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Elliot Nightray

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Elliot Nightray (エリオット=ナイトレイ)

Birthday: August 8
Zodiac sign: Leo
Blood type: A

Elliot is the step brother of Gilbert Nightray and Vincent Nightray. Elliot is the only remaining biological son of the Nightray couples and is the heir to the Nightray family.

Elliot is hotheaded and outspoken, often acting crass towards people despite caring about them. He first meets Oz in the Ludwidge Academy library where they get into a fight over a character in the novel series "Holy Knight", denying the idea that self-sacrifice is ever justified or noble. He also despises how the Vessalius family seem to get away with anything just because they were heroes 100 years ago.

In later chapters, however, Elliot's hatred towards Oz has dissipated, and the two of them become good friends.

Voice Actors
Nojima, Hirofumi
Son, Won Il
Caillebot, Rémi
Stollberg, Dirk

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