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Black Clover
Black Clover
Jul 31, 4:51 AM
Watching 136/? · Scored -
Bungou to Alchemist: Shinpan no Haguruma
Bungou to Alchemist: Shinpan no Haguruma
Jul 25, 12:15 AM
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
Jul 21, 5:14 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored -
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One Piece
One Piece
Jul 3, 12:20 AM
Reading 983/? · Scored 10
Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
Jun 15, 5:42 PM
Completed 181/181 · Scored 10


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Klllady Jul 26, 6:30 AM

shockzz1234 Jun 3, 10:07 AM
Well now you have to experiment and find out the answer for the both of us lmao. Lmao, life in a nutshell =P

I know, it's sad :( All those memories, gone. Pfft, i'll take that as a compliment then =P Eventually yes. In like 10 years from now lmfao. Haha, well i can't say anthing sine i've never played them. But i head FF12 is pretty good, different, but good. And FF10-2 i haven't heard that much about tbh, not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Haha i was playing it indeed! I quite liked it tbh. I'm assuming you've also finished it by now, since i saw you playing it? =P Btw whoever invented that Tifa pull up minigame needs to go to prison.
You can get hyped - internally! Lmao i guess they wanted a lot of plot points but sometimes a lot is too much.

I worry about my anime list every day! Joking. But i am slowly working through it alphabetically now though, finally. Definitely should, it's so good. That and Avatar the last airbender are the top 2 western cartoons for me. Hahaha, in that time i've watched nearly an entire series in Sons of Anarchy, i have two more episodes left. Hah, that's fair enough tbh. It's not for everyone. Indeed, it should be a different experience than the usual MCU movies! Aw, that's sad man :( But i'm happy you're happy again! True! Lol. Oh, i'm working from home right now because of the coronavirus shit. Actually it's waaaayy more relaxing tbh. Working from home should be a new normal thing even after things return to normal tbh.

No worries! :)
Yorozuya-no-Yume Mar 14, 6:35 AM
Thanks a lot, I wish you the same :3
shockzz1234 Mar 5, 8:57 AM
Lmao, probably will be, they need to milk the series for a while lol. I have no idea, do you? I've never tried to change my name before lmao. Well then you have no choice but to become their friend now! =P

It's the least he could have done if that had happened lmao. =P Loool, i used to read all 3 of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece at the same time back in school, Ahh the good ol' days. Am i? I don't think im getting through a lot at all, i just play every day, but i don't play for that long of a time er day D: There's loads loool. Two Tales games, a couple of Final Fantasy games i've never played like 12 and 10-2 etc....i'm never gonna play them at this rate :(
Thank you! Yakuza is the perfect game to play at an old people's home though, gets you hyped as fuck! =P Oh trust me, you have NO idea yet how convoluted the story gets lmfao. You have yet to experience true KH confusion!

You're so lazy, wow! Lol. The Batman Animated Series was the shit! Oh was the last season not that good? :( You haven't watched a single one?? In this day and age?? That's quite impressive tbh lmao. And my favourite is either Winter Soldier or Infinity War. Both are great. Exactly, and now that they're done with the Thanos stuff, they're trying new things out, like Dr Strange 2 is gonna have horror elements to it for example. I'll see you in a few years!! =P Ohh i see, isn't working two jobs tough? D: And recovery/facing up sounds like a resting position lmao. Yeah, i was about to say when the hell do you sleep? Like wtf? You just work 24/7? Lmao.

Lmao, it's fine =P Thank you and same to you! :)
jelmpi Feb 11, 10:40 AM
Wow you have been away for quite some time too!! :OOOO

Is everything alright on your end though???

Thanks for your support :)

I miss those days too... there are too many responsibilities and small things now getting in the way of me just finally getting to do what I want to do in my free time.....


Well it's both! They announced a movie to transition into Season 2 I believe!!!
I really hope it will drop soon, because that is something I would watch instantly!

Right now my only focus lies with my master thesis.... I really hope to get it done soon
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 25, 2019 6:40 AM
Merry Christmas!
shockzz1234 Dec 23, 2019 10:48 AM
They put sooooo much flashback stuff in it lmao. The One Piece community now calls it the Recaperie lmao. Lol, that seems like a good idea =P Then they would have to remain neutral!! Exactly! Do it, i dare you!! And only people who get the reference can be your friend, it'd be like a test :o

Well then i would have killed him :o But luckily i didn't have to find out lmao. Hell no, my memory is absolute dogshit lmao, you're correct that i really used to like Bleach though, it used to be my favourite.
Same! Most days i only have an hour and a half or so. Makes it difficult to start playing long games like my beloved JRPGS :( But not as a much as 15! ;) Ohhhh, i see. Well then an MMO that doesn't take forever to get good, what a twist!
Yes it's out now lmao, i beat it everything. Was so good. Definitely one of the darker stories in the Yakuza series so far. Indeed, cannot change the past! D: True! Until just recently where that Yozora dude has been introduced and he looks just like Riku lmao. Haha, i was only kidding, but thanks =P

But that's what the "on hold" list is for, move it all there dammit!! D: Haha, most DC stuff i watched was the animated shows back in the 90s/early 00s. I haven't even watched Daredevil tbh, but i really want to since i heard it was so good. But it being cancelled kinda makes me not want to, unless they're continuing it on Disney+. Haha yep a big fan!! I've seen all the movies lmao. Some people say it gets repetitive and true, it can, but it's mostly still great. Ah no, don't worry, you don't need to apologise, take all the time you need =P What do you work as, if you don't mind me asking? (i feel like i've asked this before, but i forgot? Lmao).

Btw Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope 2020 is a great year for you! :)
Yorozuya-no-Yume Nov 2, 2019 8:20 AM
Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best!
Hope you're having an amazing day c:
linette Aug 24, 2019 6:54 AM

Missing Cards
Hello! It seems that some cards were missing from this edition.
Went over it and I hadn't done from post #2 to the #15...
(I even left a note for myself XD)

| Just Another Yaoi Club |
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RachelPanda Jun 23, 2019 6:51 PM

Cards by:RachelPanda
Delivered by:RachelPanda
shockzz1234 Apr 28, 2019 1:50 PM
Haha good, it's not only me! Lol i don't think you want to catch up to the anime right now tbh, they're butchering the Reverie arc to all hell. Oh hell no, if Oda tries to redeem him or something, i swear >.> Zoro fans vs Robin fans, thirsty fangirls vs thirsty fanboys, the battle of the century! Lol, i don't understand it either. Like you said, we only have a limited time on this planet and i don;t have time to waste on shit i don't like. That goes for all walks of life, not just anime lol. Haha, if that enemy is Akainu, he's getting no breaks D: I guess you must!! Yami D. Loire!

Lmaooo, the struggle is real. My name is on the tenancy so if they fail to make payments it records it as me failing to as well. They agreed to take care of the rent while i pay the gas and electricity bills and the council tax stuff is split. But guess who didn't pay the rent on time! My roommate. Fun :) Ah pink coat! Shunsui!So i guess it must have been Shunsui vs, i remember a lot of Bleach still. It's been years since i watched it lmao.
Maybe so! D: LOOOL 15 hours in one day? Bloody hell. I think the most i played in a day was like...8-9 hours? Lol. Yes, all MMOs seems to require you to put in a metric fuck ton of time to even get good, i just don't have the time - and even if i had the time, i wouldn't be bothered :(
The Japanese one. He's been replaced now by another Japanese actor, so hopefully there won't be any delays! And yes, it's that Judge Eyes game! :D Or i guess it's called Judgement in the West now. Really? I'll be honest i haven't been using GAME for a long time now, so i have no idea how their prices usually compare to others haha. But KH3 was defo cheaper. Haha, KH has a lot of people with silver hair too....must be an anime thing, they like that shit =P I always feel like replying, i'm not a monster! D: But no the second part of that sentence is correct - it's such a big task. Even the smaller replies LOL.

Btw, side note - how on earth can you be watching FIFTY ONE anime at once?? :O Also, are you by any chance into the MCU?
jelmpi Apr 25, 2019 12:55 PM
hello my dear friend.
I'm sorry I've been away so long...
a lot of stuff has happened...
I've been abroad for a month, travelling through Thailand...
and then a friend of mine passed away :(
then some relatives....
so it's been rough, I thought I'd share it with you though...

I haven't been watching much anime either..... I kinda stuck to small things I guess....

what about you? how have you been?

let me also answer your previous message :) !

a potluck is basically when every single person brings a dish and then you all eat together :D !!! so that's why that night was so awesome ^^

the nice thing about my courses and the study I'm doing is just that it's so niche :D !!
Let's hope that it brings something in the future.....

You should watch more Overlord!! it's greatttttttt
and yes I definitely will watch Made in Abyss S2!! I am hyped!!!!!

I'll be trying some of your anime when I get to it again!