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Mar 26, 2022
Lupin III Part VI is a step back in modern Lupin.
After the brilliance of Part V I had high hopes for this season, sadly it didn't quite reach them.

In Part VI we get two main stories, Sherlock Holmes and Lupin's Origins, with a mixture of episodes from well known creators in between, sadly the series doesn't have solid arcs like Part V.

London and Sherlock Holmes was an interesting arc spread throughout the first cour, Sherlock was portrayed well and the mystery was interesting, sadly the arc was split with odd episodes wedged inbetween its beginning and end, making it a bit jumbled.

Lupin's Origin which is ...
Mar 20, 2019
Following straight after the final episode of the series, these three OVA are in no rush to complete the story, which is surprisingly a good thing.
We get new interesting characters introduced, development for the existing characters and the story continues at a steady pace that makes you want more.
Like the series, the art, music, opening and closing are the same. Though I do feel Oono has gotten even more expressive.
If you loved the series, you will love the extra episodes too, they are just as great.
What more is there to say, except here's hoping we get more High Score Girl in the future.
Sep 18, 2018
Damn, what a love letter to Lupin this series has been.
We got Lupin as he adjusts to a modern age of thievery, having to deal with modern technology as it's used to thwart him at every turn.
The main episodes are truly brilliant, balancing humour, action and violence around amazing stories.
The side episodes have the obligatory Goemon & Jigen one off episodes, and odes to former parts with episodes based on Lupin’s past, shown by his change in jackets. All of which are truly brilliant, honestly there isn’t a single episode I don’t love.
The main cast are delightful as always, especially when showing the relationship ...
Nov 29, 2017
Haguregumo (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
A classic it is not, but it is worth a watch, as it's enjoyably bad.
Based on a long running manga series, which started in the seventies and oh yeah, you can tell.
The story is of a lackadaisical courier/swordsman who is a master of a twins blade, but prefers to spend his time cheating on his wife, being a terrible father, drinking sake and not doing his job.
The film is a comedy and manages to be funny at times, while having some truly disturbing scenes.
The film is set at the closing of the edo period, where anti foreigner warriors are at large and shows the main ...
May 28, 2017
Gantz:G (Manga) add
First of all, I am a huge Gantz fan, so when I heard there would be a spin off, well let's say I was excited and hopeful. Boy was I disappointed and in a huge way.
The spin off is pretty much an insult to the original Gantz manga. The story is poor, boring and goes nowhere.The characters are dull, and honestly it's hard to know who is who, or care.
The fact it only managed 18 chapters shows how popular it was, i'm suprised it got that many.
Overall the spin off is an even bigger insult to the original Gantz manga, than the anime was.
Oct 18, 2016
Gantz:O (Anime) add
Watched at Toho Cinema, Tokyo.

While Gantz O follows the Osaka Arc it makes some big changes, ones you can see the reason for and some you can't.

Rated at PG12 in Japan, the drug abusing Kyo Hanaki and Rapist Kazuo Kuwabara are absent, understandable.

Less understandable is that most of the Tokyo team are abscent too, it's faster to say the only ones shown are Kurono, Suzuki, Reika, Nishi & Kato....I'm so sad that Host Samurai was absent.

The movie also incorporates an alternative end to the Oni Arc that starts the film off, which was so awesome it gave me goosebumps.

The CGI is amazing and despite it ...

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