Mar 30, 2014
alidan (All reviews)
Ok, lets get this out of the way. There is 1 spoiler that I will say right now, and that is also the biggest disappointment in the anime, the cliche happens. Think of it, demon lords daughter comes to the human world, and the dad is, at least in this show, dead. From episode 1 I saw this coming, and was hoping I was wrong, and up till then, I thought I was. Up till the end of episode 8 I was thinking that maybe i was wrong and the cliche wasn't going to happen, but than it happened... than episode 9 came around, and I thought it could still go a different route... it doesn't.

With that said, when they pull the cliche, they do it in an interesting way revealing a little at a time that its not just the obvious white and black, but manage to do a shade of grey approach.

Now, episode 1-9 (before the ending) feel like I'm watching episodes of working but in a different setting, and with a story backbone, and if it was just those 9 episodes, I would rate this a 10... but the cliche does it in for me and made it much less enjoyable because I knew how the last 3 episodes were going to go, with the last episode I knew the direction almost point by point. These episodes also feel so VERY rushed, where they just bomb the thing with plot that shows up like we should already know what is going on, which if you read the source material, you may very well get a better appreciation for it, but as I cant read japanese, and am fairly sure nothing substantial is in english, I cant confirm.

If you know what the cliche is just by me saying that, you may also not enjoy the last few episodes, or at the very least say they are the weakest part of the show. If you don't know what the cliche is by me saying cliche... than this very well could be a 10 out of 10 anime for you.