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Serial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain
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Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
Aug 8, 11:18 AM
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Precious Dec 7, 12:21 AM
gotcha! cant wait to watch it then!

ooh that sounds really nice! you must live next to a lot of forests then since you have access to running in the woods :o

"I’ll never find enjoyment in lifting weights rather than going on runs with friends or while listening to music."
i really admire this because all the guys here at my school all want to be muscular and all they do is lift weights LOL
so its nice to hear that not all guys are like that then! keep on running and doing you! yay! :D

is your cross country coach and track coach the same person?

OSTs are like background music right?
awww it makes you teary eyed :p must be really good then! all i could think of are hunter x hunter OSTs, which in my opinion is absolutely beautiful
im listening to the "underneath the tree" right now and wow! im ready for christmas now!
ooh a christmas carol? is it the one with jim carrey?
omg the ones i watch are mostly animated like frosty the snowman, the grinch, rudolph the red nosed reindeer
dont forget home alone!
what are your favorite christmas movies? :D

ahh you helped me so much by telling me about league of legends! you dont know how happy i am to finally come across a game where i dont need a console or windows or MONEY to play! :>
thats what i was afraid of... people are definitely going to get angry when others suck at the game...
right now i completed the tutorial and im loving it so far!
i would love to play some games with you and listen to your tips because i definitely need it!
i havent went on any actual matches yet so this may seem like a dumb question, but is LoL always 5 vs 5 or can you customize the number of players?
i sent you a friend request

i have NO idea what my username is whether it refers to my name in the game or my name to log in so im either dark dreamz or andreaxlla LOOL
Precious Dec 6, 3:47 PM
OH HAAHHA maybe i should start watching Jojo's bizarre adventures then. i heard a lot of good things about it!
wow new england? sounds very nice!

what? 175 lbs and 6'1? you sound like a beast !! add on the endurance and speed from track and those batting skills in baseball, you would absolutely dominate the other guys

your team sounds like heaven!! its really nice to hear how awesome your team is! :)

oooh okay imma go listen to those songs right now then
anime music? you mean like anime openings and endings?
OH YES CHRISTMAS MUSIC i was playing "all i want for christmas is you"

oh yea thats what i figured :(
i guess to become a hardcore gamer, i need to be willing to spend some money :/
thanks for these recommendations!
im installing league of legends right this very second! :D im pretty excited for it!

wow 80 wpm???? o_o you would definitely qualify for a typing job then!
i just took a speed typing test and got 79 words per minute :P but then again i made a lot of typos
>>> "although I doubt my teacher even reads through the whole thing"
HAHAHAHAH LOOL i hate when teachers do that, like cmon what was the point of assigning us the essays
but wow 90 -100 on your essays? you just proved that it IS possible to write an essay in one day :p
this shall be my motivation so if i ever procrastinate, ill keep in mind that if youre able to still earn a good grade even tho you worked on it for one day, i can too

ahhhhhh noooo now i feel bad D:
i really enjoy reading your responses, it makes me happy to hear about a different life, sort of like another perspective on the world!
i hope your day is going good!
p.s. league of legends finally finished installing! i have no idea what to expect so here goes nothing!
Nightcrawler007 Dec 5, 7:31 PM
Glad you enjoyed that meme, definitely knew that you would. :D

Really wow, then I see great minds think alike. Yes, I absolutely love the game for the exact reasons you mentioned. Love the aesthetic appeal, I adore the amazing soundtrack, and I loved the puzzles/gameplay aspect as well. I think I could go on and on to be honest LOL. The game was wayy ahead of its time when it was released for the PS2. But the remastered versions for the PS3 and PS4 make the game look and feel 10x better than the PS2.

And I was taking a look at your list of openings. And, to be honest, at least three of those are on my top 10 as well. Absolutely love the Fate/Zero OP as well.
Nightcrawler007 Dec 5, 5:13 PM
Precious Dec 5, 10:31 AM
i mean it was raining at that time right? noooo this makes me sad because you're hiding your full potential of your speed
i hope one day your fear goes away, especially with spring track coming up!
it should be sunny and hot towards the end of the season
but then again im not sure what japan's weather is like during the spring... does it get hot or is it still cold?

loooool its okay to be a lazy bum = u =
but thats good to hear that you did some running over the weekend! :D
you got this!! keep up the work!!

so uhhhhh ....
today i made a decision to reduce my running during the winter... its just so cold.. and rainy.. and so lonely that im starting to dread running
i guess im just gonna do some conditioning in the gym? idek

oh dang!! your first practice experience for winter track sounds exactly like mines for wrestling!! the coaches were literally just high school students because they were just substitutes and i had no friends LOL so i was by myself in the corner when they were doing team bonding. the thing that sucks was for wrestling, you're assigned a "wrestling partner" and obviously its someone around your weight. i was like... 105 lbs at that time and the rest of the girls were nowhere around my weight loool so i got paired with this one obnoxious freshman boy who was also 105 lbs. practice sucked hardcore when your wrestling partner keeps on complaining on how weak you are well i admit i am but he dont gotta be rude about it and keeps leaving you to practice wrestling with someone else even tho they were like 10x times heavier than him . lol .
"it had my least favorite coach of all time" AWW MAN THAT SUCKS I FEEL THAT
no wonder you left winter track LOL :P
do you do any other sports besides running?

yea i hated how i had to leave my old team :/
ehehehheheh thank you so much! man i wish i was at your school now, not to be top 5 for girls, but to see how your team is like! it sounds really amazing, i assume your team is pretty close :o

AHHAHHA i see your bob ross gif on your profile. god i love that quote so much.
old rock? what are some old rock artists/songs do you like? ill go and listen to some
"I just wish the music industry wasn't dominated by mumble rappers" - i really agree with that!!
well i listen to the ones on the radio, not sure if its the same in japan :p
but i love ariana grande, ed sheeran, halsey, you know those pop artists on the radio. what about you?

you should totally learn how to play the piano!! just a simple "happy birthday" song is very easy to learn! :)

man if only i had the money to buy stuff like nintendo, xbox, ps4 because all the good games require those to play >.>
i meant to ask, what games are good to play on a pc? i have a mac, so that means i cant even install the xbox app
ahahhaha minecraft LOL got it
well im looking for a game that is easily accessible on a PC, or more specifically a mac, and something that is not really pay to win? also im looking for a game that is considered "popular" and free to play LOL
do you play any games on the pc?
btw i got fortnite LOL = w =

>>> "I can pour my heart and soul into these responses since I enjoy talking with you, but I write one sentence of an essay and I'm already burned out and ready to take a break"
this is the exact description i was looking for! oh my lord if only i was enthusiastic about writing my essay as i am when talking to you :)
>>> " I always leave mine off till the night before because I'm a lazy procrastinator."
LOOOL this one made me laugh. and your essays still turn out good?
Precious Dec 4, 10:05 AM
D: im so sorry to hear that! A BROKEN NOSE? you're all better now right?
man that sucks, this might have intensified my fear of doing short distance even more not that i was ever going to do short distance , but i really admire the fact how even after all that, you're still running :D

ahhh that sounds exactly like my gym! i love being able to see the guys playing basketball from above!
oh that makes sense. when was the last time you ran? :o

sighs im supposed to do a tempo workout today but its raining. i was gonna go to the gym and do freaking 5 miles around the indoor track, which is only 0.13 miles per lap so that would have been like 40 laps around, but i really really do not want to do that.
so i decided im not going to run today c:

have you ever done winter track at least once before?
it sounds interesting i mean i guess they got a heater and AC inside and its unlikely that you wont slip and fall and break your nose :v) ah sorry its not supposed to be an insult i swear
oh my lord i just looked up "winter track" on google images and you werent exaggerating one bit. o_o
it really is an indoor track!11!!! 0_o what the

ohhhh man the struggles of shoveling snow :O
i hope the view makes up for it!

awww thank you so much! i can say the same for you too! thank you so much for talking with me, it really makes me happy! :)

ahh "keep up the good work with running" = u =
ah well a day break doesnt hurt right? = u =
well at least you have spring track coming up! :D
i made a decision that im not going to do spring track this year because this year, im at a new school and holy smoly the team is division one so everyone is insanely fast. i only went to one practice of cross country for this school year and got discouraged by how "slow" i was compared to the rest of the team. so it sucks to say that i didnt do cross country this year neither am i planning to do track. :(

what video games do you play?? im trying to get into games but i just dont know which ones to start with.
hehe at this very moment my fortnite is installing :>
painting??? bob ross?? OMG I LOVE WATCHING HIM ON PBS A RAINY DAY! that is so cool to hear that you paint! :D
ah so i assume you're more of an oldies music fan? :P
well uh tbh i really dont do much besides running.. i guess i play the piano? and listen to pop music? i honestly dont know what i do with my time which is why i want to start being involved in games. but all i do know is im supposed to be working on an essay right now c:
its funny how i can type such a long response on MAL,
Precious Dec 3, 5:28 PM
=u= then we shall talk till forever
what are your other hobbies? :D

wow. 200m and 400m. those are synonymous with death. i dont even know how you do those type of events. my respect for you has increased once again ;u;
did you get the injury from running? man it sucks being out of the season im so sorry to hear that D:

ahahaha hibernation period XD i told myself that this year im going to do everything i can to run in the winter because i lose my form/endurance/speed/everything so easily
so when it rains i would have to run on the gym. its either 30+ min on the treadmill or running 30+ laps around the small track, both options suck but you gotta do what you gotta do :(
do you just run on the treadmills at the gym? if so, how do you not get tired of it D:

ahh i see! so you have winter track at your school! im being completely honest, i have never ever heard of winter track until i started following running memes on instagram and was like what? what the heck is winter track?
i still dont know what winter track is :D
is it running indoors?

mmmm well it never snows here.... but i would say the rain and wind is really bad... i wouldnt want to run in that type of weather who does :P
its similar to your season where it goes from august to late october
welllll since winter track is non-existent at my school, im just running by myself atm
it really sucks because sometimes i lose motivation T-T
ahhh a snowstorm? :O that is so cool! i have never seen snow in my life so i am so jealous of you

btw i saw your mention on one of the forum games and that literally just made my day
i legit went "AWWWWW what did i do to deserve being called sweetheart" ToT
youre so sweet thank you so much for brightening up my day *gets teary eyed*
Precious Dec 3, 11:42 AM
and you got a 11.5 for 100m so you're wayyyyy above average :O
from what you're telling me about the stats for 100m females, im looking at the stats from my high school team and girls usually get around a 15 sec so that goes accurately goes along with what you're saying
thank you so much for this explanation honestly the short distance world is an unknown world to me *0*
do you do any other events other than the 100m?
WHAT? the fastest 100m guy on my high school team ran 11.6 sec, so the sprinters on your team must be REALLY fast then o_o but then again since im from the long distance world, my sense of timing is completely different
that sounds really nice and is exactly what i do ;u;! in fact i have to do a 4 mile run today T-T. do you usually go out by yourself?
whhaaaaat? no way!! 23 min is so slow ;-; and nah i bet you would beat me c:
is your team still doing cross country?
and thanks for the friend request! :D i was going to send one but you beat me to it
thank you for talking to me about running! it makes me really happy if it gets boring pls tell me because i wouldnt want to pressure you to keep talking about running if you dont want to
Precious Dec 2, 9:54 PM
ahh okay we're on the same boat then!
wow i really admire that short distance ; i can never ever do sprinting so i give you kudos for that!
whats considered a good time for a 100m?
your cross country times are impressive! my PR for a 5k is a 23min so thats around your time but then again i bet if you give it your all, then your times would be wayyy faster
that sounds like something i would do! going out for a run in nature is the best :)! and i agree with that because running really helps with stress
how long do you usually go run for?
no nononono dont be sorry! i really loved reading your comment! it makes me really happy that i found a fellow runner! everyone that i know literally hates running so TwT
Precious Dec 2, 8:40 PM
man that explanation was amazing, thank you again for answering my question and not judging me for being stupid ;u;

omg you run????? this makes me very happy, what is the definition of your running?
im procrastinating right now this very second, glad to hear im not the only one
Precious Dec 2, 7:38 PM
dohhhhhh it makes sense!
thank you!
do people just say "sq" when they're too lazy to make a new question?
not that im saying you're lazy
Brooke Dec 2, 2:22 PM
happy tears just filled my eyes
absolutely beautiful
i love
Precious Dec 2, 12:11 PM
Dark_Mike_Knives Nov 30, 11:22 AM
Thanks! That means a lot to me!
TheFisherMan- Nov 30, 8:04 AM

Even Diavolvo wouldn't skipped parts and he sold drugs to KIDS!