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Rayaxe Mar 27, 12:00 AM
Hey Stranger, do you bring me danger? Must I call the park ranger?
Kamira00 Mar 12, 1:42 PM

If someone ever told me “ You are going to love an Historical anime” I would have laughed at them like they were saying the most absurd thing in the world, and now I find myself really invested and loving an Historical show... I’m quite speechless (in a very good way).
Dororo is being, surprisingly, one of my favorites this season, and I am happy and relived that this show will stick with us in spring season... I was concerned about a rushed/unfinished ending but it seems it won’t be the casa, fortunately.
Dororo’s character, that I initially didn’t like that much, is becoming imo one of the best characters of the season. Hyakkimaru is also a great character: I’m enjoying seeing him grow and discovering new things with his new-found senses. His voice actor is doing a very good job imo, and I’m looking forward to see how he will develop. I’m 1 episode behind right now, and I’m a bit concerned because the last two episodes were really positive and if got to understand something about this series so far is that the author was a bit of a sadist towards his MC... sorry, bad joking aside... It really hurt when Mio died and Hyakkimaru was holding her and crying her name I’m afraid for Dororo’s fate in the end of the series... I somehow (and unfortunately) can’t get myself to see a happy ending... I hope I’m wrong.

Neverland is as good as ever in my opinion, really happy you’re enjoying it. And I somehow remember/understand the shock of Ray being the “traitor”.

Question really out of topic: have you watche Owari S2? If so, what were your thoughts? If not, let me know when you will, I’m really curious about your opinion.

What are your thoughts on Dororo? What about Boogiepop (if you’re still watching it)?
DoruCatana Mar 12, 12:03 PM
Thank you very much !! :3 ;)
Kamira00 Mar 10, 4:10 PM
I’m sorry I am embarrassingly late! It’s been and will be a really busy period for me (probably until July or so...)

But enough if that... Mob Psycho is getting better and better: even though I am not a huge fan of Reigen’s character, his episodes were great and I loved his character development! And there’s Mob I feel very sorry for him but I’m really excited to see how this is going to end. Happy to see S1 characters back, especially Teruki: I missed him! The art and animation are mind blowing as usual and I have nothing to complain about.

Sorry for the short reply, but I couldn’t wait. What are your thoughts about Mob Psycho? And the Promised Neverland? (I’m reaaally curious! :))
Chimaeraian Feb 25, 3:32 PM
ramdomly click your random profile..
wow this dude started with Vampire Knight that's what i'm watching atm..
need to turn my entusiasm into a comment
DaveHerder Feb 20, 1:08 PM
Meh whynot
Kamira00 Feb 16, 12:20 PM
Sorry I’m also pretty late for the reply, but these next months are going to be quite crazy for me so, if it happens again, I apologize.
Right now I’m also a bit out of the weekly/seasonal mood (probably will be restored in a couple of weeks or so)...

I think it was a great episode, but it was also pain itself... it hurts so much seeing Hyakkimaru struggling with his new found hearing (I can’t say I can relate but I have usually headache so I tend to hear much louder everything when it happens, and I can see why he was so much in pain)... I’m also sad because after he regained his hearing the first thing he heard was a woman crying in desperation for the death of a loved one, now he regained his voice and the first sound he emitted with is newfound voice is a scream of pain after he has lost his leg... I’m not sure I want to know what will happen when he will eventually regain his sight... Now I’m also curious about what they will do with his leg.
I felt also really sorry for the girl, but I am somehow curious to see how will Dororo react to it...
So yeah... it was painful!
The music/absence of it in some scenes was spot on and the art is something that as usual leave me impressed. I also have read that Hyakkimaru’s VA is at his first job of his career: I have high expectations!

What are your thoughts?
DoruCatana Feb 16, 7:22 AM
I enjoy Kaguya as well !! I'm not a fan of rom-coms outside the animation medium, but here, I really like the over the top mind games and the ridicule plans that the main characters do all the time...and Chika il also very likable.
It's a series similar to Masamune-kun no Revenge, that I also enjoyed....
Generally it's very laughable for me every time two characters have feelings for each other but don't know how to express them.
Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell are another good exemple, they have one of the funniest chemistry that I saw in animation :P
DoruCatana Feb 16, 2:53 AM
Well, I only whatched 4-5 Isekai series from the beginning to the end, because I really don't like the genre and most of them are the same.:))
Maybe I'll try Juuni Kokuki if you think it's good....and yeah.....I also......didn't give a chance to Slime yet...:P

I think most of the people care only about the shows who are good enough....but usually, this ,,good enough'' shows....are shows that are good enough for them...It's difficult to be 100% objective and enjoy every good series for what it is, because not every good series is a good match for everyone's tastes. MONSTER is one of my favourites storys, even outside this medium and generally...the audiece appreciete and praise this series...but I heard someone saying that even he understands why MONSTER is praised, for's boring.
In my case, One Punch Man is an exemple of show that I would consider overall bad...because I hate the super-hero storys, I can't relate with the protagonist because I will never have super powers, I will never find myself in a scenario as the one presented in the series and I don't like storys that are good just because exist a lot of others that are bad to be made fun of...but IT'S JUST MY PERSONAL TASTE....for what it is...One Punch Man is a great series.
THIS THING HAPPENDS because when you really like or don't like something, it's difficult to be objective, specially if you are not aware of the reason/reasons why you like or hate that series.....(or any other thing)...It's hard to say what is good in a show that you hate or what is bad in a show that you like...for most of the people. Dantalian no Shoka is another series that I enjoyed 10/10, even the overall quality of the series is not 10/10...but rather 6 or 7/10...I liked the setting, the premise and one of the main characters, Dalian(just because she really likes reading and in one scene she wanted to punch someone because...the guy broke some of her books...and I would want to do the same thing if someone would throw random my books on the floor for no reason :)) ).....this is why Makishima from Psycho-pass is my favourite villain...even if he's not as mysterious as Johan Liebert or as human as Griffith.
WHAT I WANT TO SAY IS THAT.....Nobody's tastes will match 100% with the objective quallity of every series so it's useless to say what is good based just on the personal preferences....and it also comes down to what you think the series is Vs what it really is, what the series wants to be Vs how you take it.....Black Lagoon is a seinen with serious themes, it has it's moments sure.... but overall I couldn't take it seriously because of the scenario and the action scenes, that are denying the lows of physics.....when I whatched it, I wanted to see something just for entertainment value, to have I took Black Lagoon on dub as an action-comedy show...and by doing that, I was not disappointed.
Coming back to The Rise of the Shield Hero..I was able to enjoy it so far because I NEVER took the show serious...knowing how ,,serious'' the Isekais are...even the show wants to be a well-written fantasy drama :P
This is why, even though I like to discuss about the medium in general or some series, I don't say for exemple...that One punch man is bad... but ,, Yes, if you are into super-hero genre, I recommend to you One punch's basically ,,Deadpool'' of the Anime..I didn't like it because..blah blah blah..but it's a good series and I think you would enjoy it because....blah blah blah.''
And the overall enjoyment counts a lot no matter the reason why you watch a series...

Speaking of series from this season though...what do you think about about Kaguya-sama ? :))
DoruCatana Feb 15, 12:39 AM
Same here, I droped Bakemonogatari first time, and then, after 2-3 years, I started to watch all the franchise chronologically and I got into the series this way..(it was really helpful to learn something about ,,new wave'' cinema style before the second attempt) and right now, I'm at Nisemonogatari. :P

Usually, I don't watch more than 2-3 new series ...every season(without the sequels of the shows that I already like, including the movies and some series from my ,,plan to watch'' each week, or two......).
With that being said, It might not be a very good season in every aspect, but it's a good season for me...I couldn't watch more on-going series even if I would want to, because I don't have enough time...and Psycho-Pass, Code Geass, Fate Heaven's Feel(ufotable only pls :)) ) and Made in Abyss are long-time personal favourites so...I have at what to look up for....:P.

The Rising of the Shield Hero was recommended to me by a friend who's reading the manga, so I gave it a try...but because is an Isekai, I never took the series to serious, essentially because Re:Zero is the only one that I enjoyed from the beginning to the end...and in a world of ,,another worlds'' where the protagonists are transported giving birth to storys like : Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria, Conception, Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica(I listed the names exactly to show some series that I would NEVER recommend to anyone....maybe except for the scenario where this series would become weapons for killing brain cells worldwide because of some mass-experiment to help the science in some way finding some useful...something :)) :P )
....Because of that....The Rising of the Shield Hero, in his mediocrity, I STILL THINK IS MORE THEN DECENT FOR THE ISEKAI GENRE...:))....Yes, the woldbuilding is superficial, the story doesn't respect the premise established in the first episode, more and more, Naofumi acts like Lawrence from Spice and Wolf sometimes , specially with Raphtalia...and now that she grew up physically, some giant chicken appeared because there MUST be a LOLI..etc etc...........but personally, for the moment, even if I don't like it that much, I'm still entertained...if that makes sense :P.... I didn't got yet a ,,deal-breaker'' to make me drop the series...Shame on me, but I liked Trinity Seven and I thaught it was funny despite being typically a comedy-harem show....where the end of the world comes and... the protagonist is transported in a school full of hot girls, and each one likes him, in particular those from Trinity Seven...because reasons...And of course is not a masterpiece, of course would never be, of course I didn't gave a big score to the series....but at that time, it was entertaining and it was not drop it.:P
I heard a lot of people who read and who are reading the manga that the adaptation doesn't respect the source material that much and there are a lot of I may would probably end as The Goblin Slayer...a very popular series who's actually a 5 or 6 /10. :P

I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about AnimeFeminism news regarding The Rising of the Shield Hero.....:))
Ja.....first world problems !! :P
DoruCatana Feb 13, 8:01 PM
It really is much better(without that awful CGI graphics) even though, in some scenes it looks like a walking coloured manga..90's style.:))
I like Monogatari...has one of the funniest dialogues, but it was really hard to bring myself to try...any series from the francise at first..:P.
I just checked out Chihayafuru and it seemes that..I would enjoy it a lot....Yuru Camp and Sora Yori are at opposite poles ....enjoy little things in life VS try to do something out of the comfort zone. I only saw Sora Yori but I heard Yuru Camp it's a good series as well.
I can't say that this is a bad season by any means.....Dororo is hands down, my favourite from winter and The Rising of the Shield Hero is more than decent :P....
DoruCatana Feb 11, 5:16 PM
Ja....just don't pick the wrong idea because I speak with double meaning or irony sometimes :))... individualistic...meh....I like to hear different, or any opinion about thinks that I like and enjoy...or topics that I'm interested in..I'm a Very social individual :P.
The quoute is from Kempuu Denki Berserck; Griffith said to Guts in the Golden Age arc(at that time, being best friends):,,Do I need a reason every time I put myself in harm's way for you ?''
Btw: Even if it's an old series, I really recommend it...right now I'm almost near to the end in the manga and it's really great (even though I don't like the fantasy genre in particular)
DoruCatana Feb 9, 2:33 AM
. . . .Hi !! I am welcome.... I decided to add you as a friend because your favourite waifu is Illya and I always admired people who are showing their darker side, specially those people who don't fear FBI, but on your credit, she's 18 despite of her appearance so it's legal,I guess...also, my sign is Pisces as well...Peace to the whales !!...I'M A NOTORIOUS SARCASTIC BTW....but is not like I don't wish a happy life for whales..B..B..BAKKA !!
. . . .On a serious note, I like to have friends on MAL who are sharing my tastes and who whatched more series than me, because this way I can get some good recommendations, be more objective when I score a series and talk with someone about some of my favourite ones...why those ,,narrative products'' are good, why are not so good (storytellling become a hobby for me)..and joking about them...a thing extremely rare because usually everyone goes on ,,full fanboy mode'' when it comes to the series they really liked. By give you an example...because I read a lot about technology and manipulation in the modern society, I really enjoyed series like Psycho-Pass and Ghost in the Shell, but...I LOVED to dissect SEL, sometimes scene by scene and, to pick up some interesting ideas about mind and evolution in contact with the online world....even though at the first glance, it might be perceived as ,,LSD-Land'' the Anime. But serious and mature conversations about anything regarding this medium in general, not just the series....are welcome as well.( After I read your long description about yourself, you seemed someone open to this kind of topics..and open in general)
. . . . .To partially quoute a character, because I'm also curious :,,Do you need a reason every time someone adds you as a friend ?''
(not that is a bad thing to be more selective :P :)) )
Kamira00 Feb 8, 4:31 AM
Thank you for putting into words what I couldn't.

I watched Dororo, it releases at the same time, with just an episode delay) and I loved it. I have a childish love towards katanas and all history and myths behind them, so I was instantly hooked by this episode. I really liked the change of focus from Hyakkimaru to Dororo and the guy who was possessed by the sword, even if I liked I little more Hyakkimaru's centered episode, but I can see that for now there's not much space for character development for him... Dororo was as cute as always, I liked his struggle to try to stop the sword and once freed the fact that he called Hyakkimaru "Aniki" just melt my heart. I hoped for a little more introspection of the guy that was possessed but nothing major. I kinda feel sad for Hyakkimaru because the first thing he hears is the cry of a woman that just saw her beloved brother die in front of her eyes, but I'm still really happy that he got back his hearing with his ears.
The art and animation are as always really good and the OST fits perfectly to the tone of the show.
So, in the end, I think it was an amazing episode, looking forward to next week!

What are your thoughts? : )
Kamira00 Feb 4, 4:29 PM
I don’t know where to start... I have so mixed feelings and I am quite unsure myself.

SAO was... bad... This week’s episode was, imo, a good looking episode with a really bad plot... I have not much to say about it, because I still haven’t figured what is actually wrong about this episode out. It just feels so wrong and out of place and for some unknown reason I’m profoundly hating Alice. Sorry for this mess.

Boogiepop was as strange as always: I think I am getting use to it! It could have been better but it could have been worse as well, so I can’t complain that much (Yes, my expectations about Boogiepop dropped a lot). I’m liking how the characters are interacting with each other: it’s so strange... usually, in anime, you have certain number of groups of characters that will somehow hang out (for example the villains, the MC’s, the one from arc 1, etc...) but in this case you have a lot of characters that are MC (of their own arc/episode) but that actually don’t know each other: that’s quite unsettling, even if I don’t mind it and it is somehow realistic, it’s making this messy show even more messy. Other than that, I’m liking where Camille (?) (the girl in the last two episodes)’s character is going and I’m quite interested on how she will behave in the future. Now I’m curious how they will tie up this mess, because apparently, if I understood correctly, the Imaginator’s arc will have other 3 episodes and I have no idea how they will make all of this make any sense (I didn’t like how the first arc didn’t have a sense of conclusion, at least for me).

What do you think?