Takarai, Rihito

Takarai, Rihito

Given name: 理人
Family name: 宝井
Alternate names: Giga Traper
Birthday: Oct 17, 1989
Member Favorites: 1282
Birthplace: Japan, Hiroshima Prefecture
Blood type: O
Zodiac: Libra
Doujin circle: Giga Traper
Favorite manga: Prince of Tennis
Favorite visual novel: Uta no Prince-sama
Favorite anime: Uta no Prince-sama

Twitter: @twittakarai
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Hana no Miyako de
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Hana nomi zo Shiru
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Kakemakumo, Kashikoki
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Kimi ga Suki datta
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Otonashi Sekai
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Seven Days
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Ten Count
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Tengoku wo Yumemiteru
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Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin-tachi
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Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin-tachi: Premium Book
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Yowamushi Pedal Koushiki Anthology: Houkago Pedal
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Recent News

Yaoi-Senpai | Oct 25, 6:32 AM
Hehehe, her next favorite anime is Yuri on Ice!!! She like it too xD

Thebigofan | Oct 14, 11:02 AM
I'll be waiting for a TEN Count anime, sensei. :p

misachin | Oct 14, 12:46 AM
thank you for the beautiful story and art :3

Yayoi31 | Oct 4, 8:34 AM
OMG! Your works are always so good and completely amazing! i always look forward for the next chapter >///< Thank you for your hard work! <3 <3 <3

KouhaRen | Sep 16, 7:23 PM
Ten Count is just lovely.

starlightshine | Sep 16, 4:09 AM
Her art is gorgeous, I'll read almost anything by her just for the art alone.

_Flan_ | Sep 15, 3:52 PM
Her art is too fucking beautiful.

BabyChan12 | Aug 31, 8:16 PM
Her stories are love^^ got this touch of realism you can't find normally =w=b
And aaah, the guys are all so cute^^ Seven Days and Hana stories <3 <3 <3

Sebastian333 | Aug 31, 7:19 PM
Glad theres no yaoi tones in Graneliers
, she got awesome focus for her manga's genre

Yaoi-Senpai | Aug 9, 3:11 PM

If you are interested in print edition, press the link above, look at your right hand side, you can see "where do buy" from there you buy from whatever place you want!

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