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Jul 3, 2021
This is an anime about the journey not the destination, meaning everything up to the end is great, the character is fun the situations are interesting, but that ending.

Lets start off with what I mean when I say character. Kumo is really the only thing that makes this show stand out, there are other characters, but if you read the ln/wn, you find those chapters exceedingly hard to care about, the same thing for the anime, you just want to see more about kumo.

I won't go into spoilers here but the nature of the topic could be a spoiler itself, the way the ...
Mar 16, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Bounty hunters chase a woman who is suppose to have committed murder, but she is an actress who has many disguises, the only way to find her... strip her to see her tattoo.

This manga was destined to be hijinks heavy, but they tried to be serious at times which did not complement the overall feeling the manga gave. Out side of the need to stop everyone, you can guess how every situation plays out fairly easily, up to the last volume. The last volume pulls so much crap out of its butt, that it taints the rest of the series and leaves you asking ...
May 21, 2014
Helen ESP (Manga) add
I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed reading this manga.

Made by Kigitsu Katsuhisa, the person who made Franken Fran, you know it will at the very least be interesting.

Here, I will tell you in 3 questions to see if you will like this.

Do you know who Helen Keller is?
Do you know what esp is?
Do you think the two combined could be interesting (keep Kigitsu Katsuhisa in mind)?

If you said yes to all 3, you will enjoy this manga. It's highly episodic, which is both a good and bad thing. It makes the story seem longer, and doesn't dwell on things to long, ...
May 20, 2014
Ok, there is two caveats to my 10/10
1) I don't consider the end as part of the manga
2) I was looking for this style of manga

If I take into account the ending, the manga only gets a 6/10, because this manga ended, I believe in the middle of a rights issue I can give it more leeway than I normally would.

This manga takes a good, 3 volumes to set the pace that the whole thing will follow. And its, I believe about volume 7 before the artstyle stops changing.

What can I say about this... its a lighthearted fantasy ecchi battle harem comedy... wait, I ...
Mar 30, 2014
Ok, lets get this out of the way. There is 1 spoiler that I will say right now, and that is also the biggest disappointment in the anime, the cliche happens. Think of it, demon lords daughter comes to the human world, and the dad is, at least in this show, dead. From episode 1 I saw this coming, and was hoping I was wrong, and up till then, I thought I was. Up till the end of episode 8 I was thinking that maybe i was wrong and the cliche wasn't going to happen, but than it happened... than episode 9 came around, and ...
Oct 27, 2013
Alyosha! (Manga) add
How to review this... its hard... at least without spoilers.
The person who wrote this knows exactly how to pace a story without dragging out anything or even making it to fast paced. This isnt a story where someone starts weak and gets better over time, they are already at their best from the get go, and it is a VERY refreshing pace from the "i lost a battle, train, i win WOOT WOOT" that most manga tends to become. Hell, everything wraps up nicely too, another rare feat for any manga.

I personally can't recommend this more highly than I already am, but this ...
Oct 3, 2013
I can make this short, without spoilers, read chapter 1.
Did you like it or find it interesting? Congrats, every chapter feels like it.
Did you not like it? The feel doesn't change at all so its not likely you will like it with more chapters.

Really read the discription, its really all there is to this manga.

On a side note, the story feels like its over FAR too soon, but it also feels like there couldn't have been more written at least in the context of the stories original premise.
Apr 12, 2012
(i tie superior and superior cross into one entity, so keep that in mind with what i say)

i'm able to look past the ending to say this is one of the better mangas i have ever read. sense i first found this manga, every volume release i have re read...

lets start off with the demon lord... presumably a product of her upbringing, meats the hero and falls in love, and from there on you see her character evolve over the coarse of the story, everyone else is more or less a secondary character to her, even the hero though you do see some progress ...
Mar 7, 2012
Mixed Feelings
interesting story, but VERY flawed its execution that is hard to follow on a chapter by chapter basis, and an ending that will leave you with more of a wtf feeling than anything else.

over all, read chapter 1, see if it interests you, but don't get your hopes up at all, and you may enjoy this enough to make it wroth reading...

i want to note that its entirely possible that the translation i read of this is flawed to the point it ruined the story, but because of the care put into many areas i'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Feb 7, 2012
i want to give my impressions on the manga...

the first 4 chapters are immaculate... funny as hell, without being to stupid
chapter 5 is when the teacher comes in... really funny first time... but lacks on a re read
6-9 progressively worse each chapter... cumulating in no ending.

the story is just not there... its a start point for the random... i hope that makes sense.

the art is great for this style of manga


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