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Somali_Strawhat Nov 7, 2018 4:24 PM
Hey man, sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for engaging in a discussion with me about one of my favorites. Osumi was definitely fired for his lack of willingness to stray from the manga for sure. I've only read 7 out of the original 110 in english and just looked elsewhere for the raws and you're right that had Osumi continued on with his version we'd get a far less endearing character. Plus there are many adventures where the gang are not together at all and I'm glad the anime decided against that. Plus its entirely plausible that Osumi only recorrected course in tone for Voyage to Danger out of hindsight seeing how his behavior hurt his relationship with TMS in the past.

That said though I'm still willing to give Osumi a shred of my condlfidence in thinking he would have added his own elements apart from the manga that could have lightened Lupin's tone just a bit of not to the levels we saw in Cagliostro. 3 years prior to his involvement with Lupin he directed an anime called Moomin, a series directed for children. And it is by far one of the most cute lst kid friendly stuff imaginable. I don't think that just because he directed a kids show that automatically would mean he'd have the insight to highlight the more gentleman like aspects of the gentleman thief, but from what I saw in episode 3 where Lupin mourns the loss of Linda I'd say the potential was at least there. Which is why I always wonder at a Lupin franchise that could have been from time to time.

And yeah, I don't want to discount Miyazaki/Takahata's contributions to the franchise either. Like you said, Lupin like Batman evolved due to the constant additions that made him who he is today and would be pretty unfair of me to try and make it seem as if all that Miyazaki/Takahata did was sacrifice Osumi to make a kids show lol. I just get frustrated whenever someone recommends Lupin and only recommends the stuff that the duo made and discounting the pulpier prototype as if the best way to enjoy the Lupin is to ignore his foundations. Its like only recommending The Dark Knight Returns to someone if they asked you where to start with the Batman franchise.

Hmm, in terms of Fujiko never being perceived as a rival I think that's more a matter of interpretation right? Fujiko pre Osumi's boot off the set was far less a member of the gang than what she would later become and that's totally for the better. However, Lupin does have that back and forth competition between him and her in episodes 6 and 7. I'm sure Osumi would have probably highlighted her femme fatale traits over her master thief ones more had he continued but I don't think he wpuld have removed the rival nature of her character either. The manha portrays the relationship between Lupin and Fujiko to be extremely whimsical in nature and I think focusing on one aspect more over the others would work against the appeal of her character in that she is an unpredictable unsolvable mystery. The fact that so many writers and directors would tweak her personality to fit the story really demonstrates how keeping her less rigid in characterization adds to her personality and plays to her strengths at being able to keep people and by extension, the audience guessing.


I'm not gonna lie, season 3 is really janky. Some episodes less so than others. The slapstick is dialed to 11 and the character designs look even more mad magazine than the manga itself distorting to fit the energy within each scene. Episode 1 is almost unwatchable for me due to the amount times the characters are off model and how poorly paced it felt.

If I'm being kind its inconsistent and if I'm being honest its a mish mash of meh. I do enjoy the stories presented though and I think there are some episodes where the animation feels better than the 2nd season. But Zenigata really just stays the same throughout so far. I'm 12 episodes deep and I heard it gets better in terms of its visuals later so I'll have to get back to you on that.

In terms of the 2nd season though, it is definitely worth the watch. Red jacket Lupin definitely has the most of my favorite episodes in the franchise. Partly due to the sheer number of episodes but also due to how rapidly they shift tones to really sell the episodic nature of the series. If you're going to save it for last than I'd recommend starting on episode 1 and just hitting random episodes until you finish. I don't know why but the previews for the next episodd never made me feel like watching the next one. Maube jts because most of red kacket's fun comes from how wildly unexpected it is from beginning of the episode until the end. Going in blind with the exception of the two parters just maximizes that unpredictability.

Finally, didn't know we both wrote a review of Lupin Part V hahaha! I enjoyed yours and I'm glad Blie Jacket is as quality as it is so far. Any hopes for what direction will the series go next in (I hope to get greenlit) Part VI?
neph909 Sep 18, 2018 2:16 PM
to tell the truth im just happy to see another fan out there.
neph909 Sep 18, 2018 1:53 PM
while i'll agree lupin part 5 was very good, it wasnt as good as part 4. rebecca was better character than ami and had a better arc. and the animation of part 4 was better as well. but im nitpicking here. the focus on fujiko was nice tho.
Chudokuu Oct 23, 2016 1:17 AM
Ah, thanks for the answer. If only they would have put that, this first scene was so atmospheric for me in the manga back then.
Chudokuu Oct 22, 2016 10:56 PM
Nice review of gantz:O. If you can answer, in the movie is there the scene where we saw the very first form of the big boss... you know when it's like a woman dancing and then the guy shoot her in the manga ?