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Jinrou Sep 23, 12:56 PM
Well, I'm the same age as Hyuk and I can relate. XD Fortunately, my favorite groups have members that are either older or at least a couple of years younger than me which is fine, since it's only a few of them. It's just that with age comes "maturity". Their music and concepts are more to my liking. Even VIXX's "cute" concepts are not as cute as younger groups.

That's to be expected I think. The more fans a group has, the more crazy ones appear. Yes, I love this omg. I don't think I've seen another group with such orderly and respectful fans. I wish everyone was like that, since it's only normal behavior. T_T
I'm trying to buy them as well. I still have some left though. *.*
Yeah, they're all busy, but even if they are not busy they are probably working on the next album. That's what they always do. xD

Yeah! Today as well. :3
Also, what happened to Leo was so unfortunate. I really hope he gets well soon. He probably got scared as well, since it was something serious this time. But VIXX's performance at Soribada awards was amazing. Everyone sharing Leo's parts. <3
Maze Sep 14, 12:29 PM
I actually like the difference :D Sometimes I'm more into the Jap ver of kpop idols but sometimes jap ver are weird :p
Btw omg I can't stop smiling at Flower Wind :"> LIKE I'M LITERALLY SMILING OMG i look creepy @ 3am lmao AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO SOFT WHEN THEY'RE SOFT :3 IT'S LIKE I'M WATCHING A REVERSE HAREM ANIME LOL lucky girl :3 but it's a sad ending :o
The Depend on Me is so their style :D I think xd sooo badass!
Maze Sep 14, 11:35 AM
*o* nice! i didn't recognized that it was written in japanese >.> shame on me
it's different from their korean mvs? it feels light and refreshing :D
Maze Sep 14, 11:19 AM
Oliviaaa :o is that the new mv of vixx??
Maze Sep 12, 2:13 PM

Wow you've stayed in SoKor for a month :o that's nice tho I might feel home sick for a month >.< Well atleast you've been to different parts of Sokor omg!! That spa experience tho O.o same I've never been to spa so that would be really new.. and weird for me x)
Hearing Signal's OST is like hearing peace (。♥‿♥。) hahaha yes I've also watched other groups do that Signal talk to past parody or whatever you call it, it's so funny even tho I'm not familiar with them >o< I'm watching something, and it's interesting :3 pretty good to me Circle. Watched that because of Gong Seung Yeon but ended up liking the WHOLE cast and the drama *.*

Starlight is soooo cute *w* I have actually an obsession not really obsession lol with fandom names idk there's something about it that is really cute c: Btw how did VIXX come up with ST☆RLIGHT? OOOO YES YES! HE REALLY DESERVES TO BE THE VISUAL!! Because of Whisper I started to like Ravi too :> Now I know the essence of sub-units lol. I know the feeling when you really stan a group is when you don't even have a bias and happy for each member's success *nods* :D OMG I'M SAVING THAT VIDEOOOOO. I LIVE FOR PPL DOING AEGYOOOOOO YESSSS. VIXX DOING AEGYO OMGGGG. AND LEO WAS JUST LAUGHING SO SHY WAHAHAHAHA KEN IS SO GOOD WITH AEGYO LOOOL

Yes thank you for the names! hahaha one reason I stan more GG coz I memorize their faces and names in a short period of time unlike BG and most of them really looks the same atleast for me orz. OMG THANK YOU FOR LINKING ME THAT XMAS MV!!! <3333333 i really like their concept in this one. I've never watched any video like a collage thingy oooo it's so cute how you can watch them all the whole song! c: I'm so liking vixx thankyu Oliviaaaaa<3333
Jinrou Sep 8, 3:08 AM
Hahaha yeah, I don't know how old you are but it's true that idols nowadays are so young. And it's only natural tbh. XD But I prefer older ones as well. That's why I can't get into groups like NCT Dream and Astro. :P I'm not that much older but anyways lol
I feel you. I love VIXX so much. I try to avoid fandoms most of the time tbh because they are so toxic, but Starlights are usually pretty chill so it's good. I love the relationship they have with the members and how they respect them. Most of the times...:P
Solos, sub-units, dramas...Anything is fine, I just want them around. *.*

I've listened to the songs so many times on music shows that I've come to really like Feeling as well. And their ending poses are just precious. XD
Luka_Kun Sep 2, 7:20 AM
Hello Olly !!
Long time :D :D
How are you ? ?
Jinrou Aug 28, 3:08 AM
Yeah, he's an 89' liner. I don't even want to think about that tbh T_T All my favorites are around the same age, so it's gonna be hard. XD Haha I tried sticking to only one group, VIXX, but I was missing out on so much I couldn't do it. I don't know how others do it. :P Yeah, I agree. And the fact that they might participate in the unit, don't know if you know about it, is so frustrating...

I am still trying to recover from Whisper. The MV is absolutely beautiful and all those Beautiful Liar references killed me. *_*
About the song, I really love Ravi's rap, like really, and the whole song sounds so chill and sexy. The chorus tho needs to grow on me tbh, it feels kinda empty. But maybe it's just me and my personal preferences. xD The whole album sounds so chill and summerish *_*
Jinrou Aug 21, 3:54 AM
I hope they have more comebacks after this. XD You know, Donghyun is reaching the army age so...I'm worried. :P
Hmm I see. I like a lot of groups, but I have my very favorites that I stan more. VIXX is my no.1 xD
Yes, Boyfriend is very neglected while Monsta X barely have time to rest. But I guess they are the ones who make money so...>.> I love Monsta X btw, not blaming them xd

Yesss, they wrote everything themselves. And as usual Ravi wrote the title song. >w< Hahaha here I'm hoping for a Dynamite kind of concept? Idk the photos gave me that vibe. xD
Shuuka Aug 18, 9:40 AM
alright, thank you for reply :)
i also wish you luck in looking for a job~
Jinrou Aug 15, 7:10 AM
Yes, Jeongmin did a very good job with the song. ❤ And I especially like concepts like this, more mature instead of cute. :3
Oh I see. They are one of the many groups I like XD The problem of being multifandom. *.* And it's so sad to see so many amazing groups ruined by their companies. Boyfriend deserves so much better. I hope this comeback does them good.

Yes omg, when this teaser dropped I was shocked, I wasn't expecting this. :P
I'm looking forward to their album and I want to see whether they wrote the songs themselves again. >w<
We're all gonna die. xDD
Shuuka Aug 14, 12:26 PM
yeah was sorta curious cuz looking for someone to help with a new layout on a club i plan changing lh into ;o
i got tired of doing so much after awhile tbh so now im only really in anime guild. not really here for much else :/
Shuuka Aug 14, 11:42 AM
yes, good luck with youre exams~ you in any club activities anymore? just curious :o i quit all mal stuff back like 4 months ago but just now getting back into it ;;
Shuuka Aug 13, 6:04 PM
hey oli~ just checking up on how you've been :o
we havent talked in quite awhile ^^
Jinrou Aug 9, 11:28 AM
Yeah I watched it when it came out XD It's so freaking beautiful, the MV and the song. ❤
Do you like Boyfriend as well?
Btw I wanted to thank you for giving me all the VIXX cards that time, but I couldn't. So, thanks a lot! xDD