Anita King

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Anita King (アニタ・キング)

Height: 141 cm (4' 7")
Nationality: Chinese

The youngest sister is a spitfire who specializes in using her paper offensively (by using paper "blades" and throwing index cards like shuriken), but she also relies upon her physical martial arts skills in combat. Unlike all other known Paper Masters, she dislikes books (but is obsessed with collecting frogs and drinking milk). Although Anita sometimes acts bratty and self-important, she deeply loves her sisters. She frequently fights with Nenene, who is equally outspoken, but beneath their squabbles, one can see they develop a strong friendship through the series. She is well liked in her class and is especially admired by classmate named Hisami Shiishi (whom Anita nicknames "Hisa"). Hisa compares the two to the main characters with an extremely close friendship in Anne of Green Gables. (Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Saitou, Chiwa
Hirschfeld, Rachel
Bullara, Fernanda
Portuguese (BR)
Rivero, Yensi
Le Bihan, Audrey