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vegeta8639 Sep 21, 7:34 AM
Yea that's probably a good idea. The first few episodes were kinda passable since they were very Rena focused but even those has many glaring problems. After that it's been pretty horrible. Especially the last few episodes which drag on events that could have been shown in 5 minutes instead of taking up a whole episode or didn't need to be recapped at all. The stuff that actually is new plot details is probably the worst of all like Satoko's split personality and anything Eua related. She's just there because the plot needed a new villain, and she's evil and invincible because the plot says so. Some of the laziest writing I've ever and that's saying something.
vegeta8639 Sep 16, 5:07 PM
So how are you liking Sotsu so far? 2 episodes left and they ended on the exact same cliffhanger from 20 episodes ago XD
But they did make sure to give Satoko a split personality so they could easily redeem her character at the end which is what really matters.
Timbsoka Jul 31, 7:49 PM
Hey how are you? Hope you've been doing well! Can you fill out this quick survey? All you have to do is check the boxes for whatever series you recommend. Thanks :)
SemillaMinoria May 13, 12:00 PM
Well you can't just break up instantly when there is a 10 year history and you were planning a wedding and you have a mortgage lol. Not to mention you just turned 31 and want to have kids and the guy who cheated on you has a really big penis and you love him etc.

A fresh start would be cool if we could both go back 10 years but in 2021 and at our age its slim pickings out there. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Anyway, the therapy is going well for me and we are together right now but she is worried that I might do it again. I really don't have any desire to do that anymore. I just knew that I couldn't get married while harboring this secret. Now that it's out I'm able to move forward again.

You're doing well keeping up your video a week thing by the sounds of it! Consistency is good.

Fights in relationships are normal. That's just how it goes for everyone unless they are at the early stages or the settled stage after being together for like 15 years and knowing each other thoroughly.

vegeta8639 May 10, 8:41 AM
Apparently it's your birthday so happy birthday and I might as well respond to your previous message at the same time.

Regarding Gou characters looking like the PS3 sprites, I might be tunneling a little bit on Rika with that one. She definitely looks way more like the PS3 sprite then the original anime. Especially her hair and general head shape. Other characters like Rena and Shion maybe not so much.
I know the original Ryukishi designs are kinda a meme (same case with Touhou) but I'll just accept that drawing isn't his strong point and take the outsourced art. I don't know if I could get through the visual noves with the original art if I wasn't already a fan.
Gou/Sotsu definitely might end up being set in alternate universes like with the console arcs and fanservice stuff like Kira.
I don't think Rika was so much mad at Keiichi vs just giving up on that world yet again but I definitely would have expected her to be more proactive now that she's already escaped the cycle once and knows that getting everybody involved is the solution. The first half of Gou was already a huge disappointment before the Satoko shit even happened.

I'm actually 90-ish % through the 4th Trails game so finally I'll be done with this series after 2 around months. I still have tons of complaints but at least the aesthetic/technical issues were mostly fixed in the latter games. One major issue is I feel the atmosphere of the game really doesn't work well with the dark themes the story is trying to address. It contains all these themes of war and mass murder yet everybody is effectively shooting rubber bullets at each other and nobody is ever killing anyone except for super rare cases where everybody is SHOCKED that someone actually died in this super dark, war torn world the story is set in. Like thousands are supposedly dying in the background but we've gotta make sure not to accidentally kill an enemy soldier in the middle of a war because that's a no no. Valkyria Chronicles (similar setting) did a way better job with this type of stuff.
Have not heard of Rain World either so it feels like we're kinda talking past each other with the games stuff XD
I'm looking at some screenshots and the aesthetics kinda remind me of Limbo. Is it that type of 2D platformer puzzle game? I might try playing it if it's not too long.
Oh and Touhou 18 came out so I spent a few days beating that plus the Extra stage. Not sure if you're familiar with that franchise.

Re: Detonation/Reflection, I didn't like how yet again they made Nanoha, Fate and Hayate all look super weak just to hype up the new villain. That girl literally one shotted each of them one by one while the others stood there doing nothing. That's just bad writing in general. Of course Hayate's magic doesn't work on the random robots because reasons. All the characters forgot they could fly to avoid the robots grounded attacks. Story made little to no sense either so 6/10. Second movie was a bit better in both of those fields so 7/10 for that one but I was still largely disappointed considering these are new Nanoha movies set when the girls are still children. They could/should have been 10/10 but the stories/plots never do these characters justice.

Honestly I loved Vivid's concept of these girls competing in martial arts fights (and Einhart is so cool) but the season ended literally in the middle of a tournament so the plot really didn't even get a chance to manifest for me to decide whether it's any good or not. I did get somewhat spoiled by Vivid Strike but I really should read the manga on that. Vivid Strike should have been amazing but again a bunch of plot stupidity and nonsensical fights reduced it to yet another 7/10. At least it was nice seeing Einhart finally get some respect in this season.
EndlessMaria May 10, 2:45 AM
Happy birthday fancy Rika!
Timbsoka May 9, 8:42 PM
Happy Birthday!!!
vegeta8639 Apr 11, 10:19 PM
Well my first experience with Higurashi was watching the anime years ago and I only just played the VN recently so I'm probably gonna give the anime more leeway than somebody who did it the other way around. I didn't even notice that much difference until late into the 2nd route with Mion's (fake) confession. Most of the text is just overly long descriptions which can easily be left out of an anime adaptation. I was playing with the PS3 sprites so my biggest complain for the anime that I noticed were the character designs. For example Shion looks a million times better so she actually grew on me this time whereas I just hated her in the anime. Rika's sprite looked better too although her original anime look wasn't nearly as bad as Shion's. Gou kinda updated the designs actually to look more like the PS3 version which is one of the things it did right imo.
One thing I prefer in the original anime is that some of the conversations flow better without the walls of descriptive text between every line.
Another thing I think the anime did better is the final scene where Takano shoots her one bullet at Hanyuu. Her eyes glow and it looks like she kinda diverts the bullet's path so it flies past her but you could also interpret it as just being extremely lucky (rolling the dice favorably). Meanwhile in the VN, it's an over the top scene where time freezes and Rika moves through the frozen time to catch the bullet in her hands. Maybe it had some more meaning but I just found the anime scene cooler and more fitting.

I think Rina might be dead (the Yakuza?) since it looked like Teppei was living on his own but I'm not sure when that part even takes place in Satoko's overall timeline. She probably used him in the 3rd anime world where he comes back and they do the whole child welfare services thing. Maybe he came back trying to fix things but she faked abuse and betrayed him somehow.
Haven't played Ciconia yet. Am thinking maybe an actual Higurashi remake with these visuals would have been preferable to Gou.

Well I'm playing the Trails games for the characters/plot so in that case you could just switch it to "very easy" mode and speed through the battles if you don't like the gameplay. I don't hate the battles but they do get very repetitive. The ultimate move animations are pretty cool though. Just finished the second game today so I'm halfway through the series.

Probably feels like nothing is going on in StrikerS because so much time and attention is given to the new characters and their training/growth while we're all sitting there waiting for Nanoha or Fate to do something. Looking at it that way, they might have had more actual screentime in previous seasons.
I do like Einhart/Vivid a lot but the series certainly has changed since Nanoha was fighting monsters (and Fate) for the Jewel seeds. Probably why they decided to go back to the younger characters for the new movies. So what did you think of those? I have a thing or two to say about them but I'll save it for next time.
vegeta8639 Mar 31, 9:00 AM
Apparently Miotsukushi should be played after the other console arcs but at least in the one the left that I played, the new characters just make short cameos and don't really impact the story at all so it was no issue. Already kinda missing the series so maybe I'll rewatch the anime next. Not a bad time to do it if I want to make a comparison to the visual novel.
Gou somehow made my like Satoko's child abusing and Rena's dad extorting uncle more than her. Honestly that's an achievement right there.

I'm maybe 75% through the first Trials game right now. I'm used to playing RPGs so turn based combat really isn't an issue for me. Closest thing I've played to this in terms of the battles are the Hyperdimension Neptunia games. Although I remember those being more annoyingly difficult/tedious than this with stuff like enemies/shields regenerating each turn. But they did have cuter girls and a less serious story.
My biggest problem with Trials of Steel right now are the visuals/audio. The 3D models are decent enough for the fights but they also use them for cutscenes instead of having 2D sprites so it looks really low grade. Also only the most important parts are voiced so maybe 5-10% of the total dialogue. Really hope they improved on this in the later games.
Have heard of Disgaea, haven't played it. Never heard of Odin spear.

Yes StrikerS is probably the worst season but it did have its moments and I enjoyed seeing Nanoha and Fate as adults. I also put Hayate high up there too. Especially when she's in her white haired god mode with the unision device. The plot was the weakest part of this season as usual. That and the worldbuilding. I guess it would be too inconvenient for Nanoha's new job and life as a mage to live on Earth but I assume she stays in touch with her parents at least to some extent. I actually haven't seen Triangle heart. Not sure if there's much point to watching it.
Btw do you mind if I send you a friend request?
SemillaMinoria Mar 30, 2:25 AM
So I was Akko before. I have now come clean about my infidelity to my INFJ partner. And she had the same reaction and thoughts and feelings as you, as expected. So I was wondering if we can start over now and be friends again. I know I caused a bit of a stir and a ruckus before but I am trying to be better now. How are things with you? I know you were exploring new ideas on youtube, twitch and twitter. Is that still happening? Any updates to how things are in your life and what you are working on?

Sharing music with friends.
LunarStarGirl345 Mar 29, 6:55 PM
Hello. ^^

How are you doing?
vegeta8639 Mar 26, 8:11 AM
My reasoning was just clicking the one with Rika's picture next to it :D
Maybe Sotsu will be good but that still wouldn't impact how bad Gou was as the many things it did poorly will still be there. If they needed to set Satoko up as the villain to make something actually good, it still could have been done a hundred times better. But in theory Sotsu could still be salvageable. I'm not discounting that possibility. As for the viewership, I'm also going by stuff like viewership/engagement on YT and stuff like that. I just don't see any of this "OMG Higurashi is back!" hype. Or else people got bored after the first few episodes.

But I decided to take a break from Higurashi for now and come back to the other console arcs later. I started playing this Trails of Cold Steel game which recently had an anime adaptation announced so I felt this was a good time to try it.

Again agreed on the first 2 Nanoha seasons. The characters also just had more dept to them like for example the first movie cut out Nanoha collecting the first few Jewel seeds where she learned some valuable lessons. Second movie cut out a huge subplot and made both Fate and Nanoha look weak just to more quickly progress the story so both of them feel more empty in that regard.
I do still think the first 2 seasons were better than Vivid but to be fair Vivid kinda stops midway through the story so we don't even get to the climax. Don't know what the Force manga is about but I'll probably look into it after Vivid to see what else the series has to offer.
vegeta8639 Mar 19, 5:05 PM
I finished one of the console arcs yesterday called Miotsukushi and it's basically a replacement for the original Matsuribayashi arc. Instead of what normally happens, Rika asks Keiichi for help first so the two of them kinda work together for a while to solve some of the problems before telling the others what's going on. I actually liked that part more than what happened in the original story but by the end it kinda got worse so I still prefer Matsuribayashi overall. Definitely still recommend playing it though. Haven't read any of the mangas but I might eventually.
Maybe in Japan Gou reinvigorated interest in the franchise but in the West it seems like nobody's watching it even though I still remember the days when Higurashi was super popular.

The part about Nanoha reads like something I wrote myself. I also love both Fate and Nanoha more or less equally, saw the recap movies for the first time just a few weeks ago and think the original series was better even though the movies had some pretty visuals. Especially true of the 2nd one. I did watch both Reflection and Detonation a while ago though along with all the other seasons. The new movies were fine but kind of a disappointment. I always feel like this series should be so much better with all the great characters it has to work with.
Vivid was great though because of Einhart (new girl). She is top top top tier. I've gotta read the Vivid manga one of these days since it looks like the anime isn't continuing.
vegeta8639 Mar 18, 7:30 PM
Good take on the new Higurashi episode thread. If there's anything good that came out of this season, it's that it was so bad that it make me finally play the Higurashi visual novel after rewatching the anime 3 times because I missed the original story. And with that I discovered the extra console arcs which are so far way better than this shit.

Side note: Fate <3
Uutama Jan 11, 1:16 AM