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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
8 hours ago
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Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Yesterday, 7:43 PM
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Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Yesterday, 7:43 PM
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Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
May 8, 7:18 PM
Reading 63/? · Scored -
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
May 8, 7:18 PM
Reading 23/96 · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Apr 16, 6:09 PM
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David_yk974 May 10, 10:40 AM
T qui toi ??
CECB May 4, 6:11 PM
Thanks Moune!! c:
Hime-sama Apr 16, 2:18 PM
hey hows everything going with you?
wondercorona Apr 10, 8:22 AM
yeah... even to max the POINTS 5* you'd have to spend close to 900k yen which i think even for whales thats too much. even for one copy i think even less than 3000 players got subaru lol. happy elements made the music events unplayable which makes me so sad honestly. especially with how skewed the gacha is, the featured 5* has even lower rates than the initials! i really pray that if enough jp players complain happyele will fix this.. its even that bad for basic but i have no hopes lol. im playing music for now just to unlock the boys mv outfits hehe.. im also saving all my already hard to get dia for anything jun happens to get :( i hope our boys will treat us well when the time comes
Teekee Apr 9, 11:03 PM
It's okay, we all reroll for our favorite haha xD Ah I guess you're right. but I didn't like that it has to be Mika first. I mean, didn't ValkyriePs got enough torture from before!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I got the game.. on my mom's phone again lol ^^;;
I still get frustrated with those green notes lol but imo that's what makes the game unique to other rhythm x)
Oh haha I actually got SSR on my first try, he's not my top choice but I was lazy to reroll at that time so I keep it :P
Here's my ID: 4awpa9tewub7
Yep! So far, based on the PV, it seems it's going to be good xP

also, it's okay not to reply on our previous convo, it kinda got old and way too long now ;; but if you want that's okay too ^^;
wondercorona Mar 31, 6:53 AM
yes ive been playing music quite a lot! i kind of gave up on basic.. the gameplay isn't as "fun" as it used to be.. i think they ruined it lol. i only.keep it now because of my boy's outfits and voice lines! i wish they would merge the games honestly. how about the current events? are you going to be playing those
Taiyaki Mar 29, 9:25 PM
no problem, i'm glad you like it ;u;
Teekee Mar 24, 11:20 PM
I end up borrowing my mom's phone for Music lol ^^;
Yeah, we basically start over again with Music
Ooh nice! Eden's leader right off the bat XD I got him too but in Music instead lol. I haven't scout in Basic yet, only the x10 ticket and I got 4* Jun there xP
I was gonna ask why and I immediately realized lol ;; it would've been nice if all of them are 5* not just the unit leaders..
Haha yeah, I'm pretty sure you already know mine too xD

AAAAH yes it's tomorrow. I'm interested and want to try it too but I still have to finish my finals ;-;
fufu it's okay~

btw, keep safe from corona virus o/
kivvi-san Mar 20, 8:53 PM
Ah sorry for the late reply ;w; but you're very welcome :o
and yes Hisagi is awesome, he was my obsession back in the days >-<
HeySayJesKuh Mar 19, 12:28 AM
but at least you don't have to unlock each difficulty! Yea... Basic is really slow :( and dude did you play Kanata's produce lesson? on the event side? 40AP = 40 turns D;
CECB Mar 18, 5:04 PM
The pleasure is all mine :3

Thanks for the compliment :D
wondercorona Mar 18, 6:36 AM
hey! have you been playing the new enstars game/update?
Teekee Mar 15, 10:22 AM
huehue I got Basic now >:3
Almost had a heart attack when I didn't see my old cards. Turns out they're all in album lmao

I can't download Music tho ;-; i'm desperate. i might borrow my mom's phone again lol ;;
HeySayJesKuh Mar 13, 5:04 PM
Are you excited for Ensemble Stars!! Basic and Music tomorrow?!
Teekee Mar 12, 6:33 AM
I'm getting worse at replying... (¯□¯٥)

Yep, you're right >_< TBH I actually want the anime longer... I mean I'm fine with it ending at SS but I wish it was longer that it would've been able to adapt the chapters better, not rushed.
Speaking of lives, the full MVs of all units for the game are now out in Twitter/Youtube! I love watching them so much! x)
I put the songs on loop when I found them LOL.

Haha I think I know what you feel (but for me it's game since I rarely watch dubbed anime now) When they're 'okay' you can't help but also feel kinda 'odd' mostly because you're already used to the first voice you heard, which is Japanese xP

I got Mika to 5* (and unlocking his solo)
Don't worry I already moved on from that.. ^ but reading this... I CAN'T HELP BUT FEEL JELLY (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Oho you got Jun, Happy Ele know who you want the most lol. Whoa. All 5*s... just.. WOW. Such dedication. I'm witnessing a legit fan right now. I have so much respect for you I feel like a peasant LOL XD

Me too, I didn't play Enstars much after the unit event...
Oooh those are lucky scouts! You even got 5*! I'd say you're really lucky these past months :O
I didn't get any anniv cards unfortunately (´-﹏-`;) just random 3*, the 4* I got are mostly Yuzuru LOL
Hahaha even Love Live gave you lots of christmas presents xD

Even if I'm trying to lessen the games i play rn I'm ready for both Music and Basic (or atleast just Basic.. ) but then they postponed them the day before the release (-.-;) at least it won't take months.

LOL I see but the game is ALMOST there anyway xP
Yes you can disable it but... it's not fun :P Oh Bandori is like that too? I didn't know :O Dankira has MV while playing too but its rhythm part is much easier (it's beginner friendly), so I think that made things not so distracting there. I just need some time to get used to Enstars Music ^^;
Haha yeah, that would be really fun if we can do that!
Who was that hypmic seiyuu? Hypmic is really popular and IMO being part of it really boost the seiyuu's popularity..

We're the same then. I'm not really bothered with spoilers (but also because of it I accidentally spoiled someone --indirectly, so I try to be more careful :P)
No.. I haven't seen it. I'll try to look for it :3 BTW any news the movie might screen in your place? No news in my place tho ;-;
Edit: nvm, i doubt there'll be any news for theaters with today's situation..

Ooh nice and even Yakumo! >_< I wanted to have a SSR of him but the game never gave me one LOL. Ah unfortunately, like I said, I try to lessen the games I play and Ayakashi's one of the games I've decided to quit ;; Not sure if I'll come back.. You're free to remove me from your friend list to free a space ^^;
Oh what is it? Another idol hell game? :3 Too bad you didn't get it but I hope it will soon. Pfft yeah that's how gacha games are XD
I've started a new gacha game as well. It's Arknights, a mostly waifu tower defense game.
I liked that Trickstar/Eden opening too! I always love it when anime make changes in their op/ed like that xP

Okay! I found the sorter from tumblr and here's my result: (LINK)
LOL at those ties hahaha XD I low-key stan sensei but I didn't expect them both to rank 12 xP Didn't expect Arashi to be in top 20 too.

Aaah btw, have you already seen Hanae Natsuki's (along with Eguchi Takuya and Ono Kensho) "Game of Darkness" videos on YouTube? Supposed to tell you this WAY before but I keep forgetting LOL. They started with playing different card games, now there are other things too. They are loud, they exaggerate things but it's actually fun to watch LOL ^^
Here's the link to the videos: (LINK)