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Magic-Kyun! Renaissance
Magic-Kyun! Renaissance
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Hitsugi no Chaika OVA
Hitsugi no Chaika OVA
Aug 16, 3:16 PM
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Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle
Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle
Aug 16, 11:35 AM
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Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka.
Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka.
Aug 15, 8:33 PM
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Hanasakeru Seishounen
Hanasakeru Seishounen
Aug 10, 4:49 PM
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Diamond Life
Diamond Life
Aug 7, 7:51 PM
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GarryKasparov 5 hours ago
I'll check it out, I already have a few games from steam. If The Walking Dead is free, then I'll definitely get it.
Wow! That's like "NEVER" haha!. Maybe free for the weekends. Which is enough time to complete it. Takes about 7 hours to complete. Unless you read very fast or skip the dialogues altogether.
No you're fine, it's too hot to really think. Plus, I slip up a little when I'm away from school. I don't pay attention as much as I should, but at least it's minor grammar mistakes and not "ur", "y", or anything like that. It kind of irks me when people shorten their words like that. For some reason I can't stand text talk.
Haha you're sort of like me. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it "irks" me but I definitely prefer when people type the same way they would write on a paper. 2chan lingo is alright tho...
I didn't really do research on him, all I did was look for some gifs.
I was kind of hoping, you would become a Chess maniac and become obsessed with Garry lol!
MilaM 7 hours ago
I would eat all of them.

At the same time.
Ritshiro 10 hours ago
Ooh my, now I'm even more interested in playing it orz I'll have to wait tho I really want it in steam and I'm super broke rn ;__;
MilaM Yesterday, 9:10 AM
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 8:08 PM
Cuteness overload!
I want to, and is Bate's Motel completed?
Yeah it's done. Couple of months ago this year. Highly underrated I must say.
I will play The Walking Dead game whenever I get the device for it. My phone only has two gigabytes of space on it.
Uninstall that shitty Love Live rhythm game. That shit takes up way too much space. Nah I was kidding xD. It does take a lot of space though...If your PC can handle it then you could get it on Steam. It's available on many platforms though, even on the Vita.
Thank's, I wanna know what you think about it before I start watching it.
I'm assuming your talking about Dexter. Yeah sure, I'll do just that! By the way, not to be obnoxious or anything, it's "Thanks" and not "Thank's". Okay I'll stop being a grammar Nazi lol.
I saw that Garry was on TED too.
Wow I wasn't even aware of that! Quite recently also. Damn girl, you did your research on him lol.
Ritshiro Aug 16, 5:01 PM
Yeah even though he's super possesive he looks like he's the only one who's not hyper crazy/rages suddenly LOL
Oh really XDD I still dunno much about Ozmafia, or you meant Dmmd? (cause that one besides being a dog, it's a robo-dog lololol)
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 4:59 PM
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 4:42 PM
Wasn't able to see the image unfortunately. You mind sending me another link?
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 4:34 PM
I've been wanting to see Bates Motel, that's one of the few shows I've been waiting to watch.
I'd definitely recommend you watch it.
Are the games to The Walking Dead any fun?
Well I saw you talking to Jimmy about VNs so take that type of gameplay in a zombie filled environnement with great and memorable characters, then you the Walking Dead. Season 3 (talking about the game series and not the show) was kinda meh.... But season 1 is definitely the best. It's a tearjerker, saying this just in case if you might not like those type of story. Do tell me if you've tried it.

Have you seen Dexter?
That exact same friend who I'm talking to you about has actually seen it and finished it. He definitely enjoyed a lot and would talk to me about it all of the time lol. But no I haven't got the hang of watching it. I am familiar with the "Surprise Mutha Fucka!" meme though lol. I'll let you know when I've started though.

It was a picture linked to an article talking about him fleeing Russia. It's probably old news. You're welcome, I hope your friend likes it.
Oh yeah! He's pretty active politically. Not too familiar with that aspect of his life though. Only know him for his Chess skills.

GarryKasparov Aug 16, 4:27 PM
HAHAHAHAHAH xD That first one had me dying for some reason! He has that "he's face says it all" effect, I think that is why I found it amusing.

Not sure what's happening on the second one though...

By the end of this day you'll have your hard drive filled with Garry's gif lol


By the way. You're awesome!
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 3:47 PM
Sadly, I'm still on season four of Game of Thrones, but I'm catching up at a slow pace. Do you have any series that you're on where it's kind of hard to actually finish a season? I've been stuck on season two of The Walking Dead for a year.
That would be Bates Motel but my brother finished it and spoiled all of the show for me so I guess that's done haha! And well, I have yet to finish GoT too. Forgot where I left. Somewhere close to Season Two though. Never watched The Walking Dead, I've played the Telltale games though. Have you ever watched Breaking Bad?

I did manage to find one gif of Garry. There's more icons of him, and photos of him surrounded by police though.
"Surrounded by police"? What did you do now Garry? xD! Thanks for that epic gif! I'll send it to my friend on his profile.
GarryKasparov Aug 16, 2:58 PM
Well, all I can say now is that he will get there before he turns eighty. So, he should keep trying to reach the Grand Master level before he may need diapers.
Yeah with a lot of dedication, eventually anybody can get there I suppose, no matter what were talking about.
My mom's bladder is all screwed up from having four kids. Her bladder even shut down on her for two weeks, and she even needed a pace maker, let alone a bladder sling. On top of that she has endometriosis which makes it a little hard to have kids. Unlike your kid(s), you can prevent a dog from getting others or getting pregnant
Damn... I can only imagine what your mom's going through. I wish her well. As for contraception for dogs, I personally don't believe that getting a vasectomy for dogs is ethical. Pretty sure no dogs wishes it, but meh, whatever. Even more retarded is tail docking. Not sure what you meant by "Unlike your kid(s), you can prevent a dog from getting others or getting pregnant."? We've got the technology and tools to avoid conceptions in humans too, so I'm not sure where your getting at.

I love watching Game of Thrones, at least he makes time for Jon Snow. I always make time for Eddard, it's too bad that he got ahead of himself. I know that was a terrible joke, but at least it made Joffery's mouth foam with excitement. I should stop. I hope these awful jokes made you laugh.
I haven't personally seen much of the show but luckily, I understood your references lol. I chuckled a bit if that counts? Have you seen Season 7 and if so, how is it?

What I meant was that he might be planning something to get you back for those chess games.
He's too lazy to be that vindictive haha!

Thank you for catching my typo, I always go back to make sure I didn't type the wrong version of the word by mistake.
It happens to the best of us. So no worries.

I think that you should spam some people with Garry Kasparov gifs one day then.
Are there even any gifs of the guy? I mean the only time he's being seen in public is when he plays Chess and there isn't much action going on. Maybe facial reaction? We'll see!
Jimmykudo3000 Aug 15, 8:28 PM
LOL it does look cute, but (51) eps is a bit of a time investment.

And oooooh. Some girl was tryna get me into rhythm games, Cytus iirc?

And - That art looks beautiful. Which group is this?
GarryKasparov Aug 15, 8:06 PM
Elo is a rating system basically. That's how you know who's good and who's bad at Chess although the Elo system isn't unique to the Game. League of Legends uses it actually. Other sports uses it too.

but he's close to the Grand Master level.
Sorry but I kinda bursted out laughing reading that xD. I'm not making fun of you in anyway so don't worry, I don't blame you for not being familiar with the point system. My friend thought it was funny as well. He gladly took the "compliment". Actually a 1000 Elo points is kind of below average in reality. The average being 1300. That's for adults playing Chess. There's always a certain margin of errors but you get the gist. So with that in mind, I guess you can now fathom how a Chess GM like Magnus Carlsen is a god, among others, in the Chess realm. Reaching 2000+ Elo points is hard, let alone 1500 for most of us.

I understand where he's coming from, I don't want to have kids either. I want to have dogs in my life, not kids. Plus, kids mess up your bladder.
Yaay for dogs! Like Inuyasha lol. Wait? "Kids messes with your bladder"? Is it for female only or both gender? Does peeing become painful? It's the first time I'm hearing this. Talk about "intelligent design" lol. Don't want kids either.

Your friend knew that it was you messing with him from the start?
Well yeah because I kinda made it obvious that it was me from the beginning. I wasn't really trying to make him fall for it lol. There is no way that a guy such as Garry Kasparov would use this site or let alone watch animes. He doesn't have the time. He does have the time to watch Game Of Thrones though...

Really? He's probably planning his revenge for that if he hasn't already.
Sorry I didn't catch what you meant by that?

No need to apologize, it wasn't that long. Sorry that I don't really have much to say because I no nothing about chess.
Hmmm...Seems you know little about spelling also. It's "know'" rather. Okay I'll stop patronizing you. It's just a light hearted joke. It's okay, most people on MAL don't care much about Chess so this account wouldn't mean much to them anyways. I just use this one for leaving hate comments on "elitist" profiles lol. Jimmy finds it funny though haha
Jimmykudo3000 Aug 15, 6:25 PM
Wait can you link me to the anime page please?

And nah i havent played the game(S). Are they VN's?