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Days: 300.1
Mean Score: 6.17
  • Total Entries1,650
  • Rewatched100
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Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou
Yesterday, 2:40 PM
Watching 13/24 · Scored -
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Yesterday, 1:22 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Yesterday, 12:50 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
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Days: 110.7
Mean Score: 6.73
  • Total Entries210
  • Reread10
  • Chapters16,172
  • Volumes1,957
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Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy
6 hours ago
Reading 253/? · Scored 8
Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Yesterday, 12:12 PM
Reading 236/? · Scored 7
Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni
Yesterday, 2:40 AM
Reading 93/? · Scored 8


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inim Sep 1, 2:46 PM
Let me start with how I did find it :)
I had it on PTW because I copied over most links from
Then it popped up as pick for "hidden gem of the month" in
Check out that club's club relation, finest hand picked obscure diamonds. They also have this monthly pick for new additions.

How do I find it now? Well, I see you rated it 7 and currently I'm closer to 5. In a nutshell, a reviewer writes it's FLCL for middle aged men and rather than coming of age it's about midlife crisis. That's a theme I can relate to. What's not so good is the execution. Production values except music are pretty low. Also, the story is weird and could need polish. There are many good ideas in it, but it lacks the last notch to be great. Nevertheless, it's of course a very unique anime for an age group hardly ever addressed by the format. Maybe I honor that with an extra point, depends on the last 5 episodes. It's time for the shit to hit the fan :) But then, another review compared it's pacing to NieA under 7, which means nothing will happen, lol. We'll see. I like that 3 stooges girl gang, btw, classic.

As you can parse from my confused writing, I find it pretty hard to assess Kachou Ouji properly. Insofar it's memorable for sure.
inim Aug 29, 6:51 AM
I've finished one of your recommendations, the two Nasu OVAs. Comment see here:

Interestingly I find the 2nd one (the rain race) much better than the Andalusian one, you seem to prefer them just the other way around. Overall this is sports presented in a way able to get a Sportmuffel like myself. The 2nd OVA is pretty close to an 8, but for now I stick with a cowardish 7.
inim Aug 27, 6:02 PM
I see, even if I don't dislike her that much. It's an ensemble cast, and there's always somebody annoying in them. If it helps you, she falls into the background over time and is practically gone by the end of season 2. In eps 13-15 (the OVA) a new main female character is introduced: Chika Ogiue. And she is a very good character with great development. Season 2 (eps 16-28) is dominated by her story. Season 3 (eps 29-42) then is all new anyway, as the old gang graduated, Ogiue is the new chair, and the new members are almost exclusively fujoshi then. Older chacters at time s return for visits, but especially Saki is pretty absent. Albeit there are two blunt and annoying American exchange students then which may kill it for you again, now that I think about it :)

Anyway, I really liked the series. Give the OVA a shot as a preview of S2 which is the best season of the franchise and Chika best girl.
inim Aug 27, 5:33 PM
For me all sports is sort of a challenge, there is a really lovely German term for it: Sportmuffel (~ sports grump, sports sour puss). "Muffel" sounds similar to "müffeln", which means to smell musty. Those anime challenges are useful in that I finally watch some genre entries, I avoided them in live action so far.

Out of curiosity: Genshiken wasn't for you? What went wrong, a 4/10 by your standards is close to "go and die a painful death".
inim Aug 27, 5:11 PM
Yay, I survived my first long sports shounen, and it didn't hurt nearly as much as expected. I pick the frog punch, Takamura and Aoki are comedy gold and improved the show (for a genre ignoramus like myself) a lot. GTO vibes on the two. I'll just dive into the next sports shounen required to complete the CCC challenge, I tasted blood :) Cross Game, here I come! I put the Ippo sequels and movies on PTW, so I guess when I'm willing to watch more I liked it :)
inim Jul 25, 10:59 AM
Best find in a long time (ok, since Hidamari no ki, must be a lucky streak):
FMmatron Jul 11, 3:58 AM
I'm also hyped for the Japanese dub, even tho I already randomly rewatched some episodes of the third season Beyblade with it. That was literally 10 years ago, however.
FMmatron Jul 11, 3:31 AM
It is. I'm actually eager to rewatch many childhood anime(Pokemon, Digimon, Beyblade) The thing is, their overall length makes it hard to fit them in. Last year I managed to rewatch Yu-GI-Oh! along with GX and 5D's, that went quite well.

Iirc tue comedy was basic, but done well and of course it worked even better thanks to the loveable characters.

And yeah, boys had Sentai while girls had Magical Girls, maybe that's not based on pure facts, but I agree with you.
FMmatron Jul 10, 4:11 PM
Glad to heart that. I was fond of the series myself and the German dub for it was a good one. But well, it's been ages since I've watched it the last time and of course I'm interesed to see how well it would hold up today for me.
FMmatron Jul 10, 3:25 PM
How do you like Sailor Moon? Pretty nice that you're watching it.
inim Jul 8, 9:37 AM
Ah, I see you found Spirit of Wonder, very nice and calming soft-sci-fi. Hope you enjoyed it, too.
inim Jul 8, 9:34 AM
And another surprise find / gem, a very idiosyncratic Mamoru Oshii OVA I find hard to compare to anything else. Maybe Tatami Galaxy or Monogatari, but only loosely.

Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! (Long Live the Ancestors!, 1989)
Tragic, existentialist and absurdist comedy more reminiscent of a modern, 4th wall breaking theatrical play than of anime. It's self-aware, witty, farcical, sparklingly intelligent, surprising on many levels. Oshii's "Waiting for Godot" moment. (8/10)
inim Jul 1, 1:58 PM
I've dug out another unexpected hidden gem, 11-nin Iru. It's best explained when you say it's a simplified, shorter movie version of Mugen no Ryvius but I noticed you haven't watched that one either (nor PTW to). I can recommend both anime strongly, and the short movie runtime allows to check it out without much investment.

Heres my "if you liked A, you liked B" recommendation text:
Two psychological sci-fi with great character designs, highly interesting premise, and good direction. Both are textbook definitions of a hidden gem. In both, a group of space academy elite students are forced to survive in a troubled space ship for a long time, and a complex sociogram emerges. Of course a two cours series can develop each character more, but the 90 minute movie does an amazing job in it's limited runtime. Elevator version: two takes on "Lord of the Flies" in space.

FMmatron Jun 30, 1:34 PM
Pretty much, format and style were deviating too much, season 4 will be slightly better again, but don't hope for S1 and 2 greatness.

Well, it was entertaining and the writing was serviceable, but after 12 episodes I had my fill. I dropped it due to the repetive nature and nonexistent overarching plot/aimlessness. It's something I consider picking up again, tho.
inim Jun 20, 11:30 AM
Thanks a lot, I've never heard of it but the average friend rating is really high, I see a lot ot 8s. Along with many 3s, but controversial usually is a good sign.