May 20, 2014
alidan (All reviews)
Ok, there is two caveats to my 10/10
1) I don't consider the end as part of the manga
2) I was looking for this style of manga

If I take into account the ending, the manga only gets a 6/10, because this manga ended, I believe in the middle of a rights issue I can give it more leeway than I normally would.

This manga takes a good, 3 volumes to set the pace that the whole thing will follow. And its, I believe about volume 7 before the artstyle stops changing.

What can I say about this... its a lighthearted fantasy ecchi battle harem comedy... wait, I know it sounds like crap with that description but hear me out. Every character you get to know better, and it constantly throws a joke at you, some of them get old, but they never get run into the ground. The only real problem is the manga gets capped off at what was probably only the 2/3 mark... it finishes all its arcs, but things where happening irl at the time that made ending the manga the better of the two decisions.

A harem without the sex, A battle manga without death (shocking I know), and a comedy without getting old, an art style that fits the content perfectly, and a mangaka that knows how to tell a story...

Go into it expecting everything not to be taken 100% seriously, thats really the best way I can describe it to you.