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Days: 126.2
Mean Score: 6.71
  • Total Entries888
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  • Episodes7,982
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Chihayafuru 2
Chihayafuru 2
Yesterday, 2:54 PM
Watching 10/25 · Scored -
Yesterday, 1:04 PM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 8
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Aug 3, 7:59 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 77.5
Mean Score: 7.23
  • Total Entries704
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  • Chapters12,362
  • Volumes1,457
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Tsurezure Children
Tsurezure Children
Jun 30, 3:59 PM
Reading 77/212 · Scored -
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Jun 6, 10:53 AM
Completed 207/207 · Scored 6
Mousou Telepathy
Mousou Telepathy
May 25, 5:45 AM
Completed - · Scored 8


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Rinarin Jun 24, 6:48 AM
Found you! And yeah, I tried ages ago too but I couldn't get into it plus some parts are pretty bad/awkward with how it works. Right now, I don't have the time either so don't even check updates, let alone posts. Maybe in the future!

Looking forward to see if they have any announcements for it. I love the author's writing so it would be great to see more adapted from her (hopefully with the right pacing, lol).
Rinarin Jun 22, 5:32 AM
Yes and thank you! Are you using it too? I'm mostly updating manga there (ever since the mal apocalypse), cause it has a lot of the webtoons I follow, too, so it helps! Plus additions are much faster. (and ofc there is baka that I try to update sometimes too...manga lists are a mess when you update more than one site lol) I'm not too up to date on anime there though, I mostly keep those here.

Also, I just recalled I forgot to tell you about 7seeds, which I ended up continuing watching. You were right! Part two was quite an improvement and I don't understand why they went so fast through some incidents in part 1 when they went so well with part 2 with the pace...still, at least I'm not too bitter with the anime now (I'm still bitter with the first season!).
Rinarin May 13, 12:08 PM
Just watched the first ep so I'll be seeing if it improved soon!

Ohh yeah, this one's chapters are pretty lengthy/packed. On one hand that's amazing for development. On the other, it needs a lot of attention and time, so hard to go through if you are sleepy (which tends to be when I read).
Rinarin May 13, 6:06 AM
Thanks a lot, tsuyo! (somehow I still think of tsuyo first, tell me if it bothers you) Hope you had a great one too!

Also I spy 7 seeds manga and I'm jealous. I feel this just tempted me enough to try out (and/or binge) the second season. I might have not liked how the first turned out, but I still miss the characters and world.
jhoson14 May 6, 10:32 PM
Age is catching up xD. Started forgetting some stuff, was so sure you hadn't watched Haikyuu yet > <

Nooo, Sad that you didn't like it. Almost forgot that it took me 2-3 episodes to really get into it; first wasn't that great (any chances of you watching another episode? :3 ).

Honzuki was my anime n°2 of 2019, only losing to Vinland... which was sooo good. One of the best antagonist I have seen in few years. (I cant be wrong all the time xD ;really think you would love Askeladd).

As for Yahari, they have been postponing it a lot. Just yesterday they moved it to July, hope they are able to makei it this time (but I kinda fear that quality would drop a lot). Have you ever considered reading it? Have read till volume 11 some years ago and boy, its sooooo much better than the anime.

Lots of extra stuff and more inner dialogues that makes it even better (being lazy to start volume 12 and 13 > < ).

Irc two weeks ago they cleared the burnt building and are thinking of what to do with the lot. The backups and such were actually saved, but lots of really talented people died T-T

Saw there was a pre order and new schedule for Violet evergarden movie too. Seems they are trying really hard to keep up
i_yuuko-chan Apr 26, 11:14 AM
Hello, dear!! How's everything? o/
jhoson14 Apr 16, 11:21 PM
Come on!! There could be something good T-T

What about Honzuki no Gekokujou? (Season 2 of something I was pestering you about last year :P)

OMG. Haikyuuu!! We where supposed to watch that and have Yuuko joins us. You might like the first 3 seasons of it.

Are you watching anything older?
Rinarin Apr 12, 2:49 AM
Well, if you do get into her world building (and since we are on the subject), I want to rec another very pleasant read of hers, Neko Mix Genkitan Toraji. It's still publishing but I find it very lovely to read, fairytale levels of pleasant but with the world building and interesting characters she tends to have.

A movie was actually announced for Given! Won't mention any more details but after you are done with the eps, you will prob be able to tell what it will be about!

Let me think, from recent stuff hmmm. I haven't been following too many seasonal lately either (usually check them later too) but some I think are worth checking out (of various genres) are ID:Invaded, latest Haikyuu, Kanata no Astra, Mo Dao Zu Shi, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru..those of the top of my head (probably forgetting some). If you have any to rec, feel free to share too!
Rinarin Apr 11, 3:15 AM
Sounds like you are enjoying it, which is great. I really had fun with Given, too. Can't wait for more!

As for 7 seeds, I absolutely agree. I don't tend to compare shows with their sources too much but on this one it was very hard to ignore this horrible pacing. First season started okay but by the end I was just sad since so much of the character development was completely lost in the transition to animation. I still haven't started 2 but it's on my plans, because I'm still hopeful for it (also I really like the story and characters so oddly enough I do like to see it animated...even if it's like this ><). Definitely recommend reading it after you are done with the show, especially if you like the plot. In the manga you'll find the characters interesting too. Tamura Yumi has done a great job at the world building for sure.
Rinarin Apr 10, 8:27 AM
Hiiii! It's been a while since we've talked! Hope you are well.

I also randomly read this cause I saw the cover and it ended up being pretty cute, exactly as you described (the side couple was pretty interesting, too, kinda hoped there would be even more of them). I also liked Kazoku ni Narou yo from the same author, if you get bored and want to check out another one :D

Also, noticed you are watching Given! *curious*

(and 7seeds ><)
edgemastered Apr 8, 7:00 PM
well, i've seen it, but, not watched yet.

lol i dont even remember where i found it, i just look it and think ''that's the one''
KannoSugako Apr 6, 12:34 PM
Pues que bueno que at least algo de trabajo logras hacer. Yo l verdad tengo mucha libertad con mi trabajo porque basicamente despues de los proprietarios estoy yo y pues, hago todo a mi ritmo sin problemas.

Tengo dias con ganas de ver mas sport anime (el ultimo que vi fue demasiado besho -Run with the wind- y pues ya que se termino Haikyuu *sobs*) recorde que tenias un fav de baseball. Estaba entre Ookiku y Cross Game pero por tu fav voy a darle la oportunidad primero a Ookiku!
edgemastered Apr 6, 8:14 AM
it made me laugh too XD, and sorry to reply too late
jhoson14 Apr 5, 7:20 AM
hahaha. Dint mean that lol xD

You got it wrong > < (had a good laugh due to that)

Will explain later :3

So, what are you watching anything this season?
jhoson14 Mar 30, 10:02 PM
The pandemic trolled me really hard T-T. Was really looking forward to something in April =\

We are having quarantine, but i'm pretty much doing what I already do best; being isolated from social activities :P

Been home most of the time, work is normally in the ranch or selling stuff here. Being careful when I need to get close to clients and washing hands like crazy xD

How's it going for you?

The Discord call will be kinda hard to do > <

Will tell you the details later in whazza :3 (tho i'm pretty sure you know why already :P )

Tsu =*