Mar 16, 2015
alidan (All reviews)
Bounty hunters chase a woman who is suppose to have committed murder, but she is an actress who has many disguises, the only way to find her... strip her to see her tattoo.

This manga was destined to be hijinks heavy, but they tried to be serious at times which did not complement the overall feeling the manga gave. Out side of the need to stop everyone, you can guess how every situation plays out fairly easily, up to the last volume. The last volume pulls so much crap out of its butt, that it taints the rest of the series and leaves you asking why... when you wrap up a plot point I want to know why/what happened, not asking why all over again.

If this manga had stuck to people are copying her, and using her appearance to do bad crap and the cast had to go investigate, this would have been a fairly fun romp through space and gave the plot the breathing room to evolve, but as it stands... its unenjoyable in retrospect due to the ending.