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VocalisticMelody - Dec 2, 2018
1 replies by Emi05 »»
May 14, 11:38 AM
[HOT TOPIC 🔥] How did you find out about KPOP?
VocalisticMelody - Aug 9, 2016
17 replies by Emi05 »»
May 14, 11:27 AM
Poll: [MONTHLY VOTING] MV OF THE MONTH - - - - - - - - ♫
VocalisticMelody - May 1
0 replies by VocalisticMelody »»
May 1, 12:59 PM
★ BLACKPINK MVs; Kill This Love [CLOSED]
Uli - Apr 18
23 replies by Uli »»
Apr 30, 9:53 AM
★ NCT Collection; MY FIRST AND LAST [OPEN] ( 1 2 3 4 5 )
dandeliya - Mar 7, 2018
218 replies by dianali »»
Apr 24, 12:41 PM

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dandeliya | May 16, 12:15 AM
@VocalisticMelody well I think Dongpyo will come really far cuz he already has so much screentime but i dont mind at all
but from all three i preferre Yoohan the most idk why - like he has the shortest training time and I'm LIKE YAS KING GET IT and omg I was so hyped when I saw his performance fkadjflkajflöa TT-TT
i guess I'll cry if he not gonna be one of the top 11 but probably he wont D: cuz too short training time and someday they be like - boi u good but not good enough train a bit more and then I imagine myself crying dakfjakdfjaj
Same I come home at 6pm earliest and then I normaly wanna do sports but Im just like fek mylife just eat and go to bed or watch smth - then its already 9 and im like FEK gotta go to sleep cuz work :^)
But what you working now :^) we didnt talk for a long time :o

VocalisticMelody | May 15, 9:38 PM
@dandeliya, I wonder if only one of them will be in the top 11 just like how Minhyun was the only one from Nu'est that made it :O I believe Dongpyo will continue to be in top 11 just because all the center always makes it to the final xD Indeed. I only have time on the weekends to watch it cause I'm working weekdays T_T

VocalisticMelody | May 15, 9:30 PM

dandeliya | May 12, 12:04 PM
@VocalisticMelody so I just finished episode one and I root for my Victon boys ofc but currently I cheer the most for Yoohan, Dongpyo and Sihun (idk if this is their romanization i only read the hangul)
and omg jadklfjaskldjfakl Sun Ho did so great fml

I think its such a shame that each episode takes like 2 hours, u cant even really pause a day or smth in between cuz u gotta search for the time where u were afkdasjfköladsjfldkö D:

VocalisticMelody | May 11, 3:54 PM
@dandeliya, yeah same. I only know one trainee from season 2 was going to be in this season (Kim Dong Bin) since it's all over the internet. I just finished episode 1 so I'm watching episode 2 now :D I kinda forgot names since there's so many trainees T_T The one I mentioned yesterday was..

Park Sun Ho (I recognized him because he was the main lead in the drama, Best Chicken - Sohye acted in the drama too and she was from season 1)

I'll write down names another time :') Episode 1 was 2 hours long...... here goes another 2 hours (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

dandeliya | May 11, 1:57 PM
@VocalisticMelody I didnt really check who's in I wanted to wait for subs to comeout I will watch it and let u know :^)
but who do you root for so I can have an eye on him :')

VocalisticMelody | May 10, 4:46 PM
@dandeliya, kshow123. I didn't know it's been a week xD Who are you rooting for? I watched Episode The Beginning and I was surprised to see one of the trainees :o

dandeliya | May 10, 1:39 PM
@VocalisticMelody do you have a link uwu

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