Apr 12, 2012
alidan (All reviews)
(i tie superior and superior cross into one entity, so keep that in mind with what i say)

i'm able to look past the ending to say this is one of the better mangas i have ever read. sense i first found this manga, every volume release i have re read...

lets start off with the demon lord... presumably a product of her upbringing, meats the hero and falls in love, and from there on you see her character evolve over the coarse of the story, everyone else is more or less a secondary character to her, even the hero though you do see some progress in his character when its brought to his attention she may be (she is) the demon lord.

over all its predictable evolution of characters, but i like them all.

the art... i cant comment, the only person who did the translation of the manga has either the worst scanner or the worst editor on the planet. from what i did see of a nicely done chapter or two, the art is great.

the story, is more or less a light hearted romp through a world where monsters are "evil" and humans are good, though over time you meet monsters who are good, and humans who suck... but most humans who suck take such a stupid and convenient 180 from evil to good that it ruins moments of the manga.

to not say spoilers, but this may still be a spoiler so skip this line if you want to go into it with no idea... this manga is about the journey and not the destination. the ending of this manga just feels way to fast paced and way to convenient that it sullies an otherwise great manga. with that said, its still better than most other manga out there today.

pick this up and read 2 volumes of superior before you judge it.