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Schierke (シールケ)

Schierke is a young witch-in-training, a disciple of the witch Flora. She is accompanied by an elf, Evarella. She aided Guts's group with a troll infestation in the nearby village Enoch, where she showed how powerful magic can be in Berserk.

After a series of events, Schierke was forced to leave her home and Flora behind forever when they faced an attack Griffith ordered. Schierke, having lived a sheltered life, doesn't like the Human world or the Holy See's religion, but she finds life outside bearable due to her companions.

Her magic skills and knowledge of the world are impressive for a child her age. One of her most used and handiest spells is the ability to hypnotize or temporarily desensitize others. But due to her youth, she tends to exhibit dangerous overzealousness. Her ability to sense "Od" (life force or spirit energy) means she can sense the power, intent, and alignment of all creatures and artifacts.

As she sees Isidro as an incompetent monkey, there is some friction between the two, which frequently lends itself to comic situations. Though she initially couldn't stand Guts, Schierke has developed a slight infatuation with him. When Sonia gave her an offer to join the Band of the Hawk, Schierke thought of Guts before declining. Their journey together constantly brings them into even deeper understanding.

Voice Actors
Saitou, Chiwa
Lee, Mela