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EcchiKingMamster Oct 15, 8:02 PM
LMAO thanks man, i try XD
Bibimbapski Oct 7, 12:22 PM
I find it hilarious that these motherfuckers are butthurt over your review of Ajin. "Oh woe-is-me, someone made a negative review of my favorite Anime. I shall proceed to tell him why he's absolutely wrong and why I'm absolutely right." Kenyanke even went as far to tell you why your review isn't valid, LOL. Talk about being asshurt over a fucking review. You keep roasting shitty Anime while these morons moan and harass someone for having a different opinion. Shit, I have series that I like that people hate and I don't go on their profile to tell them why they're wrong.
RinceWavest Jul 2, 9:45 AM
Okay, some/many movie I think have a good story but sometime the pace really make it bad or that movie have a bad story.
Well, sorry my english not good so I can explain so well and can just talking little.

See this https://myanimelist.net/blog/RinceWavest (but not detail because same reason :'>)
virulentbunny Jun 21, 6:05 PM
Also, one more thing, not sure if you're clear on this or not. 2d animation has never been 30+ frames per second. Standard for 2d at least is always 24 fps. Or 12. or 8. 3d animation is newer, and in stuff that's going for a more 3d aesthetic, like Disney, instead of trying to emulate an anime vibe, will probably go 30, etc. But Ajin was trying to make itself look like regular 2d anime with the lower frame rate. That's part of what I meant by uncanny valley.
virulentbunny Jun 21, 5:58 PM
Hey jerk, I'm an animation student. I know what an inbetween is, lmao. It's still 8 frames per second in a lot of anime. Some of those 8 frames are inbetweens, some of them are keyframes. Inbetweens are just frames that you draw after you draw your keyframes. The frame that you linked to is actually usually called a smear, and it does help with smoother movement. That kind of thing is really missing in Ajin, but just adding more frames wouldn't fix the issue. Smears make anime more dynamic and intense. More frames would just make it smoother, but wouldn't add much else.
I don't like anime with less movement, I like anime with "anime movement." I don't know if you'll understand the distinction that I want to make here unless I really over-explain it, so I'll just refrain. I guess let me know if you're interested and I'll try to further explain myself. But buddy. I ADORE great animation. Give me an example of some anime you really like and consider good animation, and I'd love to try and deconstruct it for you.
Also, I'm just gonna say -- pretty sure you misunderstood my uncanny valley comment completely. Nod accepted.
I did enjoy Ajin, but not for the animation. There, we agree. I was just trying to explain to you where your critique of that bad animation was inaccurate to my understanding.
u too bud
virulentbunny Jun 19, 9:15 PM
You know most anime is on 3's, right? That means 8 frames per second. And much of the typical 2d animation has a bunch of tricks with panning and still frames to conserve their resources for when they really need to go 24 fps. Anime has never, to my knowledge, been at a higher frame rate than that. I guess because it's 3d, none of those conventions really apply and Ajin could be rendered at any framerate, but if you're comparing it to other anime you've seen, the framerate isn't really the issue. Tbh, I personally find that I prefer it, and would actually prefer less movement sometimes to get a closer effect to 2d anime, but that's me. It's in sort of an uncanny valley where it's not quite the 2d you're used to, it moves a little too smoothly and precisely for that, but it's choppier than realistic cgi and video games. I've been thinking about the animation in ajin since I started watching it today and wanted to clear up a few things, and also add my two cents.
TheArtofAnime Mar 30, 12:02 PM
Came here to say I was citing your Ajin review in something....
...Then saw the backlash you were getting for voicing your opinion and just wanted to put my two cents in for that, that hopefully people see before they rant on to you more, I'll keep it short:

What we consider good/bad is all up to personal preference and a review is meant to voice that opinion to other individuals that may share those same opinions or make known the faults/successes in shows we really want to talk about. There are no general RULES for reviews, they are OPINION pieces. So if a reviewer wants to compare their experience to the reviewed material to something else, and it was something that had an effect on the OPINION of the reviewer, it's fair game. The only true general rule of a review is that you talk about how you perceived the material you're "reviewing" , which I see being done in most of Midg3tLuv's reviews. After all, like I've been stressing they are his OPINION and if something shaped that OPINION it's what's going to be talked about in the review. Reviewers with personality are the ones people tend to like anyway, unless you're a "lonely prick with nothing better to do" than justify your "objectivity".

...and thanks for your thoughts on Ajin, made my job discussing that I wasn't alone in thinking the show was bad, much easier.
NFMaster Jan 10, 1:42 PM
Writes a review about Ping Pong, rating it a very bad score without talking about the selling points of the show, but instead, talks about a painting that may be a well chosen example, but makes no connection to the show whatsoever. Then you go on categorizing people that like this anime, making a broad generelization, just to justify your score.....then rates FairyTail an 8.......if you could name actual reasons, that would be more than welcome.Because you clearly say that you like thinking philosphically, and Ping Pong had no shortage of that. Not one character was ''flat'' (as you described Tsukimoto), atleast if you pay attention and don't think about an unrelated painting when watching a sports anime. Also, other than that you actually have great taste (obviously imo), which is why I even wrote this comment to begin with. Also, reagrding your Bio: I still watch anime because I can still enjoy things I find bad. Also, every once in a while there are anime that blow my mind and change my perspective on things, and the sheer hope that the next show could be this exact anime is what's keeping me here. Also, I am only 17 and this medium mostly targets my demographic, so why not? I watch just as many movies/series and read almost as many books
AtlasRedux Nov 22, 2016 7:47 AM
The human eye does not consider 30FPS as fluid motion. It SEEMS that way when watching a movie, because they're heavily blurred. 30FPS is in fact very jerky.
We consider 50~ as fluid motion, but you can still see quite the difference going higher up, of course with diminishing results.
TangoDelta2 Jul 29, 2016 5:19 PM
Kenyanke is an idiot.

I came here to say I agree with your review of Ajin, it was a bad adaptation.
I especially loved the line "The manga has more frames per second than this horrible adaptation."
Kenyanke Jul 29, 2016 12:56 PM
I recommend that you LOOK at the sites rules and guidelines before you take matters into your own hands and create data that goes against the standings of this sites rules. The whole point of a review is of course to show your opinion, whether it be bad or good, and comments are there for people to keep in contact, create discussions or debates providing it conforms to the rules. I never said I cared about your opinion, you have your own opinion of the show, which I gotta respect, the part that I don't respect is the overall review that you created, it doesn't follow review guidelines nor does is constructively output a fair rating based off the overall review.

A review is suppose to be constructively typed, it's not suppose to bash into one area for the majority of the text, your suppose to convey the positives and negatives of the show based on your experiences. If you re-read my comment it specifically says that reviews have more factors, but just like games (which you mention in your review), they have rating criteria such as replay value, graphics, story line, controls, sound, enjoyment and just because a game may have terrible graphics doesn't make it a crap game. Put that into the context of what your saying and your review is that Ajin is a piece of crap because of it's animation style.
Kenyanke Jul 29, 2016 9:09 AM
I completely understand the affinity meter, why do you think I messaged you? The majority of people these days who review anime are simpletons who cannot think for themselves, they just go with the overflow of anime fanatics for one hit wonders. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, ratings and reviews, but singling out an anime and reviewing it low because it's animation doesn't fit your standards is wrong.

Now lets step through your Ajin "ANIME" review:

1 - "This is the first time I have ever had a headache after watching something"
2 - "Story is awesome"
3 - "Story is cool"
4 - "Show deserved some credit. The orchestrated pieces are put perfectly in place"
5 - "The creators of this show are probably good with the ladies, because the mood is set for every scene."
6 - "Satou is a great bad guy."

1: If you had a headache from watching each episode, why did you continue to complete it, you must of enjoyed it.

2,3: If the story is awesome and cool, how is the anime adaption bad?

4: If the music is perfect, how is this anime adaption bad?

5,6: If the characters in this anime are so great, how is this anime adaption bad?

Please remember that this is an anime review, not a manga review, if you'd like to review Ajin's manga then create a review for it's manga, but of course you are entitled to compare, but the review cannot be about manga, it needs to be about the anime's traits.

If we put your words into a score:

Story: 9 - Because the story was awesome or cool.
Sound: 9 - Because the music was orchestrated to perfection.
Characters: 8 - Because the characters were "Great - Bad = Very Good"
Enjoyment: 5 - Because even though you had a headache you continued.
Animation: 1 - Because it didn't match your preference.

Now of course there's probably more factors into reviews, but basics 9+9+8+5+1 = 32/5 = 6

and finally:

Reviews must NOT:
focus solely on comparing any adaptation or source material of the entry. A few sentences for general information is alright, but remember that your review is a critique of the work itself, not a comparison. Your readers may not be interested in reading the novel nor care if the plot deviates from it.
Kenyanke Jul 28, 2016 8:29 PM
You need to understand that reviews ain't for yourself, they are for others and you should rate and review anime & manga fairly in relation to myanimelist's rating guidelines. You sir are still new to anime; you need to grasp more under your belt if you want to review better. You'll be thinking in your head "How am I new to anime, I have 50 days". Days aren't the only thing that makes you an anime fan, appreciation, enjoyment, is another factor.

Taking Ajin into account, just because you dislike the animation doesn't mean the overall anime/story is bad. You ramble on about companies from decades ago getting stuff right and over time they've matured and improved their experience. When it comes to Ajin, it's the studio's journey.

You can add me to your profile bully list (which is against the rules of myanimelist - the list), even if someone gave you negative/abusive comments, it doesn't give you to right to single them out and do the same thing, because if you use common sense, your doing the exact same thing.

You can look at my list and try to give me criticism, I base my ratings and reviews on everything which includes story, music, art, enjoyment. I've watched 10 times of what's on your list over the past 15+ years, I may know what is a good or bad anime, but that doesn't mean I should ruin the experience for someone else because I disliked 'one' factor in the overall production of it.
omgitsbrandon Jul 12, 2016 2:55 AM
I'd recommend that you give "The Tatami Galaxy" a try.
Arsene_Lucifer Apr 19, 2016 6:57 PM
Thanks for reading, and glad you liked my review. I'm actually planning on writing a longer review for the main tv series page. It's just taking longer than expected so I generalize my key complaints in the recap movie. Yes, Jojo Bizarre adventure is awesome.

I read your review, and got to say you did a better job explaining the animation faults than I did. In particular referencing the frame rates of video games, and stating what is normally suitable for people when it viewing visual entertainment. It's allot more to go on than my constant lagging description of it. Though I was more harsh (rating wise) on the series I do like your review too in providing positives, and reason behind on what you liked about it, even if in the end it turned out bad.

Yes, Satou was the best part of the anime, and the only coherently written character. It's a shame the story wasn't from his perspective since it would presented the grey area when it came to the world views on Ajins better than Kei did in his adventures.