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Jun 27, 2016
Sailor Mars Crystal Season 3 is much more than our sailor scouts fighting evil by moonlight or winning love by daylight.

This show offers enjoyment beyond pressing your face against your mousepad trying to peak up a sailor skirt, as though it were a VR anime. The "Death Buster" arc is without a doubt one of the most entertaining arcs in the iconic series. It is pretty obvious that Toei cared more about this season compared to previous seasons of Sailor Mars Crystal.

This arc is one of the favorites of any fan. I remember watching Sailor Moon S and welcoming the new scouts into read more
Jun 19, 2016
Mayoiga (Anime) add (All reviews)
Remember when "Lost" (American Live Action Series) became an omelette of horrible ideas? "Bus Show" creators must have thought that was good writing and made a show out of it.

*Spoiler Alert*

The cast is one of many assaults on one's sanity. The characters as I recall are listed like this: Harem Gay, Harem Gay's Best Friend, Love Interest (sometimes Bow Girl), Pikachu, Uzi Chick, Military Guy, Pirate Jack, Other Jack, Larry (refer to Phoenix Wright), Execute Girl, Soy Latte (actual name), Small Beard, and Black Dude. There are a ton of other people, but no one cares. This show damned itself by having such a large read more
Apr 11, 2016
Ajin (Anime) add (All reviews)
“Ajin” is the “Batman: Arkham Knight” (PC) of anime.

This show is broken. The show visually assaults your eyes. Visuals are important in visual entertainment. Dismissing visuals in visual entertainment is like dismissing food at a restaurant. You may be influenced to go somewhere because the service rocks, but you won’t go if the food is horrible. The visuals are incompetent at best. I’m going to put this in terms that many people on this site will understand. Some gaming companies restrict games to 30 frames per second (FPS) because they want their game to be more “cinematic”. People complain that games below 30 FPS is read more
Mar 30, 2016
Ever wonder what it was like in 1966 when Star Trek released and everyone was like "gee willikers this beautiful"? This show will do that to you.

The quality of this show is on a tier unto itself. The animators are showing off how strong they are the entire movie. The visuals are always the first thing that draw people into a show because it is the first impression. Describing the animation as "eye-candy" does not do this film justice. No detail has gone unnoticed. I want to watch this in the dub version because I want to sit down and fully appreciate everything as much read more
Mar 23, 2016
10/10 for 13 year old boys!

I knew the show wasn't gonna be good when the entire first episode was comprised of boob grab jokes. I chuckled the first time and then I stopped chuckling after the 3rd one in the same episode. Upon watching the second episode, I thought they showed us tits because they knew episode 1 was a flop. Without fail, we got tits on every episode after that. I love some tig ol' biddies, but you can't run a show off of those alone. And they knew how to compensate for all the huge tits. I like me some small titties as read more
Mar 18, 2016
Man always strives for a challenge. Climbing Mt. Everest, landing on the Moon, and finishing Joshiraku are some of the arduous accomplishments ever achieved.

The show is mislabeled as a "comedy". If puns and cultural jokes are all you have to lean on; hire a writer. Don't be so proud that you can't dismiss your own faults. The only thing more revolting than the jokes are the dorks that pretend this is funny because they want to be weeb level 1 million. I understood a couple of the puns in Japanese and they weren't good. I pretty much have a PhD in Dad Humor. Timing and read more
Mar 9, 2016
The Trashy Harem Movie I Have Been Waiting For Has Finally Arrived.

The movie started off strong with an opening song and Yoshino losing her mind with glow sticks. At that point (about 1m30s into the movie) I realized that this show was made for the fans and I was right. The fan service level was easily 9000+. The movie kicks off with the announcement of 6 dates with the main girls. Let the date begin. Shit is about to hit the fan and Shidou is tasked to save the world in the only way he knows; make all the women happy! There was some cute read more
Feb 22, 2016
This show was a 10 while simultaneously being a 4. Add them together and divide by 2 and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is a 7.

"Better than Ping Pong: The Animation" - 0207xander

If you liked Golden Boy, this is a must-watch. I shamelessly like lowbrow and no fucks given entertainment. I watched this with friends. We all loved the first 3 episodes. The one liners are funny. The show started off strong with yelling "viva libido" and the show thoroughly had my attention from there on out. The horribly out of place baboon head on the student body was hilarious. Then they doubled down on one read more
Feb 21, 2016
I happened to make a report on "Parasyte" in an intensive writing on comics book class. Citations below. Enjoy.

Maxim of Man: Our Natural Order

Great stories go beyond entertaining people. Stories can be used for encouraging people to think for themselves and provide insight to how people think. Parasyte-The Maxim provides insight on how people act as an individual and as a collective. This series can be watched passively and absorbed as an action series. However, the true meaning of the show is a psychological thriller that constantly reminds you of humanity. We are all under the influence of media. Everyone read more
Feb 21, 2016
Damn Near Perfect

You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want. - Ging "when not being a horrible father" Freecss

Hunter x Hunter is an outstanding show that deserves it's spot on the 'Top 5 Anime' list on this website. The animation was gorgeous. Mad House puts love into their work and it shows in Hunter. The characters are lovable and you care about them. Every main character is amazing. The show will have you laugh because of the well written humor and tear up because people you care about will die. Just read more