Oct 27, 2013
alidan (All reviews)
How to review this... its hard... at least without spoilers.
The person who wrote this knows exactly how to pace a story without dragging out anything or even making it to fast paced. This isnt a story where someone starts weak and gets better over time, they are already at their best from the get go, and it is a VERY refreshing pace from the "i lost a battle, train, i win WOOT WOOT" that most manga tends to become. Hell, everything wraps up nicely too, another rare feat for any manga.

I personally can't recommend this more highly than I already am, but this wont be for everyone, read the first 3 chapters, that will tell you quite competently how the rest of the seriese will go. Their identities don't remain hidden, there is no sudden twist, there is no several chapter long build ups. To say it again, this manga is masterfully paced, with a constant tone that doesn't change from chapter 1 till the end.