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NV1 Oct 25, 1:59 PM
Echidna best girl > Rem > Emilia.
I thought rem would be best girl for the rest of time but Echidna is better, maybe i think that because rem wasnt there at all. Also not a fan for Emilia, she seems manipulative towards Subaru. Besides Echidna and Rem show interest whereas Emilia is friendzoing the guy after all hes down
Roswall is fire, love the man, love his design, and love his voice
Beetrice is cool, dont want to say shes a waifu bc that would make me seem a pedo but if she was then she'd be in front of Emilia. also there are some weirdos that say petra is best waifu hahah.
zuramaruchuan Oct 6, 2:50 PM
Ohh I see. So, it's kind of the niconico of China? I remember being obsessed with niconico when I was in middle school, I found so so many Vocaloid songs and to this day I remember the excitement of finding new things, it was much easier to find them there than on youtube :'D Now I just go to youtube but mainly I go for the music or to play some background noise.

I've seen a lot of creative people, especially those who wear goth fashion make their own clothes here. Mostly because there isn't much of that stuff to buy so they rather create it themself~

Ahh that reminds me of one time when I was a kid, my uncle was making some sort of Chinese dumplings when I went to visit after a long time. I was young at that time, around maybe 7 years. I was really excited to eat and when I actually tried them, I automatically thought of burek and when I told them what the dumplings tasted like, they laughed and thought I'm silly. I still like to think back to this xD

How much rice do you eat normally in a day? Are the bowls smaller for the rice and bigger for the other dishes?When I eat rice, I can't eat less than like 200g, I really love it not gonna lie... QwQ Here, people eat bread as the main carb on the daily and other carbs, like pasta and rice are considered main dishes usually.
You guys' seem to be eating very healthy though, and not just eat- the fact that you drink tea more than coffee is also a sign. It's so cool~

Oh yeah, even though I don't eat meat a lot I know that it's pretty common to eat the brain and eyes lol even I like to eat some bowels from chicken.But I really can't eat eyes and such, although my dad...Let's just say he really loves that xD
NV1 Oct 6, 1:04 PM
i thought that it was a huge jump from the first season even though it was good.

I guess there is more tension in this one and more mysteries. every episode when we think we get an answer, we just end up getting another question
zuramaruchuan Sep 14, 5:18 PM
Honestly, I only really watch studytube and vlogs on youtube. Also I like to put on music when studying, mostly positive affirmations and subliminals for positive energy. I don't remember when I last watched Aki or Joey tbh xD Gigguk used to be funny years ago but I don't see him as funny anymore...

Yeah quite that! Only really saw a handful of people talk about it.Since school started this year I started downloading webtoons to read during breaks, since I can't really enjoy playing cytus or love live as each live show/song is from 2 to 5 minutes, means I can only play one or two songs per break, and I can't do that once I start playing I feel like going on with more songs :')

Ah yeah lol that's one of the diy things I wouldn't do xD But if someone is skilled enough and if the tutorials seem promising why not give it a shot? >_< I saw this one guy in instagram that did his own shirts and clothes in a very goth/alt style and he is reeeeally good too, guess practicing is worth it after all!

Hmm I'm not really sure about my favorites, since I like a lot of different foods we eat here.A lot of food isn't necessarily ours, there is a lot of mixed in cultures like Turkish food too since we used to be under the Turkish empires control for over 400 years back in medieval times.But I guess it still grew close to us as we eat those foods often and love them!
We usually eat a lot of meat and vegetables, mainly pickled and/or roasted, baked or cooked. On weddings for example, we always have the same pattern of food, I'm not sure if it's the same for other places though lol but first there would be chicken soup, after that you'd get to pick between sarma (minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbage and cooked) and the past few decades instead of that there is stuffed bell peppers as an alternative (quicker, since you don't have to wrap them). With that, there'd be roasted meat, usually pig, goat or cow, it honestly depends since there are usually both Serb and Muslim guests, and if it was pork only Muslim guests wouldn't get to eat (at the same time, sarma had pig fat instead of any oils while being cooked, but not necessarily, sometimes one just skips the fat and oil and straight up boils them),,,, and with all of that comes a pickled cabbage salad. And after all that, there'd be drinking for a while and usually after an hour (more than an hour most of the time) there is cake of course.
The most popular junk food here would be burek or ćevapi, although they can also be considdered real dishes but they are quite greasy and one would feel sick if they only ate that xD (Burek is like a pie with meat in it, and ćevapi is sort of small minced meat sausages with some onions on the side and pie bread)
As for snacks (the processed, store food I mean) I'd say smoki (peanut flips), chips, chocolates and many cookies are popular too.
People here mainly drink coffee and tea is rather for when you're sick! And alcohol is a big part of the culture, like damn I remember I first had a drink when I was like 8 lmfao and it was rakija. I don't drink often though but just like Russians we love vodka, whiskey and all different kinds!
I'm not sure what to say what we eat for each meal here really, it's a mix of everything. For breakfast it's really just like anywhere in the world, eggs and bacon or jam and toast kind of stuff lol. I don't eat breakfast though xD
Some of my peeps prefer to buy breakfast at school, usually a chicken sandwich, burek or pizza. The thought of that makes me wanna gag, like come on who would eat such grease first thing in the morning >_>
Lunch and Dinner are both quite simmilar for most people,, it's common dishes from all over the world, but can also be traditional like satarash or gulash. So yeah, I wrote a whole essay now lmao I shouldn't bother you with this any longer my friend xD

I'd recommend most, actually,, all dishes I mentioned if you can try one day c:
What do you guys eat normally over there? I wanna hear from a real person for once, can't take the perfect version they teached us on TV :'3
NV1 Sep 7, 4:29 PM
yes re zero has gotten better and better. Its extremely good. Im just sad that we're going to have to wait like a season or two to get the other 12 episodes
Bunille Aug 16, 5:41 AM
Yeah. 2-cour shows can flesh out an anime more than a 1-cour show can, but then again, that's like ~100 episodes for 4 shows. I can't push myself through that haha.
NV1 Aug 12, 1:44 PM
lol episode 6 ended on a huge cliff hanger, it just came out like a couple hours back and i watched almost instantly
im not a BNHA fan anymore, season 4 was so bad that im skeptical on watching future seasons, not until i hear some positive feedback.
zuramaruchuan Aug 12, 12:55 PM
Yeah I heard many people complain about it, for example the anime man lol but honestly I don't really support him as much any longer because of when he tried to justify pedophilia in anime >_> SO yeah who cares about the nitpickers lol

They're more unknown and usually don't have an anime adaptation either.Some I bought are Last Game and Devil Rock, I liked both a lot haha. Last Game has fan translations but as far as I know you can't buy a physical copy of it on english, and Devil Rock had literally 0 results when I was looking for it online, only had german and japanese. Ofc there are many more! Just picked these two because I liked them a lot and wish more people would read them (ESP Last Game, one of the best romance manga I bought)
Haha yeah exactly, there are many DIY tutorials on how to turn plain clothes into something much cooler so that might come in handy asw.
Yeah you're totally right, I wish I could travel somewhere outside of Europe and see the world one day >_<
She and her husband, my uncle, make all kinds of food, from traditional balkan foods to asian food or healthier versions of fast-food. My uncle is really good at making sushi, I have to brag xD They would always explore new food ideas and gadgets to buy to make cooking easier. But in the end, I always liked their plain and normal foods more than more complicated, eastern recipes that take much more time to make. I don't really know why, but it's just making me feel much happier hehe.
zuramaruchuan Aug 1, 9:49 AM
Hmm I don't really remember too many people talking about it before, but it might've just been me lol.I thought the 1st season was amazing, although some youtubers nitpicked at it and said stuff like "the Conny scene was taking too long and ruined the shock factor", honestly eh it really isn't that but whatever xD

Yeah basically.I own a few manga that aren't even translated to english but are to german.I think I might be lucky there lol

I didn't have the right timing.They'd usually be when I'm on vacation or during the school year so,,, yeah.I'd like to go to cons to get some nice merch and maybe meet new people one day.

Oh that sucks. I hope you get to once the whole corona crisis is over. Just stay safe for now! :3

Mhm I think that Asian lives, especially in tv shows and media, are shown to be more healthy and active, somehow they feel like how all our lives should be.Simple, yet full of life, if you get me?

Kind of, I would've gone to Austria and probably to the sea later on this summer if it wasn't for covid. I would've met again my friends, spent time with family i don't see a lot because they live there and buy stuff I like. Maybe go to the pools, go enjoy some movies or eat my aunts home cooking (she is such a good cook!), but thanks to lovely covid now I can only play games, watch anime, chill my feet in the little pool we set up for my cousins, see my friend once in a few days/weeks and just melt in my hot room that doesn't even have ac and the fan doesn't do anything T_T

I checked out Re:zero s2 one or two eps, will wait for more to come out so I can binge them.Right now I plan to complete strawberry panic.
NV1 Jul 31, 3:48 PM
yes i just watched the latest snafu episode this morning, really good. i wasnt confused this episode but why does yukino's mom have to try to ruin things? I dont see why she would, like whats her motive? i see you must be a die hard fan if youve seen 6 total seasons of snafu so far lol

Yes, the message was from last week, i have seen episode 4 and i changed my mind. The series deserves the 8 from me now. Also did you see mt waifu at the end of the episode in a school uniform, omg shes so cuteeeeee, omg omg omg omg. sorry rem i still love you but this chick is pretty cute. Like episode 4 WAS EMOTIONAL + RELATABLE, i was sad watching but i dont know why but i did not cry. Im such an emotional person like you have no idea. I CRIED WHILE WATCHING DEKU GO SUPER SAIYIAN BLUE, IM SERIOUS haahaha, idk it was just so epic seeing his grow up and be able to hold his own
zuramaruchuan Jul 31, 6:58 AM
Yeah it actually was published in shounen jump for like 4 years, the chapters aren't short at least so there is quite a bit of material to read through. I'm sure the popularity is there mostly because of the 1st season being so good, but the manga was ofc the best lol

Yeah it's quite big there, Germany has a lot of translated manga and they sell it at a lot of places, even airports and malls, not just book stores and anime stores. There are also conventions for sure but I never went to any.

Yeah tbh Europeans have way too much time on their hands and they decide to waste it (at least most people), because of the boredom we have we tend to look out for more active lives, while you guys who have them probably wish there was more time to lay back and enjoy your life without stress.

I personally would like to have a mix of both, where I can spend part of my day working hard and the rest I'd get to plan and enjoy or do some interesting things every day, my current life is way too boring xD

I'm not really watching anything yet, besides anime I put on my ptw long ago, it's time to finally clean through it!
NV1 Jul 26, 4:02 PM
yes snafu is good but sometimes i get confused asf, like im not dumb or anything. I became a third year in college at the age of 18. Sometimes they like to beat around the bush and the dialogue isnt exactly specific. But thats an appeal of the show, theres so many plot threads and so much "mystery" in a sense

I prefer re zero over the 2 even though they are both about 8/10. Re zero seems to be getting better every episode. butt there are still many flows and i feel like its going pretty slow. theres been 3 episodes with little reward. like the witch of greed was cute but thats it
NV1 Jul 24, 2:29 PM
yes very cliche and predictable but i guess it can also be satisfying. not a bad show but not really for me anymore

Im only watching re zero 2 and snafu 3. legendary shows, ive waited years for both of them and im loving every episode
Bunille Jul 24, 1:44 PM
Actually, no (they're for challenges). I like 2-cour shows the most as they can provide the most story and character development, but I don't usually have the motivation to watch a 2-cour one, so I don't bother watching that many.
zuramaruchuan Jul 18, 12:58 PM

The manga has 191 chapters. I think you could read it in a week or two. I've read most of it during my exam season last spring so it took me a bit xD

Yeah anime isn't that big here where I live.There aren't any local stores anywhere but the biggest cities, as for the rest of europe I think it's the same, except maybe the UK, Germany and Sweden.

Oh I see. It seems interesting tbh. Lately I've watched a lot of asian girls' vlogs on youtube, mainly to see what they eat in a day, the lifestyle seems so much different than ours and much busier too. I kinda fancy it tho, it seems very interesting and active unlike here.

So, how have you been? Watched anything nice lately?