you. I feel like at times I was just being a bother to you, but you would have none of that. It meant a lot to me.

Thank you for everything. I love you. You don't know how much I will miss you. You left this sadness and emptiness behind. I hope you realized until the very end that everyone dearly loved you. You have always been so selfless, after all, even though I wished you looked after yourself as well.

I wish I could turn back time, wish we could have done more. In hindsight, that is an easy thing to say. I just wish it did not turn out like this. But I will stop here, I have a tendency to write walls of text.

Aeternum vale, Tatsuko. I hope you finally managed to find your peace. That is the least you deserve, dear. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace.
lu_ul Oct 8, 10:36 PM
Tatsu I still remember and appreciate the
time you messaged and how pleasant
you treated me. Although life was harsh,
you still made sure to take care of others.
I’m sorry to hear you’re not here anymore but

Promise Oct 8, 10:14 PM
I'll miss you tatsu. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and always being there for me. I wish I could've helped you more and it's something that I'll always regret. I love you with my entire heart. Thank you for everything you've done. May you find peace <3
AnimePixelz Oct 8, 9:37 PM
i dont think we've had a conversation before but i knew you, alias wise. even if we didn't have a chat i'll miss your presence, tatsu. rest well ♡
fallen_ Oct 8, 8:56 PM
I love you so much Anh ❤.
Tatsuko, it was truly cool to have you around and talk to you.
I wish I could've talk to you more, anything that could've helped.

I'm grateful for the enjoyable moment we spent together.
You are truly going to be missed by everyone here.
0Hana0 Oct 8, 6:22 PM
Hey Tatsu,

I know that I haven't known you for a long time but...

Thank you for creepily sending me a friend request on Discord. If you hadn't, I probably wouldn't have gotten to know what an amazing person you actually are.

Thank you too for greeting me when I made my first post on MAL's forum's introduction thread, welcoming me to MAL community. I totally appreciate your warm welcome.

Thank you too for cheering me up when I feel down and insecure, listening and giving me advice for all the concerns that I had. I totally appreciate what you did for me. I wish that I could have been as helpful to you as you were towards me.

You're one of the kindest, empathetic, fun and amazing people that I've met online and truthfully, people like you are very hard to come by.

I just wish that I could have gotten to know you better and talked to you more, Tatsu.

Thank you for being my friend.

I love you Tatsu and I'll miss you. <3
Krysaia Oct 8, 5:36 PM
I'm going to miss you so much ;-;
nessarosie Oct 8, 5:01 PM
Tatsu, thank you for giving me the opportunities I had to talk to you even though I wish I'd gotten to know you better.

You seemed like a very caring, sweet girl, who put others above yourself, and gave me a chance to be part of new communities, talked to me when I was at my low point, and I am grateful to you for that beyond measure.

I hope you're resting well in heaven angel

( ´△`)
Fuchsia Oct 8, 4:36 PM
You're one of the only friends I made online. I just want to say that I'll miss you.
oh Oct 8, 3:37 PM
it saddens me to know that you're gone ;n; i'm going to miss you so so much. you were such a dear friend of mine who i really loved, rest well ♡