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Tsuki to Suppin
Tsuki to Suppin
Jul 30, 2020 5:59 AM
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Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo
Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo
Jul 30, 2020 5:58 AM
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Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Jul 30, 2020 5:57 AM
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llorando Jul 11, 2019 6:31 PM

Undercurrent, right? You should read it, it's very good. Slow and grounded. Kinda like Nananan in the sense it's very mundane but without the Josei style. Not sure if it's exactly as high as i put it back then (but then again my score are all messed up), since there's a plot twist that's really out of place near the end, but other than that it's pretty much perfect to me. I read it twice and loved the last chapter so much

I'm rewatching Evangelion again and... it's a really weird show, isn't it? It's like 3 shows in one. There's the beginning, then it becomes a sort of action romcom thing, then it gets depressing. Weird. It's like Utena in the sense it's very unstable but manages to accomplish so much in the end that you don't feel bothered by it
llorando Jun 9, 2019 10:35 AM
Oh i'm sorry but there's not way the Utena movie can even dream on comparing with what the series managed to achieve. It's fun but that's about it

Can you read JP? My fav Nananan is Pumpkin and Mayonnaise. I think i'll revisit it now, it's been some time since i last read it. If i start taking french lessons this year (and i plan on doing so) i'll buy myself a copy of River's Edge in french, since i already own HS in english
llorando Jun 7, 2019 9:30 AM
i'd recognize the pfp and your favs. Tho the last time i looked i'm pretty sure the wrong version of Utena wasn't there and also Blue
llorando Aug 7, 2018 12:50 PM
Hey I noticed something today and I wished I knew this sooner: before duels anthy drew the sword out of utena's body for the 2nd half of the series and in the last episode we see her stabbing utena with the sword. I need to find out what this means but I will lie down and think about this emotional discovery first

In the last act every duelist went to the arena with their own rose bride, which then would proceed to drew their swords from the inside. The swords that are taken from inside are what Utena fans often refer as "soul swords" and apparently they represent something about the duelists; refer to this article if you're curious

The sword Anthy uses to stab Utena is a colorless sword of Dios, a powerless corrupted version of what once was the sword of a prince, just like Akio himself. He pulled it from her when she was in pain because of the swords of hate.

Let’s believe that the swords are the representation of what’s inside the duelist for a moment. When Utena or any other duelists are the ones pulling the sword from Anthy in the first act, they'd get the sword of Dios because this same power sleeps within Anthy (since she’s the one who took his power and all). Later, when Anthy is the one pulling the sword she'd get the same sword of Dios but from Utena herself, meaning that Utena has what it takes to become Dios (remember when she stabs Utena and says that it's because she reminds her so much of Dios?). Naive as it seems, Utena possesses what it takes to become exactly whom Akio was before - but the thing is: the prince isn't something that anyone can actually become, and if - after a strong resolution, like Utena had - they manage to do it, it'll only consume them till it breaks. That's one of the reasons why Anthy decides to stab Utena, aside from the whole manipulation from Akio, she just doesn't trust the fairy tail anymore, she's the one who has suffered the most from the whole thing

I dunno exactly if that helps with the sword thing you were talking about, but that's it as far as i noticed. I never thought that there was really much to the swords besides references for the characters; nor anything in special about the duels (besides being the "material way" to confront the internal conflicts that they'd build up). There's this thing of being deflowered but, hey! it's Utena. It's not like the car scene which really do happen to be a metaphor for sex >sometimes< (it can be just the "adult power" thing for some duelists, but it sure means sex for Touga, Saionaji, Ruka and Shiori - and maybe Kozue with Akio, but i dunno about Miki since he only seems to fantasize about having sexual control over Anthy. But I could be wrong).

Nanami is the ojousama stereotype so i'm not so sure about saying that she was a influence for anyone, since the archetype is there for a long long time. The thing that i found quite awesome about her is how she starts as just comic relief but actually grows to be something important to the story. She romanticized incest (since she really thought she was romantically attracted to her brother) but when she's confronted with ACTUAL incest she's disgusted. Touga doesn't really seems to understand that as he tries to have sex with her in the car sequence, but she ultimately refuses and claims that he doesn't understand her (which is true). The thing Akio shows her is the power to break free from Touga without losing her identity, to be something superior than him. When she loses, she says that there's nothing left to her, she's not Touga's sister anymore nor did she manage to become something greater than him (with the power of miracles), so she's just one more fly in the swarm. It's kinda sad

But eventually she grows out of it (episode 37 when she shows actual concern for Utena and says that she's not playing the duel thing anymore). If you pay attention she doesn't call her brother "Oniisama" nor anything anymore when they're in the same space - we're talking about NANAMI here, so this is a big thing.

Awful in what way? The way it's translated? The scanlation format?

It’s the quality from the scanlation that is really bad, i can barely see what’s going on. The books are pricy in my country (it was already pricy by default but there has been an economic and political crisis going on here for quite some years now), and I already spend most of my money on second handed books (because cheaper) since for some reason I can’t stand reading actual books on my computer or my cellphone. The only scenario I see myself buying more manga would be if, for some miracle, they decide to publish something from my favorites or anything from Okazaki Kyoko. I have a bit of confidence that they’ll do it with River’s Edge sometime in the future (and god, I’ll buy the hell out of it).
llorando Aug 7, 2018 4:21 AM
Yuri Kuma is indeed more of an oddball from the very beginning, but i think it's kinda easier to "get" since it hits the same key over and over again (i actually felt that Ikuni went overboard with his own gimmicks in this one). Penguindrum was the first i watched and honestly felt the easiest to digest.

There's just so many things when it comes to Utena that you can hardly say it's your fault for not being able to put things together perfectly watching it just once (and i feel that there's no one whom can really say that they get 100% of what Utena does, unless you're Ikuhara). As for me, i just am really obsessed with this one... more than just rewatching, i used to spend a lot of time on the Ohtori forums reading discussions, also reading the music's translations to put together with the context of the episodes, and also analysis from other people (i personally recommend Lady Love and Justice, as much as i disagree with some points sometimes, especially when it comes to Ruka: we see him in a totally different light).

But one thing's for sure is that I love Ikuhara's sense of humour

Right???? Everything is so absurd and over the top that you just can't help. Nanami fillers are god's bless for us mortals

Everything in Utena is so extreme. The Shoujo aesthetic (slender characters with thin proportions) is so strong it's almost bizarre when you see it for the first time; the duel's musics, the concept of the show itself, the ZUM sequence, the sexy poses, the way that repetition is used, everything is just SO unique that it's basically like the whole thing lives in it's own world. You won't find that even in the other two series Ikuni did.

Speaking of him, he'll be back next year with "Sarazanmai", though i have no clue what it's about. It seems to involve gay boys so i'm up to it

Are you reading Banana Fish? I tried to do so but the scanlation was so awful that i just decided to stick with the anime, but i dunno if this was the right thing to do...
llorando Aug 6, 2018 7:31 PM
I'm glad you liked it. Ikuhara is usually hit or miss; and Utena - more than Penguindrum or Yuri Kuma - is just so hard to properly wrap your head around it's ideas

What I'll say for sure the imagery for earlier episodes was obvious and yet I overlooked that. Even the things Chuu chuu does have resemblance to future episodes.

Yes, yes!!! I was so oblivious to the whole thing in the first act too... Whenever Anthy did something suspicious, i'd brush off like "nah, i'm just overthinking". And i didn't even notice that ChuChu was her accomplice

Being completely honest: when i first watched the show i thought i was holding up well, until the third act came. I didn't known what the fuck was going on with the car scene nor why the characters were acting the way they did (stuff like why Kozue was calling Miki a coward, why exactly Ruka said to Juri that everything would be alright, why Nanami was fighting Utena, why Anthy stabbed her in the last moment). And not surprisingly, i was not really getting the show - even in the earlier stages (not saying it's the case with you, but that's how it was for me)

Rewatching it was the most satisfying experience i had with a rewatch so far. It's incredibly how the whole thing changes when you watch it knowing Anthy's true nature, really. Everytime there's a still frame with her face in a creepy liveless expression you just KNOWN that it's on purpose. Or when she does a weird remark in her usual cheerful tone you really known she MEANS it. A lot of the serious aspects are done in such a subtle way that it's easy to miss it. Everything that first seemed a bit off because of all the weirdness and confusion was just so much better in the second round...

The episodes you said you're going to rewatch are the ones that're related to Utena's final conflict. They actually take the subtle-ish thing i was talking about to a whole new level. Everytime a character say something they really do mean something beyond the surface level. The culmination of this is probably the 37th episode (which is one of my favorites!!!) when Utena discovers what Anthy and Akio are up to but react in a totally weird way. It's basically like a cold war is going on between the two (Anthy, Utena) of them and not even Akio's aware of it. And there's also that badminton scene when you see that all the gang are moving forward from their obsessions, it just makes me SO incredibly happy.

It's hard to just sit and write about Utena because it involves so many things and each duelist's storyline almost completely diverges from Utena's (aside for the fact that they're fighting for miracles). You just have to pick something to talk about unless you wanna write a thesis, so it's fine that way, i just wanted to hear your overall opinion about what the show did :P. Unless you wanna talk about something specific, that is

The movie is a shiny spectacle. Everything is beautiful, the music is awesome, and the storyline is far more agressive compared to the extremely subtle approach from the series (with the climax being Utena and Anthy literally breaking the shell instead of something that is just implied). You can say that it's more engaging, in a way, but i can't think of it as nearly as good as the TV series. It's just impossible to do 1/10 of what the original did with such a short duration. And there's no Nanami, this is so wrong.
llorando Aug 4, 2018 12:20 PM
Hey, Hiki, i wanna hear about your experience with Utena whenever you have the time to
omankooo Jul 27, 2018 1:07 PM
true. so much left unresolved tbh... also a part of me wanted a better resolution for parou and ryo. maybe they get together. or maybe marika accepts ryo’s affection. or maybe they have a lovely polyamorous life. idk im just kinda disappointed that the love relationship wasn't resolved for any of them but at the same it does give the 'new beginning' kinda feel so
omankooo Jul 26, 2018 11:57 AM
i'm disappointed. fumi fumiko chose to do a 'safe' ending.

i wanted them to be happy, but i felt like that pat ending, the easy happiness she simply handed them betrayed the story up to that point. she handled these difficult feelings and issues so honestly and sensitively, i wanted the same thing from the ending.’s frustrating because i feel like the perfect, natural ending to the story comes at the end of the school trip to Okinawa on that note of uncertain hopefulness that’s basically been the foundation of the entire series.
omankooo Jul 25, 2018 12:26 PM
hi hiki! long time no talk but i'd like to hear your thoughts about Bokura no Hentai. do you mind sharing?
llorando Jun 22, 2018 8:06 AM
I known what you mean... If it wasn't by MAL i wouldn't bother finishing a lot of stuff that i'm watching "just because"

Ironic since I can recall more than once that the story has a moral of "their sexuality/gender doesn't define them, bla bla"

Yup, the intent was there, and i do feel that Shimanami does what's intended to do. Maybe it is the way the story is told that doesn't really click with me, even when there's all the themes i'm interested in... kinda like i really feel i'm supposed to like Asano's manga, since he's basically the Okazaki from our generation, but i just can't get involved with his stuff

A weird thing is that the part that i was genuinely interested wasn't the one i should relate, aka Tasuku and gay problems, but Misora. I liked the chapters where they were the focus. I could barely relate with Tasuku even if i knew his struggles, where in cases like Harukaze i'm basically dying with the tiniest thing that happens to Shun

When i stop and think about it, i'm almost sure it boils down to how heavy-handed the whole thing felt to me. The emotions were exploding in every chapter, at some point i just really didn't care at all
llorando May 27, 2018 8:27 AM
Hey, it's indeed quite some time. Happy to see you

So, Shimanami. I had previous issues with this one that i didn't mention before because i thought it could go away with time, but it didn't and actually played out more or less as i thought. My main problem is how the story doesn't stand as, well, a story of it's own. It can be a rather weird statement but i'll expand on it a bit

We're basically taken to the lounge by Tasuku in the beginning of the manga and it feels like we're going to spend a long journey of self discovering with lots of ups and downs (hello, Wandering Son). But instead, Tasuku plays more or less as a device to meet the different type of groups that compose the LGBT and spends little time with each of them focusing on their LGBT-problems. Basically, character is introducted, issue is exploited, time for the next.

What i'm trying to point out here is that their sexuality or gender identity doesn't play as a background in which a proper story is developed and present us with characters that are human beings before being gay/assex/trans (hello again, Wandering Son!!). Instead, they're literally defined by their sexuality and the problems that this brings to them. By the end of the manga it feels like i've read a documentary on LGBT people which is a really weird feeling

Other thing that bother me is how much heavy-handed it can be at times, while i prefer more subtle things that count on you reading between the lines instead of shouting everything to your face. But that's me

But... it's a really educational manga and i known it's something needed, so i don't feel confortable going out trashing on it. I appreciate the initiative they had, just think they could use more time to introduce more elements to the story like Wandering Son or even Harukaze did (because there's more to Nitorin than being trans, and more to Shun than being gay. They have their own stories and stuff)

I dunno if you'll agree with what i said though :p



I see that you're finally watching the second coming of christ. I just wanna say that i'm always up to discuss Utena, i really am, so you can talk to me if something bothers you as the story progress (because it gets hella weird)
-Sonal- May 12, 2018 8:22 AM
Haha. Thank you :)
UpperCat Feb 13, 2018 9:22 PM
Happy belated Birthday!
llorando Feb 11, 2018 12:01 AM
(i just started typing and it ended that big lol)

I didn't start Shounen Note yet simply because it's not fully scanlated = (

Kinda jealous at you because of this. Completing Shikii no Juunin is my dream, i'll never accept that the scanlation is dropped and it's not licensed

Anonymous not being a human but rather the people's self consciousness as they accept their identity.

I was thinking that it could be something like that too. She's like a mirror, no one can see through her but she always reflects the person she's talking too. But it's my first manga from Kamatani and i have no idea how they handle stuff like this

Fumi being a Yankee was really out of my expectations

Man i love how it turned out, and i also love how she puts a time skip everytime things starts getting close to stagnation. From what we've seen Fumi is actually harboring some bitter feelings cause knowing that Shun shoved Sakurako was a bit too much for him, and he probably knows that she likes him - or at least that he's special to her - since he said "why is she always next to you?", but at the same time it's all fine, he's still a sweet boy at heart ("i don't hate my family")

BL and GL is a dangerous zone, there's a bunch of stuff available with the comments being "OMG it's so good!!" and you have to go blind hoping that it won't turn out to be a complete garbage. It triggers me when i feel like the mangaka is trying to win me through my penis. I have this negative bias towards some BL female writters (aka Junko) for being unable to write something that doesn't feel like a completely amateur mess for girls that just wish to see some boys and cheap drama. Hell, she draws uke exactly like girls. Unless it's konbini-kun, konbini-kun it's passable; but it may be my bias toward outcasts

Have you ever tried to read Korean BL? It's either sex sex sex sex or nothing happens through 100 chapters. It sucks really hard. Although there's one Chinese BL which i'm quite fascinated with the artwork, name is Chu Zhong Yi Nian Ji

All that rant aside, i've found a mangaka with some pretty unique works, Ido Gohou is the name. Her story-telling technique kinda reminds me of Shimura Takako, in the sense that it jumps from one scene to another and makes you go "what?" if you aren't paying attention, and she can also make a weird ballance between lust, sweet moments and heavy subjects. I see that you've read one of her works but it was honestly the worst one =p

I'd recommend taking a look at B.S.S.M and Yoru wa Tomodachi. I dunno what will be in the end since we can like some opposite stuff sometimes, but i myself don't fully known what to think about them.

check out Asterisk by Shino Torino

I have this one and Ohana Holoholo bookmarked. Will take a look later

Which ones?

So, i've been conflicted since i've rewatched Utena. At first i'd put NGE over it pretty easily since Shinji and Asuka and depression and loneliness and everybody is shit. But holy shit, this rewatch of Utena made it grow on me and i feel like i understood so many things i didn't at first. So now i'm like..... what to do? Think i'll rewatch Evangelion

I also want to watch Yuri Kuma Arashi cause Ikuhara and rewatch Haibane Renmei since i've read the book that served as inspiration and now i want to draw some parallels between the two of them. And Haibane Renmei is so good.

As for manga, i'll reread Aku no Hana after i'm done rereading the Étranger series; which i'm doing now. Maybe rereading Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou too but this one is a big maybe

All that said, it's not like things are really set in stone. I just end up doing what i'm feeling like, so i dunno when it'll really be despite what i'm planning. I've been wanting to read Kimi to Boku these days too...