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KannoSugako Apr 22, 3:19 AM

Hugging her so hard because she is so very late on her reply

I’m truly sorry it took me this long to get back to you, i’ve been less able to answer here on MAL and hence replies and conversations are pilling up constantly and I have no physical way of replying them all as soon as i’d like to. So at this point i’m trying to barely survive and reply one thing every few days, so i’m so sorry, I really am for I really enjoy talking to you and it kinda frustrated me not be able to answer sooner, but fear not I will never ever forget getting back to you. Well I actually like to download most of my manga so I use sites like nyaa or to fetch most of them. And the ones I can’t find download to I use this app called mangaAON that allows me to download chapters and read offline. I mostly read offline since I use my tablet (can’t read on pc, it annoys me) so I don’t use websites to read. By the way have you been able to read the last chapters of Ten Count? I can’t seem to find anywhere chapters 49-50-51!!! Hahha yeah my heart secretly wants to turn my adored Valk into a fudanshi, that’d be wonderful <3 he in fact mentioned he wanted to read Ten Count and I swear I freaked out for some minutes, I had to collect myself but I ‘m a bit scared cause if he reads it this will be his first experience with smut stuff and I don’t know if he can handle that *freaks out again*. I was super excited too when he mentioned you and of course I wanted to talk to you cause, it’s almost like it feels there are a lot of fujoshis out there but I barely know any, and not many of them like to talk like this so that’s even worst.

Funny thing about America wanting to fix other countries is that it not only fails to address its own internal issues, as you mention, but it also fails to fix those external issues and makes them worst, so it’s a spiral that never ends and hence war and war veterans will always suffer as expendable lives.

Glad to know you understand and agree, I too agree that one’s backgrounds don’t justify crime whatsoever, I wholeheartedly agree, I was just trying to say that it’s not because of a racial color genetic thing, it’s actually the environment, so not justifying but instead stating that it’s not like they are like that and can’t help it, it’s that the society they grew in had a huge influence in who they are, but indeed it takes the individual’s own determination to overcome this, sadly it doesn’t happen most of the time, not only cause it’s really difficult but also cause it’s just the easiest thing to do to follow. And it makes me really sad to know you have encountered and experience this type of situations, so of course I understand your anger and frustration for it is really easy to just blame it all on anything else (as I said, it’s the easiest thing to do) so you taking the determination, courage and will to overcome and get out of that cycle it’s really something admirable, I know it’s not you trying to make things personal it’s just to illustrate why you view things and feel these things so passionately, I don’t know you but from what i’m reading you are not only brave but are a tough girl, and that determination is truly admirable. I don’t even know what to say, I hope you’re hanging on in there and hope nothing bad comes happen to you. Really.

Yeah it really shouldn’t be like that, Manson it’s a good example, or how when in school shootings the kid is white then it’s not terrorism or whatnot it’s just he had issues. Whether black or white if you kill innocent people you’re a criminal.

Now onto other stuff!

Oh I can explain that a/c thing better now that you explain the context, you see it is true a/c are not very common in here and the reason for that it’s an odd one. Not only old folks, which are old fashioned and may not know the technology or the need for it, it’s also younger adults and you know why? Cause there’s this sort of myth that when it’s really hot outside and then you enter an space with air conditioning you might suffer from a pain called ‘torcicollo’ which is basically a pain in the upper back. When I found out that I thought it was so insane, like, what’s the scientific explication for that!? So you see people dying from the heat not wanting an a/c or not wanting to turn on the a/c cause your back may hurt. Even in public buses people close the windows cause the strong fresh wind can affect your back. I mean I understand if the change it’s to abrupt, but it’s not like you have to use your a/c at the lowest temperature, you could very well program it at 25° or smth which is not cold but it’s definitively cooler than 45° outside. Well I do hope you get the chance to come to Italy some time, if you do gotta let me know thou!

So you study psychology! How cool! Wow, you are even striving to work with people that suffer from disorders helping them through art, that is seriously so nice, for I can only imagine it’s not an easy job but having the desire to help others to that extend it’s honestly quite admirable. Nice to meet you Hailey (i’ll call you Hailey since you don’t use your first name, but are cute by the way). Haha yeah Mcdonalds should seriously go broke, but I don’t see that happening. You really like BBQ XD, BBQ pringles are delicious thou I almost don’t eat chips I rather stuff like mini flavored tortillas (Doritos) . Now doughnuts it’s something that I LOVE but I can’t have, can you believe there aren’t doughnuts shops like Krispy Cream or Dunkin here in Italy!??!?!? I mean I understand that maybe it doesn’t have to be exactly these chains but not even the italian version of them, super sad. I also have a really fast metabolism and I do work out a lot so I can eat tons of stuff :D. And how odd your spanish professor is precisely from Venezuela xD.

Well my snacks are...very italian at this point. Besides Doritos that I ADORE, I love eating lots of chocolate (I eat almost any kind actually) and I love eating cookies and muffins, my favorite cookies are chocolate cookies with chocolate chips called Ottimini, I love cannoli, I love Iris sicialiani (is like a fried dough bun filled with sweet ricotta cheese, they serve it hot cause it’s fried but the inside it’s cold and the contrast of the hot bun and the sweet cold feeling is oh my god), and I love ice creams too and cereals (specially stuff like Flips). I actually don’t have a favorite restaurant, here there aren’t any like national food chains when it comes to restaurant each town has its own set of restaurants that prepare regional food...but I have a pizza place I go a lot to cause the pizzas are insane hahaha. I actually haven’t been reading much lately (been reading looots of manga on my free time) but I always carry with me a book with traditional surreal stories from Guatemala, it’s by Miguel Angel Asturias. It’s called Legends of Guatemala and it explores Mayan myths and guatemalan identity. it’s incredible, such a unique experience. What about you, are you reading something at the moment, what is your favorite book or books?
Well, It pains me to say but I can’t play games, like, I honestly can’t I suck at them so hard, I always freak out scream and get killed, I don’t have the patience nor the ability to be able to play anything, i’m beyond help actually. The only thing I can perfectly play it’s Sims and Civilization, games that don’t require any coordination or fast-thinking hahaha, I don’t know why is this ;( it is also true that since I know i’m bad I never try at all, so it makes it worst. Do you play games? What do you like to play? I don’t play myself but my bf it’s an avid gamer so even if I don’t play I know a lot of games hahaha. Well I was an old child, when I was a kid I did indeed watch some classic anime like Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball, watched to some Discovery kids and Cartoon Network shows, I absolutely adore Cow and Chicken and Courage the cowardly dog but The Triples were my favorite one. Then as I grew I enjoyed shows like That’s 70’s Show and Gilmore Girls but at a very young age I started digging into movies, so I watched many many many movies, I have seen too many. I really enjoy this form of art and still haven’t abandon it, so if I had to say what I’ve watched the most while growing up it was movies. All kinds. What about you? What entertained you since you were a kid and later on in your life? How did you start watching anime? Oh I promise i’ll read it, i’ll let you know as soon as I do!! Instead I recommend to you this manga called Innocent, it’s not strictly yaoi/bl but believe me boy, it has some hot stuff. I was like shipping everyone in there >_____________< and the art is fantastic (the story is too btw xD)

Super excited for the recommendation
AkatsukiNoTeaaa Apr 10, 1:30 PM

Valkeiser Mar 28, 1:48 PM
Sorry for the late reply!!

Now that the season is over I can say I didn't like the adaptation as much as I was liking the manga. Can't exactly pinpoint why but the drama and character interactions bothered me and I didn't had that problem while reading it. There were some events I'm not sure how to feel about but at least the anime ended in a good spot. I any case I'm going to restart the manga and see if I feel the same way.

Also, I read that short you recommended, I.O.N. The story was quite simple with the usual shojo tropes and given its length it felt rushed. But I liked the art, which was the main reason I gave it a shot. I think I'm gonna read Full Moon before watching the anime because there's other shows I want to give priority. I'll let you know when I get around to reading it.

Discord is an instant messaging platform. It has some cool features like creating servers that are spaces where multiple users can have group chats. It's getting popular around here and thought you had one, but if you don't that's ok.

And I noticed you're already getting along with Kanno, that's great. I love talking to her =)
KannoSugako Mar 28, 7:46 AM

The world is richer since the Ten Count anime announcement

Well i’ve certainly watched every single Josei worth watching, no when it comes to manga that’s a total different beast, being that I have a bit more than a year (a year and six months to be precise) consistently watching anime and even less reading manga it’s only natural for me to have so many things to discover. Like, just look at my completed manga list, it’s almost non-existent. I see you have read way more manga than me, I definitively have to upgrade my manga game. Well we watch some things but since he watches like 2 or 3 episodes tops in a week or smth it takes a while to complete an anime with him, but well the experience is nice. Yeah people sometimes can be quite narrow minded with certain stuff when something that’s really similar (if not the same) has been around for decades and no one cares. But even if that tends to happen I think things are changing, bit by bit, and I kinda have this impression where the fujoshi tropes are growing each day. Wow you were a kid back when you found about it, how cute and it’s completely normal I mean let’s face it, whenever it was that one discovered that same sex thing was a thing one couldn’t help but to be surprised or skeptical. Important thing is to move on and recognize one’s own stupidity and be able to look back and say ‘oh boy I was really stupid. Past tense is crucial here haha. And i’m more than happy to find friends who can appreciate this art and bond over fujoshiness. I was so happy when Valk told me that he had a fujoshi friend that wanted to meet me so i’m really thankful. And well he claims I am trying to turn him into a fudanshi and even thou I am it’s just cause I care about him T_T.

I was smiling so hard when I was reading your comment on Kuragehime <3 I am of the very same opinion. I know Shu meant to do good by her and that he cared but let’s remember that the one that loved her for what she truly was and that was with her the entire time and that care not only for her but for her friends was Kuranosuke. And that moment right there, when he saw her with her “wedding dress” I felt it was pure love <3. Besides he’s such a cutie pie, I adore him, really. Now, let’s take a moment to look back at this:

 Imagine a perfect and true to the source anime adaptation of Ten Count!? Wow.  

 If the perfect adaption to Ten Count was ever made, I would be so happy. I would probably forgive all the studio's that made yaoi look terrible. 

And then some days later the announcement of Ten Count’s anime adaptation is released. It’s not to brag but I think we are some type of prophets or something. I don’t think this is just a mere coincidence, I think it is if it was fated or something. I am mind blown, honestly. It was yes my dearest hope but I never ever thought (deep down) they were gonna make an adaptation and less so fast! Seriously, this is an unforgettable moment and we deserve a toast.

No, mostly everything that is sold here, whether it is manga, or games, books of any kind, etc, must be translated into italian, otherwise people won’t buy it. In fact it’s funny cause you get to see absurd things like people giving a review on let’s say amazon, about a game that was on english version only, and you know what they do? They give 1 star to said game and said it was crap just because it was in english, which is absurd obviously. So you have products with really low review score not because the product itself it’s bad or malfunctions but because it wasn’t translated or it doesn’t have italian instructions, lol. Well honestly even thou i’d love to I don’t think it is financially sustainable like, not only would I have to pay international shipping but i’d also have to pay for custom fees which are absurd in here but welp, any time I travel i’m already planning to buy some beloved manga that I need to have.

Wow that is so harsh, so sad to hear he suffered that kind of death. Like, cancer itself it’s a pretty nasty disease but considering that he developed it cause of some war chemicals makes it even more sad. But like I said, they just don’t care, that type of spending it’s not something they can profit of so I don’t see that happening, I wish thou, cause they have the responsibility being that those people went there and suffered a great deal there for the rest and in the name of the so-called nation.

War pigs (politicians, reference to Black Sabbath song)

Ummm I kinda get what you’re saying even if I still don’t agree with some things. For example:

1. Yes it is true that it’s not a white man that caused a black man to do something illegal. That is indeed quite logical and quite true BUT bottom line is the system they live under and the unspoken rules that take them to that are ‘caused by the people in power (whether they are black or white, it’s not a thing about color) and the policies they implement (or don’t implement) that make it so that crime rates are really high in some black neighborhoods. This is kinda hard to convey but what I mean is it’s not a thing of ‘black are inherently prone to crime’ it’s that impoverished blacks (or white) are prone to crime not only because they are poor but because the environment of poverty, lack of services, education, health, and as one of my favorite sociologist would call it, due to the cultural capital/social capital they are in posses and its social reproduction leads them to it ( ( Let’s give you an example, I was born in Venezuela, a country in South America that until not so long ago it was relatively economically stable. Still, that’s a relative thing to say cause even thou the country as a whole wasn’t economically destroyed (as it is now) there was a lot of poverty and poor were institutionally marginalized. What do I mean by institutionally marginalized? Well, easily put they didn’t have access to education, health, or any kind of help and basically were kept at bay by police repression. Now you may argue ‘well if they were poor is because they didn’t work hard enough’ but is this really true? i’ve seen or read about the most hardworking people living in really impoverished hoods and no matter how many years they break their backs in the most marginalized jobs they don’t become middle class or rich. But it’s not only this what I want to point out but instead, a kid that grows in such an environment, son of a family who never got education, surrounded by crime, drugs and hate, how do you expect him to grow? What are the true and actual possibilities of him transcending all that? Almost none. There are indeed some cases of people that can but this is just the minority, for the most part the only solution they have available for they grew embedded and seeing it as a normal thing to do is crime. That’s the harsh truth. They have not the conditions to think further, not because they are genetically conditioned not to but because they are culturally conditioned not to. Hence why I talk about cultural/social capital. We all posses a given cultural/social material that is product or strictly related to our environment and this environment consists of our family, part of town we grew in, the education we are able to access, etc. And said material helps and shapes the individual into who he is and how he acts in the world. So understanding this I never actually blame poor people falling into crime, drugs or whatever, cause thinking about it logically if I was born in a really poor neighborhood were I saw since a really young age 24/7 violence, death, hate and critical poverty and the most “successful” people in the community (the ones that live the best and have the best things) are those who are gang leaders and similar what are my chances? What would I look up to? Even at times they are forced to work for these people. I am conscious that I am lucky to have been born into a good family, in a great place of town and with a great social environment but It could have been the opposite, I could have been born in a slum, abusive father, prostitute mother, I would got pregnant at 13, have 4-5 kids, my bf being a drug dealer or smth, this are all possibilities man :s

2. “In one case a black man was pulled over, and yes it was a white police officer, but the man told the officer he head a gun so of course the officer would have the man get out of his car because he knows nothing about the person he just pulled over. That man did not cooperate with the officer, he began to fight with the officer, and even stole his taser and tased him with it numerous times. Yet when the officer shot the man and ended up killing him to save his life, he was deemed as having it out for black people. “. I agree, if this was indeed the case. But you see the most controversial cases and a lot of police killings cases is with black people that WASN’T armed, that didn’t have a gun, that didn’t represent any objective threat. So what’s the explanation there? Even kids who didn’t have a gun have been killed cause the officer “thought” he was a threat, and this is a trend. It’s not just one case alone. It happens most of the time in police violence and unjustified murder. Also, there have been cases of white folks walking with guns, visible actual guns (not the usual “i thought it was a gun and it was a cellphone”) no, actual guns that they are showing and even thou they weren’t killed. So affirming that there is not a trend here and that police violence towards black people doesn’t exist is denying this hard facts. Worst part is that they shoot to kill, like 20 times, 10 times and fatal wounds. So you fire with the intent to kill, not to stop him from moving but to kill. So the truth is black people unarmed or presumed to have a gun are kill but white people with a freaking gun in their hand aren’t and even if they resist the officer and whatnot. I mean just look at this next video, they are so nice and even try to talk the guys into trowing their gun, is just ridiculous.

So why does this happen? Why is it a trend? Why is so common? Many answers are rooted into american culture and history.

Ok now let’s get back to Italy. Let me start by saying that the questions are so odd and funny hahhahas.
1. Yes I do own an A/C (lol) i’d die in summer, summer here is so hot, so humid, I hate it, I love everything but summer.
2. “Marco Polo’s pee in the water” sajdsakjdsakdhkj <3 you are killing me, naah it’s not like that, the water is “clean” (as clean as a canal and sea water nowadays is) and recycles itself with the sea currents. it’s not a closed-canal, water flows.
3. Now that I think about it personally haven’t seen any stray dogs whatsoever, in any of the cities i’ve visited. I mean there are like some near some refugee camps or rom camps I believe. But like in the cities or anything no, there aren’t.
4. School system/university system is quite decent. Thou in recent times there have been some modifications that have made it worst. Or taxes have gone up. For example there’s this thing called alternanza scuola-lavoro where kids in school are sent to work, literally work at McDonalds for free, how come? Cause they argue they gotta teach the kids to work cause unemployment it’s not because there are no jobs available but because young people is lazy and doesn’t want to work. Which is insane of course. There have been some protests and controversy cause there have been cases were kids injure themselves like while frying the chips and burning their hands and stuff. But it’s still legal and part of the educational system.
5. Well if you ask me personally I hate McDonalds, now as for people in general i’d say it’s relative, cause even if here there are so many good places and affordable places to eat outside many kids go to McDonalds cause it is ‘cool’. Luckily most don’t. But like I said it’s relative. Now, McDonalds it’s not everywhere here, not in every single town or anything.
6. I once visited this museum ( but it’s mostly replicas and such. Originals were either lost to time or are in other more famous and international museums. Why Da Vinci, you like him?

And I insist these were like probably the most random and fun questions i’ve been asked about Italy ever. The A/C hhahahahahha. Btw what’s your name? Mine is Alexandra (Alex for short) What do you do in life? If you don’t like McDonalds what do you like to eat? what’s your favorite snack/ dessert?

Still smiling at those questions
KannoSugako Mar 26, 3:11 PM
I promise i'll reply soon but for now i just wanted to show you this:


KannoSugako Mar 23, 9:56 AM

Well being 100% honest I said that both as truth but also as a joke, let me rephrase that, I do believe it but the way I presented it was joking a bit, like you know, making a super exaggeration like that haha. But allow me, of course it’s many different in many aspects with traditional romance as it is presented in genres such as shoujo o even shounen, thing is with yaoi do breaks many models or conceptions so that’s just novel for the romance genre overall.

*holds her breath*
*tries not to freak out*

I FREAKING LOVE JOSEI ANIME. In fact, it’s one of the first genres I tried to explore the most at the beginning and hence, now I have nothing left to watch from it, which is like super sad. I haven’t tried to get my boyfriend read yaoi or bl at all, not only cause he may have some sort of restriction towards it but mostly cause he doesn’t really read manga at all. He’s more into comics, and even so doesn’t read as many cause whatever free time he has he spends playing online, lol. I mean he promised me long ago he’ll read Berserk and he still hasn’t done that...what hopes can I have of him reading some yaoi manga!? Almost zero! But he is totally supportive, it’s just that he thinks that i’m too much of an otaku at times and makes fun of me, but since I don’t care people making fun of me cause most of the time i’m making fun of myself, it’s like “you can’t hurt me nigga”, he was just surprised it was so graphic at times but that’s it. Wait a second, I can get someone not interested in it or even disgusted by it...but saying that it goes against the law? What does that even mean? O__O’ honestly, It’s fiction, besides that’s like saying that the portrayal of a heterosexual relationship it’s against the law, which is not the case so why should it be any different with homosexual ones? Whether it is yaoi or yuri. Oh seriously? Well then i’m glad something like reading a manga, in this case yaoi, helped you get through life like that, I really am. I you allow me saying this I think it’s really cute and well art, whatever its form, definitively can help one cope with sheet. As for what got me into yaoi i’ll give you a brief story before answering your question. So basically it wasn’t until long ago that I really got into anime/manga as I am now; years ago, ever since I was a child I always liked it and whatnot but I never really was obsessed with it, later on in life I saw some classics like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, FMA, and mostly movies, specially Ghibli movies, but besides that I knew nothing at all about it. Then one day my bf wanted to watch I think it was Hajime no Ippo and I was so reluctant about it, I was like ‘hell no, that looks really bad, just look at the animation, it’s so “old”!’ but we ended up watching it, we actually binged it, and after that I remember looking into other anime and I came up with MAL, at that time I was just watching whatever was trending, like Yuri On Ice and stuff and that’s when I found it. I know YOI it’d not explicitly any of yaoi/bl buut I read somewhere that people where talking about fujoshi bait and I was like “what the hell is that?” let me tell you I did find out what ‘that’ was, and I was mesmerized. After some months I ended up creating this account (a year and two months ago) and I really took into diving more into certain genre, yaoi being one. At first it was just curiosity but then I found many of them to be so touching that I couldn’t help myself and I mostly ended up screaming and crying when reading one. Funny that you left me that Tama GIF cause you remember that Barakamon episode/ chapter where she “finds” about yaoi?? To me it was exactly like that I was like “jesus what is this!?” but I was actually too curious and liked it, lol.

I remember when I watched Barakamon I wanted all those kids, so adorable. I also wanted to live in a place like that. Cities are fine and all but I just love tranquil and nature too much. So I was super envious of Handa :(. So you’re like more team Tsukimi and Kuro’s brother pairing or Tsukimi and Kuranosuke?

Preach sister, preach. It’s exactly like that, it’s almost as if the adaptations are made really lame on purpose, or view and interpreted as If they were just hentai and that’s it. When in reality what we fanzz want is the loveeee, the loveeeee. Wait a second, you own, you actually own Ten Count? *faints* *Wakes up, goes to the corner and cries*. How awesome is that!? I too haven’t been able to read the last chapter yet, and it’s really annoying. Imagine a perfect and true to the source anime adaptation of Ten Count!? Wow.

Nah, Amazon here it’s not that great when it comes to manga, it basically has whatever is trending at the moment, and mostly italian translations which is a NO. Umm I see your point. Let’s start with the war veterans. This is certainly an issue that the USA has NOT being dealing with ever since the WWII, specially with Vietnam, where stuff got really ugly and they had to do and witness many many horrible things. Unfortunately as with many crucial aspects, such as health, the investment it’s almost ridicule. I guess they truly just don’t care because just as many other segregated groups, war veterans are meat; they were sent to fight, come back and that’s it, their function in society has been accomplished so why bother about their mental health or benefits? They just don’t care. I am so against war, and I am so against USA war policy but that doesn’t mean I can’t see the damage and the need on the veterans that came back. After all, they’re just doing their job.

Now, as for the “how racial everything suddenly became” I don’t really agree. Racial segregation is a reality in the USA, and it was even more present not until so long ago, we just cannot deny the beatings, slavery, how they used to hang negroes from the trees, how they weren’t even able to go to school like normal people, how they couldn’t even sit where white people sat. I think all that is true and it hasn’t really gone away. Even if it’s not made law as it used to be, there’s still segregation, a more subtle one, one that it’s not so easy to perceive. Let’s just look at police violence and who is it directed to mostly. The statistics don’t lie on who the more oppressed groups are. Don't get me wrong, there's also class segregation: a poor is poor everywhere and rejected by society. So what’s going on now with people trying to speak about it, in order to make everyone else conscious about it because otherwise who’d care to change that reality but them? Now, it is tricky cause I may not agree with their way of proceeding, or may not even agree with all their claims (specially if they are embedded in some type of nationalist sheet) , but not because of that I can’t deny that racism it’s still a problem. Whether it is there or here in Italy, where they kill black people or beat people from Bangladesh just because of their color or culture. I mean I wish it wasn’t like that, and I wish we didn’t have to talk about it in 2018, but deny people suffering from any type of oppression their right and duty to protest and not accept it it’s just not right. So it’s not like one has to be talking about race or feminism or police violence or inequality or whateverproblemyouthinkof 24/7 but it is important that these topics are brought to light cause if they aren’t things have even less chance of changing. It's not like slavery ended cause white folks got tired of it; many black folks died in order to fight for that so there's merit in the struggle. Of course, this is just my take on this, you may or may not disagree but that’s the way I see it. I mean I kinda see your point cause it’s like or it looks like some years till now it’s all about it, almost as it spring out of nowhere, as if it where something new, but it’s not.
If you allow me and if you’re interested enough i’ve seen and read much about it but if I had to recommend something that’d summarize and expose better what I just say there’s this series of documentaries called Eyes on the Prize. I even have this saved in best quality ever, but it’s also on yt (every part), it’s a bit long but it’s totally worth it. This thing it’s like an eye opener, life changing, I cried so much and was so shocked by it.

Now as for Italy, ask away. What exactly do you wanna know!? I’m all tongue to say whatever is it you wanna know about! (as you can see i'm all tongue, just look at this message >_< i'm sorry!)
Hope you have a nice weekend gurrl!

KannoSugako Mar 13, 4:32 AM

You may say that as a joke but it is indeed too beautiful and I believe it takes an especial (and open minded) eye hahahah. When my boyfriend first saw me reading yaoi he couldn’t believe his eyes, like he couldn’t explain what was going on and why was I reading such a thing. His face was priceless. Then he goes on and says: you’re not planning to read that outside, like ever, right? and i’m like: why not?. After that he has never said anything about it and sometimes when he sees me crying while reading manga he even asks: are you reading yaoi? and i’m like: how did you know!?!?!, because yes, i’ve cried with yaoi xD. I love teasing him telling him how i’d like for him to be the main character of a yaoi manga with this or that plot hahaha.

Yess Naru is such an angel, like, I don’t like kids and I don’t wanna have one myself but I’m always telling people how i’d make an exception if it was a kid just like her. So adorable, i’d eat her <3. And seriously her seiyuu it’s one of the things I love the most, especially cause they actually used a kid and not a woman voicing a kid! So it feels more real and it’s way better. Kuragehime anime ending? Ummm I really don’t recall that much but it was something like it ended with the fashion runaway didn’t it? I may have to revisit it, but I do agree with how all the characters are so unique and awesome. Man i’d love to see animated when kuranosuke’s brother went to Venice and bought that ring and met kura’s mom and I mean, that’d be great for I live in Italy, lol.

There isn't that much emotion in the animes and it feels very lackluster. Of course there doesn't have to be explicit scenes, but the adaptions need more romance and character development  

AND YES YES YES, that’s exactly what I mean! Like, I hate how in most yaoi i’ve seen (desperately trying to find one I love) it’s like they only get to the explicit stuff and the so called romance in it it’s just a freaking joke and like max 3 minutes of the total runtime of the episode. It’s just ridiculous, what I love the most of reading manga is that you really get to see how the romance develops, how the characters grow both as individuals and as a couple and all the drama surrounding it <333 (i’m a sucker for drama haha), so when you take that out and leave just the “two boys kissing and doing stuff” you took the heart of it, as simple as that. I was so sad when I found out Ten Count was already coming to an end, I haven’t read the last chapter thou.

Lol, how nice, a bookstore that sells yaoi?! there’s barely any bookstores that sell manga in here imagine one that sells yaoi hahahah. How nice, do you like it there? I mean, in the US? What’s it like for you living in there, anything you like or dislike? That’s it you wanna answer of course, but i’m just super curious about other places and how people find themselves living in them, not for anything in particular, I guess it’s just related to my anthropological curiosity and stuff. That pic you left me thou <3

Hope you have a nice week!

KannoSugako Mar 7, 2:42 AM
Oh hi! Yes, he did in fact mentioned you! Waaaa i'm so happy too, it's such a joy to find a fellow yaoi comrade, not everyone is apt to appreciate the exquisiteness of this magnificent form of art (lol).

But before diving into your questions i just wanted to take a moment to praise other treats i'm finding in your profile. First of all, not only do you love Barakamon (which is without doubts one of my favorite manga ever!) but you also love Kuragehime manga! I am so so happy to see that one, as well as Tsukimi on your favs, i even used to have Kuranosuke on my favs <3. Now that the manga is over i am kinda hoping, deep into my heart, that they'd announce a second season, but i don't really see that happening any time soon. Same goes for Barakamon, i am indeed loving the manga, but i'd also love to see a S2 just cause i wanna listen to Naru's voice again.

Now, as for the yaoi questions i think if i had to choose i'd say my favorite shounen ai series in manga is Hidamari ga Kikoeru, a story that unfortunately doesn't have that many chapters and has been on a hiatus since like forever, but that story is so moving that i can't help but love it. As for the adaptation, and probably the only one that i have truly enjoyed it's without doubt Junjou Romantica, it's fun, there's lots of tension, and i love their relationship so much. Now the ones that have disappointed me it's basically all, i mean, honestly, besides Junjou i can't say that i've seen anything worth watching. Not that there are many adaptations, but i don't know, at least what i've seen it's not great. I'd love to see many things adapted of course, but i'm disappointed when it comes to BL/yaoi adaptations. Don't you share this feeling too? Like, when it comes to anime bl/yaoi are lacking? That's why i always personally say to people not to watch anything or if they do, don't take that as a guide to the genre and instead recommend reading stuff.

Oh and my favorite manga artist it's 100% Takarai, not only do i find her works impressive from the art standpoint but the stories and the characters...oh lord. Well, you even have Ten Count on favs too! <33

What about you? (All those questions back at you haha). Oh and where are you from/live?

It's really a pleasure gurrl!
Valkeiser Mar 6, 3:58 PM
Oh, I'm not up to date with the manga, just the anime. I'm planning to start reading it again from the beginning when the season is over because I don't remember which was the last chapter I read. And I want to compare the adaptation so that's a good excuse to start it over.

Oh, hope you have fun with it. Is a very long commitment though, I actually take breaks between every season so I don't burnout or something. And I didn't watch Full Moon at the end, I was more in the mood for something with music so I watched a shot one called Tari Tari. It wasn't focused much on the musical part as I expected, it was more about the characters and their interactions with music. It had some drama and fun moments too, and none of the characters annoyed me as it usually happens in most shows. Thought I would share you my thoughts since you have it on your PTW list.

Nice! Have fun with the shows you're watching and the manga you're reading... I've been fine. We finished a big project at work so we have some time to relax now. I also started watching the Monogatari franchise with a friend and so far it's been fun. What about you? Any plans for your Spring Break aside from animanga?

PS: Do you use Discord by any chance?
Valkeiser Feb 26, 11:37 PM
Ok, here is her profile. I already told her you might approach her so don't worry.

I'm not sure if you're up to date with the Citrus manga so I'll avoid spoilers, but looks Mitsuri is definitely there just to cause problems. I believe this is the second time a character is introduced to mess with their relationship, first one being the vice president. I like the drama but I would prefer more natural conflicts given their type of relationship rather than the conflicts coming from a third party. At least Matsuri is not annoying and I prefer her as a character, finally someone to put Mei on her place lol.

I finished the second season and so far Doremi is a fine show. It's a different type of maho shojo compared to the sweetness of Sakura or how grim can Tutu be at times. Completely episodic and focused on developing the girls through the events of the show, and both seasons have had a conclusive and somewhat depressing finales. I do recommend you to revisit it if you feel like it... As for Full Moon I'll start it tomorrow. Was planning to watch some today but ended up catching up with seasonals and took me some time to find a good stream for it.

Oh, don't worry about it. From the way you were talking I assumed you had read some articles or analysis about how the different shows in the CLAMPverse were related. If you happen to find one later feel free to share it, I'm a bit scared to look for one because it can spoil me some of the other shows I intend to watch.

Usually I have bad luck with regular scouting from both groups. But when I do stepup scouts I have a very good luck most of the time. I only do the 30 one and I've got even 2 UR in the same pull, that's why I save gems only for those occasions. I haven't played in a while tho, just login to get the bonuses and I'll wait for the next Medley event which is what I like to play because it cost less LP and can get some nice experience bonus.

How have you been by the way? Still busy with school and work?
Valkeiser Feb 21, 9:41 AM
I can introduce you to her if you want. She's very nice and loves to talk, although she's been a bit inactive lately due to exams.

Finally watched the latest episode of Citrus and i was right, Matsuri is indeed there to cause some discord between the two sisters. Kinda what like Momokino tried to do, but Matsuri is not annoying as her and I like her personality more. I just hope that with all this drama the relationship of Mei and Yuzu gets more development, specially Mei being more honest with herself.

Yes! Most of romances these days are either on middle or high school with the same formula of misunderstandings, and I'm getting kinda tired of it, that's why I find shows/mangas like Takagi-san refreshing even if they're very simple and repetitive. Will give the Kodomo anime a try after I finish the Doremi franchise. By the way, I'm going to finish Doremi Sharp this week, so the next one I'll finally start Full Moon.

Syaoran is indeed special, I knew I would like him from the very beginning. And I've already been told I'll love the movie because of how much I like him and the romance aspect of the show. Will watch it this weekend, I'll get back at you when I do... So you started searching for fanarts before watching the show? I try not to do that because I'm afraid of finding spoilers. Oh, and do you have a nice Syaroan x Sakura art I can use as profile pic? I had this one as a profile pic recently but ended up replacing it.

Don't worry about it, I don't mind long texts. Actually I enjoy reading them, specially if someone is talking about something they love or are explaining something to me... Huh, I don't see how Chii could be related, do you have an analysis or article I can read more about the whole CLAMPverse? Yeah, I figured the Tsubasa one had the most relation given the names and all, my guess is that they're form different realities/universes or something. Which one would you recommend me to watch next from them?

Will take me some time to get to Pandora tho, I've been heavily slacking on the manga department.

PS: Did you do any of the Step-Up scouts in SIF? I only did one and had terrible luck lol, I'm gonna save up for a birthday and pass on this one.
Valkeiser Feb 19, 12:14 PM
No problem =) School and work keeping you busy I suppose... Oh, hope you like it. I haven't read it myself but it was a suggestion form the same friend that recommended me Seven Days so should be good. I think she wants to turn me into a fudanshi or something lmao.

I'm already behind on seasonals too, will try to watch Citrus tonight. But from what I've seen looks like Matsuri will be making things more interesting, but I'll have to wait and see. The only good thing of not being up to date with the manga is that all of this is basically new for me so i get more excited to watch it every week.

Oh, second time I hear about how the finale made them cry. Is it very emotional or cathartic? Thanks for sharing your opinion by the way, cleared some second-thoughts I was having about watching it. I was planning to start it after Sakura but ended up watching Doremi Sharp (which I'm already halfway through) so it'll have to wait until I'm done with that one ... And never heard of Kodomo before, do you recommend it? What is it about? Looks like a long investment, but recently all I've watched are long-running shows.

I was talking to a friend about it and he made a good point on how Sakura is more a romance with a magic girl genre and not the other way around. In the surface it does look like there's gonna be some big story about Clow and the cards but all the time it was building up the romance up to the point it bloomed. I ended up adding Shaoran on my favorites because I like how he developed. From the point he had this internal conflict, then realizing how he feels and trying to confess, to the moment Sakura reciprocated it was all lovely. And to be honest the episodic nature didn't bother me much, mostly because the characters are all likable and have fun interactions... Anyway, I still need to watch the second movie and then wait for the new season to finish airing.

Never understood how the CLAMP universe worked. I think that aside from Sakura and Chobits I haven't seen anything, and neither of them is related. Are the crossovers relevant to the stories or more like a "fanservice" for those who watched the other shows? I read the synopsis about Tsubasa Chronicles and was a bit confused if it had some relation with CCS or is a complete different thing.

I've heard of Pandora Hearts before, some friends even ahve the manga among their favorites. Yeah, i was told to avoid the anime at all cost and just jump straight into reading it. is already on my plan to read list and the synopsis looks interesting, I'll get to it eventually.
Valkeiser Feb 12, 9:48 AM
Oh, sounds very explicit then. I think I'll avoid it for now and try some others less content lol. I was recommended this one next, have you heard of it?

Yes, it definitely has gained some popularity with the show, and has actually motivated me to continue it but only after the season ends. Also, next episode Matsuri will make her appearance and looks like she's going to cause some problems here and there.

So, does the anime of Full Moon takes its own route and diverges from the manga? Don't know how character driven is the show but cutting out backstory of some characters is a bold move. The anime still has some great reviews from friends of mine so I guess it managed to do a good job without that. Now that I finished my Sakura rewatch I'll try to get to it.

Speaking of Sakura... First arc with the capture-of-the-week format was fairly entertaining, but personally I preferred the second one where Eriol appeared. It gave some background to the first one and even tho it was also episodic it felt fresh and different from the first. Also, the romance subplot finally bloomed and had a tender closure which I liked even if they didn't actually ended up together. Heard the second movie and the sequel cover this more, so I'll have to watch them and see for myself.

PS: What's your new profile layout about?
Valkeiser Feb 9, 12:28 PM
Well, the scans aren't that bad but definitely not good quality either. They're readable but it doesn't make justice to how good the art looks, specially in the physical version... I don't think there's a website taht allows that, maybe because the scanlators just upload it one resolution. But it would be good that you could chose the quality... Oh, so not even the two seasons cover all the manga. What do you recommend me then? To read or or to watch it? To be honest If I watch it and like it I'll end up picking the manga up. But if you consider the manga better might as well jump straight to it... Ok, will try to give both a chance. But my manga list already has a lot I want to read already... Are the scenes in that one too explicit? As long as it doesn't reach doujinshi levels it won't bother me that much.

I thought it would cover more chapters, like maybe 20 or something. But I guess is better not to force too many chapters in a one cour adaptation. I don't know how popular it is in Japan but wouldn't be surprised if a second season is announced when this one finish. Or maybe it was just to promote the manga, which seems to have worked because the popularity of it raised in MAL at least.

Ok, I will watch Full Moon then. If there isn't any meaningful difference I don't see the point in reading the source material. Will add that short to my list, thanks.
Valkeiser Feb 6, 10:06 AM
Sorry for the late reply >.<

You're right, you told me you went back on the 11th... Yes, the manga of Nausicaä has incredible art, here is one of my favorite parts. Unfortunately the scans have very low quality so try to grab a physical copy if you can... From those you mentioned the only one I have on my list is the anime of Kimi no Todoke and I'm not sure if it's a complete adaptation. How are the other two? Are you liking them?... Yep, the art in Seven Days is good and is a very short read so give it a try if you can. So you know the author? Is there any other of her you recommend?

Oh, the chinese dress outfit one? Dia had the best of that set in my opinion. From the second season my favorite was the "Awaken the Power" one, specially the outfits of Saint Snow. Leah and Sarah look amazing in them. A shame we couldn't see another great performance of them like the SELF CONTROL one, which was my favorite scene of the first one.

Ah ok, I've seen her but she hasn't been properly introduced yet. After this episode (the 5th) the anime has caught up to what I read before putting it on hold, so from now on the rest is new for me. Do you have an idea of how much it will cover? Is moving a bit fast in my opinion, what do you think?

I've heard of Full Moon but not about the other you mentioned. I was considering watching that one after I finish my Sakura rewatch, heard is a very good magic girl show. Have you read/watched many of her works?