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Days: 288.1
Mean Score: 7.71
  • Total Entries1,121
  • Rewatched275
  • Episodes17,672
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Satsuriku no Tenshi
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Yesterday, 3:08 PM
Completed 16/16 · Scored 7
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Yesterday, 3:01 PM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
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Days: 12.1
Mean Score: 8.95
  • Total Entries22
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,051
  • Volumes242
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Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
Sep 3, 9:41 AM
Reading 116/? · Scored -
Who Made Me a Princess
Who Made Me a Princess
Aug 13, 2:09 AM
Reading 80/? · Scored 9
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Aug 4, 3:08 PM
Reading 65/? · Scored 10


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Ureko Oct 5, 12:29 AM
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Zarcy Aug 22, 10:07 PM

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Croso2410 Jul 21, 2:18 PM
Yes, I was surprised with the amount of anime you have seen, compared to you, I'm still a rookie in anime XD
SirJoker Jul 20, 11:02 AM
ILoveMangaAnime May 7, 9:19 PM
OMG I never replied did I??? I'm so sorry!!! So much has happened since the last time we talked lol I don't even know where to begin! But haha the world IS on fire right now aghhh but I'm doing alright. Hope you & your family are safe & healthy! How have you been doing?

Also this is my reply to your comment from February (ahhh I'm so bad at replying, sorryy):
ILoveMangaAnime Feb 3, 9:26 AM
That's true, is she feeling better now? My dad currently has pneumonia lmao this year already sucks & it's only February
Oh wow it's boutta look like a whole new store by the end!

That's true but sometimes people get busy & stressed :( but it's always important to make time for yourself! Ahh makes sense, but I hate leaving things unfinished. I feel like if I start something, I gotta finish although sometimes you're just not feeling it :/
I didn't watch much anime from last year. Tbh during my hiatus from MAL, I barely watched anime. I actually read more manga & webtoon than anime. So I guess you could say I'm rediscovering my passion for anime?
Yeah games are very addicting, and I really like story-based games where you can choose the character's decisions (lol I'm sure there's a word for this genre of games but idk it)
Makes sense, I feel you on that. I avoid series with multiple seasons that have over 30+ episodes bc I don't have the patience & I usually lose interest halfway. But there's always an exception; JoJo, FMA: Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter, Boku No Hero Academia. At least with really good shows like those, I won't feel empty after 12 eps bc there's always more eps to look forward to. I guess it honestly just depends on when you're in the mood. But I definitely suggest you watch FMA: Brotherhood & Hunter x Hunter one day. With JoJo, it takes me a while to finish each season bc it's a lot. So I usually only watch 1-3 eps each day. But FMA: Brotherhood & HxH I finished so quick lol
That's crazy bro & no I wasn't aware but I'm not surprised X"D lots of rappers got diss tracks & I love em! But damn bro he went hard on this one :o To keep the badass vibe intact: (Megan Thee Stallion always be killin her verses!)

Haha nah you're fine. Sounds interesting & cute so I added it to my list, thanks! Also this "another world" genre is actually very popular now, especially for webtoons & manga. I think the name for it is "isekai" but man this particular one sounds emotional lol should I have tissues ready?
Lol yeah it's really hard to stick to one series for reading but I find reading easier than watching. It's easy to lose focus when you're watching something especially when you don't have the energy for it. I guess watching is more passive to me, while reading is more active bc you're more involved in turning the page & going at your own pace. Idk if I'm doing a good job at explaining what I mean but yeah we're all different
ILoveMangaAnime Jan 27, 1:23 PM
Awhh I hope your mom feels better! Yeah dude there's something going around, but make sure not to catch it!
Oh that sounds cool, what kind of things are they remodeling?
Yeah I heard she's going through postpartum depression & now this :( So sad honestly

Oh man there's just so much to watch & so little time! & I'm not always in the mood to watch stuff either DX If I watch something while I'm not in the mood, I don't even pay attention lol that's why I be takin my timeee
Yeah it is but it gets sooo good! It was one of my fav anime last year including The Promised Neverland
The game seems so cool (I love fantasy games), too bad I'm broke
Lol well I can't sleep so I try to listen to music. Def not a strategy I suggest to everyone (it doesn't even work for me lol). I tried ASMR too, but nothing helps oh welp :/ Okay I'm going to get to that one day loll
YOU'VE NEVER WATCHED JOJO!?!?!!? My dudeeeee, you must watch it like asap!! It's so cool, awesome, action-packed, ridiculous, & funny! Not to mention you'll love the characters, and the villains are very interesting & unique. Man JoJo the series itself is weirdly unique lol I can't explain it, it just has that JoJo feel-nothing like other anime I've watched before. I love it! You should watch it soon! I think you'd love the plot, characters & action scenes. It's also very unpredictable because it's just so ridiculous sometimes lol honestly the show is crazy
Man if we're gonna listen to Eminem, we can't forget this legendary song:

Same I'm really looking forward to the 2nd season! Haha thanks for more suggestions as usual~~ & it's really a level of good that I can't even begin to explain-that kind of good. I don't wanna give spoilers but the mc just keeps getting stronger & acquiring new powers everyday, it's soooo cooollll & you're always like "there's no way the author can make a new villain/monster that's much stronger than the last one" but he keeps doing it! Also there's an underlying plot ofc but it makes it kinda unpredictable bc you don't really know the direction it's gonna take & the direction it could go. Bottom line is it's really good in case you can't tell by the paragraph I wrote lol X"D
ILoveMangaAnime Jan 27, 10:18 AM
It's honestly been so whatever. My whole family caught the flu a week back which is rare bc usually not everyone's sick at once. We're much better than before, but it was pretty bad lol & I'm still not able to eat much without feeling nauseous DX How has your year been so far? Also did you hear the news about Kobe Bryant & his daughter :( R.I.P
I feel so bad for his wife Vanessa & I feel like she just recently gave birth too. & LOLL where do you find these interesting quotes X"D

Hmm I'll add it to my long list of anime that I needa watch :")
So what'd you think of demon slayer?
Yeah I haven't watched it yet either, but it looks interesting.
Lol I love listening to calm music esp when I'm trying to sleep. Damn bro I haven't heard Eminem in a long while :o also fire force is one of the anime on my never-ending list of anime to watch X"D
Here's my song recommendation (the chorus is catchy just like every other opening of JoJo :P):

Ooo I really liked Dr. Stone lmfao the power of science & anime together is littt. Well I'm just trying to finish up the last season of JoJo. But other than that, there's a really awesome action-packed webtoon I caught up with a few days back. It's called 'Solo Leveling' & it's def my favorite webtoon/manhwa of all time. It's korean so you read from left to right plus it's colored:
I feel like you'll love it because the main character is super cool & crazy strong even though he started off weak which may seem like your typical shounen plot, but it's not. It's much more awesome than that, I can't even begin to describe how exciting the journey is XD
ILoveMangaAnime Jan 17, 10:11 AM
Happy (very belated) New Year X"D

Lmfao it's probably both to be honest

That's true, new songs are better than no songs ;p LOL welp anything for my fav band <3

Yeah the only medium where that shit flies :")

Oh I've never heard of that one before lol did you ever get around to demon slayer? Oh for the witcher, didn't a Netflix series come out? Did u watch it?
Lmao chill is my vibe, i love modern r&b like for example, lo-fi hiphop is soo nice/soothing/calming to listen to <3 but I appreciate fast music too esp if its nightcore XD omg why does that song sound so familiar? It has a sense of nostalgia to it, I love itttt. Here's my recommendation for today. Its a kpop song, but it sounds like an anime opening & its pretty fast so you'll probably like it:

Hmm idk, I'm reading the manga & umm something crazy happened so if everyone dies I wouldn't be surprised. But I hope they live :"( it's been such a long journey with these characters, it'd suck if they all died

ILoveMangaAnime Dec 25, 2019 3:10 PM
Merry Christmas my dude!!! 🎉🎄 & sorry for the late reply (again D:)

Lol thats funny X"D but yeah some people are extra bc they want attention

Yeah nightcore is awesome & i can never go back to the original versions :") Yeah true like they're performing at times square for new year's & i could've gone w/ my family for vacation but also to see their performance. To be honest, everywhere they perform it really is their concert since the fandom really be intruding any event that has them performing X"D lots of ppl go to see the ball drop anyways but im sure there'll be even more ppl this year cuz of them. Too bad i cant go to new york this year :(

LMFAOOO X"D Ahh i forgot how weird anime can be sometimes & i love it XD

Haha i have very bad short-term memory :") & im very absent-minded too so that happens to me all the time smh

Dang let me know when u finish it!! But what games are u playing rn (or at the time i mean* since i replied so late)?
Oh i think i've heard the original version before, but ofc nightcore sounds so much better ;p Anywho this song has them summer vibes in it, but in the winter its still nice & chill to listen to :) :

Oops i forgot but i remember reading the manga so i knew what was gonna happen but when the whole thing was animated, it still gave me goosebumps! I think the soundtrack was another thing that made it so epic ;p yeah she doesnt seem like his sister like they really dont have any sibling vibes. She seems like an overprotective waifu & then the reality is that she's his adopted sister
ILoveMangaAnime Nov 8, 2019 11:07 AM
Lol I'm sure they did esp since most of them are just kids X"D

Omg i love nightcore!!! The only prob is when i listen to a nightcore song, i try to listen to the original song but then it sounds so slow LOL
Not even a plane ticket, just a car ride to Chicago but man their tickets always sell out so fast & then the re-sell prices are so expensive asdfghjkl

LOL what forreal? What is it called?

Bro that always happens to me for a lot of things! I hate it bc it bugs me when i can't remember something! I'll be thinking about it all day :")

Damn that was a sick song! Also im sending this to keep the vibe somewhat intact but also to remind u to watch demon slayer if u haven't already ;p :

I meant reiner & bertholdt, specifically this epic scene:
Starting from the bgm to eren's titan scream at the end like damn it was so cool!!!
Yeah poor ymir :/ Lol u do u man, historia is a cool character! Also yeah i get y ppl ship them like mikasa is one of my fav characters (besides levi) cuz she's so badass but i can't ship her w/ eren until they undo the adoption or whatever X"D ik they're not blood-related but still she's his sister DX thats just me tho

ILoveMangaAnime Nov 6, 2019 8:45 PM
Lol oops :"D

Oh i think my bro told me that the black hole thing was bc of an upgrade for the 10th season & Fortnite decided to do something big while it's updating, hence the black hole

Dang good for u man, u do u esp since the Youtube algorithm has ur back ;p
Yeah so sad :( but i'm sure i'll be able to go one day hopefully

Lol u right anime is always full of surprises. U question the plot but somehow it always works XD

Dang bro that happens to me too! Sometimes i listen to openings of new anime & it sounds like i've listened to the song before, but that's bc its by the same band that sang another anime opening that i've heard before lol X"D

Lol don't be sorry dude, i'm always open to listen to new songs related to anime! ;p Also here's my song recommendation for the day (kinda reminds me of those rock anime openings u been sending me although its in english, hope i kept the vibe intact XD):

Yeah they crazy but u get used to their crazy X"D
Damn did u get to the part where two more titan shifters r revealed? If u did, then let me just say that its def in my top 3 best anime scenes, & ofc top 10 anime betrayals XP everything was just so epic; the soundtrack, the animation, the feels, eren's titan scream in the end ;p my bro & i rewatched it so many times. If u have no idea what i'm talking about then ur in store for some awesome plot twists! I caught up to the manga actually & i cant wait till the last arc is animated in its final season next year! Also idk y so many ppl ship mikasa with eren o.O No offense but like she's literally his adopted sister...but also i think historia likes ymir

ILoveMangaAnime Oct 14, 2019 1:56 PM
Haha yeah I usually sleep around 4 am, but occasionally I do stay up longer oops :p

Yeah :/ but its fine like there's nothing else he can do to have fun (esp now that its cold out) so I'll just let the kid live :")

Yeah I don't really look for music either, but the YouTube algorithm always be recommending me something XD but I also keep up with a few musical artists too
Haha yesh BTS songs r either lit or emotional <3 been a huge fan of them since 2013 ;) I actually got permission to go to their concert in Chicago in the summer but it was literally on the first weekend of Ramadan :( so sad bc remember I told u I went to Chicago? Well I actually wanted to go there bc of BTS's concert, but bc of a stupid family friend, we went there a week before they were gonna perform in Soldier Field! I freakin passed by the damn stadium at least 4 times on the tour bus :") it was like rubbing salt on my wounds :"(

Damnn these girls didnt even take a breath!! Speaking of rap, how could I not send u this after I sent u hot girl bummer DX:

Yeah its super funny & chill lmao but every time diving is mentioned in the anime, I'm like "oh right, its not about booze..." X"D & ayeee lmk what u think after ur done!