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Sakamoto desu ga?
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Fated to Love You
Fated to Love You
May 26, 2016 11:14 AM
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May 3, 2016 9:01 PM
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Jinrou Apr 18, 4:44 AM
It's amazing as expected. Nothing less, this is why VIXX never disappoint. Raviiii is such a crybaby, he's like me. XD
I think my favorite track in the album may be Escape. I love it so much, as expected of our Ravi. I also really like Trigger. Actually I like most songs. :P The My Valentine dance tho...*.*

Hahaha I totally understand. Also I agree that Ravi needs to save his scalp, but man no matter what he does, it suits him. Even the Error and the Closer hair! Only he can pull it off. xD
Hongbin is becoming a main vocal man. He's got lines in the chorus and stuff! XD I'm loving it! Obviously the line distrubution is very good compared to the past, but it's all thanks to the boys getting better and better. :')

Oh I was talking about The Chance of Love as well, not Love Line. Love Line is...not my cup of tea. XD But The Chance of Love..I'm listening to it everyday. I think I loved Love Letter at first because I listened to it in Japanese and I understood what it said. XD Well, the 2 main vocalists...❤

Haha I think I should do it one day too. XD I just never bothered. Even thought there are tutorials everywhere. :P
Oh my God. I love Blooming Day so much?? I love CBX's style, Hey Mama is one of my very favorite songs and now Blooming Day...Ugh. Lo Siento is so sexy. XD I love it as well. And I love UNB's 2 songs too, they are beautiful. ❤ Indeed many new songs.
accioandrea Apr 17, 11:18 AM
omggg are you surviving?? because I'm not lol - istg all 6 of them are coming for me this comeback! And the line distribution for Scentist? I'm so happy omg

And yaaaas fellow Jaehwan stan!!!
Luka_Kun Apr 15, 1:33 AM
Poke oly !! Poke !!
Jinrou Apr 14, 1:16 PM
There's no doubt it will be the most beautiful thing to ever bless us, but more than aesthetics, I'm hoping for some story line. I love mvs with a plot. XD
Actually I can't decide what I like the most. Sometimes I'm like so into natural hair colors, but then they go blonde or some other crazy color I'm looking at you Kim Ravi and they drive me crazy. *.*
I'm so so happy for Hongbin! Ever since Kratos he's been getting more lines and I'm living. XD Hyuk too!
Jinrou Apr 14, 9:25 AM
Good lord, that Ken look got me shook.
I mean all the members look absolutely stunning there's no question about it asdfghjkl
How are we going to survive the whole actual mv when we're done with just a teaser XD
Jinrou Apr 14, 9:07 AM
I got multiple hits seriously. Every time a member popped up it got me even more. Ken & Leo though omg asdfghjkl
Jinrou Apr 13, 4:38 AM
Man, all their performances there were just ugh...I couldn't stop smiling ans staring. XD

I've always wanted to see monochrome VIXX tbh XD
I'm looking forward to listening to the whole album, it's the first time everyone was involved in the songs! Especially Ken was totally unexpected! I'm mostly looking forward to the concept though. :3
Haha well that's to be expected. Whenever I see some update I'm like yeah ok I knew, what's the point of a schedule? XD

Hmm I see. TVXQ's new song though...I can't get over it man, it's just my style. :P
Hahaha of course, there are a lot of beautiful ballads! It's just that personally only a few of them get me from the first listen, like VIXX's Love Letter. ♡

Aww that's nice! I'm not signed up tbh, I'm not an "official" Starlight. XD
Cactus was beautiful, healing. *.*

Actually Led Apple have some awesome songs. Maybe it's because I'm into rock music anyway, but I love them. I hate it when groups that are so amazing disband...But oh well. xD
Shuuka Apr 8, 11:52 AM
thank you for the cards oli~ they’re lovely <33
Jinrou Apr 4, 10:54 AM
Oh wow ok now that's some serious VIXX vibes, so classy asdfghjkl
They never disappoint man, never fail to put a huge smile on my face :')
Jinrou Apr 3, 3:00 PM
One thing every Starlight learns with each comeback: do not trust the schedule XD

Oh man, Hyuk is beautiful. This hair color suits him so much and it makes him so soft *.*
And Leo be looking like the prince he is asdfghj
Jinrou Apr 3, 9:31 AM
I died once yesterday with your DP teaser and today I just...I was done with N already and then came the rest...I can't
XD Will they ever let us live TT_TT
Maze Feb 14, 2:09 AM

Jinrou Jan 22, 2:54 AM
Hello and happy new year~! ★
I hope you're doing great! I'm seriously late once again, but life ain't always easy, sorry. XD
Also thank you for the concert videos! I watched them as soon as you sent them to me. :P It must have been awesome! :')

Hahaha I wasn't into kpop back then, I wish I had discovered it earlier. I've missed out on a lot. But Shinhwa got that something that I like. :3 Shinhwa broadcast is so damn funny omg XD Changmin's song is beautful, it's just that I usually need to listen to a ballad a lot of times in order to end up liking it.

I see I see. XD Ugh I'm so detached from dramas as well. I've only recently finished My Father is Strange lol I've been putting it off for so long. I've no idea what's going on with VIXX's drama/movie activities. :P Master Key was amazing but I felt that the last episodes were not as good unfortunately. Btw yesterday I watched VIXX's lieV and I just can't. Every time I see them like this, I remember just how much I love them. It was so beautiful, talking about the past and stuff. <3 Also Ravi's mixtape is out~! Nirvana is kind of addictive and Jimin's voice is beautiful *.*

They've never been here and I am pretty sure they won't ever. As far as I know the only kpop group that's been here is LedApple like 5 years ago? Pff xD
Sylinchen Jan 21, 1:20 AM
Maze Dec 31, 2017 5:30 PM

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Cheers to a new year & another chance for us to get it right
Keep your heart happy & stay away from bad vibes ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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