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Bernard-jou Iwaku.
Bernard-jou Iwaku.
Yesterday, 5:07 PM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
Yesterday, 5:07 PM
Watching 4/12 · Scored -
Stella no Mahou
Stella no Mahou
Yesterday, 3:40 PM
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Days: 43.3
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Oct 26, 6:44 PM
Reading 104/? · Scored 10
Yama no Susume
Yama no Susume
Oct 17, 1:02 AM
Reading 91/? · Scored 9
Oct 17, 1:02 AM
Reading 107/? · Scored 8


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louigel017 Sep 23, 6:50 PM
Well I do that a lot too. Changing the score of my previously watched. Sometimes it's just so hard not to be biased to our most favorite shows, adding +1 or +2 . And also our tastes and overall perspective of things evolve as we get older or gains experience. I remembered Love Hina as one of the best shows I've watched during my childhood, and then rewatched it again recently and shocked of how crappy the show really is and how stupid my judgment and preferences back then,,,, hahaha ...

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was one of my best experience ever, Ive also watched the Live-Action,the story is just to good and well written, too bad I didnt manage to watch it on theaters.

I'll give Shinsekai Yori another chance. maybe watch it again, I cant remember why I dropped it (lol, my previous self is just plain dumb)
louigel017 Sep 23, 3:24 PM
thx for the add sir, I see that we have almost the same feeling after watching Kimo No Nawa, the VOID theory or others call it so, the feeling of having watched something so good creating tremendous feelings inside, proving our humanity, and filling up this VOID is my primary concern, i need more animes to fill this VOID of mine, to experience this feelings again after watching Kimi No Nawa. Do u have any recommendating sir ?
TheKillerAngel Sep 23, 12:00 PM
So how good is your understanding of Japanese now? If you were to approximate your JLPT level, where would you be?
Hibbington Sep 8, 7:58 PM
Greetings hpulley, I saw that you were watching a few shows from this season.
At the Anime Guild we discussion, review, and vote on various parts of the currently airing season.
An example is we choose the best Opening, Ending, Character and of course Anime of the Season.
If you are interested in joining I have already sent an invite as well as provide a link to our club ^.^ - http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=63899
LoomyTheBrew May 29, 2:34 PM
Lol well at least you tried! And just curious, what were some of the things that were bugging you about the CR forums?

Ya, those things are dangerous! Honestly, I don't like mobile games too much anyways, I get bored of them pretty fast. I would just rather play a game on a console/handheld. The forums can be a huge time drain too if you get too caught up in them. Just gotta watch yourself!
LoomyTheBrew May 27, 9:19 PM
Ah dude there's no worries. I haven't been as active there either. After a while you just get kind of burnt out and tired of some of the people, I completely understand, that's why I don't roam the forums as much as I used to. But ya, here on MAL it's a mess, so much needless arguing and bitching... it makes the Crunchyroll forums look like Little House on the Prairie. But CR can have some bad threads too like the recent Re:Zero thread is a perfect example. It only takes one person to ruin a thread (in this case, it'd be Max >_>).

Good good, glad to know you're still around the corner. And haha that's one of the reasons I don't play mobile games, they just take away so much time!
SnazzGary May 26, 5:45 PM
Sounds interesting!

Kira getting bit by Komodo dragons is a bit odd. How did he get cornered by them? Did he wonder off on his own?

I'm glad he's okay. I don't really care for Himiko or Ryota, so I'm hoping that Kira beats them. If he can't, I hope at least they spare him and get off the island alive.

SnazzGary May 26, 4:06 PM
Please, do spoil!
SnazzGary May 10, 4:50 PM
Aww, my poor baby.

I guess I'll just have to wait to read it. I can't find it anywhere.
SnazzGary May 10, 4:03 PM
Aw man, I was starting to like Togo.

Wow, that is getting pretty dark. Never would've expected them to go that route.

Anything on Kira?
SnazzGary May 10, 3:19 PM
Go ahead and spoil me! I didn't realize they were old characters. I'm not even sure if I'll get around to reading it anyway.

SnazzGary May 10, 3:10 PM
What happened? I haven't read any manga or watched any anime in forever. I totally forgot about Btooom!. I stopped because more characters were being introduced even though the end was supposed to be nearing.
Playcool Apr 28, 12:54 PM
I think going to live on japan, and just prefering to put your kids into an international school, it is a big mistake, it will pay off in the future, and they will surely thank you one day.

I love them, I love thanking hot baths, I would love to sit in one and just relax, to the point I would even start to snoring.
But surprisingly they have strict rules for the use of onsen, which is good. Like for long hair, and other stuff, I m not finding the word at english now, it is not clipping your hair...

You are probably old enough, you have already had your time alone to do the stuff you wanted, before you even decided to have kids.
Playcool Apr 27, 11:52 AM
That was quite interesting, more than I though. You really seem to have an big amount of experiences about japan.
So about onsens, are they really the paradise?? (I love bathing hot water btw, helps relaxing your muscles)

Dunno about that, even some years later, because the longer you are living there, the harder will be for your children, like parting from friends and stuff.
Many people dont realize it till they get there but having kids limitates your life much more than you even think of, your life spins around theirs, so you have to work to support their lifes, it is similiar to have a pet, but more burdening, and more fullfilling later on too.
I have had my dog for 14 years, and when we had to put her to sleep, only then you realize how is soo much different, than not having another living being depending of you.

Since you brought the subject.
Playcool Apr 26, 12:56 PM
So you work in a software company, seems different from the norm. Well if you just like japan I think you should go and ask for that long term transfer, if it is all good with your overall situation around the house.
Japan is so different from the rest of the world that I think it is really worth of it.