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May 5, 1:58 PM
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Gintama°: Aizome Kaori-hen
Gintama°: Aizome Kaori-hen
May 5, 1:57 PM
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May 5, 1:04 PM
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3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Mar 1, 4:51 AM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Mar 1, 4:51 AM
Reading 33/? · Scored -
Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
Mar 1, 4:50 AM
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Stonedtanuki May 5, 10:51 PM
haha, I love that

>Gintama happened

See! I told you! There's just something about it when you get to know the characters and all the side-characters and the actual "story" of the show gets rolling it just sucks you in. You know what's great about it, though? How not only can it randomly make you laugh, the voice actors' talent, the husbando's, the references and bad-ass moments, but there is such an amazing ability to actively give MAJOR FEELS that it's truly an amazing show. Top class. I see you're far along into it- enjoy my dear. Did you finish Ashita no Joe S2? If you did, I cried at the last two episodes- but not for what you may think the reason being.

Oh not only that but I did the corny thing and dropped some dough on a japanese futon, lol. Like, the ones you fold-up and air out on a sunny day. RT... back feels way better, and it saves space! Lookin very zen ;)

Did you finish Zoku Owarimonogatari? Did you see Neverland? Mob Psycho 2?! omg it really has been too long- missed ya big time; I love otaku'ing out with you, haha. Things have been pretty decent, I been putting more effort into my guitar practice as of late, sold off my video games and bought a tablet for... a mobile game (lol I'm super stuck into Idolm@ster now) and watched/read tons more stuff! I honestly am holding back leaving you with a massive wall of text, haha. Other than that, been kicking it on Discord with some buddies; in a close-knit channel where we discuss socio-politics, anime, 2D girls, and random shit posts lol.

Massive hug and keep kicking ass Alexandra. Much love
Stonedtanuki Apr 21, 12:01 AM
lol finally got my new bed.

See! I told you I would. Hope your doing well, much love
Cynder360 Apr 6, 5:19 AM
Just dropping by to say you have a great taste in characters~!
GranSaiyaman Feb 24, 12:57 AM
Bueno, ha sido bastante tiempo, no te preocupes no fue algo grave... Bueno no realmente, el asunto es que como estaba comiendo cada vez más cosas y estaba reaccionando bien comí carne roja y (no recuerdo si te dije que me habían hecho ya la restitución intestinal) parece que como es difícil que pase por el tracto hizo que me tapara y no pudiera ir al baño, pasé una semana así, me tomé un laxante y pude ir.

Pero el asunto es que luego me volvió a pasar y fue peor porque duré 2 semanas con eso, y de hecho quedé muy Delgado a raíz de no querer comer, parece que también me distendió mucho el intestino y se pudo haber rasgado una parte, que me provocó una infección que luego se desarrolló como abceso, y formó algo llamado fístula que es básicamente lo que tenía (la colostomía) pero hecha de forma rudimentaria por mi propio cuerpo y por un hoyo pequeño.

Eso ya se cerró, por alguna razón pude curarme solo de todo eso sin operarme pero descubrimos que la zona donde tenía la colostomía quedó con una capa muy delgada de músculo así que puede que me operen eso cuando logremos reunir el dinero... O puede que logre recuperar músculo por mi cuenta si pasa demasiado tiempo para eso :shrug:

Como podrás notar he estado MUUUUUY alejado de MAL, primero esperaba a que arreglaran todo lo de la página, luego fue porque dejé de ver anime en mi tiempo de recuperación por el hecho de que mi teléfono era una mierda y se descargaba enseguida y ahí era donde descargaba los capítulos; ahorita uso uno de mi papá que le llegó como regalo de mi tío, estoy viendo algunos de esta temporada pero aún no termino de ver otros de la temporada en la que me quedé (que no recuerdo cuál era pero era en la que iba terminando Darling In The FranXX), y por último porque la verdad que cuando iba perdiendo cuerpo me iba sintiendo peor y con unos retorcijones y dolores por lo de la infección, no fue bonito :/

Espero que te haya ido bien a ti en este tiempo, y que hayas pasado una buena navidad y un buen fin de año; yo pude por lo menos comerme una hallaquita, pan de jamón y pernil así que no me quejo en ese aspecto X9
SwedishGeekGirl Jan 13, 3:52 AM
It is fine :) I have worked as a receptionist as well but on an office XD
Im currently only focusing on my studies so hopefully in a few years i can work as a librarian.
I had a good christmas, hope you had one as well?
And have a great 2019 :)
Stonedtanuki Jan 2, 12:14 PM
Hugs! Never fret- I understand busy times happen; as always I'm happy to hear back and see that you're doing okay :) That's paramount- ain't no statute of limitations between us!

Haha, from my experiences, the first hurdle is surviving, then it's existing (where I'm at), then supposedly- but it's just rumors so I dunno yet myself, you can get to "living." I'm sure you're well on your way- it's probably one of those long 3 cours shows and you'll get the onsen episode somewhere in there, don't worry. Currently helping my brother finish up his motions for purchasing a house, like an actual house and he's going to move to a neighboring state, so that's good I'm happy for him. Still hustling at the ol' diner, new years day was BUSY! omg, I don't think anyone wanted to make their own food that day- and since it's coming out of the big holiday season (from like November till March) it's going to be lame as heck at work, lol. Other than that, I've expanded my figures, bought this massive (for realzies, it's taller than me)... {which I guess isn't too remarkable} new display case, had to alter the dimensions because IKEA shit is, well, shit, and am no officially one Yotsugi Ononoki away from having a complete Monogatari set. Woot woot. Also, was introduced to this phone game based off the Idolm@ster franchise and am severely hooked; I used to play Love Live SIF, but this game absolutely blows it out of the water.

Oh wow- but the Dark Horse release is hardcover isn't it? I thought I read something about that somewhere, but then again I could be wrong :P Owning physical copies is the best- it just feels better, but yeah it sucks that not everything is licensed and properly released. Let me see; some buddies recommended 20th Century Boys and Monster for me to read; I had watched Monster as an anime but never read it and WOW- I was really blown away. Monster is like, the true meaning of horror and it slowly makes you feel really kinda dreadful, but it also is responsible for giving me the only jumpscare I've ever had while reading, lol. Seriously. 20th Century Boys earned itself a masterpiece level mark from me, I got super emotional with it and actually cried multiple chapters. Really love it and would love to own it, but like Berserk it has like 20+ vol's and if I'm not mistaken, there's even a "perfect" edition that's releasing/released/will be released and... well I want that one lol.

Okay, Alexandra... I'll be honest with you- Ashita no Joe S2 will probably end up being a 10/10 for you like it was for me; this is like when we both experienced LotGH nearly in tandem and I told you it's going to get ya- and you got got, lol, well- AnJ turns into that. I love that you mention Kim- his whole set-up was amazing, the story mature, and this is really the major turning point for the rest of the show. I got chills when they described his Chomu Chomu technique, like just the name has a creepy sorta mechanical feel to it. Look forward to you finishing it so we can nerd out :D

lol Dio-sama? I also finished part 4; which was crazy, but REALLY picked up steam during the Kira arc. OMG that was good- plus Jousuke. like, JOUSUKE. I'm still a Polnareff supporter, lol, but Jousuke was pretty slick- and that alien dude was nutty. I look forward to checking out pt.5 when it finishes up because it just looks that much more intense. I also completed let me see...3 seasons and 2 movies of Yamato? something like that; I think I have one movie left before I've watched the entire series, at least the old one. Actually, you might be able to get by with watching the updated remake because I've heard from several people that it's actually quite good and having watched the originals I can tell ya that the art stays like that and best you'll find is 360p lol. I watched it like that, and the visuals and audio sometimes was shit, but I enjoyed it for the legacy. S2 and the 2nd movie were the strongest, for me.

Finishing up my seasonals from the Fall; omg Banana Fish was such a blast. I really liked that- and I watched something calling Chuukan that was recommended to me and lol I mean that was really charming- makes me want to check out Kaiji in the future. Finishing up Bunny Girl Senpai right now and I can see both schools of thought because if you're new to anime than yeah- I can see this being an amazing experience, but I've been watching for a hot-minute lol and like, 1020+ series completed, so I just see other older shows reflected in it. Don't get me wrong, objectively I think it's good- it's just that because I can't help it, I'm reminded of Monogatari, Haruhi, and Oregairu. Oh, and I saw that show called Uchi no Maid [...] and I thought it was cute, lol. Yeah, it has some humor based on the premise which probably rubs people wrong at times, but it actually has more comedic elements than that and towards the end shows a lot of heart. Also saw the Imouto show and just ended up feeling sad.

As I to you, Alexandra. I wish I could say I do, but I don't use Fb and I had to google "whatsapp" lol. I could probably do the whatsapp thing, but I want to see if I can get away with linking it to Line or Discord or something. I don't use Discord much, but it's always sorta logged in on my phone so I treat it like IRC or a forum now. It's all good, and I wish you the best and hopefully the best. Please keep your head-up and like always, keep kicking ass you adorable fujoshi!

Big Hugs!
RabbitTear34 Jan 1, 5:33 PM

How the present days vanished, how the weeks shattered in my head, how many months the selfish rabbit in me ignored replying to my dear Kanno.
I hope finally this long-eared something somehow found the path out of its deep self-dug burrow. It rested too long on your gentle warmth of patience. Maybe it was that it wanted to write about so many things that it always postponed its reply to the tomorrow's day. And there where truly many tomorrow's days, it couldn't even count them all. What a selfish and undisciplined rabbit!

But to be honest next to my runaway ego, these past months happened a lot on my side. I failed finding the right time to write in a relaxed state or to concentrate on interpreting or listening that much to new music even though I've watched some seaonal and other anime :/
Maybe I can find a bit of free time in the new year but there were many changes family-wise this year.
In the late summer I could enjoy weekends with my grandpa before he was leaving to Old Home. It was a wonderful time and I could really well let go of him. But sadly due the circumstances some conflicts entailed in the family.
And my mum had to move to my home for an unknown time, so I was working and planting in the garden (because she has so many herbs and other plants but this year was perfect for being outside :] ). And much stuff has to be organised, packed and carried. I'm looking forward to the time we can share as a little family. Though I also have to concentrate on my future and well somehow find my place in society. But yeah, this year was full-packed with things and I hope we can keep our conversation even if I've not really done a lot for it in the last year. But I want to be more active here at MAL..

So where do I begin, maybe first with Non Non Biyori. While watching NNB I could really well diving into its atmosphere. The landscape in all its natural beauty and the lovely and funny everyday life of our little students were so wonderful animated, so that I could only inhale all of it deep down into my lungs and heart. One of my most loved episodes was probably the tenth which was more focused on the relationship between Kaede and our fluffy Renge. I already told Valk that I loved the subtle feelings of happiness and trust drawn in this episode and the intimate togetherness which solidifies Kaede's and Renge's bond with each second of wonder. And how Renge saw the little things around her almost nobody else notices. Her and her friends' perceptions all so different and yet united with their bond and shared little adventures. It was a pure ride of relaxation and fun. I'm especially looking forward to Repeat and the movie but I think I'll save them for a later time when I'm not feeling so well or when I don't really like the seasonals. But I'm sure I'll love it :3

Then I watched Hanamonogatari and the Kizumonogatari trilogy. To be honest I really loved Hanamonogatari but somehow hated Kizumonogatari.
Hanamonogatari is probably my most fav part of the Monogatari franchise (though I have yet to watch Tsuki- and Owarimonogatari). I loved to experience Kanbaru's struggles with letting go of her past, of self-created guilt, of her conflicted and disrupted self and feelings, of a perfect version of her personality. How she then faces Rouka her basketball opponent of her past, though Rouka was moreso a mirror and Kanbaru has to face herself. she has to face her socially adapted part of her nature and learns to be the Kanbaru who has own wishes and feelings. Just being the Kanbaru she truly is. A lovely adolescent journey I enjoyed in its fullest.
Kizumonogatari on the other hand was probably just too much for me to handle. The story tried too hard to be visually and emotionally appealing and thrilling in my opinion. And I missed Hanekawa's character from the series full of struggles, thoughts and adolescent development because in Kizumonogatari she looked more like being only a device for erotic fanservice or only Araragi's first love, he has to protect. I missed the subtle coming-of-age parts and it was too thrilling for my taste. But that's only my perception and maybe Kizu was just too different to Hana that I couldn't like it in the end.

I watched the sequel of my beloved Uchouten Kazoku and finished the first season of the amazing Genroku Rakugo. Both were great experiences. The quirky and lively Eccentric Family with its great explored characterisations and relationship and Rakugo with its intimate adventure into Kikuhiko's past. How he reflected his precious memories while focusing on his relationship between him and Sukeroku. A deep friendship born in a time where they're called Bon and Shin and grew with time's indomitable force to the men Kikuhiko and Sukeroku. I especially loved how realistic the characters were drawn and how atmospheric the anime was. Even the historical and cultural context especially the Rakugo scenes were explored with passion for detail. And the heartwarming scenes with the little Konatsu were so adorable that I smiled a lot. A beautiful anime and I'm looking forward to its second season..

I also watched House of Five Leaves and its atmosphere was very similar to Rakugo. I have the feeling you could like it as well as you already has Rakugo in your favs.
It's set in the time of Edo where different people (some being criminal) come together. And as a viewer you're invited to find out more about their backgrounds, motivations and characters. A beautiful anime for sure.

Next to the very artistic Genius Party shorts and the freudian-like Belladonna movie (though sadly it wasn't my type of movie) I have watched I enjoyed Night on the Galactic Railroad. A little slow paced character journey with a dreamy atmosphere.

And then there was Revue Starlight. I truly loved diving into the world of our little stage girls. How each episode unfolded a new side of relationship like slowly peeling a banana without knowing how sweet it would be but you know it tastes so delicious (what a bad example,haha). But speaking of banana, this too cute JunNana couple was so heartwarming explored. I loved Junna's and Banana-chan characterisations and conversations. Like how Junna destroyed with her powerful hug Banana's despair of holding on the past.. And to watch how almost in each episode a new couple was explored and how the relationship was brought on stage. How with each duel our stage girls learned a lesson and developed a deeper understanding of their strenghts and weaknesses as well build a deeper rooted trust to their duel partners.
How I wish this series would have been as long as Utena. Did you enjoy the soundtrack too? For some reason I caught myself by listening to it quite often. Normally I'm not he musical guy but listening to these lively and emotional songs was somehow really satisfying. What a Bana-nice experience this anime was!

And I see YKK made it into your fav list. I'm really happy. How was your time at Alpha's cafe?...

I'm glad you got back into cycling after your accident. And especially cross-country is a wonderful way of exploring the country and surroundings. The last months I was way to less on my bike. I mostly walked a bit here and there in my neighborhoods but like you said it's difficult to find someone you can make trekking trips with. So on my side I walked alone only on little routes and even then I very often was outside where it was already dark especially in the last days. But yeah the longing feeling of going alone under the stars and next to dark unknown silhouettes is somehow satisfying and exciting.

I'm sadly allergic to cats. But my mom has two Maine Coon Mix cats who are really gorgeous. And now I can share a lot of time with them. And we managed the allergy problem somehow. But yeah, both cats (they're brothers) are wonderful each in his own way and I love to make photos of them. Looking forward to when we have snow here (200 metres above sea level).

I finally listened to your music recommendations. And I really enjoyed most of them. Like you said Emily Jane White's music is really dreamy and warm. It's relaxing to listen to her voice. But I even more loved the Esben & the Witch song you shared with me. What a beautiful song!
I think most of all I loved the LP by Babel. The intensity and variety of instruments, voice and noises was so captivating. Sometimes it reminded me of the Lost Tribe Sound label which has also diverse music and artists like William Ryan Fritch who uses many instruments for his music.
But I also loved the relaxing album by Vàli, the melancholic and really beautiful album Rachel's, the traditional and subtle Evening Snow (by Tani Senzan & Tanaka Yoko) and Ensemble Nipponia which has somehow a hypnotizing effect on me :) The Kabuki album even reminded me of the anime Genroku Rakugo. But I really enjoyed the traditional music and It's a genre I really want to dive in more deeply in the future.
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble was also a very beautiful listen. Combining Jazz with a more dark atmospheric tone is really mesmerizing.
Toundra was a great listen too, as well as I like Ulver, Comus, Domo and some others I probably forgot to mention.
Not so much to my taste were Earthless, OM, Hexvessel, The Budos Band and Nebelung but it's probably only that they're not the typical albums or genres I tend to listen to or that I'm not really liking the voice of the vocalist.
But I'm really thankful for these many beautiful music recs and I'm looking forward to when you want to share more soundscapes :3

On my side I haven't listen to many new albums the last months. I enjoyed Tim Hecker's und Ichiko Aoba's new albums "Konoyo" and "qp" and this little album. I want to explore more artists in specific genres like Jazz, traditional music, folk etc. So a lot to discover in the new year. But yeah, I want to watch less seasonal anime and listen more to mostly unknown bandcamp artists (so I can recommend you some too) and read more manga/books.
But we'll see if I'm only talking too much here or not ;)

Unfortunately I haven't watched many movies too (mostly some I watched with family). But Woman in the Dunes is very high in my priority list. Really looking forward to this classic work of art.
I even have yet to watch Nostalghia but somehow I was more in the mood for relaxing stuff like Slice of Life anime and manga. But I'm looking forward to watch it soon and even if I had not to leave my family I'm sure I'll love it.

I need to get punished for my coward disappearance

Valkeiser Jan 1, 1:21 PM
Me encantó el video, lástima que acaba de salir y hay que esperar a que salgan más (como todo en Berserk jajaja). Bueno, por ahora a continuar con Planetes que pinta muy bien.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo hermanita! Ya cada vez falta menos para vernos =)
Fate-Ch4n Dec 29, 2018 7:10 PM
Nico Nico niiiiiii!!!
Jajaja yo pense que estabas en hiatus XD
Aww... no te preocupes la verdad yo tambien no he estado por aca.
Pues yo tambien queria la figura de griffith pero despues De lo que le hizo a caska :/ ya no lo quise . Y si estan un Poco Caras Pero vale la pena tenerlos 7u7 XD

No me la vas a creer pero ami me regalaron una t-shirt de chicas de anime que tienen la lengua de afuera (ahegao) ay no me da Pena ponermela T.T
Pues Luego me praticas que Como te fue en el ańo y que anime te gustaron :3

Valkeiser Dec 28, 2018 2:45 PM

Así quiero que me recibas cuando vaya, boba. Te quiero =)
Valkeiser Dec 27, 2018 9:28 PM

¡Por fin pude verla en navidad! Aunque hubiera preferido verla con mi hermanita ¬¬
Wormy01 Dec 25, 2018 12:04 PM


Hope you're doing fine these days girl <3
Stonedtanuki Dec 24, 2018 7:57 AM

Merry X-mas Alexandra, hope you remembered to reserve that KFC order!

*moe moe kyuun*
SwedishGeekGirl Dec 23, 2018 10:35 PM
Merry christmas ^^
Hope you have a Lovely holiday and a spectacular 2019 :)
PaladinAlchemist Nov 21, 2018 7:55 PM
That picture is too accurate!

At first, I didn't pay too much attention to Lan (he was kinda your standard stiffbacked character), but those last few episodes really did it in for me.

Glad you liked it!