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Tongari Boushi no Atelier
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Superior Cross
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Shonen-Heartful 4 hours ago
Have you played Disgaea Infinite?? It's like a visual novel but with a little twist - you can control any characters and make some choices... the game is golden comedy if you're a fan of Disgaea. :3 And there's mostly Disgaea 1 cast but some guests from other games will appear ^-^ You can play it on an emulator (it will work on your PC for sure) or track the copy on Ebay, it released on PSP.
Disgaea Infinite may be my favorite Disgaea game out of all mostly because it's just so much fun to read... and the choices that you can make as characters are the best thing ever. Like, you can make Laharl say "don't hurt Prinnies!!" and then he hugs Prinnies. XD

I tried to find Fragile manga but couldn't. :o MangaRock seems to be the only website that had it but they're not available anymore.
Shonen-Heartful 10 hours ago
I love that Disgaea 1 cast appears in pretty much every Disgaea game. XD All of the cameos moments are great.

Wow, really? There's a manga for Fragile Dreams? Is it translated??
Shonen-Heartful Yesterday, 6:23 PM
What's worse is that gamers don't seem to mind this treatment. :( Sometimes gamers can be nice and oppose bad changes (like Denuvo, for example) but most of the time majority of gamers are just sleepyheads. XD

Oh gee, I heard about Arc Rise. I have no idea why they treat Japanese games like this... I get that it's difficult to adjust to Japanese voices, especially the first time but it's not that difficult. =/ I personally didn't even need to adjust, I started anime in late teens and I watched my first anime with Japanese without thinking, it just seemed like the right thing. Also in my origin country they often dub TV shows and movies while keeping the original track but making it sound less loud, so you always hear the original actors. Usually that's how they dub stuff for TV broadcasts, but cinema is properly dubbed. But yeah... I'm just glad nowadays games get Japanese voices + English subtitles right out of the box.
The silliest thing is that often they use this excuse "not enough storage memory to put Japanese track", which I can understand but what, you can't make some special edition that would have a bigger disc and cost a bit more (that's for PS2 era) or you can't make the J. track available as a free (or even paid) DLC? Even Nintendo DS had an Internet connection, jeez. Somehow they find a way to make all of these junk DLC and lootboxes, and all but can't figure out a way to add Japanese voices. ))

Oh yeah, I know what you mean about games going out of stock. One of my favorite games, Solatorobo, is pretty much out of stock nowadays - it costs 150$+ on Ebay! And there's like 10-20 listings... same for Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon which is another favorite of mine (and a game I highly recommend!!!) - it's almost sold out, the last time I checked it had less than 15 listings on ebay, most of which were resellers. Luckily, it's fairly easy to find websites that have the ISO of these games + emulation is the thing. Plus homebrewing. Right now PS2 games are perfectly emulated and work better than they do on PS2, DS and 3DS have emulators, even PS3 has one! So, passionate people are saving all of these games for free when publishers get money and sue gamers, haha. It's both sad and funny at the same time...

The publishers and everyone should sort all of these matters like Japanese voices, availability of games, preservation of games (aka "don't shut off your online services like Nintendo") and many other things before they can start blaming gamers.

Video games are a fairly new medium, so that's why we have all of these problems. Hopefully it'll get better with time.

Sorry to hear about your PC! Let me know if you'll need some help with upgrading your PC. I don't know much about it myself but I know the specs + some places where they can build you a PC based on your budget.

Thanks. XD I will be honest... skipped lots of episodes. XD I actually wrote a little message where I compared the pacing of Dragon Ball and Naruto and while I love Naruto... I wish it had better pacing. I'm very sensitive to that. :c

Wah! Just saw your anime list design. Subarashiiii!!!!!! And Etna-sama with Prinnies. @_@ Tell me!!! Where is Laharl?! What did you do to him??? XD
Shonen-Heartful Yesterday, 4:35 PM
It's ok, you don't have to complete them all. XD

Yeah, piracy is a difficult topic but most of the time the fight is between those who can and can't afford games which makes the whole thing a bit silly. If you can afford them - yeah, it's best to buy them; if not and no way of improving the financial situation, then there's nothing to worry about. I just wish games were more accessible for people all around the world.

Piracy isn't a big deal and there's a lot of fault on publishers, too. They could have easily found a way to make games more accessible for everyone around the world and to let people try the games first to avoid the situations where you spend money and end up not liking the game. But yeah, if someone has the money to buy games, likes them and just steals - it's obviously wrong.

Yeah, there's a lot of games that would have been impossible to play, actually. I've seen a ton of English translated games where fans did all the work, it's very impressive. Or games where fans spent their time and resources to restore the original Japanese voice acting - this one is crazy big! Pretty much every other Japanese PS2 game had to be undubbed, same for lots of PS Vita and even PS3 games... I'll probably never forgive Square Enix North America for ruining the localization of first NieR (not AUtomata). They sent a "humble" letter to the devs in Japan and said "make your game more accessible to Western audience" which is obviously not something devs could ignore... so, the game in the West had a different story, main hero, had no Japanese voices and it was just awful... Just to name one example of publishers ruining things. And the only way to play that game as close to original as possible (read "with broken translation and dialogue") is through an emulator (which may or may not work on your computer)...

So, cutting the words... we need to buy games but only if it's possible. If not - it's perfectly okay to pirate them. The games are mostly seen as "service", not art and that's a big problem that nobody tries to fix...
You should look into Steam and Ebay, PSN etc - they have sales all the time. And I'd recommend to reconsider your preference. :p

I finished Naruto and about to finish Dragon Ball soon, ohohohoho! ^-^

Shonen-Heartful Sep 21, 6:32 PM
True-true! Oh, yeah 100% is not even an option for me now!! XD But I will definitely spend more time and maaaybe do 100% later on. Like Dragon Quest XI, for example - I definitely aim to spend moooore time in it, I love it so much. <3

I understand! I was in the same situation and couldn't get a PS3-PS4... I can recommend you to look into homebrewing. It's not something to talk about loud but nobody will get hurt if you'll get the games you want to play. I strongly believe that people need to buy all games they like if they can afford it but if you're not in USA or Japan, or some country with higher income, then you don't need to worry about it and just get the games. :p I'm originally from Ukraine and I could never buy games when I lived there.

Nice! I'm planning to play WW and TP soon, I'm pretty sure WW will be on top of my Zelda list.

Profile avatar!
The Legend of Dark Witch... I think I heard about it. Mega Man is so challenging, oof! :3
Shonen-Heartful Sep 21, 4:12 PM
Your avatar is cute! ^-^
Shonen-Heartful Sep 21, 4:11 PM
Hah, mine is too! Though, what helps is that I'm super-picky, so it's not as much as it could have been... and I'm also not into JRPG which saves me the world of time! XD JRPG tend to be rather long pretty much all the time.
But yeah, I'm currently working on my unifnished owned games, my wishlist has some upcoming and released games - so, there's no end in sight, too. :p

Ohhh, old school FF fan? @_@

Phooooey! Get a Switch!! They released a Lite model and it's much cheaper than regular Switch, I'd recommend you to get it. :3
Wooshooo since SC 2! Hmm, I'd say that DOA 6, Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur 6 are all amazing. Oh, I'm pretty bad at them, too. XD
Zelda is sweet. <3 So far my favorites are as follows: BOTWild, Spirits of Time, Phantom Hourglass and Ocarina of Time. I'm yet to play Majora's Mask and Wii/Wii U Zelda. :3 Link Between Worlds - didn't like that one, it didn't have that adventure feel. :( Oh, and Link Awakening is out so I'll check it out as soon as I can.
Shonen-Heartful Sep 21, 2:36 PM
Sorry for a very slow reply!
I'm focusing on playing games and finally getting close to beating my backlog! XD That's why I haven't been watching much anime lately and visiting MAL. I'll fix this soon...

Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem are the series I never got into. : c What do you like the most about them?
Oh, and I'm wrong. I do like FF! My favorites are XII trilogy and XV. While I admit that FF XV story is pretty bad, everything else is very good. I wish Nomura stayed on this project instead of Tabata-yaro... And I also like IX, though never finished it. =_+
Plan to play Three Houses!

Blazblue? Wooow, suge!!I tried some 2d fightning games but they're so fast-paced - can't keep up with them. : c
Do you like 3D fightning games?

Oh, and about me... hmm, I'd say Zelda and Dragon Quest are my favorites. But there's a lot more games I love! > c <
Shonen-Heartful Sep 17, 2:19 AM
Sorry for a slow reply.

Ohhh, nice! Any specific favorites? :p
Shonen-Heartful Sep 15, 6:27 AM
What games do you like? @_@
-Nyammy- Aug 20, 2018 11:10 AM
Fate/Zero atm but it kind of exists in a bubble at the top with Dragon Maid
-Nyammy- Aug 20, 2018 6:47 AM
Guud, had to go to bed lol, moved into college recently and that’s been going good
Wuz your favorite anime?
-Nyammy- Aug 19, 2018 10:38 PM
How are you
-Nyammy- Aug 19, 2018 10:38 PM
-Nyammy- Aug 19, 2018 10:35 PM
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