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Daydarion Apr 1, 8:21 AM
Yes, I liked it and though it was classy as well when I started to get acquainted with the language, but as time gone by, I heard more and more of it and it became less intellectual in my eyes.

Well thanks, but I only have like 3 black friends, and they can speak properly so I won't be in need to learn that :D

That meme is already dead (no "hokuto no ken"-pun intended) :3

Daydarion Mar 30, 3:13 AM
Ah, I love Scottish and Irish accent, It's sound really fun to talk like that. I don't understand 75% of what they say, but I enjoy listening to it :3 They sound like if they were talking about which pub they should go for a fist-fight even though they just talking about ponies and banana or something :D

Oh no, I'm not just talking about negro accent and dialect. Their whole language is like it was a different language. Grammar, pronunciation and everything...It's a mess...
Even that Uganda-knuckles english is more understandable :D
Daydarion Mar 28, 10:11 AM
And not to mention a lot of american who are supposed to know how to speak english can't speak it properly either. (I'm talking about the niggers :3 )
Daydarion Mar 26, 6:17 AM
I get corrected a lot in online games, it's kinda embarrassing but other than that I don't feel bad about it. I mean they usually can't speak my language either so it's a draw :D
I think it's fine as long as we can understand each other.
Daydarion Mar 25, 1:04 AM
Badly structured sentences? I think not.
I mean I'm not sure whether it's grammatically correct or not, since I'm not fluent either, but It sounded cool enough :3 Kinda like a highly intellectual villain when he's calmly explaining to the story's hero that his actions are futile or something :D
Daydarion Mar 24, 7:41 AM
Wow, so many fancy word I'm not familiar with in that last sentence :3

Mine would be:
Casca's memories return and she becomes hysterical and attacks Guts because she thinks it's all his fault that Griffith ended up like that and did what he did.
Daydarion Mar 23, 8:20 AM
Ah, I hate hiatus(es?)... I'm so interested about what will happen next and now I have to wait indefinitely for the next chapter.
The only good thing about this "break" that we have enough time to prepare our mind and soul for the upcoming (prolly tragic) events.

To you, what would be the worst case scenario? What's the most messed up situation that can happen in the next chapter?
Daydarion Mar 23, 6:04 AM
Ah, I see...
Well, when Schierke(?) said that this whole journey was for the sake of Casca, I started to think about the same thing as you : what will happen next (And I think the mangaka did this on purpose).
My wild guess would be that Guts will go after Griffith and mess up everything in the holy city. About the others...I've got no clue. It would be kind of weird if Guts were to take them to fight Griffith but I don't think he would just abandon them either (especially Casca)...
I think there will be a big massacre where everyone except Guts dies by Griffith's demonic soldiers, fueling Guts revenge that was about to vanish...

About Casca's memories. I was so moved when she started to remember all the things that happened to her and I kind of let my guard down because It seemed like she doesn't remember the bad things from "that day". But then when she sees Guts and those pictures appear...
I became really-really worried...
I honestly don't know what will happen but I'm sure it won't be nice at all... :S
Daydarion Mar 22, 11:32 AM
Okay now...
The latest chapter I could find was 355, so I've read it
now I'm ready for a discussion :3
Daydarion Mar 22, 11:13 AM
I'm on it senpai :3
Skittles Feb 26, 7:15 AM
Sama2 wkwkkww.

Nama brandnya Puyo. Sebenarnya gw gk tau bgt kalo emg brand pudding plg gede di Indo (sensasi aja hihi) tp emg besar bgt skrg namanya.
HikiMaru Feb 14, 9:58 PM
Thank you for the birthday greeting!!
HikiMaru Feb 1, 7:27 AM
I had to venture out for dark spots as I hardly could see the moon under a lamp street. Nature is beautiful

I think it mainly depends on what courses those students take. Or perhaps they thought that the idea of blue blood moon as an overhyped nature phenomenon when it's simply just the earth aligning with the sun and moon at specific location that occurs rarely. But if they have deadlines and greater issue to worry about I guess a red coloured moon will be the least on their minds. Because I know my friends did care about it

Though I could hardly develop any progress on my anime history. It lies still even though there are anime from last season that I've been desperately wanting to see. This is the epitome of laziness
HikiMaru Jan 31, 3:31 PM
Yep I saw it however the night was cloudy I was only able to get a glimpse of it for a few second. I couldn't figure out if that was the full blue blood moon since it was partially covered by clouds. Well the chances of combination of sun, moon, and earth in a linear pattern is rare. How about you, did you find it?
Badass Jan 10, 3:16 AM
Makasih gan.