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Days: 251.1
Mean Score: 5.25
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  • Episodes16,067
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Yesterday, 8:53 AM
Watching 127/175 · Scored -
Aug 1, 7:29 PM
Watching 44/366 · Scored -
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Days: 88.3
Mean Score: 5.75
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  • Chapters15,922
  • Volumes1,730
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Ayakashi Triangle
Ayakashi Triangle
1 hour ago
On-Hold 7/? · Scored -
Shakunetsu no Nirai Kanai
Shakunetsu no Nirai Kanai
2 hours ago
On-Hold 5/? · Scored -
Hakaishin Magu-chan
Hakaishin Magu-chan
2 hours ago
On-Hold 6/? · Scored -


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DarkStarHarry Jun 5, 9:37 AM
Thank you Seb :)
taisuke91 Jun 1, 9:27 AM
what do you want?
M7MD_MNS_115 May 18, 11:52 AM
In my opinion...i don't see the monogatari series as just an's the theme of my life (specially Oshino Ougi) has really changed me and the way i's much more than an anime to me
M7MD_MNS_115 May 18, 11:47 AM name is (M7MD_MNS_115)....M7MD is short of my real name which is Mohammed but we shorten the (H) to be 7 because 7 looks like the letter (ح) in arabic....(MNS) is short for my family name whitch is (Mansori)....(115) is because i like call of duty zombies and the name of the virus that turned the humans into zombies called (Element 115).....i don't know if you're understand but that's literally the best explaining i can say😅
Jhulong May 12, 5:00 AM
NexLFC Mar 2, 11:39 AM
well spoken
NexLFC Feb 27, 1:27 AM
Wait you seriously think im stalking your friend Trustful?? Looks like you need some friendly reminders my chode friend..

1. A fetish does not make you a creep. For instance, people can be turned on by incest porn, but not want to fuck their own sister. Furries don't often want to fuck animals. And PLENTY of people like porn that involves cheating or rape, but would NEVER do those. Just so, loli fans aren't just a bunch of pedos (though statistically maybe a few probably are, but you could say that about any fetish). For instance, I'm a loli fan myself, but I have an 8 year old daughter who regularly brings friends over, and not ONCE (I swear) have I seen a single one of them in a sexual light. I'm attracted to the cute designs and innocent attitudes of lolis, that doesn't mean I'm gonna go fuck children, that's obviously fucking disgusting. Not to mention, most lolis are legal, it's the design, NOT the age that makes a loli.

2. Anime style video games, and games from Japan always have the "cute" option when picking love interests. Usually some young, innocent girl with a shy attitude. And yes, I'm well aware Futaba kinda falls in that category too, but she can also fall under the "geeky girl" concept, which is also typically a separate option from the "cute" one. And since the twins are explained multiple times to be much older, that really does just make them cute, and nothing more. It's a very normal thing for a game like this to make them dateable.

3. THEY'RE FUCKING VIRTUAL. At the end of the day, if my first two points didn't make you feel stupid, this one should. If you can't accept that people can have a fetish without becoming a creep, or that these are normal, long time tropes in Japanese games, then at least accept the fact that there's no point attacking people for wanting VIRTUAL CHARACTERS to be dateable. After all, who the hell is that hurting? Sure as hell not any kids, that's for sure. So why even bother getting pissy? What, cuz YOU don't wanna date em? Then don't! Simple as that!
Height Feb 3, 10:28 AM
Nah I just randomly came across your profile, and nice job!
Height Feb 1, 8:59 PM
That 1000th is coming
NexLFC Jan 21, 2:17 PM
oh no he already caught wind
Kano Jan 21, 2:14 PM
Hello, I heard you are stalking my friend Numinex.. anyway, You should stop stalking him or you will be informed by everyone that you are stalking my friend and unknown person by seeking SEEKING PERSONAL INFORMATION and watching him. I actually do NOT care if he did something to you or because he's a furry or something that makes you wanna stalk them. You have NO right to stalk people at all... ooh I see now, you stalked him because of his massive chode? man, you people needed to let go of the god damn chodes. I also have a big chode might I add. and don't even start stalking me because you don't really want my toxicity, do you? Than don't mess with me or my friend. Stalking isn't okay and you should probably stop before you are going to be pop up. I do not like people messing with my friends that made them hide themselves because of people stalking and not letting go of the chode. you dont know me but I know who you are because we have a common friend and you really don't want to lose him because you're of your stalking? probably not so cut your act already and moved on.

New text Also don't try to be careful about it now because you can't get away with your actions and pretend you didn't since everyone know what you are up to.
NexLFC Jan 21, 1:59 PM
the juxtaposition of the Kano guy respecting women and then suddenly writing a 500 word essay on how much he hates me wasn't giveaway enough for you? ill make sure to tell him to up his game then

also hands off trustful ok? hes mine
NexLFC Jan 19, 6:07 AM
fuck i came here to shit on you but u actually got respectable taste
animesthabomb Jan 15, 8:08 PM
Nice profile setup. ;)
Aniam Jan 9, 2:51 PM
thank you, like yours too~