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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
Apr 24, 6:24 PM
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NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso!
Apr 23, 6:02 PM
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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Apr 22, 12:36 PM
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Liar Game
Liar Game
Apr 3, 9:52 AM
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Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Mar 25, 3:59 PM
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Mar 25, 3:58 PM
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NishizawaMihashi Apr 10, 7:33 PM
Still busy eh? ( ; _ ; )

As for GO, you could watch it in Japanese but not only do you lose out on the additional effort put into the English accents of the non-American characters, you also do struggle a bit with keeping up on the specific American nuances and the more complex concepts being used. The origin of the story is Japanese but the direction they had with this adaptation is definitely a firm attempt at emulating live-action American cinematography, not to mention that the story's point of view is heavily rooted in the American perspective.

Now as someone who's in psychology, I heavily disagree with the story's primary academic thesis. Like you can tell that the person just doesn't have much formal training or even a cursory knowledge of psychology if we base it on the adaptation. Then again, the approach is from a pure linguistics perspective but I think if I were to adapt I'd totally change the pure linguistics standpoint and use a psycholinguistics one instead.

Yeah, I bought and watched it again on Blu-Ray as the whole IP will probably be part of some kind of academic research I intend to do in the future, yet to read the English translation of the book this adaptation was based on though. And also I do prefer buying Blu-Rays, real costly due to the exchange rates but hey I get a good overall product so why not lel

Malaysia's fine bro, overall slowdowns on the economy. Election's coming soon, I didn't bother to register as there're really no suitable candidates from any party in my district. Probably the situation will remain that way for a long time until some who finally graduate from uni can try their luck and tenacity in politics cuz, for better or worse your politics is essentially the same as mine, only difference is that we got a king and you don't lol

And yeah, still working on my books, but kinda slowed down cuz I've been having some physical problems lately, tryna find a decent, affordable gym that's close by to rectify that. And I don't think I'll ever switch my focus. Sure, I may study psych but that's only to help me get a grasp on people in general, with practical benefits on management overall. I used to think I'd be a shrink of some sort but I guess my art teacher had always been right all along, that what I REALLY wanted to do wasn't the business of shrinking people, but in multimedia editing and management.
NishizawaMihashi Apr 7, 11:12 PM
Brooooooooooooooo ( ; _ ; ) I miss ya man, still busy? Yeah, I've heard some really nice things about it and I've seen a few screenshots too. I'ma check it out real soon today bruh. Also you ever heard of Genocidal Organ? My Blu-Ray of it just arrived on Friday and I rewatched it in English, really solidifies the points and feel they were aiming for which the Japanese version just didn't have. Saw the Japanese version in theaters hence why I really just had to get the Blu-Ray cuz I know they were gonna put in actual effort into the English dub with a story like that.

Long story short, if ya don't know what's it about, it's basically this dude in spec ops named Clavis Shepherd with orders to scope out this dude named John Paul who's suspected of inciting some crazy shit to happen in other peoples' backyard and eliminate 'im on site, or was it capture, either one of that
Bajar Mar 11, 8:11 PM
amen brother. your profile was a nice read. That Homer and Marge exchange is way too relateable
Yuusa Jan 29, 2:21 PM
It actually is admirable to have a dream or passion that makes someone drop whatever they're doing to go pursue that. I kind of wish I had that kind of fuel driving me towards a direction currently. Having the guts to actually drop and follow that, though, is a different story. I wish you best of luck with your future tests and whatnot. But by the way you're speaking, you seem to have the spark to get through difficult times that might weed out your peers. Damn though, last march? It's almost been a year since you started. I'm not knowledgeable in terms of length or training, but that sounds like a pain.

Made in Abyss looks interesting. I see that it's a drama/mystery but it looks like an adorable art style. Maybe I'll try it. I tell myself that I'll get back into anime, but that never seems to happen. Currently, I'm dealing with the consequences of my procrastination. I'm taking 5 classes and 2 labs this semester, but I still procrastinate the same amount. So far nothing seems too overbearing, but the long labs and whatnot kill me inside. Especially needing to study more than I did in high school. Still adjusting to it all, but keeping some of my old habits.

Hmm... Maybe I'll be in California sometime, not too sure. I do want to take trips while I'm in college to experience what the world is like, but no plans just yet with any of my friends. Go ahead and experience other countries, honestly. It's really interesting. I'm starting to visit Japan yearly again. This year is going to be my 3rd year in a row in a long time. My mom recently moved back to Japan, so I have more of an incentive now. We have our whole life ahead of us to meet, it'll happen eventually if we both attempt.
Yuusa Jan 17, 9:02 PM
Yes, yes, my bad. I didn't mean to take away that inch and a half. Google told me 5.375. so I just ended up saying 5'3". Hey, we're similar though, go us. Woo.

Yeah, I think a lot of jobs in that regard are "hero" jobs. I still admire their bravery towards things like that. Actually, everyone in the armed forces. It must be really nice to have a dream to be able to drop everything and just go for it. It couldn't have been the easiest decision. How much longer do you think it'd take to get near that type of position from where you are? I'm not very knowledgeable of the armed forces in general and the requirements to get higher in position or to get into a specific role.

Haha, maybe I'll try to work on building muscle mass one of these days. I'll start thinking about it. I definitely will sign up for the draft soon, most likely this weekend.

Oh, that show. I remember seeing a lot of pictures about that show as it was airing. I think I heard it was quite the "moe" anime, but also entertaining towards slice of life viewers. I hope you do enjoy Nichijou, it's one of the major slice of life anime that I first viewed that made me really want to dive deeper into the genre. I'd love to talk about it after if you're up for it when you've finished. I have more recommendations when you're finished with that too..

Do you have any plans to visit Hawaii again? Or is your next few years occupied by the military to try to get to the position you want? Not sure how it all works in the military.
Yuusa Jan 16, 6:50 PM
Hold on, you're 64.5 inches? 5'3"? Not what I imagined honestly. Height definitely isn't a big factor in life when looking at the grand scheme of things. It's just a little thing that I wish I were taller. That's honestly hilarious to know. I guess everyone really has that one hobby that anyone can partake in, regardless of occupation and stereotypes.

EOD sounds a little frightening.. (I just looked it up. Is it the bomb squad thing?) That's actually reassuring to hear, lol. I didn't want it to come off as a rude kind of way towards the country. Being drafted just sounds a little intimidating since I'm not the most physical person. Speaking of physical shape, that's probably out of it for me. I'm pretty lean but in terms of having no muscle mass also. I hope you get where you wish to be. I know you always try your best, so keep it up.

Haha yeah. I still do very much so enjoy writing, even though I barely do any form of that anymore. That was an interesting path that I never thought I'd consider taking. Looking back at that now, it definitely is a good choice to not partake in that and follow through. It was more along the lines of an in-the-moment type of thing. What can you do? Life just rolls that way. I hope I can find a job that I wouldn't mind doing in the science field. It's a little intimidating thinking of all the horror stories that come with "intro-level jobs" in the science field. Many have pretty harsh requirements with subpar pay, or so from what I've heard. At the moment I'm just taking life one semester at a time. More like one day at a time since I procrastinate and push everything off.

I'm actually really glad to hear you find Lucky Star entertaining. Welcome to my genre, slice of life. I can introduce you to so, so many shows. At first, I also put off the genre a bit and looked more towards story and whatnot, but over time after watching more anime and seeing what taste suits me, the slow and steady style of everyday life captures me. I think I may actually prefer episodic anime over overarching storylines that play from the first ep to the last. I find it to be less of a chore to have to "start and finish" to allow characters to develop and whatnot. Have you seen Nichijou? It's similar to Lucky Star, but far superior.

I wish one day we could meet and talk in person. You're someone whom I've actually known longer than most of my current group of friends funnily enough.
Yuusa Jan 15, 10:42 PM
It's amazing to hear you want to take up that position honestly. As much as I love this country, I don't think I'd want to join the military and fight for it. Honestly, I signed up for FAFSA this past semester and haven't done the draft yet cause I don't want a potential drafting to happen. (I'm also lazy) I need to really get on that and sign up though, so I can make sure I don't get kicked off FAFSA. I didn't qualify for any financial aid, but just for future semesters to come.

Yeah, it's been a long time. High school flew by and now here I am in college almost done with my first year. I remember meeting you back in seventh grade on that one server (I don't remember the name). Tylee messages me once in a blue moon about random stuff, but that's like once every 2 years or so maybe. Throughout K-12 I was very interested in science, so I figured that'd be the field for me to go into. I was going to do computer science since I've been living on the computer for as long as I can remember (maybe kindergarten? due to my older step-sister playing online games), but I opted out of that and went for the biology route. I kind of regret that a little bit, but it's whatever. I didn't think coding and whatnot was for me, but the more I think about it, I could have just tried it at first to see what it was like. I already took classes towards the biology major though, and I don't want to waste money by needing to be in school for longer, so I don't want to switch back over.

That's actually funny to think honestly. I just picture a bunch of 6' tall, buff guys talking over whose waifu is better. Oh, on that note. I hate my height. I got the bad end of the stick when talking about that gene lottery. I'm only like 5'4". My mother's side the guys are at least 5'9", but my father's side the guys aren't that tall. Maybe like 5"5'. Tangent, sorry. I haven't really watched anime since late 2015. The only show I watched was gochuumon season 2 in April 2016, but that was cause of my friend. I've been more into games (just picked up a new game today that I'm in love with). What about you? Has your taste or anything changed after watching more anime?
Yuusa Jan 14, 3:44 PM
I don't think I had the best reaction to seeing the alert going off on my phone. My first thought was, "Do I need to go to work still?" Since I had to wake up around that time to get ready. The answer was yes since it was false. I feel like I didn't really have any fear towards that alert. Maybe since I didn't hear the sirens go off or anything, so I didn't think it was anything dire. Or maybe I'm just conditioned to death since I've always joked about that kind of thing throughout high school.

Hm.. life... I think it's going rather okay. I just started my second semester of college (it's insane how much time has passed since we first met back in.. 2012? 2011?), and I'm having more fun than in high school. The freedom and ability to make my own schedule brings me great pleasure. I decided to major in biology (for now at least), but that could change at any moment. I decided to take the cheap route and do 2 years at LCC before transferring up to UH to finish my bachelor's. How have you been? It's been a while since we talked.
Yuusa Jan 13, 8:59 PM
I'm a missile survivor now. LUL
thiago52192 Dec 20, 2017 5:28 AM
At the same time I'm upset about your review of Ajin, I'm also happy. Because it shows how much people were blind whatching this show. People hated it only for the sake of being CG. But luckily those blinded people are the dumb part of anime community, specially with your review saying that this show isn't 30fps. That setence only prove that you have no idea what are you talking about. So I'm definitely happy that most of people hating the show have no idea how does animation works and the normal anime fans apreciated the show.
VinnyZ99 Nov 27, 2017 7:49 PM
Thanks for accepting!! Haha I'm not actually Italian, but it's sort of the nickname I go by for Vincent, and my last name starts with a Z haha.
I appreciate the recommendation! I'll definitely give it a shot :)
KLucifirtsK_X Nov 27, 2017 6:29 AM
when you skipping school and want to look cool
*Ajin review
EcchiGodMamsterP Nov 26, 2017 5:28 PM
no... it just means this

EcchiGodMamsterP Oct 15, 2017 8:02 PM
LMAO thanks man, i try XD
Bibimbapski Oct 7, 2017 12:22 PM
I find it hilarious that these motherfuckers are butthurt over your review of Ajin. "Oh woe-is-me, someone made a negative review of my favorite Anime. I shall proceed to tell him why he's absolutely wrong and why I'm absolutely right." Kenyanke even went as far to tell you why your review isn't valid, LOL. Talk about being asshurt over a fucking review. You keep roasting shitty Anime while these morons moan and harass someone for having a different opinion. Shit, I have series that I like that people hate and I don't go on their profile to tell them why they're wrong.