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Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku
Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku
4 hours ago
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Bungou Stray Dogs 5th Season
Bungou Stray Dogs 5th Season
4 hours ago
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Versailles no Bara: Moetsukita Bara no Shouzou
Versailles no Bara: Moetsukita Bara no Shouzou
Yesterday, 6:15 AM
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Bungou Stray Dogs
Bungou Stray Dogs
5 hours ago
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Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita
Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita
5 hours ago
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SakuraCheri 2 hours ago
hmm, maybe you have.

that actually sounds like my type of manga too. i want to get it, but I'm broke unfortunately so TTuTT
umm, well, you got cute things out of it so it's not that bad? ^^"
but yeah, I've heard about Colette Decided to Die.

maybe. i'd love to one day wake up and realise I've had an extreme power-up lol :P
that's a really good idea. ig i should try doing that.
and ty. it mean's a lot to me to hear someone say that <3
i'll be trying my best ^^

that's great! adfhgsdfd i remember your messed up sleep schedule lol
I've actually been sleeping great these past two weeks. I still have to work on the water part though... ^^"

bye-byeee ♥
SakuraCheri Yesterday, 11:01 AM
I'm trying. :)

that's good.

I've actually never heard of any of them, but they sound interesting, especially Otome Kaijuu.

ahh I don't know >n<
I feel like I've accomplished nothing compared to everyone else... but I'll try.

you shouldn't overwork yourself either though <33
SakuraCheri Mar 28, 1:56 PM
thank you. c:
I hope it gets better soon too. I'm trying my best ^-^

aww that's too bad. but at least you got to do something fun afterwards :D
what manga did you buy?

ooh good luck! I'm going to have to start working hard too >:3
girltokyo Mar 26, 8:57 PM
it is fr, i can see why it is a classic

we do like the twins lmao, they both have one of the best storylines from the game for sure! I only did the good endings I honestly didn't have the heart to do the bad ones, maybe one day ill do it just to see what happens.
and ikr Rika was the worst fr.

oh dang I hope the moving went alright, but yes I will let you know !

also are you going to watch anything from this season?
SakuraCheri Mar 22, 5:00 PM
omg. i'm SOOOO sorry for the extremely late reply :<
that's so sweet of you. lots of things have been happening, and I'm not feeling that great, but I'm sure it'll get better eventually <3
also, that's exciting! tell me how everything went! is it going well?

thank you, and i wish the same to you. :3
girltokyo Mar 12, 7:53 PM
Those are good characters also! and ikr shes great :3 I am currently on the 4th season of sailor moon so sailor moon super s

Mystic Messenger was the best! definitely had a lot of nights where I didn't sleep because they be texting so late at night lmao. My favorite is definitely 707, I feel like his route was the best one I played and I just really enjoyed his character. Yes I played all the routes tho they were all fun but 707 was my fav hehe

Thats true there is always updates I just need to find motivation to get back into it because there is so many new characters that I wanna see and storyline I haven't played yet, and omg yeah that would be so much fun to play together ^^
Klefki_of_Awsome Mar 11, 10:13 AM

TRUE!! Ughh, I seriously hate it when people are sending me those FR and its like obvious they're using hentai pics, like read the profile description, ITS LITERALLY WRITTEN THERE!!xdd I think the problem is that the people who have those pfp are either illiterate or can't understand English or they're just too dumb to get it so the only way to get it through to them is to ban them, sadly~:/

My immune system is already kinda crap tbh since Diabetes weakens it, but yeah, I'll be careful..x'I
And you be careful too, you're in an important part of your life so getting sick now would really suck for you..

R.I.P. x'd

Ahh, I see.. Well it was the same for our college tbh, at least up until last year but since my remaining classes were all online, I never once had to go on Campus, lol~x'P
I think daily necessities and snacks would be important, ehe~!>:P> Oh, and also ofc what you will need for over there like if there's paper or writing utensils.

If it's like here then you should be able to do a page job which is the entry position job at a public library and doesn't need a library diploma to do. Anything further then that would be exclusively to those who did the same kind of program as me tbh..=v='3
Well page is essentially a kind of grunt position. You put away and take out books to make holds for clients to come pick up most of the day and it requires a lot of stamina and some decent muscles to do. You'll also be doing some training when you start to know how to use the library's ILS system. Or well, if it's like over here, that's what it would imply..^^>3
True, but with digitization it also means people might not need for books if everyone decides to go online.. Something that is losing out in use these days actually is reference books like atlases and dictionaries as people just google things these days for information, which is sad because the internet doesn't necessarily have all the information you'd need irl..

Ahh, a fellow organizer I see~!>;P>

As much as I enjoy working in a library, I wouldn't make it my main job or even consider working there full time. It's a lot of physical work for one, and you also need to always be able to be on top of your game and help clients to the best of your ability. A job where I'm more familiar and can take it more slowly would be better for me, imo~=v=3
That said, thanks for the warm wishes, I appreciate it~!<3 ;D

It would explain why S2 felt so weird though so I'll believe you~^^'3
Nice! And wait, you had to write a graduation paper??0-0 Aren't you graduating from HS??:0

Yup, I'm well overdue after all~^^'>3
I quite enjoy some of the new things we have like rn I am obsessed with The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten but I do enjoy the novels a LOT more than the anime so far.. The anime's OK, but it does skip a lot of things which annoys me a little..>.>; I also am really enjoying the new season of D4DJ. The game is so much further then the anime tbh but I don't mind it since I get to listen to new songs almost every weeks and the girls all look so cute, especially Kurumi-chan and Noa-chan~!<3 X'39
Do you know the manga Shy btw? I found a character in it that I really like, her name is Pilz and I won't spoil anything but its getting an anime this year so I strongly recommend you check it out as it is very interesting!<3 ^v^b
The Apothecary Diaries is a court intrigue/mystery series that takes place in Ancient China and follows Apothecary Maomao has she goes on to solve various mysteries, both inside and outside the Imperial Court!>:P> I'm reading the manga which is an adaptation from the novels but the mysteries are really good and captivating even though some of them are quite obvious and Maomao herself is quite a charming and astute character and one of those strong headed types so if you like those you'll enjoy seeing her in action a lot too~!<3 X'39

That's because you live in a sea coasting country, and probably not too far from the sea, I'm guessing? We're not far from a river but because of the valley climate + Canada's weird and unexpected weather, we get these weird temperature changes.. Which I agree, are quite terrifying..x'dd
I see, glad to hear it's warm where you are.. Winter in Canada generally starts in October and ends in April or May LOL~x'D> So we still have quite a bit more Winter left here..;o;

I'll have coffee today, didn't sleep much yesterday so I'm in big need of caffein, lol~=v='3

Have a nice lunch~!^^/
lil-angry Mar 1, 6:16 PM
Hello (/≧▽≦)/ Np at all , nice meeting you too :D
I also love seeing sachi-iro no one room, it's an amazing manga I love it !!!! also Kuroshitsuji (。・∀・)ノ゙
Have a nice one too ^o^
SakuraCheri Feb 28, 11:28 AM
I was talking about my mental state, but it's true, for some reason I'm getting sicker than usual this year. I'm doing well right now though.

That's true, especially for history. Because the country can't look bad in front of its students right? It was so annoying, reading those textbooks when I was younger.
There are complications with what was supposed to be for women empowerment and rights, now that topic has become toxic as well.
People still have the mindset of "Us" and "Them" when it's really not like that anymore. If we stopped focusing on those differences, it would be so much better for everyone.
Yeah~! <3

fr i felt left so many time lol 0~0
my weekend was.. fine. basically, a complete waste of time. I can't believe it, but I actually find myself looking forward to the week, since I have motivation to work faster. But there also isn't enough time :T
how was your's?
Klefki_of_Awsome Feb 27, 1:28 PM
Yes, well I'm the type who usually replies more then what I get too so I probably ain't helping to shorten these message down, lol~x'D>

The worst ones IMO are the ones who are obviously creeps but still ask for friend requests despite it saying in my profile bio that I don't accept these kind of FR, like seriously yamete..xdd
IDK, but I would also love to know if there is! Welp if you ever find a way, do let me know, and I'll do the same on my end if I do, thanks~^^>3
Yes, I was fairly unlucky illness wise last year, got a very bad cold at the end of September and carried through until early November with it before then getting COVID In early December.. Nowadays though it's the opposite, I hear everyone around me gets sick but I haven't yet, so maybe I'm just lucky or I already got it and everyone else is getting what I had last year..x'D

OMG, that is so sad!! Stay strong girl, I'm crying irl rn with you..x'd
If it's anything like mostly everywhere else in the world then uh yeah..^^'3

My brother who's still in HS had hybrid classes during the worse of COVID, meaning they had to go to class every 2 days but nowadays it's all in person again, also they had their first actual exams in January since they didn't have them before that due to COVID..
Idk for Universities but I think it was the same as us during the worse of COVID and they've also gone back in person, earlier then HS did last Winter (HS went back in person in Fall).
From what I know from my campus friends, they didn't need to leave but it was encouraged. Also, they can keep their stuff in their rooms since they are only gone temporarily but if you are planning to move out, you do need to make sure to bring everything with you then since they don't want anything left behind for the new residents..

Yes, I agree, paper is so much better, lol~!>:D9
That said, don't get me wrong, I have an ereader and enjoy using it, especially when the power is out in my house since it's one of the rare things I can do then~^^'>3
Yes, working as a librarian is a LOT of work but you're also payed well so it's worth it imo~=v=3
So far, I don't think that will be the case. Libraries being services, as long as people deem them necessary and physical books don't get completely replaced, we'll still be in business imo~!>:D9
Oh, so essentially you prep books for putting them on shelves, help people with the borrowing and return process, put away books, catalog entries into the library system, do story times for kids, put displays up and select books to put on displays and remove the older ones, repair books, and work with various other technology and explain them to visiting classes (in school libraries, what I did in my first placement essentially). In my second placement I worked in a public library and there, things are a bit different. You're usually assisting pages with their works (pages are the entry position job in the library, they put away and take out books to put on hold and stuff, and the job is pretty good, starting at a lowest wage of 22$/hour!!) but they also wanted me to help and get to try out different things so I worked a lot with the Children's and Teen sections by making book poems to post on instagram among other things and also helping with other social media posts. In the Children's section I made book bundles for parents to pick up and bring home for their kids and even got to try a futuristic gizmo for cataloging that can help find lost items and stolen items by scanning a book row! I also made a pamphlet or two for the library and one day I got to go visit and see the place that is like the HQ of the public libraries in my city, where everything comes from at the beginning!

Definitely, it felt kinda wtf tbh imo..<.<3
I haven't seen the new one but will look forward to it when I get to it later this year!^^9
I also wish for more of that series, as I really enjoyed the first one tbh~!<3 ^^>
I knew about the paradox/timeslip thing but didn't know much details about it, so it's very interesting to know this, thanks for sharing!>:P>

I haven't caught up past S2 for Black Butler. Iirc there was Book of Circus and then the Book of Atlantis movie, right?

Yeah, I generally stopped adding shows ever since the end of last year. I only add shows based on things I am reading/will read someday and also sequels and reboots of shows I liked tbh. I also won't be watching any new shows while they air anymore at the exception of the ones I am watching rn and also Apothecary Diaries which I really want to watch live if I can (if I've caught up to the manga that is)!>:D9

Yes, it's been cold lately but afterwards I checked and indeed earlier this month was the coldest it had ever been in Canada (when it was -50).
Rn it's generally around -1 to -30 which is better but still very cold.. Even staying inside and moving, I am cold, haha~;v;
girltokyo Feb 26, 10:03 PM
i havent watched those other shows but they look cute
My favorite sailor is either sailor mercury or sailor venus hehe sailor moon is cool too tho, I love her character development throughout the show. who is your fav sailor?

I love otome games!! I have played so many, My favorite is definitely Mystic Messenger haha

Genshin is so fun, I used to grind that game when it came out but I haven't played it recently, I definitely want to get back into it tho.
SakuraCheri Feb 26, 8:18 AM
I'm so sorry for the late reply, I just haven't been feeling great at all these past few days.
I see... well, make sure to take a break, okay? :(

I guess? I hope it does :<

oh, I see TuT
aw, that's cute ^^

right? it's crazy how we never get to see the real story, there are so many more events that have been erased and we might never see the truth.
mhm. it feels like nobody really understands or cares about these things anymore, and it sucks. so I guess it's nice to talk about these types of things with you hehe <3

samee lol
but i wasn't really into communicating with people anyway during that time ._.
yeah <3
SakuraCheri Feb 24, 8:11 AM
oh no :(

I've been doing better, but I'm always generally anxious so it's hard to keep a good mood going.
but that's really good for you ^^
It's the same for me, I love talking to friends :)

they are, and I get easily annoyed when I take care of my sister too TuT
that's exactly how I feel :0
some discoveries in science make me so mad, because it's just all work stolen from women :(
and of course, there are all those issues you mentioned. But things are slowly getting better, although too slowly.

I'm not too girly, but I like to enjoy myself sometimes hehe :>
yeah, because sometimes things are better understood by the people who experience the same events and issues.
girltokyo Feb 23, 8:03 PM
I feel like we do too hehe

I have been really into watching sailor moon, I am on the 4th season already and I am loving it! What about you??

yeah haha I feel that honestly.

yes I do! I play a lot of games like visual novels or RPGs, but I have been intro playing valorant or fall guys or like Nintendo games rn, what about you?
SakuraCheri Feb 21, 9:21 AM
I think that's also awesome. There's also a demand for more mental health services (from what I'm seeing) so it's great that you're so passionate about that ^-^

I think I'll like it very much then :>

That is true. UvU
I'm trying to be more positive about things in general, talking with you kind of reminds me to do that ;p

It's the same for me. And it's not like we have the time to do much anyway TnT
Yeah, I think mothers are amazing. I sometimes feel guilty for all the work I am :'>
I don't think I'll be able to handle them emotionally, that part's especially scary, don't you think? o~o
Definitely! There are so many amazing women in history, or even male historical figures.

I'm glad I didn't get the chance to wonder about that many times in my life, but I do wonder sometimes..
Me too, girls rock <3