May 21, 2014
alidan (All reviews)
I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed reading this manga.

Made by Kigitsu Katsuhisa, the person who made Franken Fran, you know it will at the very least be interesting.

Here, I will tell you in 3 questions to see if you will like this.

Do you know who Helen Keller is?
Do you know what esp is?
Do you think the two combined could be interesting (keep Kigitsu Katsuhisa in mind)?

If you said yes to all 3, you will enjoy this manga. It's highly episodic, which is both a good and bad thing. It makes the story seem longer, and doesn't dwell on things to long, but some people would have liked to see more of that.

Commenting on others in the review is not allowed, but I believe that in this case there is a good counterpoint to be made. Moritheil, as of 26/12/10 just did not get the manga at all. I suggest you read his review too. If you find what he says very agreeable, than this may not be for you. But what he failed to realize was this was a light hearted (at least as light hearted as the author is capable of) and borderline fantasy, not set in the "real" world and meant to be heavy drama.

But there is only one thing that I personally can complain about, and that is the manga only lasts 18 chapters.

Here is a possible spoiler, but in the whole manga, nothing really seems to move forward, or gets resolved, leaving a mildly unsatisfying ending. Which is only patched up by the VERY interesting chapter 2 extra. The manga almost feels like it was meant to go on a little longer. That complaint aside, you are doing yourself a favor by reading this.

-- This review was originally removed, I forgot what I rated the manga but the way I made it sound seems like it was a 10/10 all round. The reason it was removed was spelling and grammar, and apparently I said nothing I liked or didn't like, though apart from grammar, I changed nothing. --