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FLCL Alternative
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FLCL Progressive
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Grimm no You na Monogatari: Snow White
Grimm no You na Monogatari: Snow White
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Mardock Scramble
May 2, 11:39 PM
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Skittles Yesterday, 4:59 AM
Wkwkkw bener sih gan, forumsnya jd amburadul lg. Kyknya mereka abis tiga bulan udh gk sabar nyebar2 konspirasi dan topik2 rasis. Lawak sih asli, tp justru itu MAL selalu seru haha.

Semenjak MAL maintenance sempet pake situs alternatif kyk kitsu atau anilist gk?
Skittles Aug 8, 7:30 AM
Wkkwkw iya gan, finally the day to use MAL again has come xD
Daydarion May 11, 10:40 PM
Well, snow WAS fun when I was little, so if you were to see it for the first time in your life you'd probably enjoy it a lot, but you woud get used to it pretty soon :S Staring at that pure whiteness often hurts my eyes :3 Your shoes get wet and cold really fast and even the smallest breeze can chill you to the bones AND pack your face full of snow :D
Not to mention it only lasts for a few week. This year, it lasted like 5 days and the most of the winter was just cold and cloudy :S

There will be around 6-7 girls in the cabin so it will be fine :3 But yea, I hope I can get some private time with one of them :3
And thanks for the advice :D
Daydarion May 11, 6:56 AM
You might have already said it before but I don't remember where you live. So where do you live that you don't have 4 season?
Ah, and by the way 4 season sucks big time, the only good season is summer, and only it's first half because the rest is too hot to do anything :D
Actually I have plans :3 Me and my "hoes" going to a "Cabin in the woods" and do stuff (mostly drinking and pillow-fighting) :3 we'll be staying there for like a week or two :S There will be internet access so I won't be unreachable, don't worry ;)
Daydarion May 11, 4:34 AM
It's hentai... There's not much that can be discussed about it :D:D:D So yea, I was interested in "what is going on with you irl" :3
Not much? Does that mean that something happened but not much or nothing happened ? :3
It's almost summer!!! You should already have plans for it, right?
Daydarion May 11, 4:07 AM
Good then :3
By the way, how is it going?
Daydarion May 10, 11:12 PM
She did not show this image, it was just between the search results :3 We were caught up in a traffic jam so we had a lot of time :3

Eh you don't like the dancing loli asses as a reward ? :O (You can name your preferred reward if you want :3 )
Daydarion May 10, 2:05 PM
Oh yea I checked it out :3
Well it wasn't my thing, but i liked the art-style if nothing else :D
And I just noticed that she looked somewhat familiar to Red Riding Hood because the artist is the same in both :3
Daydarion May 10, 9:26 AM
When I was on the bus this morning with my friend I started to goof around in a sketchbook and draw idiotic looking faces as a practice and my friend noticed it. She said that she know a pretty funny face and I said that if she can show me a picture of it I might be able to draw it. I don't know what she wrote in the searchbar of google images but this picture was between the results and I noticed it and thought that she looked cute and resembled to the girl in "this" manga so I proceeded to draw it :D:D:D
You should have seen the faces of the people on the bus. They probably didn't know what hentai is, but the picture turned out pretty well, so I think they could tell what's happening outside of the frame :D:D:D
Daydarion May 10, 9:09 AM
Sankyuuu :3
I will... take a look now, If you excuse me :3
I'll be back soon with a report :D
Daydarion May 10, 8:53 AM
Daydarion May 10, 7:56 AM
Oh how nice of you! :D
Well, it's an ahegao, so i'm like 92% sure it's from a hentai, so I think I'm prepared...
But since you asked, I'm kinda reluctant if I really want to know, so I have to ask you a few questions before you tell me.
--1st Q.: Is it really from a hentai? (If not, ignore the rest of the questions and proceed to sending the title)
--2nd Q.:Is it from something disgusting, like Ogre-rape, or gang-rape, or "ugly-bastard" rape or something?
--3rd Q.:Is it someting something illegal, like pedo-stuff or bestiality?
--4th Q.: Is that even a girl on the pic or a futa or trap?
that is all I want to know for now :3
Mkim May 3, 2:49 PM
Bkub did a bunch of touhou doujinshi before he did pop tem epic
To be fair, almost every doujinshi artist pretty much molds the universe to their liking to make their own story, can be dark, can be humorous, just whatever they feel like it
For example, Zounouse on my page makes a lot of stories about consuming human meat and exploring that topic on the universe, but then he makes a non sensical comedy doujin once in a while
Yeah, the database entries are, if they're manga they're official, if they're anime, it's not
ZUN is against the idea of an official Touhou anime, so anything you see it's purely fanmade anime crazy passionate fans do

I don't care much about late replies, don't feel like I'm going to die any time soon so it coo

Rather than being passionate, I just never post on any thread that I feel like it's worth writing anything decent
Mkim Apr 27, 12:06 PM
It's kinda complicated defining Touhou because there's a lot of things to approach the series as a fan
It started 20+ years ago as a passion project, ZUN made a few games for PC-98 and then moved to making Windows games, almost all of them being Bullet Hell games. He did everything himself from art to music to coding to everything.
The series takes place on a land connected to the real world called Gensokyo, a land where the forgotten live as the real world gets more scientifically advanced and skeptical towards the existance of Youkai.
Gensokyo exists for the Youkai to prey on the humans althought there are rules set in place so that unruly Youkai can't wipe out the humans living there, since they all need them to believe and fear them to exist.
Anything that bothers the peace of the place has to be dealt by the Miko of the Hakurei Shrine, Hakurei Reimu and she's also accompanied by the Ordinary Witch Kirisame Marisa, depending on the game, older bosses comes back as playable characters to also take care of the incidents.

That was very brief because trying to go very in depth would be too much to write, every game has it's own incident, with it's own set of characters, with it's own specific game mechanics and with it's own specific songs, the going out of the main series you have the secondary series of fighting games, that have the same set of details added to the cauldron, the you have written works and official manga that goes in depth on characters and lore.
And fans just gobble the whole thing up, thus making it a bit hard to define 'Touhou'.

Touhou started as a series of doujin games, mostly shoot em ups, got popular to the point it became a media franchise and greatly thrives throught fan made works.
To some, Touhou might be the music, the music originally made by ZUN and the many countless fan remixes of them
To some Touhou might be the games, they truly enjoy the main games (or the fighting games)
To some Touhou might be the fanart, where extremely talented people make breathtaking art of their favourite characters, or just make art of their favourite characters
To some Touhou might be the characters, every one differing on the other with their own personality and looks, to which of course would lead to their own following
To some Touhou might be the doujinshi, fanbooks that explores the characters and the setting while keeping the touches of the author on the comic
To some Touhou might be the story, where they explore every single piece of lore and character interaction with great interest

I like the series because it's a behemoth of fan made content (and I really like reading the doujinshi) and I guess that do make me a secondary of sorts although I hardly believe that matters nowadays with the ammount of derivative works the main series created.
I also get surprised on the ammount of modern media personnel that prior to their big works has made some sort of Touhou fanart of sort

Tho I have to say, the thing I linked to ya is just another monster of itself and evolved to be barely related to Touhou at all
Mkim Apr 26, 8:07 PM
I think I changed twice since
My current one was only changed because of the easter event
comes from this

not sure if I'm coming back with the potato tho, I know it's synonym with myself but I can't really get myself to care if I'm not using the site