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Jun 30, 2017
First Love
What does first love mean to you? Is it the first person you were in a relationship with? Or is it the more cliché answer of the first person you were truly in love with?
Who would you consider your first love assuming you have been in a relationship before?
Was it the first partner you had? Was it a later partner you had?
Have you even had someone you truly loved?
If you have not been in a relationship… would you want your first love to be true love?

Tsuki ga Kirei is an attempt to pull off ...
Jun 20, 2014
If you were in a competition in where you won, your wish would be granted, would you compete? Knowing that there are other people who may have a more important or dire wish? Is your wish more important than others? Is it less important?
Do you even have a wish?

Before going into this review, you will need to know what a Selector is. In this series, there is a popular card game called WIXOSS. Among the players, there are Selectors, people who are able to communicate with their LRIG, or the avatar of their deck. The point of this partner ...
Mar 27, 2014
For I am the Mahou Maou Shounen, I will reveal the path of this review and cast aside the powers of the fallen angels, for I fear nothing but the wielder of the Tyrant Eye and her partner bound by contract, the Dark Flame Master.

Story: 7
This is the second season of Chu2, and picks up exactly where the first one left off. Most romance anime tend to end the show with that of a confession, and that is exactly how the first season ended. Hearing a second season coming out makes this series a rare post confession anime that show the main characters ...
Mar 24, 2014
An anime where the villains are more entertaining to watch than the main cast, Witch Craft Works takes pages from Pokemon and does it better than Team Rocket.

Story: 7
In a world with two warring witch guilds, the Workshop Witches and the more evil Tower Witches, our main hero is to be protected by a very strong Workshop Witch. The typical story of a powerless protagonist to become a strong hero is overdone and things that happen throughout this story are standard to the plot of a rising hero. There are parts where I was confused on contracts and such, but this comes more ...
Jan 31, 2014
Gosick (Anime) add
The fragments of chaos are all lined up...
I'll reconstruct them for you here into a review...
I'll take the fragments from the chaos of this world...
And I will reconstruct them into truth using the wellspring of wisdom within me...

Story: 10
Gosick stars Kazaya Kujo, a Japanese exchange student in the fictional European country of Sauville. During his stay in Sauville, he meets up with the other main character, Victorique, a small girl with long blonde hair and dresses in lolita clothing, and solve mysteries together. Throughout the series, as each mystery is solved, more questions on the past, and the family relating to Victorique are ...
Jan 21, 2014
Summer Wars (Anime) add
There is only one word that can sum up this entire movie. Family. The whole concept of this entire movie revolves around being a cooperative and strong family. What does the word family mean to you? A group of people who are of same blood? This movie will show you the true meaning of family, a group of people who may or may not be of blood relation, but truly support each other till the death. That is what a true family is.
One spoiler in this review.

Story: 9
In a world where everything is connected to OZ (Imagine the internet, ...
Jan 14, 2014
White Album (Anime) add
When we think of the word harem, we think of a oblivious male character along with slapstick humor and filled with perverted scenes that don't really fit in with the story.. White Album takes the harem genre and applies it to a very serious tone. This is a more realistic version of how a harem situation would be.

Story: 6
Touya Fuiji is a college student whose girlfriend has started her path on becoming an idol. The series follows his interactions with his friends as well as the people who work in the same agency as his girlfriend. Keep in mind that communication ...
Jan 9, 2014
I never knew there was a fetish for girls who wears glasses until I watched this anime. Now I realize I enjoy it when some girls wear their glasses? Warning, you may become a megane freak from this anime. Oh and you may get a Japanese lesson from this series as well... how unfortunate.

Story: 7
In what seems to be a normal world is actually inhabited by supernatural creatures (Different subs use different names for these supernatural creatures) and people with supernatural powers. Our main character is half human and half creature as well as a person with a fetish ...
Jan 4, 2014
I'm a benevolent and tolerant guy, but there are three things I simply can't stand...
People who order me around
People who oppose me, and...
A complicated plot that is in need of more explanation!

Story: 5
The main character, Raishin, is on a quest to revenge his family and kill the person who wiped out his clan. We join him as he enters a school of some sort and his adventures as he helps out fellow students in trouble.

The problem with the story is that they left out small details that either would have helped explained certain plot holes (Such as why Yaya had to ...
Jan 2, 2014
What I thought was going to be a big waste of time, became a small waste of time. This hour and forty minute special isn't too bad if you skip all the recap, so I will be mainly reviewing everything that isn't a recap of this special, since honestly, the special wasn't too bad.

Story: 6
Kirito and Asuna are trying to fufil the wish of Yui, to go see a whale. Rumors are that there is a quest far away in where a whale will appear, but it turns out Kirito's sister can't swim. While the girls teach Kirito's sister how to swim ...

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